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Not So Obvious by elveriamoir
Chapter 9 : The start of things
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AN: Wish I did but I don’t the Harry Potter Verse belongs to JK Rowling.

Chapter Nine-The start of things

While James and Lucius were enjoying a relaxing, private day by the lake, courteousy of their friends. Sirius, Remus and Severus decided to vacate the Great Hall. Mainly to avoid been seen by any of their fellow students. Without discussion, and some reluctance on the part of Severus, left by the large main front doors. All three boys walked silently. Discomfort showing in the set of their shoulders and the stiffness of their gait. Sirius and Remus walked automatically to their favourite spot at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, a clearing just hidden from the outside world by a narrow screen of trees. Severus walked along beside them fear and intrigue warring in his head.

    When they reached the clearing, the three boys faced each other and shuffled their feet uncomfortably, avoiding looking at each other. Well in reality, Severus and Sirius were looking at their feet, while Remus was biting hard on the inside of his cheeks, to keep from bursting into laughter. He rolled his eyes at the shy actions of the two boys in front of him. The two boys who, in public, would rip each other to shreds without a second thought and who were, his wolf told him, destined to be mates, Remus thought the wolf sounded lonely when it told him that. Shaking his head and muttering to himself, Remus pulled out his wand and since Sirius was other whys distracted, started putting up the protective spells (because even this far out of the forest there were some right nasties) and alarm spells ( because this was definitely not a scene he wanted to describe or explain to others). Once done he walked back into the clearing and looked at the other to boys, still in the same place. They were both quite handsome, he decided, even if they could both do with a tan. Severus was the taller of the two, but Sirius was slightly broader so they were evenly matched. Out here, even in the dappled shade, their raven locks glinted with blue, dark grey-silver and blue-black eyes sparked with a hidden flame. Alabaster skin glowed; reflecting the gentle light around them, showing both boys had a flawless complexion. Their cheeks were gently flushed at the minuet, and both boys had a plump under lip caught in the grip of perfectly straight white teeth. No Remus decided he wasn’t immune to the picture they presented. He felt insecure around them though, a flash of his scarred, sun burnt skin flashed through the back of his mind. He relentlessly squashed the thought down, determined to enjoy the day. If Severus or Sirius had been looking at him, they would have seen him cock his head to one side slightly, a ghost of a smile on his lips and one eyebrow raised. Sirius would have recognised the signs of his fellow Marauder getting ready for mischief, and promptly run a mile especially as he knew Remus was better at the game than either James or himself, despite hardly joining in their pranks. Neither boy noticed however, so Remus decided to have a little fun and scare them.

  He stepped back to retrieve his bag, and slung it across his chest. Checking it was securely fastened; Remus grinned, and kicked off his shoes and socks. He flexed his arms and then without checking the distance, launched himself across the heads of his companions, into his favourite tree. A yelp behind him, alerted him to the fact he’d been noticed. His grin deepened and oblivious to the picture he presented, his hands grasped the smooth bark of his favourite seat, and without a pause, he pulled himself up and perched looking down at his companions. From this position he presented a magnificent picture, if he’d realised it, he looked like Pan. His golden brown hair, mussed and full of leaves, showed red where the sun caught it. His shirt open at the collar showed the start of chest hair, and his well-fitted clothes hinted at the lean, but muscular figure underneath. His rolled up sleeves and bear feet only added to the picture, enhancing the thought that this was his true environment. The awkwardness and uncoordination that he showed in the castle had completely evaporated. Looking down, he grinned at the two others glaring at him, his teeth flashing in a wolfs grin and his amber eyes glowing.

  Sirius and Severus had both been wrapped in their own thoughts, and so neither boy had noticed anything until a shadow had sped past their heads, a breeze ruffling their hair. With a yelp, both dark haired boys had stumbled backwards, Severus being lucky enough to hit a tree, Sirius however stumbled and with a grunt landed hard on the floor. Aggrieved they looked in the direction the shadow had passed and were greeted with Remus in full Pan mode grinning down at them. Severus slid silently down the tree that had been supporting him, unable to believe it. Sirius was scarcely less shocked; his knowledge of Remus’ condition hadn’t led him to believe that stunt was possible. Glancing away from Remus to Severus, he felt a flush steel up from his collar. He felt a bit embarrassed, although his anger at Remus over ruled this. James and himself had, had to fight to understand about Remus’ condition, and he’d obviously still hid things from them. And now he was showing off, making it more than likely Severus would guess. A quick glance out of the corner of his eye showed Sirius, that Remus was now sitting on his branch swinging his feet. Quickly Sirius rose and before he was fully standing, made a canine like leap at the swinging feet. The other boy was still too quick and pulled his feet under him on the branch. Not feeling like climbing around in the tree and knowing Remus could stay like that for hours Sirius growled. This turned into a smile, albeit through gritted teeth, when Remus pulled a book from his bag, and waving his hand in dismissal, began to read.

    Severus sat where he’d slid to the floor during all this. Debating whether he should laugh or cry. He was alone with two of his supposed worst enemies and they were acting as if he’d been friends with them throughout school. They had even let their guard down around him. Remus dropping the mask entirely, a mask that up until this moment he doubted anyone but Potter and Black knew he wore. He risked a glance at the boy in the tree, who was reading. Sirius was grinning wolfishly up at him, a steely glint in his eyes. Severus shivered remembering that look to well. A small smile then flitted across his face, lighting it up. He supposed he should have been a true Slytherin and be storing information away to use later, or working out what Remus’ mystery was or how Sirius moved so smoothly. He was enjoying watching the two extremely attractive boys in front of him messing around though. He ducked his head, retreating behind a curtain of hair. He sighed to himself, he’d dropped the minor glamour he wore daily as soon as he’d stepped into the clearing, and now wondered if that had been the right thing to do.


    Deciding he was going to need help at getting back at Remus, Sirius turned to look at the other boy in the clearing with them. He stopped to take in the sight of Severus elegantly sprawled in the place he’d dropped to, the other boy not having moved from the last time he’d looked over. Severus’ hair had fallen forward, hiding most of his face, but what Sirius could see was smooth, unblemished, pale skin gilded by the sun, and he frowned. The hair he mocked in public as greasy was down to the other boy’s mid back and looked silky and thick, and he longed to touch. As if sensing the Gryffindor’s eyes on him, Severus looked up. Sirius stepped back in shock, the boy in front of him looked healthy. No shadows under his eyes, no unhealthy pallor. The normal cold black eyes, glinted black-blue, and Sirius was captivated more than he’d ever thought possible. The Slytherin, unused to been the one watched, pulled back slightly, worry flashing briefly through his eyes, though the rest of his face remained immobile. Sirius felt a flicker of guilt, and was very conscious of trying to put the other boy at ease. Wondering how to go about it, inspiration hit. He grinned, and cocking his head at Remus, brought an elegantly, manicured finger to his lips. This caused the Slytherin boy to grin back in hesitation, showing a flash of white teeth, this grinned changed his whole face, and Sirius stared. Noticing the other boy grow uncomfortable, and slide his hands into his pockets, Sirius blinked and smiled gently. This caused Severus to quirk an eyebrow at him, and at Sirius’ answering chuckle he rose and walked cautiously over to him. Sirius noticed the slight hesitation in the Slytherin boy’s movements and mentally slapped himself. He perched on his rock and shuffled to make room for Severus. Seeing him hesitate he patted the rock next to him. Marvelling at how easy the other had become to read in the short space they had been here, Sirius failed to notice Severus moving slowly to sit beside him. A sharp poke in the ribs had him glancing up sharply, and as stormy grey-silver eyes met hooded blue-black eyes, he saw a spark of mischief to match any of the Marauders.

    Remus looked down and saw the two dark heads bet together whispering and couldn’t help the grin that slid over his features, although he carefully didn't listen to them. A thought rose unbidden to his mind and with a sigh and a shake of his head he settled down into his book again.
  It was about an hour later, a silent hour later that Remus glanced down again. His interest only raised from his book ‘Animagus: Rare and Natural Abilities’ by a slight cramp in his right calf that told him his injuries from last full moon hadn’t fully healed. Growling quietly to himself, he felt the wolf offer up an apology and firmly stamped it down. Shifting his weight to the left leg, he looked down at his two companions. He raised one eyebrow at what he saw. Sometime during his reading, the boys had moved from the rock to the forest floor, and were lying sprawled rather inelegantly, with sheets of parchments spread between them. As he watched them interact, Severus seemed to be disagreeing with something Sirius was writing. A potion worn hand grabbed the quill and rapidly started sketching. He looked more closely at the Parchment spread between them, it was all covered in sketches, and writing both in a neat, analytical, hand and curvatious, scribed hand. Watching the two boys intently, Remus noticed a grin on both face. Recognising that grin as a mischievous one on his friend, he became intrigued in spite of himself. Tucking his book carefully into his bag and pocketing his wand, he leapt lightly down from his branch. At this movement Severus looked up.

      Seeing that they had Remus’ attention Severus touched the back of Sirius’ hand softly, and upon the other boy ignoring this reached out and slapped him around the back of his head. This was so like how Remus acted when he was ignore that Sirius jumped, glaring at Severus, who just chuckled and jerked his head in Remus’ direction, then went back to what he was writing. Sirius turned to look at his friend and very maturely stuck his tongue out. His mind filled with images and thoughts Remus tried very hard to squash, merely tipped his head at him. Sirius’ desire at getting revenge on Remus had evaporated when their Slytherin companion had started writing down pranks he had been working on but could not pull because of whom he was. He looked at Remus again and waved him over knowing his friend could find any flaws in the plans and could apply his brain to some of the sticking points they’d found. Remus quickly took the invitation and seemingly casually flopped to the ground next to the other to boys. Sitting crossed legs he reached out a hand and pulled some of the parchments towards him. Glancing down them his eyebrows rose and he looked at Sirius, who shook his head and pointed at Severus. Laughing aloud at the situation and startling, the others somewhat Remus threw himself fully into the discussion. As he read each plan, he noticed that several had been aimed at specific people rather than just a group of people. Added to this was the fact some of these pranks were too sophisticated compare to a typical Marauders’ prank. He frowned and explained this to the other. Who threw themselves into finding a solution. It was Severus and Remus combined who came up with a solution. They would pull the pranks without Peter, who Remus really did not like, but deny any claim for them. In return, the Marauders would pull another prank, back. The idea being to make the school think there were two pranksters in the school, and with some of the new pranks Sirius and Severus had come up with you could tell the dividing line. The two Marauders and Severus had a plan to rock Hogwarts.

      Anyone watching, would have seen three friends laughing and joking, surrounded by schoolwork, enjoying a late hot day. A second look however would have shown subtle touches, shy glances and the beginnings of flirtatious conversation that interspersed the three plotting teenagers’ interactions. Regardless of the time, and forgetting that they had promised their friends they would be back in time for dinner, the three boys stayed like this until after dark. Not wanting to go back to reality and the acting, Severus cast a warming spell around them. Not wanting to go back to being watched and playing the game Sirius conjured up small light globes to illuminate the clearing, and these floated gently around the three boys bathing them in soft light. Remus the ever sensible one around others and fed up of what he called his freak show of having to act normal, pulled his bag towards them and pulled out a bottle. Three pairs of eyes met, as he held this out. Glowing amber eyes with flecks of green met stormy silver grey and hooded blue black eyes, as three faces split into identical grins.


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Not So Obvious: The start of things


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