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Loosen Your Tie by Tashi Lupin
Chapter 5 : Events Out of The Ordinary
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The marauders trooped down to the Great Hall for dinner. Remus was silent as ever. For some reason, the melody of the song Let It Be by the Beatles came to mind. After a little while, Remus realized he had a photograph of his mother and father dancing around the cottage singing it. The melody was soothing to Remus, as if it was telling that things would get better, in due time.

As he and his friends took their usual spots at the Gryffindor table, Remus noted through the hall’s enchanted ceiling, it was snowing. He bit his lip to hide his small grin. He loved snow.




 “Mooney,” Sirius said.



Remus ignored Sirius, and just let himself be grateful for everything in his life. (Not including his condition.) Most of all he was grateful he had such accepting friends. Most people would have run away when they found out about his condition.




“Earth to Remy…” James said waving his hand in front of Remus’s face.




 Remus swatted away James’s hand to show he heard him. James rolled his eyes.




 “What?” Remus said boredly, seeing James’s annoyance.




 “You where humming.” Peter pointed out happily as he cut a piece of beef.




"You weren’t just humming,” James smiled. “You were humming Beatles.”




“The song Let It Be, to be exact.” Sirius added.




“So?” Remus asked, while he pushed his potatoes around his plate.




“Nothing,” Sirius shrugged. “You just haven’t made back round noise in a while. It was a bit startling.”




Remus shrugged and scanned the ceiling for evening owls. There was only a sole barn owl that was headed toward the staff table.




Tashi Weatherby sat next to the boys and flashed them a smile before piling her plate with food.




 James often joked that Remus and Tashi should ‘get together’ because Remus was the only one who could stand her heavy Boston accent. Tashi moved to England the summer before their first year, but she still had that accent.




 Dinner was fairly normal. Peter was finishing up an essay due the next morning, Sirius was adding to many condiments to his food, James was trying to impress Lily Evans, and Remus hummed slightly as he ate. There were, however, some notable differences. Peter kept smiling feverishly, Sirius glanced at the Slytheirn table a lot, Lily Evans actually smiled at James, and, possibly the creepiest difference, Tashi Weatherby seemed to be watching Remus. Every so often she’d scribble something into her little red notebook.




 Professor Dumbledore stood up and cleared his throat. The effect was spontaneous. A sea of heads turned to face him and hundreds of mouths shut. Remus saw how the twinkle in his headmaster’s eyes seemed to have gone out, vanished. “I need to inform you that I literally just have been informed that Hogsmeade is under the attack from the Death Eaters.”




 Panic swept over the Great Hall. Sacred talk of the Death Eaters was all to be heard. A first year at the Ravenclaw table screamed. Peter started biting his nails in fright; both James and Sirius were looking through the crowd for someone, eyes blazing with fierce anger. Remus’s mind was racing, trying to figure out which Death Eaters were in Hogsmeade, What had happened, when the attack had started, why they were in Hogsmeade, and how the attack turned out.




“SILENCE!” Dumbledore said with his voice magically magnified. “Please remain calm.”




The hall became quiet as everyone paid attention.




 “Now,” Dumbledore began, “In order to ensure the safety of all of you, you will all be staying the night here.” Dumbledore clapped and the tables were removed by hundreds of thick, squashy, royal purple sleeping bags. “Staff, prefects, head boy and girl, please report to me immediately.”




 Remus, seeing as he was a prefect, went off to Dumbledore while his friends grabbed sleeping bags and pulled them to the side.




 Once everyone he had called was present, Dumbledore spoke. “Head boy and girl, prefects, please patrol around the Great Hall tonight to make sure the students actually sleep. If there is any activity out of the ordinary, anything at all, please alert myself or another professor immediately. And no, Mr. Longbottom , I will not tell you anymore.” Dumbledore said as the head boy opened his mouth. “Please attend to your duties now.”




The prefects nodded and went off as Dumbledore continued in hushed voices with the other professors.




 Lily Evans, another prefect, caught up to Remus. “Remus, why do you think the Death Eaters are in Hogsmeade?” she asked.




 “Either one of two things,” Remus said bitterly. “One, they went out drinking and decided to have a bit of their sick definition of fun. That’s the most likely. Or, You-Know-Who sent them to try to infiltrate Hogwarts.”




 “That’s what I thought to,” Lily said. “The second one is also what I’m afraid of.”




Remus nodded. Death Eaters had taken his parents, they better not take his school too. He went off to a section of unpatrolled hall.




If anyone dared to talk while Remus passed them, he would snap at them and tell them if he heard mutter another syllable, he’d give them a detention. This surprised most people, seeing as Remus was thought of as the laid back prefect.




 After ending up giving a fifth year from Hufflepuff about a week’s worth detentions, Remus was ready to snap at the next person to make a sound. Didn’t any of them understand the seriousness this situation? Any of them?




The next people, who made noise, as it turned out, were Peter, Sirius, and James. Not even his friends! Remus walked over to them, ready to tell off his mates.




They looked up, obviously thinking he was coming over to tell them what had happened, assuming Dumbledore had told him.




 “So-“ Sirius was cut off by Remus.




“For once in your life will you shut up?! Damn it! Detention, all three of you for talking when you shouldn’t.”




Astonished, James asked, “Mooney, what’s going on?”




 “Dumbledore already said, or does the famous James Potter feel the need not to listen? And stop with that stupid nick-name!”




James did not know how to react. Remus was not usually angry and had never given them detention. The most shocking aspect though, was that Remus had said their nick-names were stupid.




 Remus stalked off, leaving his clueless friends behind. They didn’t know. They didn’t know. They didn’t know what it was like to have lost someone you cared about to You-Know-Who and his army of followers. It was because of that fact they couldn’t understand. They couldn’t understand just how serious this was. They couldn’t understand the pain.




Remus was so deep in thought he almost didn’t realize he was about to walk into Frank Longbottom, the head boy.




“Sorry,” Remus mumbled as he walked around Frank.




Frank stopped him. “Are you okay?” he asked.




“Yes, Frank, I’m fine!” Remus said irritably.




 Frank looked like he didn’t believe it, but he said nothing and went on.




A new melody came into Remus’s mind. This time he didn’t know what it was too. It was familiar enough, but to Remus, it was nameless.




 Remus walked past Tashi Weatherby. She had that notebook of hers out.




 “Put that away!” Remus snapped.




Tashi raised an eyebrow as she scrawled one last thing in her notebook before putting it away.




As Remus passed he heard her mutter “Ah, look at all the lonely people. Where do they all come from?’




 That was part of the lyrics of the melody in Remus’s head. Eleanor Rigby was the song. It was by the Beatles, who were making a second appearance in Remus’s mind today.


 Then there was a spurt of crazed laughter. The source, as it seemed, was Bellatrix Black. This was not her usual crazed laughter. By the sounds of it, it was evil crazed laughter and a cry of pain. This was out of the ordinary. This was out of the ordinary indeed.


Dear Readers:

 I am officially becoming extremely slow with updating this story, and it feel extremely neglected, I’m guessing you are not happy with me, so feel free to throw various items at me in the reviews.

To the point of this A/N. Behind the scenes of the making of Loosen Your Tie! First off and foremost, I’d like to thank myrubyeyes for making the amazing banner. (Which is not up yet…)This chapter is partly dedicated to her! It is also partly dedicated to the Beatles, because they inspired me a lot for this chapter. It is also partly dedicated to my mum, for helping my when I got stuck on description, and to you, my readers. This chapter, as the beginning may suggest, was supposed to be totally different then it ended up being. In fact, at the very beginning of planning this out, the boys were going to be eating Thai food and planning their prank.



Hope you enjoyed this installment of Loosen Your Tie!! BYE!!!!



P.S. Sorry about the format. I can't figure out how to fix it.


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