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The Grand Conclusion by Rosadora
Chapter 1 : Rosadora Weabley
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“Goddamnit, Al!”

I can’t do it anymore. This whole studying concept is way over my head. Actually, that’s a complete lie. Considering that I came straight out of Hermione Granger-Weasley’s uterus, it goes without saying that studying for me is natural. But anyway, today is different. I can’t think.

Lying on his stomach with his nose in our AP Potions textbook, quill in hand, he looks up and stares at me for a moment. Almost reluctantly, he asks: “Yes?”
“I need a-”

“-boyfriend” he finishes.

So I may have expressed this thought a few times.

“Is it my fault that I’m a single, hormonal girl in a living a world of couples?”

“That’s a rhetorical question. Just…focus on the work Rose.”

Al’s advice has really been winding down lately. I mean, he’s my go-to-guy. He keeps my grounded, or to be more accurate, alive. For example, the other day James came to the conclusion that he could ride the Whomping Willow, and then become part of Hogwarts: A History for it. Not that he would ever know it, because he doesn’t read the damn book. But I like the book. I wanted to be in it. And quite frankly, it sounded fun.

(Sometimes, I tend to be slightly reckless and lack logic.)

But anyway, Albus was the savior. The one who said, in that smooth, poetic manner he always speaks in: “No fucking way.”

If Al were a superhero, he would be called: Reasonable, Logic-Filled Guy. And I would be Cat Woman, the hot, sexy, heroine that every guy wants to-

Er, anyway.

“Personally,” I say slowly “I think it could go either way. I mean perhaps it is my fault that I’m single, living in a couple-filled world, or perhaps it is not. This is why, I have come to a grand conclusion.”

No response. Al seems to have decided to ignore my presence, and speech, and continue on our Potions project.

“This is why, I have come to a grand conclusion.”

Nothing. I get nothing from him. That waste of space. Why do I bother with this kid?



Well then. No need to get so snarky.

“What is it?” he continues “Maybe could you have decided that you are content with being single?”

I snort. “No.”

He leans his head back against the headboard in defeat. “Right. Of course not.” Al sighs.

“I’m going to write a book.”

Al purses his lips and closes his eyes for a second, like he always does when he’s analyzing things.

“A book?”


“About what?”

“My love life.” I respond cheerfully.

“Your non-existent love life?”

“Well not my love life. Rosadora Weabley’s! Her life is full of suitors begging for her goodies. Full of men! But then there is one…one that captures her, sweeps her of her feet, and then they get married.”

“That sounds like an awful story.”

“Well I haven’t gotten it sorted. Like at all. It’ll be about this girl…in Hogwarts. Her name is Rosadora Weabley and she has a love life. That’s the general idea of it.”

“So basically, in a desperate attempt to create a love life for yourself, you’re going to write a sex novel about your alter-ego Rosadora Weabley?”

“Not a sex novel. A romance novel. Maybe even a coming of age novel!”

“Sounds nauseating.”

“Well, you’re going to help me write it.”

Somewhere during the conversation, Al drifted back towards his textbook. Once more, his head snapped up, with a look of panic in his eyes. “No.” Al says firmly.

“Yes.” I shoot back dramatically. “We’re cohorts! Wingmen for each other! All I’m asking you to do is read it as I type it.”

Al eyes me with suspicion. I know he hates this completely, but in the end, he has to say yes. Al is a genuine worrier. Right about now, he’s probably worrying about my sanity. In a bit, he’ll be worrying about Potions, and then, he’ll be worrying about what I’m going to write in this novel of mine, and in attempt to try to monitor my thoughts, agree to this.

“If it goes well, you need to tell everyone that I came up with the idea, and helped you write it.”

“How supportive of you.” I reply dryly.

“You’re the wanker making me do this.”

“You’re an outright wanker.”

So that’s it. That’s how this whole mess began. Life imitating bloody art, I tell you. 

Note: So basically, this is a prologue to the story I intend on writing soon...once I get reviews, however I haven't got any! Seriously, review! The story will follow Rose and her book, along with her life at Hogwarts (which becomes strangley similar to her book...)

Tell me what you think! Please review!

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