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Keeping the Chair by LovelyMioneWeasley
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“I mean, we have the spare bedroom now. It has enough room for us to put a dresser and crib and changing table. We could even buy a day bed for when Teddy comes to stay with us,” Hermione rambled shifting magazines off of the coffee table.

“What about your books, Hermione?” Ron asked his hands shoved deep into his jean pockets. He leaned against the wall watching his wife.

“Well, we could move them into the living room,” Hermione replied carefully. Her voice had suddenly turned stiff. Ron looked around the room; the oversized couch took up a large part of the room as well as the matching chair. The chair was Ron’s favorite. Besides, they already had one bookshelf of Hermione’s books in here as well a Muggle television. With a coffee table, side table, and a few plants, there was no room to put more books.

“Where would we put them?” Ron chuckled. Hermione studied the rug under the coffee table.

“I thought we could add another book shelf once we got rid of the couch and chair.” Ron began to object but Hermione held her hands up. “Hear me out, Ron. We got the set from Bill and Fleur after they’d had it for six years. They got from an estate sale and who knows how long that family possessed the set. We’ve had it for three years!”

“But I love that chair,” Ron objected weakly. Hermione rose to her feet and took his hands in hers.

“We can find another sometime in the future; but we do need a new couch and we need the bedroom for the baby.” She placed his hands on her still flat stomach. “This is our child; we both have to make sacrifices.”

“What sacrifices are you making?” Ron demanded skeptically.

“My books! The amount I have in the spare bedroom would certainly take up more than one bookshelf. I’m going to have to pick and choose which ones I leave out. I’ll have to shrink the rest for storage.”

“Hermione, please keep an open mind but I have a better idea,” Ron exclaimed. “Take my hand and trust me.”

“Of course I trust you, Ron,” Hermione whispered. Ron gave a shy smile and leaned forward to kiss her on the forehead. They disappeared and reappeared in a beautiful countryside. Hermione gave a low gasp and turned slowly, taking in the scenery around her. There was a road of beautiful houses and gardens to her right. To her left, there were hills of rolling countryside, flowers blooming in the early spring. It was still chilly but the high grass danced in the wind blowing by. “Ron, where are we?” Hermione finally murmured.

“This is a newer Wizarding village called Emerald Knoll. I found this house. Now, c’mon, let’s go see it.” They strolled, holding hands down the little lane. Hermione observed several young families occupying the village. Several houses had fences protecting the front of house. In the front yards, many had small gardens of herbs and flowers; she recognized some of the plants. Her smile widened as she peaked in the back. All of the back yards stretched for miles and there was almost an acre separating each house from the other. They must have wandered close to two kilometers down the lane before stopping in front of a large house. Hermione gave a small gasp of delight. It was two stories high and sat on one of the larger properties in the village.

“Ron, how did you find this?” Hermione wondered out loud. Ron gave a sheepish smile and kissed her quickly on the lips.

“Come on, I’ll give you a tour.” Ron took Hermione’s hand and led her through the front door. They entered into a very open floor plan, walking through several empty rooms on the first floor. The kitchen was large and had nearly an entire wall of windows. The kitchen looked out onto nearly two acres of a backyard. Their yard was backed into a small patch of woods and a brook bubbled nearby. Ron explained in one room how he had envisioned the room as a dining area. They could place a large table to fit the entire Weasley-Potter clan for the holidays and family parties.

He introduced the idea of a living area where they had plenty of room for another couch in addition to the couch and chair they had now. The room would fit the television and a cabinet as well. Two rooms were left; one hidden behind a door. Ron explained his idea to create the last one as a sitting room, an area they could keep nice for when Hermione needed to discuss business from home with clients. It had enough room for a general desk for writing and had a lovely view of the front yard.

“Ron, this is a brilliant floor plan. Can we go upstairs?” Hermione asked eagerly. Ron gave a wide smile and led her by the hand up the staircase. Four bedrooms and two baths made up the upstairs; a small door and another staircase led to an attic for storage purposes. Two of the bedrooms held a magnificent view of the surrounding area.

“I figured one of the rooms could be Teddy’s or a guest room; the other for our child. The largest bedroom could be ours of course. The bathroom has a shower and bathtub. I know how you enjoy your soaks,” Ron mumbled sheepishly.

“Ron, there’s still one room you haven’t mentioned; two, rather, one upstairs and one downstairs,” Hermione said with a questioning tone. Ron guided her into the last room and Hermione gave a sigh. The room had two windows, one watching out onto the lane down the way and onto the horizon. The sun was starting to set and she could watch it set onto the horizon now. The other window looked out onto the front lawn and small garden planed and growing. “It’s beautiful.”

“I figured we could put all your books in here and maybe a large chair or small couch. You could have your own personal library,” Ron murmured, watching his wife from the doorway. She turned around in shock and evaluated the room.

“I’d have to get more books,” she sniffed lightly. Ron gave a heavy chuckle before crossing the room to her. He wrapped his hands around her waist. “What about the last room, Mr. Weasley?” He smiled.

“I heard you talking to Ginny about replacing the couch and chair, about how much you hated them. And I don’t mind saying good-bye to the couch but I do love that chair. I figure the last room could be my study, a place for me to take my cases home and review. A general area for me to think and I could put my chess set in there. I love the old chipped thing but I know how much it irritates you being out in the open. Since we’ve been to Gin and Harry’s house, I’ve been jealous of his study. I’d like one as well.”

“This is all well and brilliant, but how would we afford this, Ron? I mean, I know we have been saving up but I can’t imagine us being able to afford payment for this.” Ron gave a small smile.

“You know, I knew every argument you would pull out in the book, Hermione. I found this house from an older man looking to move into with his son. He is willing to sell it for a very low price considering. We can afford it, but I have a compromise to make.” Hermione raised her eyebrows in response. “Our holiday, the weekend away to the Caribbean? Well, I thought we could cash in our hotel and airline tickets to go to the south of France for a long weekend. You’ll be nearly seventh months along then, love, and I think it’d be a better use of our time if we were closer. You won’t want to travel that far I imagine.” Hermione gave a wide smile.

“You have certainly thought about this. How many times have you been to see the house?”

“Twice, this being my third. Really, I just knew it was a good fit. We have plenty of room for our family to grow here. Our flat has served its purpose but it’s time we move on,” Ron murmured.

“When did you get so smart?” Hermione whispered, leaning into her husband.

“Why the tone of surprise?” Ron countered, sealing her lips with a kiss. Hermione viewed the room again, her mind spinning with the possibilities of decorating and stuff.

“This is our future.”

“And it looks brilliant.”

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