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Only a Piece of Wood by daliha
Chapter 2 : Keeper of the Glen
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                                                               August 1983



A brown haired boy ran out of a small home, a broom in one hand and a blue jumper in the other.


“Oliver aren't you going to have lunch?” Called out his mother, running out into the garden after him. He turned around, holding up his broom impatiently.


“I'm late mum!” He called back slipping on his jumper. His mother gave up, shaking her head. Her son was always enthusiastic when it came to flying.


“Alright,” she began as he mounted on his broom. “But please come back home right after your done.”


“Okay mum!” He yelled, his hands holding his broom tightly. Giving his mother one last wave, he flew off towards the other side of the valley where the other kids were waiting to play a game of Quidditch.


If he made it maybe, just maybe, they'd let him play on the team rather than reserve. Oliver smiled to himself, he was sure that he was good enough. After all, he had practiced everyday for the past few months. The wind whipped through his hair as he felt his smile grow wider.


Already he could see the pitch get closer, Oliver began to lower his height. Below him there was already a large group of kids.


As usual, the kids were divided into two groups. Those dressed in blue lived on the northern side of the valley those dressed in silver lived on the southern side. All of them held their brooms and watched as Oliver ran towards them.


Some scoffed, others chuckled. One of the boys though, snorted.


“Really Cromwell, this is who we were waiting for?” Asked the tall eleven year old. He swung his bat as if trying to intimidate Oliver who, although small for his age, stood up to him.


“You got a problem with that?” Asked a boy from behind him who was also dressed in blue. He was skinny with bright blue eyes and dark hair. He narrowed his eyes at the blonde boy who scoffed.


Oliver frowned pushing his way in between the two boys. “Hanyes,” he said to the boy who held the bat. “Ashdown!” The boy with the blue eyes scoffed.


“It's Elliot, Oliver!”

Oliver scoffed turning to Haynes who smirked.


“So he's gonna be your Keeper, Cromwell?”


The other eleven year old nodded his dark eyes, determined. The other group of boys walked away leaving a small girl behind. She wore purple robes and had curly brown hair.


Laura Waters, the one whose family lived right in the middle of the two sides hence she was always their referee.


“Okay, five minutes to get a plan going then I'm letting go of the snitch!” Yelled the bossy six year-old sitting on top of large brown crate.


“Oh shut up, Laura!” yelled Elliot as he was pulled away by an overexcited Oliver who currently followed their captain to the other side of the pitch.


The pitch wasn't like the ones used in the league, but it was something. It used to be for Quadpot, until some had the brilliant idea to modify it so the children could play Quidditch, something Oliver would be forever grateful for.


The group of seven stood together huddled in a circle. “Kevin can we just play?” Asked little Sophia Kerr who was currently their seeker. Kevin frowned.


“NO!” He yelled, causing her to pout. Kevin turned to a pair of boys who were whispering amongst themselves. “Lynch! Adrian!”


They looked up, smiling. “Yes, Kevin?” Said Adrian, holding his bat to his chest.


“Just stop joking around! I'd like to win for once!” He turned to Oliver who simply stood there waiting for instructions.


“Wood, right?”


Oliver nodded fervently. Elliot snickered.


“Okay, you ever played Keeper before?”


Oliver opened his mouth to speak. Usually, his dad just charmed an old Quaffle they had to try and get past Oliver, but that didn't count as playing did it?




Kevin slid his hand down his face letting out a string of words that made Oliver blush and Elliot laugh even louder.


“So what Kevin, let the boy show us what he's got,” said one of the chasers, a ten year-old that live next to Oliver by the name of Harold Kerr, their seekers older brother.




Laura sounded the whistle and the team went into their positions.


Nervously, Oliver took his place at his side of the pitch, trying to avoid Kevin's glare. It was his chance to show them that he wasn't some little kid.


The whistle was blown again; the snitch was released and the quaffle was thrown into the air.


Chasers collided into each other, each trying to get their hands on the small red ball. Kevin had it and skillfully wove his way through the crowd.


He attempted a shot and succeeded, though the quaffle landed in the hands of Ian Haynes who darted his way in Oliver's direction. He tightened the grip on his broom, remembering his father's words.


Remember, Oliver, a Keeper has to have the ability to observe a chaser's behavior, learn how to pick that up quickly and you'll get better in no time.”


The boy took a deep breath as Ian lifted the quaffle over his head. He was going to throw to the right, but at the last moment Oliver took a risk and stayed rooted to where he stood.


It hit his chest hard knocking the wind out of him and almost knocked Oliver off his broom.


He smiled as Haynes simply floated in the air, his mouth hung open. He raised the quaffle over his head and threw it over to Harold who whistled.


“Told ya Kevin!”


That day for the first time the children of the north won a Quidditch game.


That day for the first time the children of the north won a Quidditch game.


“When did you get so good?” asked Harold playfully pushing Oliver as they walked back to their homes brooms in hand.


“Practice” answered Oliver smiling. Elliot there his arm around Oliver.


“See Harold” laughed Elliot pulling Oliver into a headlock. “Told ya' the midget was getting' better!”


“OI!” Oliver tired to pull himself off Elliot while yelling that he wasn't a small. Harold watched them smiling.


“That means you still wanna grow pro?” he asked. Sophia scoffed.


“Course Harold” she said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Flying is Ollie favorite thing!” Sophia smiled “right Ollie?”

“Y-yes!” breathed Oliver as Elliot let him go.


“You're still a bit small-”


“Mum says I'll grow a couple of more inches!”


Harold shook his head “yeah probably in a century or two.” Oliver glared.”C'mon let's get home Soph, I'm starving!” Sophia waved at the other two boys before Harold could drag her away.


They waved back, Oliver still sat in the grass while Elliot stood over him. Over them the sun had begun to set in the valley. “We should get home too-” whispered Elliot, he too was in awe. The bright oranges mixed in with the soft pinks. Oliver took a deep breath, life couldn't get better than this.


“Or we could stay” said Oliver turning to Elliot who decided to take a seat.


For the next few weeks nothing could diminish Oliver's high spirits. Even when his mother asked him to do the chores things seemed to be running smoothly.

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