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On Top of the World by onestop_hpfan18
Chapter 1 : I
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Author Note:  So, this is a cute little fluffy one-shot that I was inspired to write after listening to Taylor Swift's song "Long Live," which doesn't have to necessarily be listened to while reading but it makes more sense if you know the song.  Also, I'd like to thank Shiloh (The Empress) for beta-ing this one-shot for me! I hope you all enjoy this and I'd love any feedback in a review of your thoughts on this piece! (=

The sun was shining down on the pair of them as they ran around with paper crowns on their heads.  He was the king and she the queen.  Both had always loved fantasizing about what it would be like to fight dragons and rule over the entire of the Wizarding World. It came from being told countless Muggle fairy tales by Victoire’s mother. The young girl had always favoured those over the Tales of Beedle the Bard.

“I’ve got him!” shouted Teddy, brandishing a small branch; which was really a magnificent, gleaming silver sword with jewels encrusted on the handle.  “Ay, Ay!”  Playfulness gleamed in his eyes as he thrust the sword upward into what appeared to be thin air but was really a fully grown, fire-breathing dragon.

“Yay, go Teddy!” Victoire cheered from where she stood with hands clasped to her chest, grin spread over her face.  “You’re my hero!”

Teddy grinned from ear to ear upon hearing those words spoken by Victoire, his childhood sweetheart.  The pair was inseparable.  The adults had often joked that the two would end up married later on down the road, much to the confused expressions upon the children’s faces; they did not quite understand much beyond friendship – being only of the tender ages of six and four.

Things were simple for them in the moments they played out in Victoire’s backyard, her mother occasionally peeking out on them.  They did not need toys to keep the boredom at bay, but rather their imaginations.  Each day they would imagine something entirely new to add to their own legendary kingdom.  Be it dragons, horses, or a grand ballroom meant for dancing after a long day of warding off the many creatures that threatened to bring down the walls of their castle.

Victoire loved the dancing with Teddy best of all; she imagined herself dressed in rich fabrics fashioned in a floor length evening gown and he in a dashing royal uniform fit for a king to wear.  Then the music they would dance to was only that of classics, those of which would have put Teddy to sleep if he had not been twirling Victoire around in circles and moving her around the grass beneath their feet, which was really marbled tile flooring.

The blue, cloudless sky stretched far above their tiny figures was a ceiling with an extragravant chandelier in the centre.  All around them walls enclosed them in the grand ballroom as they danced beneath the sun with laughter in their eyes and joy in their hearts.


But now the time for make-believe must stop as it is time to grow up.  Victoire is graduating from Hogwarts today.  She will have to find a real job to support herself; and Teddy, well he has already been forced to grow up; two years prior, when he himself had finished Hogwarts.  Now, Teddy is going to be heading into his last year in the Auror Training Program, while Victoire still struggles with what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

She wishes for those days long ago; of when she was queen and Teddy the king.  Oh, how simple life was back then when they had conjured up everything in their minds; but an imagination only goes so far in the real world.  It is time to put fantasy to rest.

After the ceremony, he is there.  He was waiting for her with the rest of her family but all her mind processed was him as he wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear, his breath tickling as it sent shivers down her spine.  “You did it, Victoire.”

Smiling, she is brought back to those days again.  She will never forget imagining herself as queen with Teddy as king beside her, the two of them ruling over all the Wizarding World.  It is a shame she rarely ever sees Teddy but for the occasional event, such as her graduation.  They had shared a brief fling together the previous summer, but it had ended.  Now, if the rumours were accurate, he is dating another girl.  It does not hurt her feelings, but she hopes he will always remember her and the times they shared when they imagined everything together.

She will always remember those times with him.


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