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We made it through, but whatís next is a mystery by hogwartsfavoritecoupleh
Chapter 2 : Always have Always will
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This day it seemed didn’t want to end. After breakfast Harry was whisked away by Ron and Hermione so that they could start repairs on the castle. Even though Harry was magically repairing walls, ceilings, staircases and other damaged things his mind was on Ginny every moment. All Harry could think about was how to get her back what he could do what he could say.

Harry followed Ron and Hermione (who had been practically attached to each others hips all day Harry had to remember to ask Ron how that relationship was going) into the Great Hall for dinner. They walked over to the group of Weasley’s who were silently eating their dinner which for the Weasley’s just wasn’t normal even under the recent circumstances. As the three recent additions to the table added food to their plates Mrs. Weasley spoke up and addressed her children, husband, Hermione, and Harry

“alright everyone tonight is our last night here tomorrow afternoon we will be returning back to the Burrow”

At this Ron looked up

“what! Why? The castle is still in shambles we can’t just leave”

Ron didn’t understand why no one else was saying anything until Mr. Weasley said

“Ron we.. We have to start preparations for Fred’s funeral..”

Finally understanding Ron’s only response was mumbled “oh okay…. Sorry”

After that no one really spoke except for the occasionally “ can you pass the chicken”

Harry was thinking about all of the Weasley’s Mrs. Weasley was trying to seem high spirited but you could see the sadness in her eyes Mr. Weasley was trying to be strong for his children and wife but, the loss of Fred had hit him very hard. As for Charlie and Bill they missed there brother terribly but were learning how to cope, Percy was blaming himself for Fred’s death so he barely spoke to anyone. Ginny, Harry didn’t really know how Ginny was because she was so set on ignoring him but he knew her and he knew that Fred dying would be a terrible loss for her, Ron was being Ron and in public acted like nothing was wrong but Ron had Hermione now so she would be there to help him. Then there was George, Harry hadn’t heard George speak at all but that was understandable he had lost his twin brother his other half it was no longer Fred and George it was just George now. Harry didn’t know what he should say to this people they were all at different stages of grieving for Fred and he had no idea if he was still welcomed at their house. If he wasn’t going to the Weasley’s then where would he could he assumed he could stay at Hogwarts until the repairs were finished but he wasn’t even sure if he was coming back for his seventh year yet there was so much up in the air.

After dinner the Weasley’s plus Harry, Hermione and Fleur (even though she was technically a Weasley) walked back to the Gryffindor tower to get to some sleep. As Harry walked into the tower he was greeted by a dark skinned wizard by the name of Kinsley Shacklebolt. Harry knew he was going to have to eventually talk to Kingsley seeing as he was now Minister of Magic, he just thought maybe he could have this conversation when he wasn’t about to fall over from sleep deprivation. As Harry approached the man the Weasley’s all took seats on the various couches and chairs around the room.

“Hello Kingsley” said Harry as he shook the wizards hand

“Hello Harry, how are you?” asked the wizard concern in his eyes

“As good as can be expected I guess”

“well Harry after going through what you have in the past view days ‘as good as can be expected’ sounds okay to me, but I assume you know why I am here?”

“well I am assuming you want to talk to me about where I have been for the past 10 months and what I have been up to?”

“yes that’s exactly why I am here I was hoping maybe you would tell me your story?”

“of course Kingsley but, is it possible to have this conversation sometime tomorrow right now I would really just like to sleep”

“yes Harry that can be arranged I will meet you in here tomorrow morning?”

“sounds great, Kingsley?” Harry asked

“yes Harry?”

Can I bring the Weasley’s and a few others I think they should all be there to hear what I have to say.”

“not a problem Harry now go get some rest I’ll see you in the morning”

With that Kingsley left and he turned to see the Weasley’s with the exception of Ron and Hermione all staring at him


“Harry are you sure you want us all to be there?” Mrs. Weasley asked gently

“uh.. Well yeah” he responded awkwardly “I figured before you lot left tomorrow you should hear what the three of us were up to this year”

“ alright dear…” she stopped suddenly giving Harry a questioning look

“what do you mean ‘you lot’ Harry surely you are coming back to the Burrow with us!”

“well… you mean you still want me to come with back with you guys?” after he said this he was bombarded with shouts from many Weasley’s

“of course we do!”

“what in the bloody hell are you talking about mate!”

“why wouldn’t you be going back Harry”

“ what are you talking about”

(Harry was pretty sure the yell with the profanities can from Ron) the only one who hadn’t shouted something at Harry it seemed was Ginny and she looked as if she were on the verge of crying again Bloody hell thought Harry he really had to talk to her but first he had to respond to the rest of the Weasley’s. Especially Mrs. Weasley who’s eyes were bearing down into his.

“well.. I thought with all that you lot had going on maybe I don’t know you didn’t want me to come back with you guys….” Harry finished lamely. At this point Mrs. Weasley decided it was fit to come and smack Harry upside the head and shout at him for thinking something so absurd.

“HARRY! How could you ever think something like that we would never ever not want you to come back with us especially at times we need to stick together”

Harry’s heart swelled this family who had lost so much still wanted him around they weren’t going to just leave him behind

“Thanks Mrs. Weasley I love you guys..”

With those words Mrs. Weasley broke out into fresh tears while the Weasley brothers smiled and then rolled their eyes at their mothers behavior even George cracked a smile.

Mr. Weasley spoke up this time “ we love you too Harry”

Just when Harry thought nothing could go wrong Ginny who had been extremely quiet with a “humph” stormed out of the common room with fresh tears rolling down her face. They all watched her go dumfounded by her actions. Harry was the first to recover and he went after her determined this time to not let her get away.

Harry ran through the portrait hole and saw Ginny’s flaming red hair turn the corner. Harry knew where she was going, she was going to the tree by the lake where they had spent countless afternoons together. Harry understood why she was going there she was going there because that was where they had their happiest moments in their relationship. Harry followed Ginny through the castle aware of the fact that Ginny had no idea he was following her. Harry watched as Ginny practically sprinted across the school grounds and slump against the tree, their tree and slide to the ground sobs rocking her body. Harry approached the tree silently he knew now was the time, the time to tell Ginny that he loved her and that he always will.


“Ginny please talk to me” Harry spoke quietly

Ginny looked up her face red and blotchy her eyes swollen and tears falling down her face when she didn’t answer and she didn’t run away Harry decided to start his speech now

“Ginny…” he started but was cut off by a shaky voiced Ginny who was controlling her sobs

“ I loved you, did you know that? I loved you and you left” Harry started to respond but he was again cut off

“ yeah I know it was for my own good, you broke up with me for my own good wouldn’t tell me what you were doing or where you were going all for my own good to keep me ’safe’ when you left I was crushed I tried to be ’brave’ and act like it didn’t effect me because I didn’t want to complain when I knew you guys were probably going through much worse” she continued even though she saw the tortured expression in Harry’s eyes

“ I couldn’t help but lay there at night wondering if you were thinking about me wondering if you were missing me or if you were worried like I was worried about you” she stopped talking for a minute Harry assumed because she was trying not to cry but she still kept talking “ and then you came back after months and months and then there was the battle and I all I could think about was you and what I would do if you died” fresh tears ran down her face at her memories.

“and then Fred was dead and Lupin and Tonks and no one had a clue where you were and I was trying yet again to be brave but it was near impossible that’s when Voldemort came out of the Forest and announced you were that you were…. Dead” she choked on the words

“ I wouldn’t believe it I didn’t believe it until I went outside and I saw you at his feet limp and unmoving seeing you like that it made me feel like my heart broke into pieces because I still love you” with these words she broke out into sobs heart wrenching sobs that took over her whole body to the point where she was shaking. Harry took Ginny’s fragile body into his arms and pulled her into his lap I have to tell her now he thought.

“Ginny I missed you every single minute I was gone I was always worried about you I was always afraid for you and I was afraid that if by some miracle I got back to you alive you would have moved on that you would hate me” he knew he had to keep talking because he was close to tears himself but, Ginny needed to hear this

“Gin I used to watch your dot on the marauders map at night to make sure you were still here and still alive. When you showed up during the battle all I wanted to do was kiss you and tell you that I love you but, I thought if I stayed away from you maybe if I died you wouldn’t hurt as much.” Harry whispered trying to make her understand

“When I came out of the woods I was feigning death it was the only thing I could do to get Voldemort to lower his guard so I could defeat him. When I heard you voice scream my name I wanted nothing more than to run to you and let you know I was okay and I was just faking it but I couldn’t and then everything happened and Voldemort was dead and I thought we could finally be a real couple” the gleam in his eyes showed how much he wished it were true that he and Ginny were a real couple but he continued knowing he was getting to the important part of his speech

“ but then you were ignoring me and I knew that you hated me and that you probably didn’t love me anymore but just hear me out for a second, Ginerva Molly Weasley I have never stopped loving you I guess I understand if you don’t want to be with me because I have put you through so much but I just wanted you to know I still love you and I always will.’ Harry finished with hope laced in his voice he looked at Ginny she had stopped sobbing but the tears were still pouring down her face like a water fall.

Ginny looked up at Harry their eyes met and they knew in that moment that no matter what had happened in the past they still loved each other and their love would never go away. They both leaned in and their lips touched and it was as if they had never been apart.

“I love you Ginny” whispered Harry between kisses

“I love you too Harry” Harry smiled triumphantly. Harry and Ginny laid in each others arms for a while just enjoying each others company occasionally stealing a kiss. They decided that it was best if they went back to the castle as they walked Harry asked Ginny a question that he was almost one hundred percent sure she would say yes to but he just needed to make it official


“yes Harry”

“will you be my girlfriend” it was straight forward question

“yes Harry seeing as I can barely function properly when we are apart” she gave him a weak smile but kissed him. They continued their walk to the castle when Harry asked yet again another question though he had no idea what the response to this question would be

“ Ginny why were you ignoring me today and why did you run out of the common room tonight?” he asked meekly

“I ignored you because I was scared that you didn’t love me anymore and I didn’t think I could handle talking to you, getting my hopes up to only have them crushed. As for why I left the common room well because you said you loved ‘us’” she replied

“ I’m confused why did you run when I said I loved you guys” Harry asked

“ because that’s what I mean when I said ‘get my hopes up’ when you said you loved us for one second I thought maybe you might mean just me then I realized it was a implied to my whole family and then I was crushed again because I was afraid you didn’t love me anymore you just loved me as part of my family.”

“ oh Ginny I can’t tell you enough how much I love you I am never going to hurt you again and that’s a promise” he replied confidently as they reached the portrait of the fat lady. They walked in together hand in hand Harry making a promise to himself that he wouldn’t let anything get in his way of him and Ginny being together. Harry walked into the common room smiling until he saw the shocked and slightly angered faces of Ginny’s older brothers. To say the least Harry was freaking out he didn’t know weather or not her brothers were going to be acceptant of their relationship or overprotective gits and try to kill him. Ginny seemingly oblivious to her brothers angry expressions asked

“where are Mum, Dad, and Hermione?” Harry hadn’t even realized they weren’t there. Bill responded with a simple

“bed” Ginny shrugged her shoulders and turned to Harry and said

“night Harry” lightly pressed her lips to his like it was second nature and started to walk towards the dormitory when she turned around looking at her older brothers who were still looking angry and tense at seeing their baby sister kiss a boy she spoke in a voice that made her sound exactly like her mother

“ Now big brothers I am going to sleep and as you can see Harry and I are back together and I love him…” they all looked even more shocked at what she just said but she didn’t pause “ so that means simply I leave him here with you lot but if you hurt him I will hex you into next month” she shot her brothers a warning look and Harry a reassuring smile then was off to bed muttering something about “ stupid overprotective gits.”

Unfortunately Harry was now alone with five shocked, and potentially angry, overprotective Weasley’s. He really wasn’t sure what he should do should he say something or wait to be pummeled? He chose to speak.

“uhm.. Hey guys” he said awkwardly

Bill being the oldest started to talk first

“listen Harry you know we love you like your already apart of this family”

“yeah mate we do love you but you see Ginny is our little sister our ONLY little sister” added Ron.

“ To put it lightly we don’t care if you just saved all of our arses by killing Voldemort you hurt our baby sister and we will kill you” said George. Those are the first words Harry had heard George speak since losing Fred and they had a hint of his humor in there.

“exactly” Charlie and Percy said at the same time

“So basically we wont hurt you tonight as long as you promise never to hurt her and to take care of her” Bill said in a serious tone finally it was Harry’s turn to speak

“I love your sister more than anything in this world and I will do anything to make sure she is happy and safe always” promised Harry. Thankfully they all seemed to believe Harry’s promise and seemed to relax until George surprisingly spoke up again

“we do have rules though Potter, number one on that list do not kiss our sister in front of us again the other rules you will pick up in time” George said easily

“err alright guys” replied Harry with an strange expression on his faced that caused all of the men to break out into fits of laughter. Finally calming down Harry voiced his opinion

“ you know why I think you lot didn’t kick my arse tonight?.. You my dear Weasley’s are afraid of your ‘little’ sister and her bat boogey hex” Again they all broke out into un-controllable laughter because Harry was right they were afraid of her, Ginny was scary when mad and attacking her boyfriend would defiantly make her mad and put them on the wrong side of her wand. Once completely calmed down they all broke apart and went to sleep. As Harry laid in bed he was very thankful Ginny had mastered that hex.


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