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I'll Do The Dishes by inlovewithpadfoot
Chapter 16 : Epilogue
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A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment from which to look back or from which to look ahead. ~Graham Greene.

Scorpius shook his head swiftly in an attempt to dry his hair. It had been raining non-stop for the last week, and Scorpius was getting sick of the constant dreary clouds. He shed off his coat, casting a wistful glance at the umbrella he'd forgotten, he walked further into the apartment. He turned the corner into the sitting room, expecting Rose to be there waiting for him.


In the four months he had moved in with Rose, he was more often than not the first one home. But Rose hadn't been feeling particularly well for a few days. The flu was going around because of the miserable weather and Rose had apparently been a victim. She had stayed home the last few days, and let Marissa deal without her. Scorpius had brought her some Indian take-away for dinner since Rose was too sick and Scorpius too unable to cook.


When he didn't find Rose in the sitting room or kitchen, he assumed she must be resting in her- their- room. He placed the bag of curry and naan on the counter, washed his hands, and set the table before waking Rose. Scorpius didn't want to wake her up sooner than he had to. He had never seen her so ill. Every time he looked at her pasty, sometimes green face he felt helpless. But Pepper-Up Potion and a lot of bed rest was sure to get her back on her own feet soon.


Scorpius glanced at the clock once he was done. The hands indicated to eight.




Rose must be starving by now. He had left some food in the Muggle fridge for lunch, but one quick glance told Scorpius she hadn't eaten. He was getting worried.


Scorpius didn't have much experience with flu and the like, but he was fairly certain a person was required to eat in order to feel better. Rose didn't seem to eat her food much. She would just sit, moving it around her plate more than anything; only taking the obligatory first two or three bites.


Scorpius frowned at nothing in particular and walked into Rose and his bedroom.


Yet again, Rose was absent.


Scorpius heard the distinct flushing sound in the bathroom. He frowned when he saw the slightly ajar door.




There was no answer.


He strode forward and ducked his head inside. What he saw made his heart stop.


Crouched on the bathroom floor next to the toilet was Rose emptying out the contents of her stomach.


Oh shit.


“Rose!” He all but ran to her, struggling to stay calm. “Rose, what is it?”


Rose only shook her head and heaved into once more. Scorpius hastily held back her hair and let her finish, rubbing her back soothingly the entire time. When she was done, she moved away and collapsed against him weakly. He cursed, and helped her to the sink. Scorpius carefully wiped her face and cleaned her hair.


“Come on,” he said, aiding her out of the bathroom. “I'm taking you to St. Mungo's.”


“N-no,” Rose whispered weakly. “It's just-just the...flu.”


“The hell it is. We're going.” He carried her gently to the fireplace and the green flames took them to the hospital. The entire time Rose protested, insisting that it was just the flu.


Somehow, Scorpius didn't think that was it anymore.


He watched as the Healers whisked Rose away into one of the rooms after asking him the crucial questions about her food, fever, cough and the likes. They told him to stay outside while they performed their tests. Scorpius paced anxiously, glancing at the door every few seconds. When the wait became unbearable he decided to inform Ron and Hermione. And maybe Albus and Cely too. They would want to know after all. Torn between waiting for news of Rose and telling her family, Scorpius decided on the latter. It seemed as though the Healers would be a while anyway.


He went downstairs to the Floo in the lobby.


“Scorpius?” Hermione's smiling face hovered in the flames. Her cheerful gaze faltered when she saw Scorpius' sombre one. “What is it? What's wrong?”


“It's Rose,” he choked out, wringing his anxiously.


“Rose?” Hermione almost cried. “What happened?”


“Rose?” Scorpius heard Ron's voice in the back. “What about Rose?”


“She's in St. Mungo's. She's been sick for a-”


“We're coming right away,” Hermione said before he could finish. “Move back.”


Not even thirty seconds later, both Ron and Hermione were toppling through the fireplace dusting the soot off their clothes.


“What's happened?” Ron demanded immediately.


Scorpius steeled all his energy not to flinch. Ron Weasley was a force to be reckoned with when angered, Scorpius knew that. He ran a hand through his hair nervously. “I dunno yet. They're performing tests. She's on the third floor: Room 306.”


Ron and Hermione immediately moved toward the staircase. Scorpius told them he would catch up once he'd told Albus and Cely. Albus nodded sympathetically and said they would come over as soon as their seven month old son Jason was dropped off at Harry and Ginny's. Scorpius nodded gratefully and made his way to the third floor.


As he approached Rose's room, Scorpius could hear Ron Weasley shouting:


“Do you know who I bloody am? I'm the Head of the Auror Department and her father. I DEMAND you tell me what is wrong with my daughter!”


Scorpius rushed toward the commotion. He saw Hermione trying to restrain Ron and mutter comforting words under her breath.


“I'm sorry, sir,” a meek looking Assistant Healer was cowering behind his clipboard. “Bu-but Healer Nel-Nelson said she wants to talk to the man who brought Rose Weasley in, sir.”


Ron looked like he was ready to go off on another spiel about his authority and status of fatherhood. Scorpius stepped forward quickly before the older man could rouse the entire hospital.


“I'm the one who brought her in. What is it?”


“I-” the Assistant Healer squeaked and glanced at a almost purple faced Ron. “Healer Nelson will speak with you in her office. It's right down the hall. Fifth door on the left.”


Scorpius nodded briskly and walked around Ron and Hermione. Ron made to follow, but the young assistant held his hand up in an act of bravery (or foolishness).


“I'm sorry, sir. I cannot let you pass. Healer Nelson said only-”


“Fuck you! Fuck Healer Nelson! I want to know-”

“Ron!” Hermione silenced him with a glare. Scorpius glanced over his shoulder momentarily to see her apologize to the surely traumatized young man. He shot an apologetic look himself at Ron's glowering form, but he didn't stop or try to console the redhead.


He rapped on the door with a plaque boasting Healer Nelson. A clear 'Come in' sounded. He opened the door and walked inside, not without apprehension.


Healer Nelson gave him a warm smile enhanced by her graying hair and round motherly face. “Good Evening Mr-”


“Malfoy,” Scorpius answered her unasked question. “Scorpius Malfoy.”


“Please take a seat Mr. Malfoy.”


He did as asked. “Is Rose going to be alright?”


“Yes, she is. Please, what is your relationship with Miss Weasley?” Nelson rested her forearms on her modest desk and leaned forward in interest.


Scorpius blinked at the apparent randomness of the question. What did that have to do with anything?


“Boyfriend,” he said. “I'm her boyfriend. We've been dating for a bit more than two years now.”


Nelson nodded. “I see. And pardon my assumption, but-ah, would I be correct in thinking you and Miss Weasley are sexually active?”


Scorpius felt his face heat up as all the blood rushed to his head. He was beyond embarrassed. “Yes. What does-”


“Would you say your relationship is stable?”


Scorpius nodded, wondering for the hundredth time where this highly intrusive line of questioning was going. “We've been living together for four months now. Healer, what has this got to do with Rose?”


Nelson removed her rectangle framed glasses and set them on the table. Scorpius was assaulted with her piercing gray-eyed gaze that reminded him uncomfortably of Lucius. She sighed. “I thought it best to tell you first before her parents found out. This has every thing to do with Rose, Mr. Malfoy. It seems she pregnant. Going on twelve weeks now...”


But Scorpius had stopped listening after pregnant.






Bloody fucking hell. Rose was-


“P-pre- But that's impossible! We've always been careful!” The blood was pounding through his head making it difficult to hear or see or even think clearly.


Only word seemed to be ringing in his head: Pregnant.







...Rose was pregnant. Rose who disliked children more than-well, something. Rose who tip-toed around Cely her whole pregnancy. Rose who was terrified of holding her godson Jason. Rose who used Silencio on Remus and Andora on more than one occasion.


Now, now it all made sense. The pasty pallor, and vomiting, and the sudden change in her diet. The burst of emotion or moodiness. Isn't that what he had heard happened to Cely during her pregnancy?


Rose-his Rose- was pregnant. With his child.


Without warning, Scorpius jumped out of his chair. He heard Nelson call after him, but he hardly cared anymore. He had to see Rose. He had to talk to her. Had to tell her...ask her...


“Mate?” Scorpius halted when he heard Albus' voice. “What did the Healer say?”


Scorpius shook his head. “Can't talk now. Have to talk to Rose first, sorry.” He quickly ducked into Rose's room before Ron Weasley could go into another tirade of 'I'm her father'. Scorpius could careless when apparently he could be a father. He shut the door behind him almost immediately, locking it for good measure with a charm only a Malfoy would be able to get past.


Rose's pale face stared at him from between her dark red curls. She looked so vulnerable just then, Scorpius couldn't bear it. Rose had always been strong. But here she was now, sick in bed with a haunted look in her eyes. If only Scorpius had brought her in when the symptoms first showed. She could have been on her potions and what-not by now.


She quickly averted her eyes to her hands as he moved closer to her bed. “Healer Nelson told you then?”


Scorpius swallowed thickly. He clasped both her hands in his. “How are you?”




He nodded. “Do you want to keep-” it? He had been about to say 'it.' But that sounded to...detached. “-the baby?” he finished, barely whispering the last two words.


Rose took a deep shuddering breath. “I've been asking the same question.” Scorpius' breath hitched. He hoped she wouldn't answer in the negative; if he were honest with himself, he wanted this. He wanted this so, so much. She removed her hands from his and wrapped her arms around her abdomen. Scorpius' heart soared at the gesture. He knew Rose well enough to know what that meant.

“Then marry me,” he said softly.


Rose's head snapped up harshly. Scorpius winced when he heard the cricking of her neck. “What?”


He winced again. Scorpius had anticipated this. He had known this was precisely how she would react the second he had made the decision in Nelson's office. But he wasn't going to back down.


“It doesn't have to be grand. Just you and me in front of the Wizengamot. You wouldn't even have to change your surname. Just do it for the baby's sake, so it's not illegitimate.” And for me, but he didn't dare say that. Not that using the baby was much better. “We already live together anyhow. It won't be any different.”


“Except for the whole baby part,” Rose barked.


“Yes, but nothing else. It'll just be a piece of parchment no one has to see once it's signed. I promise. And we both know you want to keep the baby.” Scorpius leaned in closer and cupped her face. “Just a paper.”


Rose seemed to be considering. She bit her bottom lip and looked at Scorpius with a wide-eyed, somewhat panicked expression. He could almost see the inner battle as beliefs fought against what was expected. Finally, after what seemed like eons, but was probably only half a minute, she spoke.


“Just the signing?”


Relief flooded Scorpius' chest as another hurdle was passed. “Just that.”

“And I still stay Weasley.” This time it wasn't a question. She was stating there was no way she would budge on that.


“Yes. But the baby's a Malfoy.”


Her lips twitched and gave the slightest, most imperceptible of nods. Scorpius' face split into a wide grin. He closed the distance between them and kissed Rose soundly. He pulled back when she gasped, and instinctively looked down at her stomach.


“Did I-”


Rose laughed-her full, cheerful laugh. One he hadn't heard these past days. “No, you idiot.”


Just as she was about to pull him back in for another kiss, a loud pounding on the door made them pause. It was soon followed by an unmistakably angry voice.


“MALFOY! OPEN the bloody door. I want to see my daughter!” More pounding.


Scorpius and Rose exchanged a grin. He unlocked the door with a casual flick of his wrist.


Ron stumbled in. Right behind him came Hermione, Albus, and Cely. Rose's parents moved to her bedside quickly. Hermione took the responsibility of questioning while Ron just stared at Rose' thin, pale form.


Before her mother could do more than open her mouth, Rose spoke up. “I'm pregnant.”


Scorpius waited long enough for everyone in the room to blink three times before announcing “And we're getting married.” He ignored Rose's cringe.


“Just on paper,” she went on to clarify. “In the courtroom, is all. So the baby isn't out of wedlock or whatever.” Her attempt at a smile came out as a grimace.


“Right,” Scorpius said, mostly for Rose's sake. “Just the courtroom.”


No one spoke.


Ron was gaping at his daughter as though she had grown three heads. Scorpius couldn't help but grin.


The news was finally sinking in. And now that both his biggest worries since finding out put to rest, he knew he could jump up on the bed and sing the Hearty Hippogriff song-if he weren't worried about jostling Rose, of course. He would just settle for a mightily pleased look.


“What?” Ron squeaked out eventually. Albus and Cely still looked lost. Hermione was examining Rose intently with her sharp eyes; no doubt thinking back to any symptoms she may have missed before.


Scorpius and Rose spoke at the same time.






This time, Rose only winced.


Hermione suddenly pushed past Ron and enveloped Rose in a tight hug. “Oh, darling!”


“Mu-umm! Need...air!”


“Sorry, sorry.” The older woman pulled back and beamed.


“Blimey!” Albus exclaimed. “Re-really?” He looked wildly from Scorpius to Rose, probably expecting the latter to refute one if not both pieces of news.


“Apparently,” Rose muttered.


“Twelve weeks?” Cely asked incredulously.


“Twelve weeks.” Scorpius grinned broadly.


“Blimey!” Ron scratched the back of his head.


Scorpius stumbled through the fireplace in the Manor's study the following morning. He had come to tell his parents of the news as soon as Rose had been settled back home with the necessary medicines.


Draco and Astoria looked up worriedly as he walked into the Sun Room. How fitting, he thought. The happiest news of his life being told in his most favorite room.


“Rose and I are getting married!” he announced without preamble.


Draco and Astoria stared at their son. Scorpius counted till twenty before Astoria recovered and gushed about how lovely it was and she had always known this would happen and how she couldn't wait to being the preparations. It was here than Scorpius halted her speech of the benefits of ivory versus white.


“I use the term married loosely, Mum.”


Astoria's blue-eyes gaze snapped onto him in an instant. “What do you mean 'loosely'?”


“I mean, it's going to be a simple affair-”


“Well, if you want a small ceremony we can-”


Scorpius shook his head. “We're getting married in front of a Wizengamot member. It's just going to be us and Albus and Cely as the witnesses.”


Astoria drew her to herself to her full height. “But that's ridiculous. Why would you get married if-”


“She also happens to be pregnant.”


Astoria collapsed back into her chair, a hand to her chest. For one heart stopping moment Scorpius thought he had given his mother a heart attack. But she was still staring at him oddly. He was fairly certain that was not how one looked when their heart seized. Scorpius turned to his father desperately when his mother didn't speak longer. He knew it was difficult for her. He was quite certain she had expected children after a wedding. Scorpius never bothered to point out to her that Rose would never marry him under normal circumstances.


Draco was looking at his son with a small wry smile. “As long as the child isn't a complete red-head. I would rather your grandfather live longer than two seconds after seeing him.”


Scorpius smiled gratefully. He was tempted to ask how his father was certain it would be a boy and decided against it at the last minute. Knowing Draco, he would probably go into a long history session about how a Malfoy's first child was always male.


He left soon after, anxious to get back to Rose.


The same rush of love stole over him as he watched Rose's sleeping form. She looked the same physically. The potions had worked fabulously and she had regained her color back. Her hand was draped casually across her stomach. Scorpius placed his own hand over hers.


Dear God...He was going to be a father.


Rose woke with a disoriented feeling. It took her three seconds total to figure out why that was. And another five to rush to the bathroom to heave out the contents of her then-delicious midnight snack. Hacking at the after-taste, Rose rinsed her mouth thoroughly. She was only a couple of weeks into her second trimester and already the hunger-pangs were flourishing.


Last night, she was disgusted as she remembered, she had had toasted bread with sardines, chocolate-chip ice cream and cucumber pickle. It was no wonder she threw it all out this morning. This was her body's way of protesting the atrocious food she was subjecting it to. Although, to be fair, the sandwich had tasted delicious last night.


Rose hobbled into the kitchen, certain that Scorpius had left her some- and there it was. Porridge and waffles and jam. Oh, and Rose might as well cut up a banana to go with it.


She opened the fridge for the bananas when something else caught her eye.


There. A jar of delicious pickles. And right next to it a bottle of chocolate syrup. Rose licked her lips involuntarily. That would make a grand breakfast indeed.


She washed down her food with orange juice and observed the almost empty flat. Most of their stuff had been moved to Malfoy manor as the 'wedding' date approached closer. It was, Rose realized with a jolt, today. She would be meeting Scorpius in the Ministry at three o'clock today to sign the papers.


When Scorpius first came to her with the news that they should move to the manor, Rose had thrown a fit of epic proportions. She was certain people all the way in Iceland had heard her raving and ranting. Eventually she had acquiesced. It had taken Scorpius two hours, three broken vases, five cracked frames, and an upturned book shelf.


Now, all that was left in the place that had been home most of her adult life was the bed, the small dining table for two, and some food in the kitchen. Rose was going to miss this place. She had lived here for eight years; it would be difficult to forget all the good (and the not so good) times.


Of all her boyfriends, Scorpius was the only one to live with her in her flat. Granted, he had lived here for only five months, but it was more than anyone else. He was the reason she had decided to keep the baby even though terror had gripped her the minute the Healer had informed her. That terror had dissipated the second she saw Scorpius' utterly hopeful face. In that instant, Rose knew she would have the baby.


And now she would be m-married to him. The rest of the family didn't know about Rose's pregnancy yet. Only her parents, Scorpius' parents, and Albus and Cely knew. She wasn't showing too much yet, but Rose was sure her grandmother Molly suspected. The woman had experience, after all.


Rose drained the last of her orange juice and tottered into the bathroom to get ready. She would be meeting Scorpius in an hour.


Rose carefully -and with much more grace than usual- stepped out of the fireplace into the Ministry's Atrium. She had been taking extra care to avoid anything that would connect her nose and the ground as it so often had in the past. Whether it was the baby or the paranoia, Rose didn't know, but she had been the epitome of non-clumsiness these past few weeks.


Four down. Five more months to go.


Cely met her by the lifts so they could go down to the courtroom together. Rose was sure Albus and Scorpius were already waiting.


“Oh my god!” Cely all but squealed. “You're getting married. This is so great.”


“We're just signing papers, Cely. Please don't make a big deal out of this. The party itself was ridiculous,” Rose said, referring to the reception her family had arranged in light of their 'wedding'. It was as close to a real wedding as they were going to get with her. Just to emphasize it wasn't that big of a deal, Rose purposefully chose a dress that held not even a thread of white.


This was just a formality; this wouldn't change things between Scorpius and her.


Yet, when Rose and Scorpius stood in front of an old Warlock to sign the parchment and say their Solemn Oath Rose couldn't help but feel slightly nervous.


But she needn't have worried: The signatures were done, Oath was said, and the Warlock Bound Rose and Scorpius with a fiery white tendril that coiled around them both from head to feet.


Scorpius grinned at her and kissed her thoroughly. Rose could have sworn the Warlock rolled his eyes.


“Let's go home, yeah?” Scorpius murmured against her lips.


Rose grinned back. “Yeah.”


Draco and Astoria were already waiting for them when Rose and Scorpius Apparated to the gates. (Couple more weeks and Apparition would be forbidden to her.)


The young couple were told to wait on the threshold while Draco and Astoria performed the necessary ritual that would make Rose and Scorpius the new Mistress and Master of Malfoy Manor. Rose didn't understand the ritual much. It was without a doubt some ancient pure-blood tradition or some such thing. It was only when Rose felt a tingle in the back of her mind that she spoke.


“What was that?”


“That is the manor's wards accepting you. You can control them from now on as well,” Draco answered. “As well as the elves. They will answer to you now.”


“Oh.” Rose felt overwhelmed.


Astoria smiled warmly, and hugged her new daughter-in-law. “Welcome to the family, Rose.”


“No, we are not naming our son bloody Volens!” Rose snapped.


Scorpius pinched the bridge of his nose. “Well, alright. There are a million other names in Astronomy. We're bound to find one that suits both of us. Here. What about Andromeda for a girl?”


Rose made a face. “Teddy's Grandmum's name.”


“Right, right. Forgot. Well, Aquila? No? I know, Hydra!”


“I am not naming my child after a sea serpent! I agreed to the Black tradition because I think it's a good one. But not if all of them are going to get the poor sod beaten up at Hogwarts.”


The baby was due any day now and Rose and Scorpius had yet to decided on a name for the baby. Rose was beginning to think they would be much better off with regular names.


“Fine. I see your point. Dad reckons it's going to be a boy.”


Rose snorted. “My father thinks it's going to be girl. But, I think that might have something to do with the fact that yours thinks it's a boy. And their bet, of course. Albus told me the wager was for two hundred galleons.”


Scorpius laughed, lightly touching the very much swollen belly. “What if there's two?”


“Don't even joke. Pushing one watermelon is painful enough. I don't want to do it twice.”


“I see you point,” Scorpius conceded, a wide grin still firmly in place. “Seriously though. For a boy, I think it should be-”


“That one, and that one for the middle name.”


Scorpius' eyebrows rose incredulously. “Are you sure?”


“Positive. And I like the name your grandmother picked out for the girl the most. Beats anything we've come up with so far.”


“Okay, so Ca- did you spill your drink?” Scorpius stared at the large wet spot on the carpet near Rose' water glass.


“What? No-” she looked down. “Oh my god! Tha-bu-what the-My water just broke! How could I not feel it? How long has it been? Oh god! Oh. Oh fucking god!”


Rose flapped her hands hysterically. Scorpius didn't waste time in summoning their prepared bag and a house-elf. He then sent He was just sending a patronus when Rose felt her first contractions.


The kick was unlike anything she had felt these last few months. It was painful. “SCORPIUS!”


“Yes, yes. Let's get you to the hospital.” Scorpius helped her to the Floo while the elf Disapparated ahead as planned.


From there, the contractions only worsened. Everything was blur for Rose.


She vaguely remembered being Levitated onto a stretcher and taken to the maternity ward as Scorpius whispered pointless words in her ear. The contractions only increased. Some time later, Rose saw her mother hovering over her, holding her other hand, whispering the same pointless, soothing words.


“OW! Fuck. Fuck. FUCK! Bloody buggering shit! Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, you bloody bastard! Fuck you!” Belatedly, Rose realized that was the reason she was here. So she amended. “I will never fuck you!”


Scorpius looked wildly at Hermione.


She shook her head and gave Scorpius a small smile. “Don't worry. We all blame our husbands.”


Scorpius reply was drowned out with another throat aching scream from Rose.


It was nothing like what she had experienced before. Rose could feel beads of sweat rolling down her forehead as she squeezed her right-left? She didn't remember any more- hand tightly, hoping to release some of her pain. Her eyes watered from the strain. Weren't deliveries supposed to take hours? Why was she in so much pain already?


Some one was applying a cool damp cloth to her forehead. It was quite annoying, really. If both of Rose's hands weren't occupied she would have swatted the cloth away. What good was a fucking cloth when the felt like she was ripping apart in two?


From Rose's watery gaze she saw someone twirl a wand over her, and a voice urging her to push. Now.


But Rose didn't want to push. It hurt, damn it! Didn't the stupid bint with the stupid wand realize this?


“Push Rose, push darling. You can do it.” That was her mother's voice, Rose knew. Rose would know it anywhere.


Rose shook her head, bawling her eyes out now. Fucking hell. It just figures. All through her pregnancy she doesn't cry a drop and here the entire buggering Nile is pouring out her eyes.


“Yes, you can. I know you can. You have to.” Rose knew that voice too. It was Scorpius' voice.


Her...husband's. How weird. She hadn't thought of him as her husband in the five months they had been married, and she was admitting to it now when all the wanted was to curse someone. She regretted not bringing her wand along.


“I-I c-can't!” Rose choked out. But even as she said it, pain wracked her body and she was pushing. Rose bit down hard on her lower lip, tasting the coppery tang of blood.


Finally, finally after seconds, or minutes, or days, or eons later, a sweet sweet wail filled the room. She wondered for a brief instance whether Scorpius would faint from the blood. But a quick glance at him told her he was staring at nothing but her.


Love flooded through her at the single glance they shared.


Rose collapsed against the pillows for half a second before the Healer shouted, “One more!” just as she felt more searing pain.


“WHAT!?” Rose, Scorpius, and Hermione looked wildly at the Healer as if she had gone mad.


“There's one more. Push.”


“How can there be two?!” Hermione shrieked. “You never said-”


“Just push,” the Healer cut across.


She didn't need to fucking tell Rose to push. The stupid contractions were doing that just fine.


“Fuck you, Malfoy.” Rose managed, before her head fell back and pain tore through her again.


Never. Never again, she promised herself. She would not be putting herself through this again.


Scorpius stared helplessly at Rose's sweaty tear-streaked face. Not for the first time he wished there was something he could do to ease her pain. But he knew there wasn't, so he held onto her hand even through Rose was crushing bone against bone. He held one because he knew whatever he felt was nothing compared to what Rose was going through.


The second cry tasted like the nectar of the gods themselves and Scorpius was sobbing too now, placing soft kisses on Rose's tired face as the assistants cleaned the babies. Rose gave him a weak smile, her eyes drooping shut. Scorpius noticed the Healer had given her a sleeping draught without his notice.


He moved away, deciding to let her rest, and moved to the two babies; one was being held by Hermione and the other by one of the assistants.


Scorpius took the baby from the assistant tentatively. He wasn't sure what to expect. And certainly, what he saw was entirely unexpected. The small bundle had small, closed eyes, and a small nose, and small lips and-


“Everything's so small,” he whispered, not wanting risk waking up the baby.


“Isn't it?” Hermione chuckled. “Come on, let's go introduce them. Everyone's going to be shocked.”


“I'll go first,” Scorpius said, still smiling down at the little barely visible blonde head in his arms. He felt completely out of his depth and overwhelmed.


Bloody hell, now what? He pushed the question away. He would figure it as they went along. Rose and him.


Scorpius walked out into the hallway. Half the Weasleys and Potters were standing there, as were his parents with- Scorpius was surprised to see- his grandmother. They all looked at him expectantly.


“It's a boy,” Scorpius announced.


Amongst the muffled cheers Draco Malfoy gave a smug smile. “I knew it.”


“And a girl.” Hermione walked up from behind him. The cheers halted.


“What?” James asked.


“They're twins,” Scorpius clarified. Everyone stared at him, flabbergasted. Scorpius knew how they felt. He could hardly believe it himself.


But the recovered soon enough, and everyone was cooing over the two newest Malfoys.


“What are their names?” Lily asked softly, as she rocked the baby back and forth.


Scorpius grinned, glad that Rose and him and decided on the names just two seconds before her water broke. “Leon Regulus and Cassiopeia Lyra.”


Scorpius saw Narcissa beam, and Harry give an approving nod, although he was sure that was for Regulus.


“Least it won't get them teased at school.” Albus grinned. “Much better than Scorpius Hyperion.”


When the crowd dispersed with promises to come visit Rose later, Scorpius handed his children over to the Healer's assistant who took them to the children's room.


“I say we call it even, then?” Scorpius heard Ron said to Draco.


“I suppose.”


Scorpius smiled to himself as he closed the door to Rose's room behind her, and sat next to his wife.


“Some things will never change, eh Rose?”


He was rewarded with a small unconscious smiled from the woman he loved.


A/N: *CRY!* It's over. It's really, really over. My god, I want to cry so bad that I'm laughing. It's been such a great ride. Mind, I am completely traumatized by the delivery.

I kind of like Rose in that regard: Everything pregnant freaks me out. I even shy away from talking to pregnant ladies (Case in point: I didn't go to my aunts house for nine months because she was carrying. It stems from my unspeakable clumsiness. I think I'm always going to bump into them, but I digress.)

Tell me what you guys thought. Now that it's all over and Rose has accepted a few facts-while screaming at the top of her voice.

What did you think about the names?

What was your favorite part? (Of the entire story so far.)

Who was your favorite character from the entire story?

Least favorite?

Anything else you might want to add?

What about- okay, I think I'll stop this atrociously long note here and thank EVERYONE who had read, reviewed, favorited, alert listed this story. You guys are the best, and I love you all. Forever and more.


Thanks a million times.


Much, much love,



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