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Mary MacDonald by mugglemania
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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“Finally, we’re almost to Hogwarts! That was the longest train trip EVER,” Mary complained.



Lily sighed and looked over at her best friend, “So far, you, me, Therese, and Nora have done everything you’ve wanted to do, which includes Exploding Snap, poker, Truth or Dare, and Ding Dong Ditch on compartment doors. After all that, how can you be bored?”



“I just am,” Mary pouted, sounding like a four year-old who was about to throw a tantrum.



“I am reading. Please be quiet,” Therese said kindly.



Mary looked at her, contemplating very seriously, “No.”



“What do you want to do then, Mare Bear?” Lily asked hurriedly.



“Let’s plan a party!” she yelled, jumping up in the air.



“A party? Again? When? Why?”



Mary shook her head sadly, “Ah, Lily-flower. Don’t you know anything? That is what is known as planning, which is what I said I wanted to do in the first place.”



“Fine,” Lily said, knowing it was impossible to win an argument with Mary. She twisted everything anyone said and would add any untruths she liked as long as it would help her end up victorious.



“It will be tonight after the feast and we can get the house elves to make snacks,” Mary began eagerly.



“I think that the house elves have enough on their plates with serving the feast. Besides, won’t everyone be so full from the huge feast that they won’t be hungry for more snacks?” Lily asked reasonably.



Mary pretended to sigh, “Have you never seen a teenage boy eat? They never stop. Ever. When Mark had some of his friends over for a week during the summer we had to set out to the market twice a day. Sometimes three.”



“All right then, who all will we invite?”



Mary thought for a moment, “Everyone except first years and Slytherins.”



“Mary MacDonald, you cannot exclude the first years for no good reason,” Lily reprimanded, behaving like the Prefect she was.



“Well, Miss Goody-Two-Shoes-Prefect, think. They are all gonna to be weird and twitchy. Besides, it can be our return to Hogwarts bash, and since it is their first time at the school, they will not be returning. If they aren’t returning, then they can’t attend my return to Hogwarts party,” Mary explained erratically.



“You’re insane.”



“Thank you. Now, what if about we have it in an empty classroom on the second floor? You can do some of your fancy wand work and bippity boppity boo, we have a dance club.”



“Bippity boppity boo?” Lily asked incredulously.



Mary nodded, “Yes, of course. How else would anything get done? What about music?”



“Those Hufflepuff seventh years have that band, um, what’s it called?” Lily pondered.



“The Weird Sisters.”



“That’s it! Weird name, though. They sure won’t become famous,” Lily laughed at the thought of such an oddly named group could ever turn out to be popular.



Mary agreed, “Yeah, the Oddball Brothers are way better.”



“Who on Earth are they?” Nora asked, looking up from her book. A book, which Mary just noticed was upside down.



She shrugged her shoulders, “I have no clue.”



Nora shook her head in disbelief, “You are so strange.”



“I’ve been telling her that for years,” Lily agreed, “What else do we need for this party, Mary berry cherry?”



“Well, Lily-flower…”



“Don’t call me that.”



Mary smirked, “Of course. Only James Potter can call you that, right?”



“I hate him.”



“You should…”



“NO I WILL NOT GO OUT WITH THAT EGOESTICAL BIG-HEADED PRAT! He is an embarrassment to wizard kind and is going to die a very young death if I have anything to say about it!”



“Lily-willy, what do you say we blow this Popsicle stand and head to the castle?” Mary asked, indicating that the train had stopped and arrived at the destination.



Snickering, Lily grabbed her trunk and followed Mary out the door. The corridor was jam packed with kids, ages 11 to 18. Most were ambling towards Mary and Lily’s right, but a few stragglers appeared to have forgotten their trunk, or owl, or perhaps just wanted to cause chaos and were swimming upstream.



Joining the throng, Mary snatched Lily’s hand before effortlessly weaving her way throw the crowd. Soon she stood unscathed next to the horseless carriages. Lily was not so fortunate. Without Mary’s uncanny dexterity, she had collided into at least twenty different people, often several times each, had her toes stepped on numerous times and rolled over with multiple trunks.



“Are you all right?” Mary asked, concern etched into her face, “You look like you’ve been through the mill? What happened?”



“That happened,” Lily said, pointing back at the horde of students still exiting through the train doors.



One unremarkable feast (which Mary had chattered through) later, Mary and Lily snuck up to the second floor and picked a random classroom to hold their party in. After settling on an empty Charms classroom, Lily expanded it with her wand while Mary conjured up party decorations, confetti and streamers.



In honor of each house, some streamers were yellow, some blue, and most were red. Nothing for Slytherins, of course. Glittery and sparkles were Mary’s favorite and soon the room was coated, so think that it was impossible to spot the floor. Lily set out refreshments AKA the house elves brought candy, pastries, and pumpkin juice and she conjured a large table.



 Not a second after they had finished setting up, guests begin to arrive.



Lily whispered to Mary, “How do all these people know about the party? I barely had time to tell four or five people.”



Mary winked, “As a prefect, I have emergency contact resources for every other prefect in school and they all told their friends. Plus, Mark, Whitney, and Elliot are all guarding the Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor common room entrances. They have strict orders not to let anyone over the age of eleven inside. I even used blackmail,” she added proudly.



“You are so insane.”



“-ly awesome!” Mary finished for Lily.



Lily frowned, “I was NOT going to say that.”



“Yes you we-ere,” the other girl sang, before running off into the crowd.



By now, half of the Hogwarts population had arrived in the classroom. Girls in short, brightly colored dresses and boys in slacks gathered on the dance floor and were boogieing to the Weird Sisters strange music style. Mary was nowhere in sight.



Taking a deep breath, Lily scanned the crowd but could not spot her best friend anywhere on the dance floor. Just as she was about to venture out on the floor for the first time, something heavy barreled into the fifth year Gryffindor.






“Kian, what are you doing?” Lily demanded of one of Mark’s best friends. She noticed how muscular he was from swinging the beaters’ bat during Quidditch games and how blue his eyes were.



He blushed and managed to stammer, “Would you like to dance…with me?”



Lily beamed. She had had a crush on Kian since the beginning of the year before. “Sure.”



“Look,” Mary yelped, several bystanders jumped, “Kian’s dancing with Lily!”



Her brother grinned, “Gee, wonder how that happened.” He winked at her.



“I have no idea,” she replied mockingly perplexed.



Together they smiled at the memory, which of course included Veritaserum, blackmail, and locked exits. Oh, the things siblings do together.

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Mary MacDonald: Chapter 2


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