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Hogwarts Gone Wild by SilverCloud
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all the stuff that goes with it is not mine.
Chapter Four

They appeared in a dark city.
SilverCloud:"Alright, we're in London."
Trio:"Platform 9 3/4!" *start running towards it*
SilverCloud:"Uh-uh-uh!" *pulls back Trio with a forcefield, and the three are fighting the air to keep going*
SilverCloud:"Think people, think. Are there any trains departing for Hogwarts this time of year?"
Trio:*sigh* "No."
SilverCloud:"So will running to King's Cross like a bunch of maniacs help?"
Trio:*sigh* "No."
SilverCloud:"K, coz we can fly."
Harry:"I don't have my broom."
SilverCloud:"Duh. We're using my flying carpet! Hop on."
*All four hop on*
They sit for about ten minutes until they could see Hogwarts in the distance. But suddenly the carpet gets caught in the Whomping Willow. The foursome are thrown from it, and crash through a window and land in a dark room.
SilverCloud:"Well, do you know this part of the castle?"
SilverCloud:"Oh well. I'm tired. Nighty." *bed appears and SilverCloud falls asleep*
The trio leave the room and come into a dark hallway. From the room, they hear a pop and know that SilverCloud left.
They walk for ten minutes and hear music. Muggle music. It's coming from a room. They knew they were in the dungeons, but had no idea what that music was. They go closer. They recognize the room as their Potions classroom. They see a person and almost fall backwards. Snape. In a pink dress. Dancing. And singing. To Britney Spears music. They almost say something, but Hermione drags them away.
Harry and Ron:"Why not?"
Hermione:"Think of it this way; It's something to make fun of him for in class."
Harry and Ron:"Brilliant. Hermione, you rock!"
Hermione:"I know."
Thanks for reading, and please review for chapter five!

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Hogwarts Gone Wild: Chapter Four


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