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A Year of Change by Erudessa94
Chapter 15 : Weasley is our Queen
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Weasley is our Queen
Wealsey is our Queen
Always gets the quaffle in
Weasley is our Queen

She flys like she has wings
She gets the balls into the rings
Thats why Slytherins all sing

Weasley is our Queen
Weasley is our Queen
She always gets the quaffle in
Weasley is our Queen

Weasley became a Slytherin
Now she gets the Quaffle in
Weasley will make sure we win
Weasley is our Queen

As soon as Ginny entered the common room everyone erupted into song and Crabbe and Goyle had lifted her onto their shoulders. The song that had once been an insult to her brother was now praising her and Ginny felt honored.

Crabbe and Goyle let her down in the center of the room as the students finished singing the song for the 5th time. Ginny bowed dramatically as her classmates gave one final cheer of "Wealsey is our Queen!"

Before the Slytherins could properly celebrate they were interrupted by their head teacher. Snape rarely ever visited the common room, the students were shocked into silence, waiting for him to tell them why he was there.

"I think a congratulations is inorder, todays game was played very well. However that is not why I am here." Snape began in his solemn voice, the students waited for him to continue. "The headmaster wishes all students go to the Great Hall. He has an announcement to make, and this is not optional. You have twenty minutes." With his announcement made Snape left the room.

The Slytherins groaned as they all got ready to leave for the Great Hall, they had all been looking forward to celebrating the win. Ginny headed towards the couch where Teresa and Blaise were, wondering what Dumbledore had to announce.

"Hey guys," Ginny said sitting across from her friends. "I wonder what the announcement is going to be."

"Yeah same here," Teresa said and Blaise nodded in agreement. "Do you think it could be about the game?"

"No, while everyone was busy singing I decided to do some research." Draco came out of no where and quickly put out any sparks of worry. "I looked through the quidditch rule book and there is nothing that says you can't scream. It may have been a bit sly and impulsive but not against the rules."

"Well I am a Slytherin now, its in the description." Ginny responded coyly Draco simply smirked in response while Teresa and Blaise shared a laugh.

"Hey Draco" Ginny rolled her eyes as Pansy dropped herself on Dracos lap. "How about we skip this stupid announcement and have some real fun." Pansy gave him a provocative pout and ran her hand down his chest. Ginny made a gagging face towards Teresa and Blaise.

"How about you get off of me and leave me alone?" Draco started to push Pansy off, fortunately, for her, she got the point and stood before she could fall on her butt.

"I already have plans anyway. I was just going to cancel them for you but Robert and I will have just as much fun." Pansy said trying to savor what dignity she had left, Draco nodded along obviously not caring.

"Trouble in paradise?" Ginny asked innocently. Draco sent her a glare but ignored the question.

"I think we should go to the Great Hall, our twenty minutes is nearly up." Blaise spoke up quickly. The group agreed and left the common room.

Ginny walked with Teresa, while the boys followed behind them. Ginny couldn't help but be curious about what had happened with Pansy. Why didn't Draco want to hang out with his supposed girlfriend? Before she could voice these questions they arrived at their destination.

As they entered the Great Hall they were surprised to find it not as they had last seen it. The long house tables were gone, replaced by smaller tables spread out around the room, except in the front. There was a square opening infront of the podium, almost like a dance floor. Ginny thought to herself, but she pushed that aside. There was no reason for a dance floor in the Great Hall.

The group sat down at a table in the area where the Slytherin table should have been and waited for the important announcement. Ginny made sure to sit with her back to the Gryffindor table, she was sure her brother was going to try and talk to her again. He never let anything go without a fight.

Ginny pushed her brother out of her mind and tried to focus on her friends. Blaise and Draco were talking about quidditch while Teresa just listened. Ginny started up a conversation with her and before they knew it Dumbledore was at the podium, ready to make his speech.

"Good evening" He started, "Today has been an exciting game. The first quidditch match of the year and a very interesting one at that. I would like to congratulate Slytherin for winning and Gryffindor for a well played game." There was a scattered applause, more from Slytherin than any other house. "Now that is not why I have called you down here. This year we have started to implement many new things and I have the pleasure of introducing one more. Starting today there will be Karaoke every Saturday night." Ginny gasped in excitement along with a few other students, she loved to sing and while in muggle America she had tried Karaoke out at a restaurant. Most of the other students simply stared in confusion, not many wizards have heard of Karaoke.

"I am sure most of you are not familiar with this for it is a muggle creation however I am sure you will find it to be very enjoyable." Dumbledore continued his speech. "Karaoke is simply singing, you pick a song and a machine we have bought will project the words onto a screen. All you have to do is pick up this microphone and say the name and artist of the song you want to sing. You follow the words and sing along to the song. You can choose from a large selection of music ranging from the Weird sisters to some boy named Justin Bieber. He seems to be a big deal in the muggle world. I find his voice to be too high, reminds me of a banshee..." Ginny laughed at the head master, she had had similar thoughts when she first listened to the boy.
After a slight pause Dumbledore continued. "I am sure you are all excited to try it out but i have one more thing to say. I am not just doing this for fun, I am preparing you for two things. First the upcoming masquerade ball that will take place on Halloween and second life. There are very few wizarding jobs that will allow you to take no part in the muggle world. We all must learn to accept and understand them. They are human, just as we are." Dumbledores speech had been lighthearted but as he spoke of this Ginny could sense he was trying hard to carve this message into all of his students. "Now I will step down and whoever would like to may come up and give singing a shot. Oh and I almost forgot, as your classmates sing feel free to dance. We have opened up a sort of dance floor in the front for any students who want to dance. Have fun!"

Dumbledore stepped down from the podium and within seconds it was transformed into a stage with a microphone. A screen appeared above it, Ginny was sure that was where the words would be projected. The lights were dimmed slightly and Ginny could feel the atmosphere changing. The students of Hogwarts were relaxing a bit but no one left their seats. They were all waiting to see how the others would react.

"This is rubbish," Draco exclaimed in exasperation. "That was twenty minutes of my life wasted."

"This is fun!" Ginny counteracted him. "I love to sing, we have to do it!"

"We don't have to do anything." Draco bit back. "I am going back to the common room."

"Fine, but you will be missing out." Ginny stated matter-of-factly. She wasn't sure why but she wanted to show him muggles knew how to have a good time.

"I think I'll live. Its not like anyone is going up anyway even the stupid Gryffindors aren't brave enough to try it." Draco replied pointedly, and Ginny knew he was right. From the looks of it no one was going to sing, she would just have to change that.

"Well I'm going to sing." Ginny answered starting to take off her quidditch uniform. "Right now." As Ginny stripped herself of her uniform she revealed a baggy shirt and cloth shorts.

Right now she was wishing she had dressed better but she had to be comfortable to play quidditch. Luckily she knew a few spells and quickly transformed her loose shirt into a tight black halter and her shorts turned into a tight mini skirt that was long enough to be school appropriate but short enough to show off her...assests She whispered another spell to tame her long hair and she was finished.

With that she got up and walked towards the front of the room. All eyes were on her as she ascended the stairs onto the stage. She knew exactly what song she was going to sing. She was going to show this school how to let loose and have fun.

Ginny took a deep breathe and picked up the microphone. Ginny spoke into it confidently, stating the name of the song and the artist. There was no going back now. The music started, Ginny looked around for speakers but there weren't any. She waited for her part to come, it would begin shortly so she got ready.




The words appeared on the screen and Ginny began to sing. "Dance!


It's so hot, I can't stop. The music fills the room." Ginny hadnt sung in awhile and she hoped her voice sounded okay. 




As she continued to follow the words she began to dance around the stage. The words flowed out of her mouth smoothly, she was having a great time. She danced around the stage, probably a little more provacatvly than was neccesary but she didn't care. She was having fun and singing like there was no tomorrow. 




Ginny smiled even wider as she saw people walking towards the dance floor. She spotted Teresa and Blaise dancing together and wondered if Draco had left or stayed. 




She didn't want to be thinking about that she pushed him out of her head and continued singing. "Let's dance, just like that, don't hold back get crazy on the floor." Ginny felt great, the dance floor was nearly full with students from all houses. This was creating more inter-house relations than anything Dumbledore had done before. 




Ginny started the chorus again, singing with more enthusiasm than she thought possible. She moved across the stage in fluid motions, she loved to dance but she had never really danced on a stage. She just hoped she didn't look too stupid...or too slutty. 


"Look in my eyes, you'll realize we can't deny," She continued to dance and sing. "I'm into you and you're so into me and you know you can't fight what is meant to be" Ginny held the note as long as she could and than continued to dance and finish the song.
Ginny repeated the chorus for the last time and finished her last dance move, striking a pose as the song stopped. Ginny wasn't sure what she had been expecting as a reaction but the whole hall filling with cheers and clapping was far from it.
Ginny bowed with a grin plastered on her face. She left the stage as students continued clapping. When she made it to the dance floor she was met by a very excited Teresa.

"Ginny, you were so good!" She started energetically. "I had fun just watching you, and you are such a great dancer!"

"Really? I wasn't sure if I actually looked that good, I was kind of just doing whatever and hoping for the best" Ginny confessed, she was ecstatic to find out people actually liked it.

"You really were great," Blaise said. "I don't think Draco ever left. He's just at the table." This made Ginny even happier, he saw how much fun it was.

Ginny made her way back to the table. It wasn't empty, Draco sat alone and refreshments had appeared. Ginny grabbed a water and sat down across from Draco.

"So you never left?" Ginny asked rhetorically.

"No I did that's why I'm still here." Draco answered, sarcastically.

"Ha-ha. So funny," Ginny said dryly. "Why didn't you leave? I was just that good?"

"No I was just waiting for you to mess up," Draco replied, "Unfortunately you didn't, but you weren't that great. Anyone could do better."

"I doubt that even you could top my performance." Ginny challenged him. "If anyone can do better why don't you go up there and prove it."

"I don't do karaoke." Draco stated simply.

"Oh i get it, your afraid. You know I did great and you don't want to look bad in comparison." Ginny knew he would agree if she just kept at it. "You won't sing because you know I'm right.

"I have an amazing voice and I don't have to prove that to anyone, especially you." Draco was getting more annoyed at the minute. Ginny could tell he was going to give in soon. He couldn't say no to a challenge.

"Yeah..I'm sure you do and the giant squid is my uncle." Ginny replied sarcastically. This was it, he had to agree to sing. Ginny didn't know why but she was determined to get him on that stage.

"How about me and you sing together?" Blaise cut in on their little argument.

"Fine, Blaise and I will sing a song together," Draco gave up, "Just to prove to you that I can do better than you."

After changing from their own uniforms into buttoned down shirts and jeans they made their way to the stage. After Ginny no one had ventured up, they were all too scared.

As they got onto the stage a second microphone appeared. After taking the MIC Draco named some song by a weird wizards band, he refused to sing anything by a "disgusting muggle".

The music started as Teresa and Ginny made their way to the dance floor. Blaise began to sing and though Ginny didn't know any of the words, it was quite catchy. Than Draco started to sing, Ginny wasn't shocked that he did sound amazing. She knew he had a good voice, she just wanted to get him to sing.

Teresa and her danced as him and Blaise started to sing in unison. Ginny forgot about everything, she let the music wash over her. She danced like never before, not caring what she looked like. The members of the quidditch team found her and they all danced together. She even danced with Crabbe and Goyle, who had absolutely no rhythm. She let go and just had fun as the voices of her fellow Slytherins filled the air.
The boys sung what Ginny believed was the chorus again and Ginny and Teresa tried to sing along, it didn't work out too well. They sang it one more time and the song came to an end. They both bowed and left the stage.

"Blaise you were great up there!" Teresa said giving him a hug.

"Yeah Blaise you were really good," Ginny added, intentionally leaving out Draco. Draco gave her a pointed look and she rolled her eyes. "Yes Malfoy, you weren't too bad either."

"I know I was great," Draco said confidently.

"You are just so humble aren't you," Sarcasm dripped over Ginnys words.

After ignoring Ginnys comment, Draco led the group back to the table. However it wasn't just the four of them that went back, the quidditch team had followed. The group conversed together as other students finally went up to sing.

Today had been a very interesting day for Ginny. She was now accepted by nearly all Slytherins and she found she could finally consider her team mates as friends. However before Ginny could really relish in that feeling she was rudely interrupted.

"Ginny we need to talk," Ron stormed up to the table with Harry following him. "now."

"We don't need to do anything," Ginnys voice shot out like ice. "you need to turn around and walk away before you embarrass yourself."

"I'm going to embarrass myself?" Ron asked incredulously "You've already embarrassed yourself. When you decided to go on stage and dance around like a fool while singing some stupid song. And what are you wearing? You look like a slut!"

"And you are acting like a prick," Ginny rose from the table, trying desperately to keep her anger in check. "I'll give you a minute but I'm not having this discussion here," Ginny left her table and walked out of the Great Hall she didn't wait to see if her brother and his friend followed.

Ginny entered the first empty classroom she could find and waited as her brother and Harry entered. "Alrighty brother, its time for you to explain yourself, time starts now."

"Ginny I think you need to calm down first," Harry spoke up before Ron had a chance.

"We are just looking out for you, we don't want you to get hurt. You may have been put in Slytherin but i think we all know you are a true Gryffindor at heart. Me and your brother think we know what is really going on here." Ginny didn't interrupt him as he tried to justify Rons actions.

"Please do explain what is really happening," Ginny couldn't help but interject.

"Me and Ron think they are slipping you a potion. We did research and there is a potion you can make that acts almost like the imperius curse." Ginny was amazed at how calm Harry could relay this information to her. "We believe Teresa is working with Zabini and Malfoy to get you under Voldemorts control."

Ginnys anger spiked, she understood not trusting Malfoy and Blaise but they went too far by bringing Teresa into it. Ginny tried to calm down before anything happened buy Harry hadn't shut up he was still babbling about how all of her friends were plotting against her.

"Shut up!" Ginny yelled. "Do you hear yourself? I am not under any sort of potion. This is who I am and who I have always been. I'm sorry if you never really knew me but I haven't changed." Ginny felt her anger rising and she desperately tried to calm down."Stop throwing false accusations around when you have no proof. Your time is up, and you have failed to give me a good reason for everything you have done. "

"Wait Ginny, we have one more thing to say." Ron finally decided to speak up. "We were walking in the hall yesterday when we got into a fight with Malfoy. Harry made a comment about him being a deatheater and he got pissed and we don't know what it was exactly but he used nonverbal magic against us, he sent us flying backwards" Ginny listened intently as Ron explained what happened. "We were pushed half way down the hall, Hermione is doing some research to try and figure out what the spell was but we are pretty sure its some sort of dark magic."

Ginny wasn't sure how to respond to that, did Draco have the same sort of power that she did? Ginny shook her head trying to clear her mind. "Wait, what did you say to him before that happened?"

"We just told him that we knew he was going to be a deatheater." Harry confessed, "Its not a secret, its common sense that he would follow his father."

"Then why would he get so mad?" Ginny asked, but she soon realized she already knew the answer. She was taken back to the one time she had seen past Dracos hard exterior. When they went to the kitchen for dinner and he went off on how not all Slytherins were bad. He almost said he wasn't going to be a deatheater but at the time she thought that was impossible.

Harry started to explain some complicated reason for why Draco got mad but Ginny wasn't listening. She was in shock over what she had just discovered, maybe talking to her brother wasn't a bad thing.

"You know what," Ginny stopped Harry mid-sentence, "I think you might be onto something. I am going to be more careful and if i hear anything I will make sure to tell you. As long as you promise to stop insulting me every two seconds."

"Wait we aren't done," Ron stopped Ginnys plans of a leaving. "We still need to talk about the game."

"I read the rule book," Ginny cut in before Ron could throw around anymore accusations, of course she hadn't ,Draco had but he wouldn't believe her if she said that "there is nothing that says I am not allowed to scream. Harry shouldn't have gotten distracted by it, Malfoy didn't."

"Thats because Harry cares about your well being!" Ron exclaimed loudly. "He wasn't going to ignore it when you could have been hurt."

"Really? So why wasn't he the one to help me when I was free falling a hundred feet?" Ginny shot back. "If i remember correctly Malfoy was the only one who found the time to catch me." She didn't let them respond, she simply pushed past them and left.
Ginny tried to calm herself down before she reached the Great Hall. Not wanting to seem upset at all when she reached the table, Slytherins weren't supposed to show emotion.

"Hey Ginny!" Teresa greeted her as she walked back to the group. "How was the talk?" Teresa asked a little more quietly, Ginny was glad for her discretion.

"It was interesting to say the least," Ginny felt she should give more detail but now wasn't the time. Teresa seemed to understand that and let the matter drop. Ginny tried to participate in the conversations around her but she couldn't get her mind off of what she had learned. Draco Malfoy wasn't going to be a deatheater and he possessed the same magic trick that she did. Ginny wasn't sure of what to think about this but she knew now wasn't the time to try and figure it out. She shook her head and started to partake in what was going on around her.

The night was slowly coming to a close as most students began to leave the Great Hall. Ginny found her table was one of the few people left and before she knew it even they were beginning to leave. Crabbe and Goyle left first followed by Marcus and Mullicent. Soon it was only Ginny, Teresa, Blaise and Draco.

Ginny kept her distance from Draco, she didn't want to give anything away but her friends had different plans. Teresa and Blaise decided to walk ahead leaving Ginny and Draco to walk back together.

Ginny kept her eyes ahead of her and didn't dare say a word but she could sense Draco was watching her. Chancing a glance to her left she was right, as their eyes met Ginny could feel her control melting away. She was moments away from telling him she knew his secrets.

"What did dear old brother Weasley talk to you about?" Draco broke the silence.

"Harry and him were doing some research and they thought Teresa was helping you and Blaise poison me." Ginny answered honestly. "And he of course blamed me for cheating during the game."

"He thought Teresa was poisoning you?" Draco asked in bewilderment. "He is even stupider than I thought. As for the cheating, that doesn't shock me. If it hadn't won us the game I would consider it cheating as well."

"Actually that reminds me, you owe me a day of servitude." Ginny couldn't believe she had forgotten about their bet. "If you don't mind I think I will save it. It might come in handy one day."

"Fine but don't expect me to act like some house elf." Draco didn't even try to fight it. "I do have limits."

"Don't worry," Ginny said in soothing voice. "I won't make you do anything too embarrassing."

"If you do, I will make you regret it." Draco stated simply.

"Is that a threat?" Ginny asked jokingly. "Don't forget I have six brothers who are all too willing to make you wish you were never born."

"Is calling you a slut in front of all your friends a way to show you care?" Draco asked, his voice was void of all emotions.

"For Ron, yes it is," Ginny was confused by the turn of the conversation, but she defended her brother, even though she knew Draco was right. "He doesn't really think about what he says"

"You shouldn't be defending him," Draco stood his ground. "He insulted you for no reason and this isn't the first time. He is constantly putting you down. Slytherins may be categorized as cowards but we would never let anyone talk to us like that." Draco argued, Ginny was more than jealous of how calm he sounded.

"You think I like being insulted?" Ginny fired back, they stopped walking and stood facing each other. "You think I don't try to get him to stop? He doesn't listen Malfoy, he's too stupid to realize what he's doing."

"Then stop telling him to stop," Ginny didn't really understand what Draco was saying. "you need to make him stop, at least, that's what a real Slytherin would do."

With that Draco turned and entered the common room, the portrait shut in Ginnys face, she couldn't quite grasp what he had said or why he even cared enough to say it.


I know karaoke at hogwarts seems a little out there but come on, Dumbledore is capable of anything:]

Hope you enjoyed this, let me know what you think!

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A Year of Change: Weasley is our Queen


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