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History of Hogwarts by Maxton
Chapter 2 : Peeve's the Hogwarts Poltergist
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Peeve's has been the poltergeist here at Hogwarts since the very beginning and enjoyed tormenting all the children who attended the school.

Godric Gryffindor had chosen a man named Martin, to play, what he believed to be the greatest prank imaginable.

Martin, had been the scribe for Baron Migglestone for as long as he could remember and his father before him. Martin had married the Seer Deashul. She had been friends with Rowena Ravenclaw. One of the founders of Hogwarts.

When he had first seen her, Martin had fallen in love with the beautiful Seer and was with her until she died. He believed that at her death he would be able to tell the whole wizarding world of her prediction. But the founders had by that time split. Salazar Slytherin had become pig headed and wanted to only teach the pure bloods.

The stories, folklore, that Martin had been creating with Dearshul were kept within a secret room of the library at school. Martin had gathered all the stories and had tried to take them off the school grounds when Gryffindor had stopped him.

‘You fool, we need to keep these stories here so in the future, our heirs and scholars of the times can watch for such a terrible wizard.’ Godric had bellowed.

‘This is my life’s work. Baron Migglestone told me that when we were through, we could be together and I would be known to everyone of both our worlds as a great scribe and historian.’ Martin had said. He had sadness in his eyes as he remembered his only love, how she had just died after finishing the stories with him. She seemed to acknowledge that in the end she would not survive

Godric had pulled out his wand and pointed it at the little man. Martin dropped the reins. With a loud crack, and a flash of yellow and silver sparks his body disappeared and in its place sat what all know as Peeves.

‘You may now tell your stories to all the children here at the school, for all times.’ Godric laughed. ‘Maybe have a little fun with them also.’

Martin looked at his body and tried to scream. What came out was a cackling laughter. His body had been turned into a lump of goo with no form but hands and head.

‘What have you done to me.’ he screamed.

‘I have tied your energy to that of the school. You are now a part of this school. As much a part, as the classrooms and the lake.’ the wizard replied

‘But I hate children and their silly games. I have spent my entire life away from them.’ Martin screamed.

Godric laughed aloud, ‘then you should have stayed away after your mistress died, as you were told. You should have taken that babe of hers and hidden from me.

The form that was now Peeves looked behind the seat of the wagon that Martin had been sitting in, just a few minutes ago. There a babe lay. Not a sound out of him.

‘Even you, Gryffindor could not harm a child.’ the form of Peeve’s said.

‘No, there is no power, that I know, can harm a babe that has the love of its mother to protect it.’ Godric said as he turned and walked away from the spectral creature.

'What should I do with the babe.' Peeves screamed at the wizard’s back as it retreated down the path towards the front gate of the school.

‘Give it to the orphanage in town and tell them to give it to the first family, the first muggle family, that is ‘smitten’ by it.’ Godric laughed loudly over his shoulder as he reached the front gate.

As he stepped over the threshold he seemed to turn on the spot and disappear.


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History of Hogwarts: Peeve's the Hogwarts Poltergist


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