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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 19 : Chapter 18: Anniversary and Christmas.
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Isobella No!” Harry screamed he was standing in the middle of a busy street and his little sister had just been hit by the Avada Kedavra killing curse, he ran to the place she fell but she wasn't there, he turned his head but could see nothing, blood was trickling down his cheek and his head was pounding. He ran to another part of the street and he spotted his dad, he was just about to call him when he too was murdered, then his mum, his son James, his son Riley, his daughter Celeste and then Hermione, each one hit by the killing curse, one after the other they all fell then disappeared. Harry heard himself scream louder than he had ever screamed before. This must be a nightmare he thought, suddenly everything went black, Harry looked around wildly but could see nothing until a translucent figure appeared, followed by another and another until his entire family stood before him, ghost like with hallowed eyes and sad expressions.

You did this.” Hermione whispered. Harry shook his head.
You killed us all.” Isobella whispered.

No, no I didn't.” Harry replied disbelievingly, he was shaking his head furiously and his breathing was heavy.

You killed us all.” They screeched simultaneously, they all lunged for Harry and grabbed him.

“No!” Harry screamed , he bolted up from his bed and stared around wildly he then realised that he was in his room and that it was all just a bad dream and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Are you OK Harry?” Hermione asked, she had been woken by his screaming and now sat cuddling him to calm him down.

“Another nightmare, this time you all were murdered.” He panted.

“That's not going to happen Harry, look at all we've been through this year, we are incredibly lucky and unlucky that the only person we've lost this year has been poor Isobella.”

“I know, we've had James go missing and nearly dying, then the twins being born early and them and you nearly dying, then Isobella being murdered and myself nearly being murdered. I think it's safe to say that I can't wait until this year is over.”

“Yea, well at least there's only a couple of weeks left and then it's a brand new year. Happy Anniversary by the way.”

“Is it the 12th already?” Harry asked and Hermione nodded. “ Oh Hermione I am so sorry, I completely forgot.”

“It's OK Harry, you've had a lot to deal with lately, I understand.”

“Yeah but so have you and you haven't forgotten, and we never celebrated it last year. Look I promise that I will go out and get you something really special, OK?”

“No you don't have to Harry.”

“But I want to” He replied. “Happy Anniversary, I love you.”

“I love you too.” She replied, he smiled and gave her a quick kiss and headed off for a shower.

Twenty minutes later Harry and his father had arrived in Diagon Alley, to buy Hermione a couple of special gifts. He wanted to get her special flowers, chocolates and a piece of jewellery, he then planned to go to Dumbledore and beg him to let him use the room of requirement for a romantic meal.

“So what have you dragged me here for?” James asked

“It's me and Hermione's 4th Anniversary today and I want to get him something really special since we didn't celebrate it last year.”
"Oh, I always wondered when you two had got married, Happy Anniversary to you, so where do you want to go first.?

“Thanks, I want to go to Florence's Flower Delights, a new shop that had just opened, then I want to go to Mr Dukes Jewellery where they do specialised hand crafted jewellery then to Honeydukes in Hogsmeade and get her a massive box of hand crafted chocolate.”

“Nice, so why do you need me?”

“A bit of an expert opinion, plus what's happening with you and mum?”

“Nothing is happening.”

“Are you two close to getting together?”

“No, we haven't really talked about that since the last time, I don't know how to talk to her about it, the longer I leave it the harder it gets.”

“You are going to get back together, aren't you? I mean you do love her don't you?”

“Of course I love her, she's my soul mate I will always love her, we will get back together, just now is not the right time. Now come on and lets get these flowers for Hermione.” Harry and James walked into the shop and had a quick glance around and then walked straight to the counter.

“Hello.” Harry said to the young brightly decorated witch. “I'm Harry Potter and I would like to order roses to be delivered to Hogwarts.”

“OK Mr Potter, I'm Pollyanna one of the helpers, what's the occasion?”

“My Anniversary.”

“Do you want a card with the order?”

“Yes, to Hermione, you mean the world to me and I'm so lucky to have you, I love you. Happy Anniversary”

“Very precise aren't you Mr Potter. What type of flowers would you like?”

“I would like blood red rose petals in a wicker basket, and then a bunch of Roses with half a dozen, Red, half a dozen Pink and half a dozen Yellow roses with glitter on the trim of them, and I want them all to be real.”

“OK Mr Potter than will be 20 galleons.”

“No problem” Harry said. “ Delivery address is Hogwarts castle, Dumbledore's office for 7 pm.” After settling the bill they left the shop and headed for the Jewellers.

“You're really going all out for tonight, aren't you?”

“Yes Hermione is worth every knut.” Harry smiled and went into the shop, this time he browsed the store for fourty five minutes before he found the perfect item.

“There dad that's it.” Harry said pointing with his finger.

“Wow that's nice.” James said appreciatively. “Nice price too.” He commented.

“Money doesn't matter when we're in love”. Harry quipped, he beckoned over the salesman introduced himself then asked to see the piece of Jewellery. It was a white gold pendant shaped as a heart with the brightest blue sapphire stone that he'd ever seen.

“Would you like me to gift wrap it for you Mr Potter?” Harry nodded and paid the man and gave him the address and time of delivery and then left the shop.

“Sapphire, is her Birthday in September?”

“Yeah, but once again drama got in the way of celebrating it.” James nodded and grabbed his sons arm and they apparated to Hogsmeade, landing with a bit of a wobble they steadied themselves before they headed to Honeydukes.

“Oh Harry Darling.” A plump elderly woman said upon the arrival of Harry.

“Hello Mrs Bean.” Harry said politely as she squished him in a big hug.

“Please darling, call me Gretel.” She smiled “Oh and who is this young fellow?” She asked looking towards James.

“James Potter.” He replied politely shaking her hand.

“He's my father.” Harry added

“Wonderful, now Harry m'boy what can I do for you?” She asked

“Well it's my and Hermione's Anniversary today and I would like you to make up a large box of the finest hand crafted chocolates that you've got.”

“Oh Happy Anniversary darling, I will see what I've got and you can come back in half an hour.”

“No need, I want them delivered to Hogwarts, Dumbledore's office by 7pm, I'll give you thirty galleons now and you can leave the change with the chocolates.”

“OK darling, see you soon.” She said and they left the shop.

“Harry, you have ordered everything to go to Dumbledore's, how can you be so sure he's going to let you use the Room of Requirement?”

“I'm not sure, but with my Potter charm I may be able to persuade him.” They laughed together as they walked to Hogwarts. Five minutes later and they had arrived outside Dumbledore's office.

“Enter...” Dumbledore said after Harry had knocked. “Harry, James what can I do for you?” He asked in a surprised tone.

“Um sir, I am actually here to ask you a small favour.” Harry began shyly.


“Well, um It's mine and Hermione's Anniversary today and I was wondering if I could set up the Room of Requirement for a romantic meal? I want to do something special for her since we didn't celebrate her birthday and didn't celebrate our Anniversary last year.” He said quickly.

“Since it's you Harry, then I will allow you to use as much of the castle as you need, including the house elves.”

“Thank you very much Professor, there would also be a few deliveries arriving at your office at seven, I'll be here to collect them of course.”

“Very well then, see you then. Happy Anniverary.” Harry smiled and walked out the door and down to the kitchens.

“Wow I haven't been this way in a long time.” James remarked looking at the familiar surroundings in awe.

“Yeah, it's great to be back.” Harry smiled wistfully. He opened the door to the kitchens and was immediately floored by Dobby.

“I'm so sorry Master Potter it's just that Dobby is so pleased to see Master Potter, it has been ever such a long time after all.” Dobby squeaked as he helped Harry up and dusted him off.

“It's OK Dobby, no harm done and I've said before call me Harry.”

“Thanks ever so much Mater Harry.”

“Just Harry.”

“So what does Just Harry need Dobby to do?” At this James let out a chuckle and Dobby looked at him oddly.

“Dobby this is my father James and I need you to do something really special for me.”

“Anything for you sir.”

“Can you and a couple of other elves cook me up a lovely very romantic meal for my Anniversary tonight, can you do that for me?”

“Certainly Master..I mean Just Harry.” Harry smiled.

“Thanks Dobby, you're the best, I need the dinner to be ready for eight.”

A while later and Harry was waiting on Hermione getting ready, he was sitting in the living room with his daughter on his lap, with his mother who had Riley and his father who had James, Harry kept watching the clock and the door, they had fifteen minutes left to go, he had already been there and set everything up now all was missing was the beautiful Hermione.

“Harry will you relax, she'll be here in a minute.” James laughed after Harry yet again had looked at the clock and then the door. Lily laughed too.

“Shut up.” He replied with a small smile.

“Quick question Harry...” Lily said and he turned his head towards her. “ Why are you so nervous after four years of marriage?

“Have you seen my wife?” Harry said then blushed, and then James burst out laughing. “I mean she's so beautiful and ack I don't know shush” He bumbled getting all flustered, James only laughed harder.

“You know Harry you're so sweet when you get flustered.” Hermione said from the doorway making Harry jump. He turned around and his mouth hung open, Hermione wore a midnight blue floor length gown that hugged her curves perfectly, it had diamanté shoulder straps and a few diamanté pieces scattered along the top half, she had her hair tied in an elegant bun with one stray hair dangling in front of her bright eyes. She took Harry's breath away, and Harry felt like he couldn't say anything.

“How do I look? She asked tentatively as he had just sat staring at her with out saying anything.

“Absolutely, with out a doubt beautiful.” He said smoothly, he stood up and set his daughter in the play pen then walked over to her.

“Are you sure I look OK?”

“Hermione OK doesn't cover it, you are so stunningly beautiful that I can barely catch my breath.” Harry said reassuringly.

“Smooth...” James said in attempt to remind Harry that his parents were in the room.

“Shush.” Harry said blushing. “ Right guys I'll see you later.” He added then rushed him and Hermione from the room.

“James you are so cruel.” Lily said jokingly

“I can't believe how shy he is, he must get that from you.”

“Excuse me, but did you not see how smooth he was once he got over the embarrassment? He clearly got that from you.”

“He so did not.” James exclaimed.

“OK so you're saying that even after we got together you were never in the slightest bit nervous when ever I was near by, not even now?”

“Of course, but...” He stopped there as he realised what he just said. “We need to get the kids to bed.” He muttered and stood up, picking up Celeste as he went.

Harry and Hermione arrived on time and headed up towards the castle, they strode hand in hand, not really caring about anything else in the world apart from each other. Once they reached the Room of Requirement, Harry covered Hermione's eyes and the doors swung open magically, he gently guided her inside and closed the doors, he then removed his hand and Hermione gasped, the room was lit by thousands of floating candles encased in glass jars. There was a table with two candles in the centre of the room and the walls were decorated with the words Happy Anniversary, along with the candles there were floating butterfly's that, when they collided, bright colourful fireworks emitted from them and the ceiling was a perfect nights sky with a bright moon and shooting stars.

“Oh Harry it's amazing.” Hermione whispered and flung her arms around his neck then she passionately kissed him.

Harry led her too her seat and served champagne along with their starter, they sat quietly through their three course meal, just contently staring at each other. After dinner Harry moved them over to a sofa that had appeared at a far corner of the room and they sat cuddling in front of a warm fire, soon they opened their gifts, Hermione loved everything and cried when she was given the necklace. Harry was given a new broom, and a huge photo album of everyone including Isobella, there was no words for them to say that they each didn't already know so they sat there in the perfect quietness.

James had just laid Celeste into her cot when Lily came in with Riley, she laid him down beside his sister and the two cuddled together.

“They're so cute aren't they?” Lily said

“They definitely are, I can see Harry in every one of them, but James the most.”

“Do you miss it?”

“Of course, we missed so much with Harry.” He replied and then fell silent.


“Yes?” He asked looking at her for the first time since she came into the room, the moonlight shone on her through the small slit in the curtains and illuminated her radiant beauty, without thinking James lent forward and embraced his wife in a long over due kiss, he wrapped his arms around her and realised just how much he missed her.

“Is little James asleep?” Lily asked breaking away from the kiss. James nodded and went back to kissing his wife, they walked out of the room together like that, switching on the night light and baby monitor as they went.

Christmas morning came in no time at all for the Potters, it wasn't elaborate like last year, just simple and quiet , the kids enjoyed making a mess as they opened their presents and the adults exchanged small but meaningful gifts, a while after that they sat down for Christmas dinner, Harry couldn't help noticing the small glances that his parents were sending each other, he was glad to see something was happening between the two, his family was starting to come together again at last. After dinner the family gathered in the living room, with the children asleep, they decided to reminisce about the one person that was missing.

“What's your favourite memory of Isobella?” Harry asked, he was glad that they could finally talk about her.

“When she was three she got into my stationary set and got at the glitter, it went everywhere.” Lily laughed.

“What was she like as a baby?” Hermione asked.

“Quiet...” James replied instantly. “Nothing like Harry.”

“Yeah if you can believe it, Harry was an unbelievably noisy baby.” Lily added. Everyone laughed.

“No I can't, but it explains a lot when it comes to James and Celeste.” Hermione said having a giggle.

They sat laughing and reminiscing into the early hours of the morning, which was good for the family, it seemed to strengthen their bond much more, and now Harry felt like they were unbreakable.

A.N. Another chapter completed, there is one more chapter and the epilogue after this, then I will be editing some chapters, then that's the story completed. Please review.

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