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Fighting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 7 : In the Bird Cage
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A/N: Ok so this chapter has not been edited by Hannah and neither has chapter 8 or 9. But all of the chapters aefore this one have been edited by Hannah and all of the Chapters after 9 have been edited by Hannah, and all new chapters will be edited by Hannah before posting. Now I kept getting a lot of reviews about how bad the grammar in this chapter was so I have actually gone in and edited it. It's not the best and certinly not comparable to Hannah's editing but is better then what was there before.

Chapter 7

As the weeks went on it became a normal thing for Scorpius to wake up, go eat breakfast, avoid the stares from Vivian, go to classes, after eating dinner go to the library and work on homework until it was time to serve his weekly detentions. Also he and Rose had been talking in a more civilized manor, never outside of detention but during detention it was a different story because there was none else to talk to. They never talked about anything personal because that would give too much of an advantage to one another, but more along the lines of mindless chit chat to make the time go by faster.

That night’s detention held the impression that it was going to be particularly brutal seeing as how it was in the Owlery. Scorpius didn’t even want to imagine what he was about to have to endure. As he walked to the Owlery he heard a voice behind him yell “Wait up”, turning around he saw Rose Weasley slowly walking up behind him. He quickly looked around to see if anyone else was around, the corridor was empty, so he figured that was probably the only reason that Rose had yelled to him to begin with.

“Why?” he asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Because I need to ask you something?” she said reaching him and both continuing to walk forward.

“And this couldn’t wait until detention?” He asked not exactly comfortable with talking to her outside of detention.

“No it couldn’t.” Rose replied sternly.

“Okay Weasley what on Earth could possibly be so important that it couldn’t wait.”

Rose halted mid sentence and said “How did you get a better grade than me on Professor Martins essay about Vampires?”

Was she seriously asking this Scorpius thought, but from the looks of her he could tell that she was dead serious “Why does that matter.” He said cunningly, continuing on walking.

Racing up behind him she replied “It just does now tell me…Please.” She added.

Scorpius stopping at the ladder that led to the Owl’s houses “For the life of me I will never understand you Weasley.”

Rose just looked back into his eyes and sincerely said “Malfoy please it’s important.”

Scorpius just looked at her seeing that this was important to her he thought about it for a moment, relinquishing a deep breath he said “I chose nine.”

“What? Nine what?” Rose asked confused.

“The essay was set to include seven different types of blood that could be harmful to a vampire. I knew everybody else would do seven, you’d do eight, so I chose nine.” He stated.

“There are only eight.” Rose said heatedly crossing her arms.

“On the contrary there are nine. The one that wasn’t in the text and is commonly over looked is mermaid’s blood because it is a mixture of human blood and fish blood a vampire’s body can’t break it down and digest it. That’s why vampires can only feed off of one specious at a time.” Scorpius answered mater of factly.

Rose stared at Scorpius dumbfounded not understanding how she could have over looked something so small. She was about to reply when a small voice coming from behind Scorpius asked “Can I talk him. I hope I'm not interrupting anything.”

Rose now seeing the blond girl coming out from behind Scorpios’ broad shoulders looked a bit uneasy. Looking to her and then to Scorpius, Rose saw that he had a look of panic in his eyes. Understanding what was going on she decided to give him a break. Looking to Vivian “Sorry you kind of are interrupting something, and we have detention.” She tried to say as nicely as possible but came out a little bit bitchy.

Vivian getting a crossed look on her face replied in a disgusted tone “No offense but I rather hear that come from Scorpius’ mouth.” Her voice had gone down about two octaves and Rose could see now how this girl had gotten in to Slytherin.

Scorpius faked looking at his watch and answered “I'm sorry Vivian but I’ve got detention.” He rushed a little bit and walked to the ladder starting to climb it as fast he could.

Rose looked up to Scorpius and almost laughed at his extremely bad escape. When she looked back to Vivian she had already stalked off down the hallway.

When Rose had reached the landing to the Owlery she saw a note pinned to one of the wooden post.


I’m Sorry that I will not be there to monitor your detention. You will be cleaning out each of the owls stalls and replace the old hey with new hey. The materials you will need are in the corner. Please do try and be careful while on the ladder.

Professor Jingles

Typical Rose thought to Professor Jingles’ behavior. She looked into the Owlery it was very tall and touched the ceiling. Along the walls were at least twenty levels of lofts that circled around the entire wall. That was where Rose assumed the houses were, the ladder was set up so that people could retrieve their owl when needed but Rose knew just from looking at it that they were going to have to climb up onto each loft in order to clean it and seeing as how the height of each loft only looked to be about two feet tall she could see how there would be some major issues in this detention.

She heard a small crashing noise coming from the corner. She looked over to Scorpius who was gathering supplies. Seeing Scorpius squirm was a nice site for her, she slowly walked over to him with scrutinizing eyes. Quickly trying to avoid Rose now he handed her a bucket and then turned around.

Rose raised an eyebrow and stated “You didn’t talk to her did you.”

Scorpius rushing around answered “I say we start from the top and work our way down.” Pointing his finger to the ceiling.

Rose not wanting to pry into his business let it go, and started to climb the ladder. As they climbed Rose got the feeling that the ladder had not been inspected in quite a long time. She also had the uneasy feeling that if the ladder were inspected today there would be a good chance that it wouldn’t pass the inspection. It was wobbly, and the wooden planks kept creaking indicating that it probably wouldn’t be able to handle ones weight for very long.

“How does Jingles even have a job if he can’t even manage to get a ladder inspected?” Rose mumbled to herself.

“What?” Scorpius asked stopping mid climb and looking down at her.

“Nothing.” She answered “Keep climbing I want to get off this thing.” Following her orders he continued to climb.

When they both reached the top floor Rose took a tiny peak down and nearly fainted. Even though she was a good six inches from the edge of the loft she felt like one small step out of place and she would be a goner. Scorpius looked at her and asked “Are you scared of heights.”

The correct answer was yes, she was terrified of heights but instead she said “No, not at all.”

Scorpius continued to look at her not sure if he should believe her and replied “You sure? I mean if you want I can always do the top ten levels and you can do the bottom.”

Rose growing irritated with him replied in a harsh tone “I'm fine Malfoy.”

“Just checking.” He quickly looked around at the cramped space they were in. There was maybe a foot and a half of space from the wall to the edge of the loft. Thinking that it was insane that they would be assigned to do this as a detention he spoke “So you go left and I’ll go right and we’ll meet up in the middle how does that sound?”

Rose who had become extremely pale in the face replied “Yeah sounds good”

She got onto her hands and knees and started to crawl shoveling up the little pebbles of owl droppings. But before she got too far away Scorpius looked back at her and said in a humorous voice “Oh by the way don’t slip, it’s a long fall.”

“You disgust me” she tried to say but it came out so faint that Scorpius could only laugh.







They always worked for about twenty or thirty minutes before one of them broke down and started talking. They were both going right at the same pace crawling along shuffle by shuffle. They were almost done with the first loft when Scorpius asked “Did you ever read The Insides and Outs of Dumbledore’s Army?”

Rose inching forward replied “Well my mother did write it.”

Scorpius getting closer to the middle said “Yes I know, but did you read it?”

Rose being quit for a moment looking around to see if she had missed any droppings, she looked up at Scorpius who was inches away from her face “No,” she said sternly.

Scorpius raised his eyebrows and said “Well that’s shocking.”

“What, that I haven’t read a book?”

“No, that we actually met up in the middle.”

Rose looked around and realized that they had actually met in the middle “Yeah it is. Now only nineteen more lofts to go.”

Scorpius looked down and shook his head “This is going to take forever.”

Rose too scared to turn around fallowed Scorpius back to the begging of the circular loft where the ladder was. Scorpius climbing down first took Rose’s bucket so that she could use both hands when at the next floor they started the circle again.

“So why haven’t you read that book?” he asked.

“I don’t know I always felt like it was a waste of time it’s a book about something I hear about on almost a daily basis and it’s about a group that didn’t even last for more than a semester if you think about it.” She had stopped for a moment thinking about the honest answer and then said “I really just never saw the point of it.”

“Well your mother thought it was important.” Scorpius countered back.

Rose rolling her eyes responded “My mother thinks that everything is important.”

Scorpius trying to sound as non-conspicuous as possible asked “So what is your mother working on now?”

“I don’t know something about the ministry and some case that she was working on.” Rose said absent mindedly.

“You mean the case about Dillard Dillinson?” Scorpius pressed on.

“You know, I think that’s right, I didn’t know that many students paid attention to that except for… my… mother.” She had lowered her voice as she said that she looked over to Scorpius in realization “Wait are you telling me that you read my mother’s books?”

Scorpius met Rose’s eyes “No” he attempted to say but his eyes gave him away. Rose had to stop and lean back against the wall so that she wouldn’t fall while she was laughing so hard. “I can’t believe it you’re a H.J. Granger fan.”

Scorpius was growing frustrated and asked “And what's wrong with that?” he said sternly.

“Nothing I mean I’ve never met anyone under forty who read my mother’s books.”

“Well I happen to think that your mother is a very compelling and thrilling writer, who knows how to make anything that she writes about read like a story, even though they are all true.” He said defensively.

“Yes well unfortunately H.J. Granger is my mother so I can’t exactly think of her like that.”

“Oh well that’s a shame. You should really read one of her books some time, who know she may surprise you.” He said sincerely.

“Doubtful.” Rose muttered under her breath.

They worked in silence for a few more minutes until Scorpius said “Middle.” Rose looked around her and they were indeed in the middle.

“How long do you think it will take for us to finish all of this?” Rose asked curiously.

Scorpius looked down to his watch and replied “It takes about twenty minutes for each loft and we have eighteen to go so I'm going to say a long damn time.”

“That’s what I was afraid of.” Rose said looking around the room in disgust.

Scorpius making a fake hurt expression on his face replied “Oh, you don’t like spending time with me?” Rose gave him a look that implied get real “Yup that’s what I thought. Oh well and I really thought we had a real friendship growing.” Scorpius continued in a sarcastic manor.

“Not a chance Malfoy.” She answered with a smile.

“Fine have it your way.” He joked back.

Once again she followed him back around to where the ladder was. Climbing down first, he waited for her. As Rose was climbing down she got half way to the landing when she felt a slight tug that wasn’t going to allow her to continue down. Looking up she saw that the tale of her robe had gotten caught on a nail that was sticking out one of the Owls perches.

“Oh great.” Rose said agitated letting go of the ladder with one of her hands.

Scorpius noting that it was taking her a while to get down leaned his head out from the loft and looked up “Everything alright up there?”

“Everything is fine. Just fine.” Rose said annoyed struggling with pulling on her robe. Scorpius saw that all her pulling was causing the wood on the ladder to become a bit weak.

Looking back up to her he tried to say “Weasley you might want to be carful the…”

“It’s alright I almost got it” She replied hastily.

Hearing a cracking coming from the step that she was on he yelled once again “Weasley stop.”

But she continued on pulling until the step cracked in half causing a loud short shriek to pop out of Roses mouth. Her free arm had slipped from the sleeve of her robe and she was dangling by the other arm. Unsure of what was going on she looked down and saw how high up she was and began to panic.

“Weasley panicking isn’t going to solve anything” Scorpius said hurriedly crawling over to where she was.

“Don’t panic. That’s easy for you to say you’re not the one dangling for your life.” she said.

“Just hold on and shut your eyes, I’ll get you down.” Scorpius said in a slightly panicked voice himself.

Little balls of sweat were starting to appear on Rose’s forehead and her palms were becoming moist. Doing as Scorpius said she closed her eyes and squeezed her hand tightly around the railing of the ladder.

Scorpius was not exactly sure how he was going to get her down. She wasn’t exactly that far away from him but he didn’t see how he could get her in without her letting go of her other hand which would most likely cause her to fall.

Rose was trying to calm herself when she heard a sudden cracking come from the handle. She was right about this ladder not being able to hold one persons weight for very long, because all of a sudden that handle broke to and Rose began to fall.

“ROSE!” Scorpius yelled frightened, but having such quick reflexes he reached out his arm and luckily grabbed a hold of Rose by her waist, pulling her in to the loft. 

Even though it all felt like this had happened in the course of a minute, in reality it had happened in less than a second. He reached out his arm at just the right place and time and he just happened to clutch something in the millisecond that it happened. Pulling her in fast he held her against his chest as if she were the teddy bear that he used to sleep with. As he pulled her in his leg had slid of the edge of the loft and had kicked something away from him. But at that moment it didn’t matter what it was that had been kicked away.

When he pulled her in, he and her both crashed into the wall from the force that he had from behind the pull. Still holding her, he leaned his head back against the wall painting for air. Rose who was leaning up against him was dead silent and whit as snow. She looked almost as if fear would have killed her before she hit the floor. She closed her eyes clutching onto Scorpius without realizing it and released a deep shaking breath. She didn’t move for a while, she could feel her heart racing a mile a second and she could hear Scorpius’ doing the same.

They both stayed like that for a few minutes. Once Rose had calmed down she moved to sit up. Scorpius shocked by the movement almost tried to hold her back then realizing what was doing quickly let go of her and let her move. Both looked at each awkwardly for a second, neither one of them had ever been put in a situation like that before. A situation where either one of them had any remote feelings for one another besides hate.

Scorpius lightening the mood spoke first “You know Weasley you truly are accident prone.” He said lightly.

Rose responding back smiled slightly “Well I might note that most of the injures that I acquire, somehow have involved you.”

Scorpius smiled to her and just muttered “Yeah I’ve noticed.”

Going silent Rose looked around her and noticed that her robe was no longer on her. She looked out over the edge of the loft and saw it hanging where it had been stuck by the nail. She just shook her head and looked around the Owlery and she noticed something odd, half of the ladder was slanted against the wall two flats down and on the opposite side of the room.

Rose looked to Scorpius who was leaning against the wall “What happened to the ladder.” She asked calmly.

Scorpius realizing now what it was that he had kicked replied instantly “I don’t know.”

Rose just nodded her head and looked back up to her robe. Getting a scrunched up look on her face she released a sigh and flicked one of her low wavy pigtails behind her she turned to Scorpius and said “Can I see your wand.”

“Why?” he asked curiously.

“Well I think I may know a spell that can get us down from here but my wand is in my robe and obviously I'm not going to be able to get that down at the moment.”

Scorpius nodded and started to reach into his robe pocket until he realized that the wand compartment was empty.

Rose seeing the weary expression come across his face asked in a cynical voice “What is it?”

Scorpius not responding crawled over to the edge of the loft and looked down to the Owlery ground and sure enough his wand lay alone on the ground. He just shook his head and went back to the wall.

Rose’s eyes got big after seeing Scorpius’ reaction “Are you telling me that we are stuck up here.” She said dryly.

Scorpius just nodded closing his eyes he groaned out “This is a living hell.”

Rose crawling back to wall leaned up against it keeping at least a foot of distance between her and Scorpius. Thinking she said slowly “Well eventually someone will have to come and find us.”

Scorpius growing annoyed responded quickly “Weasley get serious look around it’s an Owlery haven’t you noticed that something is missing?”

Rose crossing her arms replied “Of course I noticed the owls missing. They don’t like living in dirty quarters so they leave when the filth becomes too much.”

“Exactly so who is going to come in here and find us when they all know that the owls go to the bridge when the Owlery is dirty and they have been there for at least two weeks now. Let’s face it the only person that we can even hope to find us is Jingles.”

Rose, hating to admit that he had a point, closed her eyes. This was one night she was not looking forward to.







As the night grew on the room was becoming quit dark with only the moonlight streaming in from the open windows on each loft. The crisp air started to become colder and colder, and Rose being cold natured in general was freezing. She looked down at her watch to try and side track her mind away from the fact that it was cold. Eleven sixteen looking back up she thought to herself that that worked for about a second. She was very grateful to the fact that she decided to wear he school trousers today instead of her skirt, and she had long lost the tie that had her Gryffindor colors on it, which lay in pile next to her.

Scorpius was fiddling with straws of hay bending them into small pieces and breaking them. He could hear the chattering of teeth beside him. Looking over to Rose he saw her looking practically miserable. Thinking to himself he did an act of chivalry and took off his robe and threw it to Rose.

Startled by the movement she looked to him and answered “No thank you.”

Scorpius looked at her and replied back hostile “Weasley don’t be prideful.”

Too tired to even attempt to be mean “What makes you think that I'm being prideful?”

“Look at you, you’re practically purple and you’re shivering.” Proving his point her teeth started to chatter again. “Also I don’t really want to hear your teeth grind together all night so put the damn robe on.” He said in a demanding voice as he looked straight at her.

Rose waiting a second grabbed the robe and slowly put it on. It felt different wearing a Slytherin robe but she couldn’t deny the fact that Scorpius’ body heat along with the insulation of the robe warmed her up immediately.

Scorpius looked back down to the piece of hay that he was messing with when he heard Rose reluctantly say “Thank you.” The way she said it was very short and had no actually sincere tone to it, but the fact that she even said it was a step up from where they were a month and a half ago.

Scorpius looked back to her answered in the same voice “It’s a robe, it’s not like I saved your life.”

Rose let lose a slight chuckle, closed her eye and replied “Can’t say that anymore because technically you did save my life.”

Scorpius, realizing just how long the night had truly been, stated “Well I can’t exactly think of anything beneficial to having a dead Rose Weasley on my hands.”

“Well I don’t think there is anything beneficial to having a dead anyone on your hands.” Rose replied absentmindedly.

“Yes I suppose you would be correct in that statement.” He said light heartedly.

“Well that’s a first you actually agree with me.” She said sarcastically.

Scorpius countering her statement said “Well maybe if you were right more often I would agree with you more.”

“I have been correct plenty of times, you just see things differently.” Rose insisted.

“Really how do you see that?” Scorpius questioned

Thinking Rose smiled to herself “Well remember in Potions last year when we had the debate on the counter incantations to a Nymphnix potion.” She prompted.






“Yes what about it, I was right.” Scorpius Stated sternly.

“Yes you were right Wolfspan plus Gillyweed would counter the potion’s reactions but my answer was a Figgroot potion.” Scorpius nodded. “Well you interrupted me saying that wasn’t possible because a Figgroot potion contained nothing but a Figg’s root plus Wolfspan, but what no one considered was the fact that Gillyweed and a Figg grow from the same stem.”

“Meaning?” he said harshly.

“Meaning that a Figg’s root plus Wolfspan would have the same effect as Gillyweed plus Wolfspan.” She said narrowing her eyes to Scorpius.

“Oh.” Scorpius said quietly. “Well maybe you had a point then too.”

“Maybe I had a point. No, I had a point. But Professor Kinkily didn’t bother to listen to it and I got an incomplete for that assignment.” Rose said heatedly.

Scorpius almost laughed “Man you know how to hold a grudge don’t you Weasley.” He stated.

Rose calming down a bit answered “Well it was my first incomplete…Ever.” She added.

Scorpius recalling something said “If my memory serves me right you gave me three broken fingers for that incomplete.”

Rose bashfully smiling to herself, retorted “Well if I recall correctly you gave me a broken ankle after those three fingers.”

“Yeah not exactly my shining moment.” Scorpius said looking at her feeling a ping of guilt come over him. “Does that hurt?” he asked looking at her wrist which was not in a cast anymore but was still wrapped up in a bandage.

Rose for the first time noticing that much of anything was wrong with her wrist replied “Not really. Everyone has been asking me that as if it should hurt but compared to some of the other injuries that I’ve had this” she said waving her hand “Is mediocre.”

“Yeah I understand what you mean, I think my body started repealing the pain right about second year.”

“Yeah the same for me.” She was silent for a second then added “You know when you add up all the injures that we’ve had it’s shocking that we are both still alive.”

“Well I'm pretty certain that that is the reason McGonagall decided to give us all of the detentions, like you said before having a dead body on your hands can’t possibly be beneficial.”

“I suppose.” Rose said.

The both became silent again as if they were waiting for the next one to talk. Scorpius looked out of the window. As he looked out at the lake an idea struck him.

“Hey Rose come look at this for a second.”

Rose crawled over to the window and saw what Scorpius was looking at and the exact same idea popped into her head. She started to laugh at the thought of it.

“What's so funny?” He asked in a serious tone.

“Nothing except for the fact that you are crazy if you think I'm going to jump out of that window into that lake.” She said crawling back to her safe spot away from the window.

“It’s not like it would kill you.” He said trying to persuaded her.

“I beg to differ that Scorpius. Do you see how far down that is.” She said matter o’ factly

“It is not that far.” Scorpius said.

Rose snorted a small laugh “You are completely crazy you know that right?”

“I do believe that have been told that a time or two.” He looked out the window “Come on Rose what other options do we have. No offence I really am getting sick of this smell and I don’t really want to spend the rest of the night in here.”

Rose looked out the window thinking of all the ways that this couldn’t be safe but at the same time knew that it was plausible to come out uninjured. She shut her eyes from the sight of how high up they were.

As she sat up against the wall debating Scorpius decided to attempt to speed things along. “Well if you want to stay here that is just fine but I'm going to go.”

Rose’s eyes popped open and she whipped her head in his direction “You are just going to leave me here?”

“Well I notify someone eventually. But first I'm going to have to to swim to shore, walk back to the castle, then I will probably change clothes and by that point I will probably be kind of tired and well I'm going to have to take a nap.” He listed all of these while numbering the list with his fingers.

“So you are telling me that you won’t let me out until tomorrow morning?” She asked sternly.

“That is exactly what I'm saying.” Scorpius said in an indifferent tone.

She studied his eyes and face to see if there was any sign that he was joking. Nothing not even a flinch gave her any clue.

Waiting a moment he concluded “Well I guess you made your choice.” And he proceeded to crawl out the window and on to the flat ledge that circled the tower. Standing up slowly he threw his arms in the air and took a deep breath. “Finally freedom.” He sighed out, loud enough for Rose to hear.

“Man this is great.” He pressed on ecstatically. Leaning up against the stone wall without making any indication that he was going to move any time soon he yelled “Okay well I'm going to go now.”

Rose sitting inside clinched her fist listening to the annoying voice from outside yell “One”

“Stupid prate.” She muttered

“Two. You better come now, on three I'm gone.”

“And thr…”

“Wait! She yelled making a split second decision unclenching her fist she slowly crawled to the window “I'm coming.”

“Well it took you long enough.”

“You know what shut up.” She said as she squeezed through the dirty stone window. “Do you know how many school rules we are breaking?”

“I didn’t know that fallowing school rules was something that you did.”

“Well I do.” She answered. The second she was on the ledge she regretted her choice. Trembling to stand up she leaned against the wall as if it was the one thing that was keeping her alive.  

“Okay so on three we both go.” Scorpius announced taking control of the situation.

“Five.” Rose shoot back trying to give herself more time to prepare for what she was about to do.

“Four.” Scorpius countered.

Rose gave him a look that meant she wasn’t negotiating “Five Scorpius.”

“Fine Five.” Scorpius said relinquishing the fight.

“Okay so on five.” Scorpius said, both of them walking closer to the ledge. “So one, two…

Rose looking down could feel her heart pounding inside her chest. She couldn’t do it, she could just crawl back in and wait she still had a couple of seconds to turn around. Then all of a sudden she heard Scorpius yell three and he jump grabbing her hand right before leaping off the edge causing her to free fall with him. Her heart was racing and she felt the adrenalin pulse through her body. The cold wind was slapping her face and the only thing flashing through her mind was I’m going to die.

The slapping of the water was a shock that sent a chill up her spine. She felt that this was it this is what death was like and that she really did end up in hell. Kicking her feet she continued to plunge further down in to the musky water. Still holding onto Scorpius’ hand she felt a tug and something pulling her up towards air. 

Coming up from the water her face felt the bitter coldness and she heard a snickering coming from beside her. Spinning around she saw Scorpius with a grin on his face “I told you we would live.”

“You aren’t about to live for long I'm going to kill you” she said leaping forward and pushing him underwater trying to drown him. Keeping him down there for as long as possible, it wasn’t long before he dragged her down with him trying to hold her down.

Both coming up to the surface were huffing and puffing. “Truce?” he asked.

“Truce.” Rose said out of breath then adding “For now.”

“Come on it wasn’t that bad.” He said lightly.

“Not that bad. I thought that I was going to die and then be stuck as a ghost with you for eternity.” She yelled.

“Well as horrible as that would be you lived, so unfortunately you get to live through the rest of your life and die thousands of miles away from me if you like.”

“Are you trying to be cute or funny? Because honestly not in the mood for it.” She fixed a scowl on her face.

“Fine then but I do suggest that we start swimming because we do have a rather long walk ahead of us.” Scorpius started forward and then added “Not to mention the squid either.” He plastered a smile on his face making Rose squeamish.

As they swam to shore Roses was unwilling to admit that the jump wasn’t that bad that it was actually fun but she wasn’t about to let Scorpius think that he was right. This night had been far longer and worse then she had planed all she really wanted to do was to get in dry clothes and go to bed and forget about the evening that had occurred.

A/N okay so I know its long sorry about that but I had some extra time over the holidays. I just wanted to say thank you if you have kept up with the story for this long and like it enough to continue reading it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE review. I really like them and they really do help me right more, because when you review I know that you are waiting for another chapter and I don’t want to disappoint.

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