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Intertwined by Ravensdaughter
Chapter 29 : Visitors.
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Three days after that- which consisted mostly of hiding Rachel from ministry officials and death eaters- some friendly visitors, came and knocked at the door.

“Fred, George- It’s Lee here with Remus,” said Lee through the door.

“You two need to go and check,” she said to Fred and George.

George walked up to the door and grinned mischievously as he asked, “Lee Jordan, who did Fred Weasley say was the girl he would protect in his 5th year at Hogwarts?”

Rachel looked at Fred who was staring almost furiously at his twin. He walked up to the door.

“Rachel Anne Silvertone,” replied Lee through the door.

“And why was that?” asked George smiling at his brother as Rachel walked to the couch and stopped to listen better.

“Because Sirius Black had tried to get into the Gryffindor tower and Fred said he’d make sure no one ever harmed her because she was his best friend besides you and me.”

Fred looked at Rachel who was staring pointedly at the door.

“And Remus,” asked Fred talking to him through the door, “What did you say to us in our fifth year when we tried to disrupt our first lesson with you?”

“I said that I knew you could do better than you were, you asked why and I replied that I knew someone who told me that they thought you were a great pair of creative, interesting and talented wizards that could excel at whatever they put their minds to,” said Lupin.

“By the way who said that?” asked Fred and George simultaneously.

“Funnily enough Rachel Silvertone did.”

Fred and George stared speechlessly at her as she blushed.

“Guys, can you let us in?” asked Lee after a long pause.

George opened the door and Lee and Remus walked in.

“Hi guys- oh…” said Lee as he saw Rachel, “Have you been…?”

“-Here the whole time? Yep,” said Rachel finally speaking, “Take a seat guys.”

George, Rachel and Fred sat of the sofa and Remus and Lee sat in two of the three armchairs opposite.

“I saw them,” said Remus.

“When?” asked George, surprised.

“This morning,” said Remus.

“How are they?” asked Fred, looking at Rachel who had always been concerned for Hermione and the trio.

“They’re coping well,” he replied.

“How long did it take you to find them?” asked Rachel.

“A few hours.”

“What did you talk to them about?” she asked again.

“Not much-“

“-I’m pretty sure that there was a lot to risk if you were going to see them. You wouldn’t talk about not much for risking a few hours of finding them when it was likely you were being followed.”

Remus stared at her. “It was a lot of risk.”

“So what did you talk about? Because we all know that Harry would probably tell you what they’re doing this year if he could- he’d probably ask the Order but he hasn’t.”

Lupin paused. “I offered to go along with them,” he finally admitted.

Fred stared from Rachel to Remus. “But why wouldn’t you tell us that?” he asked.

“More importantly why didn’t Harry accept help?” she asked calmly looking back at Lupin.

“Because I told him about Tonks being pregnant.”

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