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The World According to Us. by xXJamesandLilyXx
Chapter 6 : Consciousnesses can be Argumentative too.
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Jen there ^^ by nostalgia@TDA!

It's a pretty short one today, folks, but I haven't been able to update because my computer's been unavailable :( grr... but even if it is a bit of a filler, here it. Alternate chapter name: The One Where Everyone Finds Out.



He’s so pretty. I’m staring. I don’t care. Ahhhhhh. Okay. Keep rational. He’s just a boy... with truly impeccable cheekbones. Oh I love cheekbones. Great, now I’m staring at his cheekbones. Think about something else. Victoire. Is going out with Teddy. Who can change his hair colour. Thomas’s hair is golden brown. I love his hair. I wonder what it would be like to run my hands through his hair. I wonder what it would be like to kiss him.

I, Molly Weasley, am absolutely, worryingly, disgustingly in love with Thomas Kelsey.

You have never spoken to him.

That does not make a difference.

Um, yeah it does.

Oh, shut up.

You shut up.

You’re so childish.

You just called yourself childish.

Yeah well you’re childisher.

It’s more childish actually. If you’re going to insult your own consciousness, use the right grammar.


Oh God I just said that out loud.

‘You okay?’ asks Victoire, worry lines crossing her forehead.

‘I’m fine.’ My eyes flick back to Thomas, who is now talking to his friend. Victoire catches me before I can avert my eyes and guesses exactly what I was thinking of.

‘Pining over Tom again?’ she says, smirking.

‘Thomas.’ I correct, absent-mindedly.

‘Thomas, whatever. Would you just ask him out? We’re two weeks into term and you’ve said about as many words to him as Rose has to Scorpius Malfoy. Speaking of which, it’s like they don’t even hate each other any more. It’s scaring me. How long do you think before they realise they’re perfect for each other? Anyway, we’re on you now. Just ask him out. I mean, you’re compromising your duties as Head Girl by not talking to the Head Boy. It’s truly ridiculous.’

‘Huh?’ I am so confused. But really, to be fair, I don’t understand how her brain works.

‘If you can’t bring yourself to talk to him then how are you going to work with him as a fellow Head?’

She’s got me there. Oh fine.

‘Fine. I’ll ask him out.

Take that consciousness.


Victoire and Molly are talking about something or other. I’m not bothered at the moment. My job is to entertain and be restrained. I’m not into the whole talking about feelings thing. I don’t like the feeling you get when you open yourself up to someone. Whenever someone starts talking about something I know they’re going to be upset by, I move on to talking to someone else. It’s an excellent mechanism. At the moment I’m talking to Tim. He’s good because, like me, he doesn’t like being serious. Unfortunately, he can be dragged into these conversations and, when he is, he gets into the whole I’m-your-shrink-tell-me-everything vibe. I hate it when he gets like that.

Must keep him away from their conversation. It sounds pretty feelings-y.

I maintain that I have no feelings.

Of course I used to, but it’s a long story, and I don’t want to go into it right now. So still decided that I have no feelings

‘-and that’s when I realised.’ Tim finishes with a flourish, looking very pleased with himself at the groundbreaking conclusion he has just reached.

‘I wasn’t listening.’ I state simply. Don’t worry, he won’t be offended. He’s used to my blunt approach.

‘You want me to explain again?’ he asks, one eyebrow raised. Must work out how to do that. He looks too cool. This should not be legal.

‘Is it of consequence to me directly?’ I ask.

‘If you consider your family of consequence, then yeah, I’d say so.’ He replies, looking over my shoulder.

‘To what are you referring?’ I ask, intrigued.

‘Being as you weren’t listening the first time, I’m going to make you beg for it.’ He thinks he’s being so clever. I’m not biting.

‘One of your relatives is in love.’ I snort.

‘Well duh.’

‘Nah, I don’t think you know about this one.’

‘What makes you think that?’

‘I don’t think they even know it yet.’ Damn Mr Mysterious. I’m hanging on his every word now.


‘Oh psh, everyone knows who she loves.’ He’s right. I’m losing my touch.


‘Has a crush on her Co-Head. Everyone knows it too, except maybe him. He’s head over heels for her too. Funniest thing.’ I check. Yep, he’s practically falling face-first into his porridge looking at her. Porridge. Psh. Boring people eat porridge. My breakfast consists of chocolate cereal and full-fat milk. I’m lucky I have a high metabolism.

Going down in age order...


‘Is too obsessed with her schoolwork to notice anything else.’ So true.

‘James, Fred, Albus...’ I ask, grabbing at straws.

‘No, and no and yes, but everyone knows that.’

‘Lily’s too young to be in love...’ I muse.


‘Rose!’ My little Rosie is growing up. Aww. ‘Rose is in love!’ Then my face falls.

‘With who?’

‘Look over there.’ He gestures over my shoulder, to where Rose is hanging off the arm of some friend of James’s.

‘Tart.’ I say, rolling my eyes and returning to my cereal.

‘No, really look.’ I turn again.

To the normal observer, she would be completely in love with James’s friend. The practised eye, however, who knows Rose, would realise that she’s stealing furtive glances towards the Slytherin table. A particular spot, to be exact.

‘No freaking way.’

Tim just smiles.

‘Are you actually a kind of see-all, hear-all God?’

 ‘I try.’ He smiles with half of his mouth. Must also learn how to do that.


‘I try.’

Yeah I try. I try not to let you know that I am completely, one hundred percent in love with you. Not to let you find out that the only reason I came up with the gay thing was to get out of dating Victoire because the only person I liked was you. That ever since, every time guys come up to me to ask me out, I say I have a boyfriend, That’s humiliating. That I took a whole lot of stick for being gay when I’m actually not? I’d say I try.

‘No way!’ she’s shaking her head now, little strands of hair coming free from the messy bun she’s got her hair pulled into today. Usually she has it loose around her face, but today is a Prank Day, and on Prank Days she helps James and his friends to formulate and occasionally execute a plan. Ergo, she needs her hair out of her face. Hey, I notice these things.

‘Rose? In love? With Scorpius Malfoy?’ her face flickers somewhere between disgust and amusement, then she starts to applaud quietly, a small smile forming on her face. ‘Meh, she could do worse.’

Then her face breaks into one of her famous smiles, when her mouth breaks open to reveal far too many, perfectly white teeth. She looks down, as if embarrassed, and tucks some stray strand of hair behind her ear, laughing quietly.

Sweet Jesus I have got it bad.


Bloody hell could she make it any more bloody obvious? Oh crap, I’m not supposed to be swearing. Mummy told me not to. Screw her, I’ll bloody swear if I want to. My best friend is making a total and utter bloody prat of herself, I should be allowed to swear. That’s right. Ah, love. That stupid emotion that makes fools of everyone it touches. I’ll never fall in love. I decided that when I was eight, watching my sister crying on the floor over her first (ex) boyfriend. Sure, have fun, sure, whatever makes you happy, but never get that horrible, head-over-heels love that everyone talks about, that makes you stupid and senseless.

Call me a cynic, whatever. I don’t care. You don’t like me, go away. Elise Carmen Wood, El, Lise, or Blondie, but whatever you do, don’t call me Ellie. You’ll regret it if you do.

Okay, now we’re done with the hard-man gangster stuff, let’s be best friends! You can come to mine for a sleepover and we can paint each other’s toes!

If you fell for that, you clearly don’t know me. You couldn’t feel the sarcasm? Shame.

Nah, when Rose and I have sleepovers we usually end up spending most of our time kicking Annabelle and posse out of the dorm, locking the door and eating chocolate until we feel like we’re going to be sick. Then eating more anyway.

Note to the wise: Befriend smartest person in your dorm so that they can multiply your food. I have not been hungry for years.

So, as I watch Rose attempt to be sexy, I look over her shoulder and spy Scorpius Malfoy. What’s that prick doing looking at her with that... completely loving, puppy-dog expression. Sweet holy Mother Teresa, he’s completely, disgustingly in love. Is no-one safe?

I notice a large amount of the Weasley/Potter clan staring at him too, and something clicks into place. There’s going to be a master plan involved.

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