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The Power of the 'Puffs by HOLY HIPPOGRIFFS
Chapter 1 : The Sorting
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 Dear Reader : Alas, I am not, sadly,JKR. However, as I realized that the house of Hufflepuff is frequently insulted (ahem : Jigglypuff. Particualarly good finders. What the hell is a hufflepuff. point proven.), I decided that I should write a story about this girl who is a really awesome Hufflepuff. So I thought about it, and decided that if you were going to pick the person least likely to be a 'Puff, it would be a Malfoy... but one that acted like a Weasley/Potter. Thus, Charlie was born, and so was this story! I hope you enjoy it! Please review, cuz I'm still kinda new at this!


PS - Yes, I know, James Potter the Second doesn't have a twin, and neither does Scorpius Malfoy. Shut up and move on. I changed stuff. whatever.



“MALFOY, CHARLOTTE!” Minnie called out from the front of the Great Hall. Scorpius, my twin brother, squeezed my hand from his spot in line next to me. I smiled confidently as I walked forward and took my place under the ancient Sorting Hat – I knew that I would either be Gryffindor or Slytherin, so I wasn’t particularly concerned. As the hat rested silently on my head, I looked out over the great hall – James and Sirius Potter, second year twins, were sitting impatiently at the Gryffie table, beaming up at me. Albus Potter stood in line a few people back from my brother, who also happened to be his best friend in the entire world. Scorpius smiled at me, his cocky half-grin so identical to our fathers that I had to laugh. Gryffindor or Slytherin, for sure –




Surely this was a joke – I wasn’t just your average eleven year old girl. I was Charlotte “Charlie” Malfoy, the product of Draco Malfoy and Daphne Greengrass, and the only ginger ever born to a member of the Malfoy family tree. I was, as Teddy Lupin would say, “four feet eight inches of pure feminine terror and mischief”. I was a firm believer in playing quidditch all the time, a not so firm believer in following the rules, and pretty awesome, for a midget. I lived in an awesome magical neighborhood, with harry Potter and Family on one side and Ron Weasley and Family on the other. Katie Bell/Wood and Oliver Wood lived across the street, as did Blaise Zabini and his wife, Astoria Greengrass. I had grown up with a bunch of kids, always playing with Albus, James, Sirius, and Scorpius in our conjoined backyards. I had rather pleasant disposition, usually, but had a rather nasty temper and a quick tongue, and always had a smart remark about everything. I was funny, I was cool, and I was most certainly not a Hufflepuff.

So why in the name of Merlin’s fuzzy left toe sock did that weird old hat just tell me I was?



I sat at the Hufflepuff table in shock as the rest of the Sorting went by – Albus and Scorpius were Slytherin, Rose Weasley a Gryffindor, and Molly Weasley a Ravenclaw, none of which was very surprising news. Burke Wood, Taylan Zabini, and Dominique Weasley joined me at the Hufflepuff table, the three of them also in shock.

Let me describe them to you. You might understand our confusion a little better.

Dominique Ginevra Weasley was one of the prettiest girls in the world. She has the ice blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and perfect figure that was typical of a girl with Veela heritage. She was the second child of Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley, and was surprisingly cool. Her and I had never really been close, no, but that was only because she hung out with the female Weasley's and I hung out with the males. She definitely had an attitude, though, and wasn’t exactly “Hufflepuff Material”.

Burke Wood was just about the cutest thing in the world. He was four foot seven, and was constantly laughing. He was a little more Hufflepuff, I guess – we just were a little shocked, because he was really laid back and charming, and… well, we just thought he would be a Gryffie, K?

Taylan Zabini. This was the most shocking of all. She was the “Ice Princess” from across the street – she was the older sister of little Tanya, who I babysat occasionally. I had never really had a conversation with her – but one look at her and you would instantly say “Slytherin”. It wasn’t like she looked like some evil witch, it was just her appearance. She was constantly put-together, not a hair out of place. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing, how she was doing it, and could get it done with no effort at all. She was perfect, in every way, her pale skin and blonde hair coming from her mother’s side, the curls and the slightly-Italian features coming from her father. Taylan was like… royalty, or something.

Her ad I were the most out of place here, at the Hufflepuff table… Yet we were sitting next to each other, across from Burke and Dominique, and eating the Hogwarts feast like this was nothing out of the ordinary.

And as for me?

I was still confused.


AN___ so? what do ya' think ? Please review!


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