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Finding a Potter by bluebec2
Chapter 2 : Dark
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 Emily sat in a small dark room on the stone floor, she looked out the window looking at her reflection, her jet black hair was messy after lying on the floor, her green eyes had lost their sparkle, her skin was paler then usual and a scar was now visible through her fringe. She couldn’t believe what had happened in the past fifty hours. She couldn’t remember some things but there were things that will always be in her memory. The thing she was most afraid of was where she was and who she was with. One of them looked familiar.

The door opened and a woman appeared, she had wild, black hair, long fingernails and was wearing a torn, black dress. Behind her was the man that looked familiar. He looked frightened and was shaking and when he was talking to the woman his voice quivered but the strangest thing that Emily noticed is that he was missing a finger. The woman bent down so her face was only a few inches away from Emily’s. Her eyes were black and when the woman’s mouth crept into a sneaky smile her teeth were yellow.

“You were right Wormtail she does have her mother’s eyes’ the woman said evilly ‘Pity those eyes will soon won’t see the light of day soon”

“B-b-but I-I Th-th-thought the Dark L-lord was g-going to-”

“-WORMTAIL”’ shouted the woman “Shut up. I am going to give her to the Dark Lord once he gains power, understand?”

“Y-yes” said Wormtail, he looked absolutely terrified  

The woman walked out of the room but Wormtail stayed, his small grey eyes met Emily’s green ones he looked away and walked out the door following the woman.

“Wormtail” Where had Emily heard that name before? Was it someone she knew, a celebrity, someone some people were just randomly talked about? All she knew was that he looked sounded and his name was familiar. She looked back out the window and saw something was flying towards the window it was small and white but as it got closer Emily knew what it was, her owl. Emily opened the window and the owl flew in holding a folded piece of parchment and something that looked like a stick, she took the paper and read it:


Don’t worry we’re going to find you. Is there anyone you can recognise? Any names you can tell us? I have given you your mother’s wand I know you might not know any spells but it could come in useful.

Remus Lupin (I was your father’s friend)

She felt relieved but Remus was right, she only knew about five spells and none of them were used for battle or defence. She did remember Remus but she couldn’t understand what he meant by “we” was there someone with him? She didn’t really care as long as someone was coming to rescue her from whomever this Dark Lord was that was going to kill her. She looked in her pocket she had about three pieces of blank parchment and she had found a quill and ink in the room she only wrote

The only names I’ve heard people speak are “Wormtail” and “The Dark Lord” Thank you for the wand.

And tore the blank paper off, she folded the piece the writing was on and put it in her owl’s beak

‘Don’t come back unless I call you. Stay with Remus’ she said quietly to her owl.

The owl understood exactly what she had said and took off into the dark night. Emily knew she was all alone for a while.

Remus and Severus had apparated to London people started stare at them as they appeared out of nowhere and the fact that they were wearing all black clothes and cloaks also startled the pass-buyers . They had no idea where to find the old Headmaster.

“Would he be at Hogwarts?” asked Remus

“Possibly” answered Severus.

 A little boy who looked no older than four looked at the men as he and his mother walked pass, when he saw Severus he held on tightly to his mother’s coat sleeve looking terrified. The mother didn’t seem to notice the men.

“You were never good with children” said Remus trying to stop himself from bursting out into laughter once he saw the little boy’s face as he passed by.

“Shut up, Lupin anyway that boy shouldn’t even be out here at this time” said Severus in his usual emotionless tone.

They walked down the street; it was busy considering it was nine thirty at night, and the streetlights were a lot brighter than the ones in Godric’s Hollow. They walked pass shops, people busking and a few Japanese tourist taking photos of practically anything and everything. They stopped in front of a black building with a sign in gold writing that said “The Leaky Cauldron”

 The men walked into the building; the chairs were stacking themselves onto the table, the portraits were already asleep. The only other person in the room was the barman, Tom.

“Need a room for the night?” asked the barman.

“No, Tom is Albus Dumbledore here?” asked Remus.

“No, he would still be at Hogwarts wouldn’t he” said Tom and he walked off.

‘So he is at Hogwarts I guess we just have to wait for the knight bus’ said Remus

“Oh joy” said Severus sarcastically.

The two men walked out of the bar and waited for about a half an hour until the blue triple decked bus arrived. The conductor walked out to greet the men.

“Good evening, my name is Stan-“

“-Yes we know, we know” said Remus

The men walked onto the bus and sat on one of the beds

“Where to fellas?” asked Stan

“Hogwarts” said Remus

The bus took off and Severus fell off his bed and started to roll along the floor smashing into the other beds and the back window as the bus made sharp turns. Remus was having trouble controlling his laughter. Stan didn’t seem to notice.

“Hey, Ern, did ya ‘ere? ‘bout the Potters, shame You-Know-Who could’ve been knocked dead by James last time I heard, and how can one bloody baby defeat You-Know-Who when he’s defeated a thousand wizards more powerful than himself, don’t seem right” said Stan he was talking to the bus driver

Remus couldn’t help eavesdropping, the mention of the potter’s death made Remus more determined to find Emily. Severus was still on the floor groaning in pain. The bus made a sudden stop to let a pedestrian walk across the road. Remus helped Severus up.

“You right?” Asked Remus, he was trying not laugh.

Severus didn’t reply and decided to just stand and hold onto one of the bed poles.

Stan was now talking about Gilderoy Lockhart.

“I mean the guy’s a fraud Ern, don’t ya reckon? I heard that he steals things off other wizards and obliviates them” he said. The bus stopped sharply again in front of a large iron gate knocking Severus over again.

“Hogwarts” shouted Stan

The two men got off the bus and walked off the path and the bus suddenly disappeared.

“Now I know why you hate the Knight Bus” said Remus again trying to stop himself from laughing

‘It was the only way to get here now that the barrier to platform 9 ¾ is closed” said Severus, he looked embarrassed.

They walked the rest of the path in silence until they got to the large wooden double door.

“How do we get in?” asked Remus

Severus took a bronze old fashioned looking key and put it in the keyhole. Remus looked a bit confused and thought

‘A school full of magic and they use a muggle way to unlock it’

The men walked up one of the moving staircases and were greeted by a jug of water spilled on their heads.

“PEEVES!” shouted Severus

“Oh look who it is, the man who never shampoos and has a broken nose” said Peeves cheekily

  “GET OUT!” shouted Severus

“Fine” said Peeves

 The men walked across the transfiguration courtyard to a statue that looked like a griffin.

“Sherbet Lemon” said Severus

The statue turned and revealed a staircase the two men climbed the staircase into Dumbledore’s office.

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