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Lost Potters 1: Through thick and thin by HP lookalike
Chapter 28 : Running
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 Amelia lay back on the grass, her long hair sprawled around her like a halo. Jake slumped alongside her and she grinned at him, that playful smile he knew and loved. Amelia squeezed his hand and he looked at her. Her eyes danced that dance that only they knew how. She dragged Jake to his feet as the music came on and they started to dance. Neither of them had a clue what they were doing but it was huge fun and by the time they were finished and fell back onto the spring grass, they were exhausted.







“What is it Amy?”




“This never has to end, right? You and me?”




“Never Amy. We can dance forever, just you and me in the sunlight.”




Jake woke up, not realising how much he was sweating. Amelia had plagued his dreams ever since her death and he couldn’t get rid of her. It was as if she was haunting him by night from beyond the grave. Jake hadn’t spoken to anyone in almost a week. He hadn’t moved from his bed either, either sitting there or lying there. Hayley spent almost every waking moment with him, talking to him about everything. Her life with him, her life without him. She tried everything she could to get him to speak but he wouldn’t say a word. She tried talking to him but whenever she mentioned the name Amelia, he’d respond by shoving her away, making it clear that was a name he no longer recognised. Taking it almost as hard as Jake was Sirius, who hadn’t moved from his armchair in the common room and spoke but scarcely. He blamed himself that was obvious and it didn’t help that there was nothing anybody could say to change that. Remus felt terrible but he and James couldn’t afford themselves the same level of sadness as the other two. Lily cried horribly for a few days and tried talking to Jake but he wasn’t having of it. James and Hope both tried to talk to him and got nothing. Remus thought it was worth a shot but Jake wouldn’t let him in the door. Eventually everyone came to the same conclusion, it would have to be Sirius who spoke to him.




“Please Sirius, you’re the only one who can get him talking,” Hayley begged. practically pleading. Sirius shook his head again.




“Sirius,” she was right next to him now. “Right now my fiancé is killing himself. He hasn’t ate, slept or shat to my knowledge and he hasn’t said a word since that night. Now if you don’t get up there and break him out of this stupor then I’m going to un-invite you from the wedding, not to mention put my foot so far up your arse you’ll be glad Amy’s not around to see it!”




The last comment was harsh and she knew it but it worked. Sirius flipped her off but he finally stood and headed up to the dorm to speak to Jake.




“So they say you’re not taking Amy’s death well Hunt?” Sirius said. Jake glanced at him but didn’t reply. “Look I know this is tough but you can’t kill yourself up here. What about Hayley? Doesn’t she mean anything to you?” Silence. “Look Jake you loved Amy as much as I did and I know she felt the same way…”












“I loved Amy a thousand times more than you did Sirius,” Jake spat, finally opening up. “And I love Hayley. But right now, all I want is for the ground to swallow me up so I can be with her again. But that’s not gonna happen. Sirius, it’s taken every ounce of self-restraint I’ve got not to kill Remus and jump out that window, killing myself. So please, don’t insult me by suggesting our love for Amy was anywhere near the same level.”




“I’m sorry. Jake, this is tough on everyone and I feel shit. But that’s nothing compared to what you’re going through. But don’t go through it alone. We all love you too Jake, never forget that. Especially Hayley.”




The next day, Jake appeared at the breakfast table. He still wasn’t talking much if at all but at least he was eating. He went to lessons and tried but his magic was awful and he couldn’t focus. In the end, he ended up storming out halfway through charms and Hayley found him on his bed five minutes later.




“Hey Jake,” she tried tenderly. “I know I’ve tried to talk to you a million times before but I figured it was worth one more shot.”




“I’m sorry Hayley,” Jake said hoarsely. “You’ve spent your entire week trying to make me feel better and that’s not fair on you. I probably know more about you than anyone else and I’ve given you nothing back.”




“Maybe it would help if you told me more about Amy,” Hayley suggested, putting her arm around him.




“We met when she was two,” Jake said, surprising Hayley. “Her parents were abusive alcoholics and they hurt her a lot. I found her up a tree being attacked by a couple of Dobermans. After that she basically moved in with us. My parents loved her so she slept in my room almost every night, my own bed more often than not, even though they bought her one of their own. We grew up inseparable. One time when we were six her parents came and took her. I chased them on my broom for almost five hours before they parked up. She jumped on the back of my broom and we were gone. Everything we did, was together. We’d eat meals, spend all day doing whatever we wanted, just the two of us. Neither of us had a serious relationship because we already had the other. To many people it was as if we were a couple. Maybe we were, I don’t know really. We didn’t have a single secret. She showed me every scar on her body and how her parents gave it to her. I showed her all my favourite things, places the lot. Even last year, before we came to Hogwarts, we did everything together, hand in hand. It just felt like we were destined to be together forever. And now? She’s gone. It feels as if the world is different. Wrong. Everything just feels wrong.”




“I’m sorry Jake. Really I am. I’ve got no idea how you must be feeling but I’m here. I’ll always be here.”




“Let’s go.” Jake grabbed her hand frantically and looked at her with a slightly delusional seriousness. 




“What? Go where?” Hayley exclaimed.




“Anywhere. We’ll pack all our stuff, go down to Hogsmeade and apparate somewhere. Get married, buy a house, have our daughter. Leave everything else behind and just let it be us.”




“What you mean like, elope?”




“Use that term if you want. We don’t need James or Sirius or anyone. Leave them a letter telling them where we’re going and we can be gone before anyone notices. This is our chance Hayls.”




“I dunno Jake, what about money?”




“Your dad’s already transferred your inheritance and I own all my dad’s money in my Gringotts vault. We can do this. I’ll pack all our clothes, you write a letter to James, explaining where we’re going.”




Hayley considered Jake’s proposal. It all made sense in so many ways but at the same time it was crazy.




“Please Hayley, we have nothing left here.”




That was true. He certainly didn’t and she wasn’t planning to see the others after the summer began anyway. 




“What about NEWTs?” 




“We don’t need them, never did. Stick with me on this Hayley, we can do this together. Just you and me, forever.”




“Ok Jake, for you.”




James found the note on his pillow. The note that would change his life. The envelope lying there, tantalising him, inviting him in with the single word: James written in his sister’s handwriting. He ripped it open and read it.




My dearest James, 




I love you but being your brother has become impossible for me. For every step forward I have taken in my life, you have dragged me back one. All I want is to be happy but for you, the objective seems to be the opposite. I know you are and have always only tried to protect me but your idea of protection is my idea of hell. Especially with Jake. This whole year he and I have become closer and closer and I know he’s been in love with me since we first met on the Hogwarts Express all those months ago. We’ve gone through a lot together Jake and I and despite this, you have only hindered us. The reason we kept our relationship a secret from you for so long was that I feared a repeat of Fourth Year. You remember that right? The first boy I fell in love with and you shoved him away, made me sad and lonely. I wasn’t going to let you do the same to Jake. And now, he’s my fiancé and I’m carrying his child. The sad thing is, rather than celebrate it like us, you seek to stop it from happening. I was celebrating the happiest night of my life when he asked me to marry him and you were sulking like a spoilt child. I’m saying this James because I want you to understand why I’ve done what I’ve done. I wish our lives could be as simple as when we were young and we had some good times together, but as we’ve grown older, we’ve grown further apart. Even as I write this note, I know my time here at Hogwarts is coming to an end. By the time you read this, I will be gone. Jake and I are apparating out of Hogsmeade tonight and there is nothing you can do. Where are we going? I don’t think even Jake knows. Why are we going? Jake has changed. Ever since Amelia’s death, he’s been a shadow of the boy I fell in love with. This could be the only way to make him happy again. This place reminds him of the life he used to have and we both need to escape it. I am the only thing left in his life worth caring for and he is the most important thing in mine. I would follow him to the ends of the earth and I must, for he needs me. You don’t need to worry about us James, we have all the money we need. Daddy has sent my inheritance into my vault at Gringotts and Jake has all his fathers wizarding money. We’ll be fine on our own. We are going to find a house and live together for the rest of our lives. In two months time, we shall be married, with a house and a beautiful daughter, whom we are naming Amy Lily. James, I know you won’t believe this but we are making you the godfather. If anything should happen to me and Jake, then little Amy will come and live with you. I know that you don’t approve of what we’re doing and I don’t want you to. All I want is to be happy and Jake offers me that. I don’t know when I’ll see you again but I will see you again James. You’re my brother and I wish you and Lily all the best. Tell her we’re both thinking of her and that our first born has her name. Say goodbye to Sirius and Remus and tell them we’ll owl them and never forget them. Jake’s telling me to hurry up now so unless I’ve forgotten anything this is goodbye for now James. Good luck with everything. I love you. See you round big bro.




Hayley xx




P.S Don’t bother mailing mum and dad, I’ve already sent them an owl.




James panicked. Hayley and Jake were going to run away. They probably already had. James slumped back on his bed. There was no point going after them now, he’d see them again. Little did James know that he would never see his sister again…






31st October 1981




Jake Hunt shut the door behind him and collapsed onto the armchair in dismay. He turned back on the Wizarding News, only to find out the same story was still being shown. No new developments. Even as he tried to relax, his four year old daughter Amy came charging in, her electric blue eyes dancing and her raven hair bouncing.




“Daddy!” she yelled, jumping on him as Jake grimaced and hugged her. From the door to the kitchen, his wife Hayley stood, carrying their month old daughter: Lucy Rose. She looked worried and with good reason. Jake shook his head sadly and it took everything Hayley had not to cry in front of her children. 




“Amy, sweetheart, why don’t you take your little sister upstairs to bed,” Hayley suggested.




“I wanna stay with daddy!” Amy sulked, but following a stern look from her mother she did as she was asked. Hayley slumped down beside Jake and looked at him. 








“I’ve been to Godric’s Hollow,” he said gravely. “The house was completely destroyed. There was no chance of Lily and James getting out alive. They’re dead Hayls.”


Hayley began to cry and her husband wrapped his arm around her. They were twenty one, it had only been four years since they’d left Hogwarts. They’d occasionally owled Remus or Lily but hadn’t seen anyone.




“How did he find them?” she gasped through her tears. “They had the house under Fidellus Charm.”




“Listen Hayley, you’re going to have to be brave for this bit. They think it was Sirius. He murdered twelve people and he sold James and Lily out to Voldemort.”




“No! He can’t have!” she cried.




“I know Hayls, I know.”




“Poor Remus. First Hope died three summers ago, weeks after they broke up, then two years ago when Voldemort raided our old house everyone thought and still thinks we were killed. Now James and Lily are dead and Sirius betrayed them.”




“I know. But at least he’s gone. Forever. They’re saying he couldn’t kill little Harry. Poor kid’s now an orphan, he’s living with Lily’s sister, the awful muggle one.”




“We should say something Jake. Harry could come and live with us.”




Jake hesitated. “No Hayls. We’ve spent far too much time and given up too much to go back into that world now. Harry will be fine without us.”




Hayley nodded reluctantly and kissed her husband goodnight. Jake sat brooding, over lost friends and dark enemies and of a lonely little boy called Harry Potter…




A/N: Well, it's been interesting. But at long last Through Thick and Thin must come to an end. Thank you all so much for reading, leave a review and don't forget to keep a look out for Lost Potters Book 2 Birth Rights, coming soon... Thank you so much. HP




P.S (5/6/11): Let's keep the views and reviews coming guys, I'd still love to know what you think. Oh and I have to dedicate this story to my best friend, the Amelia to my Jake and the inspiriation for this story, without whom none of this would be here. She's stuck with it, contributed ideas and given me constant feedback. So thanks Rockstar <3

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