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Flawed by Mrs_Sirius_Black_4eva
Chapter 18 : October Blues
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A/N: I am giving a fair warning to all that are reading this.  This chapter has incredibly sensitive material, and is the sole reason that this story is rated Mature.  But I still hope you enjoy it.  There is a huge plot twist.







It’s official. My dad has gone insane.



“Dom, I honestly feel like I can talk some sense into her. I’d love it if we could all be a family again.” My dad was telling me. We were discussing this insane topic in the Potters’ sitting room. Maybe someone spiked his water…or maybe he started using drugs…surely he didn’t miss that horrendous woman…





“Dad, I think she made it clear that she didn’t want anything to do with me. And you even said that she never gave indication of wanting to make amends.” I pointed out.




My dad rubbed his eyes. I could see that he wanted to do this. But maybe someone slipped some potion to him, and he didn’t really want to do this. Because who on earth would want to go back to a woman like that.



“Please, just let me talk to your mother. I’ll let you know how it goes.”



I sighed. That was my agreement to this insane idea. But what’s life without some insanity?





He gave me hug, which was quite a feat considering how fat I was, kissed me on the head, and left. I had a bad feeling about this…




But I didn’t think too long about this. I had given Louis my owl, Stormy, and that owl was tapping on the window. I smiled, and opened the window with an owl treat ready. I extracted the letter from Stormy, and gave him the treat. He hooted softly, his way of saying “thanks.”



I tore open the letter, eager to see how my baby brother was doing in Hogwarts.



Hi Dom!


I miss you. But Hogwarts is fun! I made a bunch of friends, but there are three that I’m best friends with. Alan Tedmon and Nellie Walters are both in Gryffindor like me, and there’s Hannah Nedry who’s in Hufflepuff. I think Nellie is kind of pretty, and she’s really smart.


I grinned. My brother had his first crush.


Scorpius, Lucy, and Fred are being really cool. Especially Scorpius. There’s this mean kid in Ravenclaw that was bullying me, but Scorpius stood up for me. And Lucy and Fred help me with some of my homework.


I loved how wonderful my family was with each other. Plus, if I was at school, I would’ve hexed that Ravenclaw. I’m sure that Scorpius handled with class…okay, this is Scorpius I’m talking about. Of course he put a jinx on the kid.




I really do miss you, and Vic, and Teddy, and Mum, and Dad. But I’ll see you during the holidays!


Love, Louis


I missed my brother. I thought about him a lot, especially when I thought about Hogwarts. But as I sat in the chair, looking at this letter, I couldn’t help but hope that my dad would be able to make our family whole again.





 Roxie had showed up not too long ago, begging to take a nap somewhere in the Potter house. Apparently George and Angelina were having a loud, obnoxious fight. Harry had no problem with that, and showed her a good place to sleep. I had just gone to check on her. Maybe she wanted some soup…after all, I know the pain of having parental issues.


I stopped outside of the door, and heard a quiet moan. And then another one. I could tell it was Roxie. I silently opened the door, and went beside her bed. She moaning again. “Oh…oh, James.”



I had to literally slap my hand over my mouth to keep myself from laughing. Roxie was having a dirty dream about one of my best friends! This was too fun of an opportunity to pass up. I softly cleared my throat, and said in my best impression of James, “Oh, Roxie. Oh, this feels so good.”



“Oh, James…”



“Roxie, I want you so bad.” I said, half snickering. Roxie still thought I was James! But then I felt kind of bad for leading her on like that, so I decided to end her steamy dream. “Roxie,” I said, lightly shaking her, “wake up.”



She jerked awake, and her face fell when she saw it was just me and that there was not a certain James Potter next to her. Then she looked embarrassed.



“So,” I smirked. “How was it? Was it everything you thought it would be?”


She snarled, and threw a pillow at me. Luckily, I was able to catch it. I threw it back it her when I heard the front door open. “Dom, I need to talk to you.” It was my dad, and he sounded a bit distraught. That worried me.



I hobbled out to the sitting room, where my dad was sitting. He was sheet white, whiter than the freshly fallen snow. And his eyes were a bit red. This was disconcerting.



“I called Victoire and told her to come here right now. There’s some news I need to tell you. I have already made arrangements with the Headmaster to tell Louis about this.”



Now I was really worried. There wasn’t enough time to start formulating ideas about what this news could be because my sister joined us in the sitting room. She sat down beside me, looking just as perplexed as I was.



“Girls, I just back from the house to see your mom. But—”



“Let me guess,” I interrupted. “Mum’s fat.”






“Was she drunk? Did she shave her head?”


“Dom, no! You’re mum’s dead!” my father shouted at me, standing up.



 I felt like the shock had shot a bullet into my chest. Surely I must’ve heard him wrong.



Vic had tears in her eyes. “Dad, there’s got to be a mistake. Mum can’t be dead.”



Dad nodded, holding his head in his hands. I couldn’t believe it. Now my dad and my sister were crying. Why couldn’t I cry? It’s not like I’m not sad. Maybe I’m still in too much shock…




He sighed, and then came and sat between me and Vic. He put his arms around us, providing whatever comfort he could. “I’m so sorry, girls.”



Finally piecing some thoughts together, I whispered, “How did she die?”



Dad started sobbing again. “It looks like she…she…she must’ve gotten depressed…”




I couldn’t believe it. My mother, the woman who had always been so strong, got to a point where she couldn’t handle life anymore. She clearly was not the woman I had known for most of my life. I may not have been on good terms with her…actually, I was on no terms with her, but I would never wish death upon her.




“I was hoping that you two might help me start cleaning out the house. I’m going to sell it. I can’t even contemplate living there again. Dom, you can just do small stuff so you don’t overexert yourself.”



I nodded my agreement, and the three of us Apparated to Shell Cottage.


As I stood outside of my old bedroom, only a wooden door separating me from it, a part of me wanted to tell my friends what had happened. I wanted their support in this. But then another part of me realized that I should do this by myself. I smiled at the silver plate on my door that had “Dominique Weasley” written in beautiful calligraphy. Taking a deep breath, I pushed open my bedroom door.


Everything was exactly the way I left it. Everything from the powder blue shade of paint on my walls, to the mahogany desk that sat in front of the large pane window, to my favorite stuffed animal that was sitting on my pillow. It was a lion, for Gryffindor. I couldn’t stop the tears that suddenly flowed down my cheeks. And I didn’t try to stop them.



I could barely remember folding up blankets and sheets, and packing away trinkets into boxes. But then my room was bare, with very little remaining in it. It was an odd sensation. I took one full look at my childhood bedroom, and slowly shut the door behind me.


I saw my dad shrinking boxes, and saw Victoire pocketing tiny boxes filled with Louis’ things. Most of her stuff had been moved out when she moved in with Teddy, so she had very little to pack up. I hobbled down the stairs, feeling quite numb about the whole situation.



I sat down on one of the remaining boxes, legs getting weak. I hated being fat. I loved growing my baby, but I hated the effects that came with it. My dad walked over to me, and pulled something out of his pocket. It was a letter.


“I found this in your mother’s desk. It’s addressed to you. I’m guessing she forgot to send it to you.” I nodded, accepting the letter. “Dom, I’m staying with Grandma Weasley for a few days, and then I’m going to buy a new home. And I’d like it if you could stay with me. And the baby can have its own room too.”




I gave my dad a small smile. “I’d love that. When are you going to talk to Louis?”



“I’m leaving for Hogwarts as soon as we’re done here. And he’ll be staying with me until after the funeral.” He stroked my hair for a moment before getting back to work.



I stared at the letter in my hands. I recognized my mother’s handwriting on the envelope. I felt like I should open it and read it, but my Gryffindor courage failed me. I merely put it in my pocket.



Oh Merlin, I needed to make sure I was emotionally stable for when Louis showed up. I had a feeling that the four of us would be spending lots of time together in the next couple of days. And someone needed to keep their head during this time.




This entire day seemed like a blur. I was sitting in a church in the front row, dressed entirely in black, and I barely heard what the man up front was saying. I only focused on two things: the soft sobbing I heard from throughout the sanctuary, and the body of my mother laying peacefully in a black casket. This was such a solemn event for a family reunion.


I was sitting next to my aunt Gabrielle, or Gabi for short. I hadn’t seen her since my second year in Hogwarts. Mum and Dad hadn’t even told her about my pregnancy. So for her, it was a bittersweet occasion. I reveled in how much Gabi looked like my mum. Of course, they were sisters, but there was a strong resemblance, kind of like me and Vic.




I looked behind me, and observed my entire family, looking mournful.  Harry, Ginny, James, Albus, and Lily were here.  Al and Lily were here for just one day.  And then I saw Ron, Hermione, Rose, and Hugo.  Hugo was home for today, too.  He even had a tear or two on his cheek.  Percy and Audrey were here, along with Molly and Lucy.  I was slightly surprised to see them, because I saw them seldomly.  Charlie was sitting by Lucy, rubbing her back.  And then George, Angelina, Roxie, and Fred were there as well.  Roxie and Fred were sitting between the separated couple.  I just hoped there wouldn't be a scene later on.



So far, there had been a sea of hugs, apologies for my loss, and quite a bit of free food. I had never really been around death until now, so I didn’t know that many people brought families that lost loved ones some food.




I thought about that letter that Dad found in Mum’s writing desk, and how it was now resting on my desk. I had spent many hours over the last two days staring at it, but I still didn’t have the courage to open it. But as I sat here, slowly acknowledging my mother’s death, a big part of me wanted to open that letter.




There was a bit of a blur, and suddenly I was aware of being at the graveyard that Mum was being buried at. Everyone had gathered around, and all of the close family members were holding red roses. My dad took one last look at my Mum’s face, as did my brother, sister, and aunt. I refused to look at it. 



Then, one by one, we all placed the roses on top of her casket. After Louis had placed his, he came over to me and hugged me. I felt his tears soaking the side of my blouse. I rubbed his head, providing whatever comfort I could give him. It pained me to see my baby brother in dealing with so much sorrow.




I put my face close to his ear, and whispered, “Just think about this. I know you miss Mum, but I’m sure she’s happy to see Granddad and Grandma Delacour.”




Louis nodded, wiping some of his tears away. He looked so innocent, so young. I wanted to keep him this way forever, to not let him face anymore horrors of life.


I gave my family a hug, and then left to go home and read the letter.



My bedroom was peaceful. I had locked the door behind me, so no one would disturb me during what would for sure be an emotional moment. And now I was holding the letter in my hand, willing myself to open it. And with great effort, I did.



My dear sweet Dominique,



I am not sure where to begin. You are my beautiful daughter. And I love you. As I look back over your life, I realize that I never said those words to you in person. And for that I am sorry.



But there are other things that I am sorry for. Especially the way I reacted when you told me your news. I was not expecting it. I’m sure no one else was expecting it either. I was confused, upset, angry, and disappointed. Any mother would be. But I handled it so wrong. I wasn’t acting like a mother that day. And I failed you when you needed me the most. I should’ve pulled you into my arms and hugged you, taking away any fright like a real mother should. I want to be a part of your life and of your baby’s life. I love that baby already.



I hope that we can have a second chance. I want to be the mother that I should’ve been. You are one of the best daughters that a mother could ask for. And if I made you feel otherwise, well then I deserve to go to Hell. If you ever felt unloved, please know that I have always loved you, and I’ve always been proud of the woman that you are becoming.



I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I can’t imagine my life without you. You are my beautiful daughter, and I love you.



Love, Mum



I couldn’t believe it. My mum wanted to make up with me. But Dad leaving was probably the last straw.


For the first time since my dad told me my mum was dead, I laid on my bed with my lights now off, and sobbed, wanting nothing more than for her to be alive.

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