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Miscellany by potterwriter340237
Chapter 1 : 1. Reckless Roxanne
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This is for a 'Next Generation' challenge in which we have to write a chapter on each prodigy :) This is very different from my usual style, more of a drabble than anything and rather short. Let me know what you think! As well, each drabble or 'description' of each character in this story directly relates to my other stories like 'Bedposts and Broomsticks' and 'I Love Lucy' so if you are looking for some more background info or hints for the stories this is the place to look :)

By the ah-mazing !obsessed at tda!

The day that she throws herself out of the maple tree, wanting to fly, is when Roxanne Weasley realizes she is not quite sane.

After a broken arm, four bruised ribs, a cracked skull and having to miss the first three weeks of her third year at Hogwarts for psych watch at St. Mungos she understands that something is missing. Because there is only so much magic could heal.

Whether from her body or her mind she does not know but Roxanne has an almost suicidal need for a thrill.

Being the center of attention, being drunk, the feel of a boy’s hands on her waist or that instant of a moment when she feels like she might not pull off a particularly difficult dive is what makes her feel alive.

She is always so very bored, school seems like a huge waste of her time especially when the only class that remotely interests her is ancient ruins. If Quidditch was not offered, she really might have tried harder to fly.

She is like a cadged bird, desperate to escape and unwilling to remain grounded.

Angelina has no idea what to do with her, her father watches her with a half proud, half sad smile. And Fred? Fred does anything in his power to keep her safe and it kills him when he is unable too.

The first time Roxanne sleeps with a boy is because he is there, and she needs to feel wanted.

Because Roxanne is reckless; with her body, her life and her heart. She dives in without looking and constantly falls head over heels with the worst kind of men.

She is the bridge jumping friend everyone’s parents warn them about.

At eighteen, straight out of Hogwarts she falls into a whirl wind romance with an artist, he is mysterious, creative, utterly poor and reeks of Manticore Hash. Living with him she gives up her designer clothes and expensive racing brooms for a mattress on the floor and reheated take out noodles. It is exciting and gives her a sick thrill not knowing where the next paycheck will come from, living like young lovers in a city to small for the both of them. 

They are so young and so reckless. They are so wild and uncontrolled – and free. Finally free.

The relationship ends the day Fred takes her to Mungos. At times, especially when she was alone, Roxanne still feels like she deserved every beating she took from her tortured artist.

At nineteen she discovers the London night scene, the Leaky Caldron no longer does it for her. Instead she finds her self surrounded by Muggles, swaying to the pulse of the music and feeling, finally feeling something amazing.

It isn't till the night before her birthday, being pulled up onto a bar by the tender does she feel empty. Every girl dancing on the table thinks she is the hottest thing there but really she is just dancing alone. Because, Roxanne is so alone.

So when her Uncle Bill does a favour for her father and gives her a job as an intern to be a curse breaker, and her training is at a dig site in Turkey does Roxanne find a new thrill.

The thrill of deciphering a particularly difficult ruin, the thrill of successfully breaking her first curse on the tomb of a long forgotten Ottoman prince and the thrill of finally being good at something besides being the most frequent Weasley in the tabloids is exhilarating. Roxanne finally finds the thrill of adventure she was looking for all along.

It’s when she is helping a team excavate a century old library does Roxanne realize her Uncle saved her life by having faith in her. And for that she is eternally grateful, because her reckless spirit has finally found a place to run free.

AN: So super different yes? Make my day and leave a review!

Much love...Miranda.


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