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A Wish Gone Amiss by njrox1220
Chapter 4 : Being Close
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 “Then it’s decided. We’re going to see Edmund Cullen and the Olympians: the Stone of the Sorcerer,” Harry told Ron on the way to the movies.



            “Okay, cool. So you sit in a dark room to watch a -what- movie? Movie. You eat popcorn, which is a yellow snack item for muggles. And you just sit there?”




            “Basically. But, usually, the movies are really cool. I heard this one is really good. It’s full of action for the guys, romance for the girls, vampires, sorcerers, and Olympians. I want to see it anyways. What about you?”




            “Hermione.” As Harry and Ron entered the front doors of the movie theatre lobby, Hermione and her friends were talking at the end of the hall.  




            “Yeah, it is. Well, what are you waiting for? Go and say hi.”




            “But, I’ve only known her for one day. I met her this morning!” While Ron was arguing with Harry, Hermione started approaching them.




            “Hey, Ron,” Hermione came over and greeted them.




            “Hey, Hermione. Oh, this is my friend Harry. He’s, uh, visiting at my house for a couple of days, old family friend, you know?” Ron was getting very nervous. Harry could tell by the random rambling of words and the constant shaking.




            “Nice to meet you Harry,” Hermione said. Harry nodded in her direction.




            “Ron, I don’t think you got to meet my friends. This is Angie, Sarah, Monica, Ashlee, and Emma.” Ron, being the perfect gentleman took the time to shake each of their hands.




            “So, um, what movie were you going to see?” Ron asked Hermione.




            “Probably Edmund Cullen, but were not sure.”




            “Harry and I were going to see Edmund Cullen. You are more than welcome to join us.”




            Hermione and her friends chatted for a very short period of time.




            “Yeah, that sounds good. We’ll meet you in the theatre. See you in a couple minutes,” Hermione responded.




            “Alright, cool,” Ron gave a bright smile.




            Harry and Ron purchased their tickets and started walking toward auditorium 5. As they were walking, Ron spotted Greg with another girl. Greg with another girl?! He was dating Hermione! What a cheating little-. Ron wanted to punch him across the face, but he didn’t want to get kicked out of the movies on his first visit. His only option was to make Hermione notice Greg with this other girl. That would cause her to break up with him, leaving her vulnerable for Ron to comfort her. Perfect.




            “Harry, go get Hermione right now. We can catch him in the act.”




            Harry raced away. Hopefully, they’ll get Greg Craigson. It would be the best revenge ever.




            Harry, Hermione, Angie, Sarah, Monica, Ashlee, and Emma came around the corner. At that same moment, Greg was passionately kissing this other girl. Hermione looked broken. Immediately, Ron felt responsible.




            Hermione quickly adjusted her facial expression. She looked somewhat malicious; she wanted revenge. She walked over to Greg and the other girl. Hermione broke the two apart. Then, she kissed Greg. He was probably thinking that this was the best kiss ever. He responded with enthusiasm. After a while, she pulled away.




            “Oh, I’m sorry,” Hermione turned to the other girl. “Were you kissing him first? Well, I just figured that since he was my boyfriend, I get first dibs?”




            “What are you talking about? Greg is my boyfriend! We’ve been going out for two months!”




            “We went out for 3 months! But, you know what? You can have him. I hate cheaters anyway. Go ahead. Don’t get cheated on again though!” Hermione stormed away to join the group. Halfway there, she turned around and slapped Greg in the face. The other girl slapped him too and left the theatre altogether.




            “Let’s go,” Hermione told her friends.




            “It’s okay. We know you don’t want to be here right now. We can leave,” Monica told Hermione.




            “No, I mean, let’s go get our seats. I want to see this movie.”




            “Alright.” Everyone went into the auditorium. Hermione stayed behind. Ron decided that this was his chance.




            “You okay?” Ron asked. He wasn’t even nervous. He acted as if they were friends for the six years Ron had lost.




            “Yeah, I’m fine,” Hermione smiled at Ron. Ron gave her a side-hug to try comforting her. He thought that Hermione would throw his arm off, but she didn’t. They entered the theatre, Hermione’s head on Ron’s shoulder.  




            I love the movies, Ron thought, his arms around Hermione. 

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