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What Means Most by Owlpost68
Chapter 1 : Food for thought
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A/N: Hello, just wanted to warn everyone that this story is going through a major editing process. I plan to keep going with the story but first is the editing. This message was made January 2016

Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize, and I'm happy to have it that way.

Chapter 1

Food for Thought


There was commotion all around me, but I tuned it out, too tired to take it all in. I laid my head softly on mum’s shoulder as we sat in the Great Hall. While mum chatted with Professor McGonagall, she wrapped an arm around me and lightly kissed my head. The professor looked at us and a small smile briefly appeared.

 “You must be tired. I’ll talk to you later, Molly.” Looking exhausted herself, she nodded kindly and left.

We were quiet and stared at the grief-stricken chaos around us. People chatted happily, sobbed hysterically or sat in a state of shock like mum and I. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I stared blankly across the Great Hall.

Suddenly there was a crash from the Entrance Hall that made everyone jump and, as one, look to the doors. ‘Mr. Filch did it again,’ I thought to myself. “It” being his old, senile, crotchety self, as he muttered and swore under his breath. Why would he think trying to sweep all the rubble out of the Entrance Hall would work? If his job was to make noise, distract and annoy people, he was doing his job well. Maybe that was his real purpose being here. I raised my eyebrows slightly and thought, unexpectedly, ‘I’ve discovered one of the many mysteries of Hogwarts.’

Too bad I felt too raw and shocked, and whatever else, to care at the moment.

My stomach clenched as my eyes, which I thought had run out of tears, closed and somehow squeezed out more. I couldn’t seem to focus on one thing for too long. Maybe I’ve been doing just that for months on end and my mind couldn’t take it anymore. I looked around the room and saw Neville and Luna. They looked grateful. ‘They’re probably talking about what they did to fight for their lives just moments ago… Like how Neville managed to outrun the bridge exploding behind him.’ I tried to gather the strength to kick up the side of my mouth for a smile… it didn’t work.

Once the tears started it seemed easier to let them flow and they found their way to my cheeks. Not even one smile. I couldn’t muster even one smile.  If Fred wasn’t… He’d be able to cheer us up… The taste of salt on my lips surprised me, and I somehow I straightened up and lifted my head from my mum’s shoulder. I wiped my face impatiently. ‘I’m stronger than this, I need to be here for my mum… for my family… but… at the same time… I just want my big brother to make me laugh like he has my whole life…’

The thought nearly pulled me under again, but, instead of sadness, I forced myself to find another emotion to cling to. Frustration won. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, ‘This wasn’t supposed to happen this way! I don’t know how it was supposed to go, but it certainly didn’t involve losing my brother!’ … My heart pounded in my ears. I had to get up, I had to move. I’ve never been one to just sit and cry. If I had to think about any of this, I needed to do something physical.

I must have had a funny look on my face when I turned to my mum. She looked like she wanted to ask if I was alright, but remembered that none of us were, and stuck to lifting her eyebrow in a tired, almost defeated, way. I realized I had never seen my mum like that… ever. 

My throat constricted as depression threatened to overwhelm me, and like a nasty potion, I swallowed it down and ignored it. I acted as normal as possible… I cleared my throat and shook my head, “It’s okay mum, I think… I think I just need some air. If you don’t mind, I’m going to go for a walk.”

She nodded, not quite smiling, and in a tired sort of way said “Ok, Ginny dear. I’ll see you later.”

I got up, kissed her head, said “I love you mum,” turned, and left the Great Hall… only to stop in the Entrance Hall. Which way should I go? Outside was ruined, but so was inside. I decided on the Quidditch pitch since my broom might still be down there. The pitch was ruined but, with any luck, some of the brooms might have survived.

Once outside, I expected to feel better, the way I usually did when I’d been cooped up for too long. Instead, the frustration I felt earlier …the frustration that made me want to run away…caught up with me… and I bolted.

The names flashed through my mind, one after the other. ‘Fred… Tonks… Remus… Colin… they’re all…’ 

When I got far enough away from everyone I stopped, bent over and screamed.

My throat felt raw.

And, if it wasn’t bad enough losing all of them, Harry had to pull his ‘I’m dead, but not really’ stunt and rip out the rest of my heart.


 I had very conflicted feelings about Harry. Part of me was relieved he was alright and wanted to take care of him. The other part wanted to yell, and throw things, and make him realize what he did to me. This time, despite my efforts of running away from how I felt, tears of anger and relief had followed me. 

I shook myself and tried to snap out of my own thoughts.

‘I really AM stronger than this,’ I thought determinedly.

I looked up at the sky and scowled at it. With everyone so laden with grief it should have, at least, been grey and raining. Instead, the sky was blue, and cloudless, almost as if it had won a triumphant victory of its own.

I ignored it and continued towards the field. Even though I was moving, my thoughts followed me. Why couldn’t I think about anything else? I wanted to celebrate and be grateful for what we’d won. I’d gone through hell and back this past year, and deserved to be able to laugh. That’s why I needed Fred. He was always able to make anyone laugh.

I stopped in my tracks halfway to the pitch. Wait… When, exactly, was the last time he made me laugh? I had to remember that much!

I closed my eyes tight and tried to clear my head…

My heart beat in my ears and I couldn’t hear, let alone remember, the last time he made me laugh. I opened my eyes, but my vision blurred and clouded the view of the smoldering Quidditch field.

More damned tears.

I wiped them away impatiently and tried to focus. Anything to get past the crushing disappointment of trying to remember the last time my brother made me laugh. I failed miserably. Blankly, I thought, as I neared the pitch, ‘anything that was in the broom closet would be kindling.’

Suddenly, I heard people behind me. I turned and saw Neville and Luna who were talking quietly. Behind them was where the noise had come from; a group of girls chatted excitedly but were also glaring at Luna. It almost looked like they thought Luna was hogging Neville’s attention. Unexpectedly, Neville and Luna walked up to them with a sense of purpose. Neville asked if they wanted to help gather a group of people to fix the castle. Though it was pretty clear all they wanted to do was fawn over Neville, they had little choice but to nod and go with him and Luna.

It was so strange… he’d gone from nearly invisible to “Mr. Popular”, and he probably didn’t even realize it. Those girls might just have been trying to focus on something other than what had just happened, but they were doing it in a much more annoying way than I was.

A light breeze gently lifted my hair off my shoulder. I might not have been worried about the same things as those girls were, but some of my emotions seemed to have shifted. Although there was still grief, greater than I’d ever known, somehow, I knew these weren’t the feelings the ones we lost wanted me to have all the time. They would’ve wanted me… everyone… to live life to the fullest. It would take a while to sink in, but, a tiny bit at a time, it would. Maybe I could be there for other people in that way, and not exhaust myself at the same time. I’d have to get to me later. Being me, was more painful. The frustration was starting to ebb away and a sense of purpose filled me. Maybe that was how Neville and Luna were feeling.

I had to do something. I didn’t fight all last year just to be upset at how it turned out. There was a greatness in the outcome, we got what we all wanted. Voldemort gone. Others were too but, we all knew what was at stake.  I walked back to the castle, there wasn’t anything to do out there anymore. I might as well try and find the others. Nothing would be back the way it had been, and the thought was both fantastic and terribly depressing.

Things would get better soon. They had to.

Blimey, it was still hard though.

I heard voices approaching and, looking up, realized I was in the corridor of Professor Dumbledore’s office. I quickly hid around the corner. My eyes were still blotchy from earlier and I felt like a big, goopy mess. No one needed to see me like that.

“I’m going to get a sandwich from Kreacher, get clean, and go to sleep for Merlin- knows- how- long.”  Harry. His voice was hoarse and more tired than I’d ever heard before. I wanted to be in his arms, and at the same time, I wanted to hex his hair off. I turned toward the wall and leaned against the cool stone, and focused on not running over and smacking him. Or kissing him. But mostly smacking him.

“We’ll be up in a bit Harry, we’re going to go see how Mrs. Weasley and everybody are.”

I peeked around the corner and saw Hermione give Harry a big hug. Hermione barely looked like herself; her hair was stuck up in some places, singed in others and was covered in dirt and grime.

My brother didn’t look much better and patted Harry on the back, “Yeah mate, and listen; you did brilliant back there. You know… No one blames you for anything.”

Harry’s glasses were broken and crooked; blood spattered his face and hands. For the hundredth time, I asked myself ‘Why is it he’s always covered in blood?’*

He sounded depressed but said, “Yeah, sure. Well, talking to Dumbledore's Portrait helped a bit.” I knew Harry well enough to know, he might have understood what Ron said but, he always felt the guilt. He would always feel it; it’s who he was, and my heart ached for him. He’d always been that way; ‘it was the whole bloody reason he broke up with me,’ I thought angrily. I saw Harry slap Ron on the back and yawn for about 30 seconds straight. It seemed to echo through the corridor. He swayed; it looked like he hadn’t slept in years.

Ron and Hermione waived at Harry, turned and walked down the corridor. My eyes widened until they were as big as galleons when I saw Ron put his arm around Hermione’s shoulders. I hid again, and couldn’t help but do a little dance of joy. ‘Ron loves Hermione, Ron loves Hermione… wait ‘til Fred and George see them, they’re gonna… I stopped, mid dance, with one foot suspended in the air.

That heavy feeling came back and I sank to the floor and pulled my knees up to my chin. The past half hour I’d been trying hard to focus on anything besides the ugly truth but now it had come back with a vengeance. It felt heavier than ever. I breathed deeply, willed myself not to cry and tried to pull myself together. I concentrated on what I had just heard. I didn't want that weight of grief on me. I’d felt it all year, and more than anything, I wanted to feel something new.

I focused on the new information, and furrowed my eyebrows. Something Harry said didn’t make sense. Why did Harry want Kreacher to make his sandwich? Why didn't Harry call Dobby? Either way, I could at least do that much for him… even if he was a world-saving prat. I thought I’d try calling someone I liked more first,

 “Dobby?”  I waited for a minute before I gave up. It never took him that long to answer, so I thought that he was busy with something else.

“Kreacher?” I whispered. He did work at Hogwarts; I’d seen him while I snuck to the kitchens for food before I left. If we’d been “bad” the Carrows would sometimes punish us by not giving us much food. I pushed those memories aside, I had something else to do right then.

There was a ‘pop’ and the old elf appeared, “Yes, miss?”

I winced, I knew he couldn’t help it, but the elf really was ugly. I tried to smile. I took a deep breath and prepared for objections. Though, usually, he wasn’t so polite, so I thought, ‘this might go a little better than usual.’

“Um, listen, Harry’s tired and needs to rest, run up to the boys’ dormitory and get some sandwiches and set things up for a shower before he gets there, please?” I added, thinking of Hermione.

“Right away Miss, anything for Master Harry who has finished Master Regulus’s work, Miss.” Another pop, and he vanished.

I blinked in surprise, confused more now than ever. I took short cuts through the castle and got to Gryffindor tower earlier than Harry. Now, I'd be able to surprise him. I guess the part of me that wanted to protect and take care of him was kicking in. That was my first chance after not being able to help all year and it gave me an excuse to think about something else. He probably needed that after what he’d been through the past year. There was a lot to talk to him about, and as much as I wanted answers, I’d have to wait a few days. He needed to rest now. I knew I needed rest too, and I hadn’t gone through what he had; but then, he hadn’t gone through what I had, either.

When I got to the tower, I realized none of us had extra clothes, so I called Kreacher to get some for Harry and me first, and then for the rest of us who were still at the castle. He really wasn’t such a bad elf... Just a really ugly one. I wondered what he was going on about with all the Master Regulus stuff. Well, at least he was being really helpful instead of being really insulting. Kreacher came back with my clothes; I thanked him, and took a shower.

I expected instant relief, but when I stepped under the water… “Ouch!”

I tried to turn my head but the burning pain from the back of my neck didn’t allow me to. I hissed through my teeth at the pain that was like a red hot poker against the back of my neck. I reached for my wand on the sink, and gathered my hair on my head so nothing could touch it.

“Owowowow.” I nearly lost the wand as I tried to grab it with wet hands, but it worked. When I touched the burn gingerly it hurt like hell, but I needed to know the damage to fix it. I waived my wand in large to small circles just like mum would do, and chanted the incantation in my head. As I hoped, the blister went down, but the burn was still tender. I guess I hadn’t thought about it before.

I’m sure the rest of my injuries would catch up with me the next day… That’d be fun.

I turned around so the water didn’t hit my burn and the rest of the shower went a lot more cautiously. I slowly tested areas before trying to clean them just in case. After a much longer shower than intended, I went up to the boys’ dorms to see if Harry was there. I knew he was dragging his feet, but after my shower healing session he should have been there.

I knocked first and peeked in. Nope. Nothing was there but sandwiches and fresh clothes. I frowned and I hurried back downstairs. The common room was empty too so I ran out of the portrait hole and almost tripped.

Harry was sitting at the bottom of the last stair case to the tower. My heart rate returned to normal. Well, at least he was almost there. He looked up at me when he heard my footsteps coming out of the tower.

“Hey Ginny,” he said, as he gave me a very tired, but adorable, smile. He was a git, but gits could still be cute.

In spite of myself, I returned it, “Come on, you’re almost there.”

“I’m too tired, I think I’ll just sleep here” he said, and laid back on the steps.

“Oh no, you don’t. I’m going to make sure you get comfortable. Wingardium Leviosa.” I smirked, and thought ‘he might be “Harry Potter, defeater of evil,” but now he's floating up to the boys’ dormitory where I can keep my eye on him.’

“Ginny, why, you don’t have to do this…” he stuttered.

“Well, I could put you back down on the hard staircase where there’s no food waiting like there is in the dorm.” My smirk spread across my face, surprisingly.

Harry straightened the best he could in the air, “Wait, food? How did it get in the dorm already?” He asked excitedly.

I snorted. It was strange... I didn't think it'd be possible for at least a month, but if I couldn’t remember the last time I laughed, I’d sure remember the first. It would be pretty hard to forget…  Harry… floating along, excited about food right after he defeated Voldemort.

My brain started to relax a little. Oh Merlin, it felt so good to be with him again. Even though I was still upset and confused that he had to pretend to be dead, I guess it couldn’t have been easy for him either. It’d only be natural to feel more upset than you ever had when you thought the love of your life had been murdered.

Belatedly, I remembered his question involving food after floating him through the portrait hole and towards the boys’ dorm. “I heard you talking to Ron and Hermione in the corridor near Dumbledore’s office. Kreacher helped, surprisingly."

The stairs were tricky; I accidentally bumped him into walls, caused him to swear a bit, and tried my hardest to bite back laughter. I managed to navigate the turns and lifted the spell so that he plopped down on the bed.

I started to move back towards the door, "Now, I’ll come back in a little while to see how…”

“No, don’t go” said Harry as he sat up abruptly.

He looked almost panicked, so I sat down next to him, and had a sudden need to stroke his messy, black head of hair. It felt so good to be able to do that. ‘He really is alright,’ I thought.

I gave him a soft smile instead of my smirk. “Hey, I only meant so you could freshen up if you want, but if it makes you feel any better, I’ll wait here while you go do that.”




I felt rather foolish, sitting there. It felt as though my limbs were made of lead, I was so tired. I laid back on the bed again and groaned, embarrassed. All I could really concentrate on was her hand running through my hair, and the smell of flowers Ginny had, and the fresh sandwiches.

All it did was make me want to fall asleep. “Ginny, I really don’t have the energy to do that” I said, feeling sillier by the minute.

Ginny shook her head at me, “Why do you look so embarrassed? You have every right in the world to feel so tired. Maybe if you had a sandwich you’ll feel a lot better.”

The words were barely out of her mouth when I sat up and reached enthusiastically for a sandwich.

I took a huge bite, “Mmmm” food made everything seem a lot better. When, exactly, was the last time I ate a real sandwich? It had to have been sometime last year before we left. She snorted in laughter at me again, a sound I missed more than I originally thought.

“You have the silliest look on your face eating that sandwich,” she looked down, and her smile disappeared as quickly as it came. “Is it right that I can’t remember the last time Fred made me laugh, but I’ve already laughed twice being with you?” She tried to hide it, but I could tell she had tears in her eyes.

My heart dropped as I realized it was partially my fault that he was gone. This was about her though, her hurt, not mine. I lifted her chin to look in her eyes, “He’ll remind you someday, but for now, he’d want to see you smile.” I tried to wipe the tears from her face, but she turned away and did it herself. No, she was not a weepy girl. She was hurting, but wasn’t ready to let others see it. I knew the feeling. I didn’t want to either, but as much as I didn’t want to talk about it, I should tell her how he died.

I started feeling nauseous as I tried to find the right words, but I told her. “You should know, he, um, died with a smile on his face…” I gulped and forced myself to go on. “Percy made a joke… He couldn’t believe it. If he can die happy, during a war, I guess the least we can try to do is be happy now.”

She cleared her throat, some tears trickled down her face and she gave him me a watery smile, “I can't believe it either. Percy never tells jokes.” She wiped her face impatiently again and fell silent, so I took another huge bite of sandwich. “Thank you for telling me Harry, I know it was hard to talk about, but you’re right.”

I gave her a questioning look since my mouth was full of sandwich again.

True laughter rang through the dormitory. It seemed like forever since I heard it last. “I’m sorry, you looked ridiculous with your mouth so full” she smiled.

I barely heard her. I was tired, my head was fuzzy and my thoughts were muddled. As I munched on the next sandwich… or maybe it was the same one… I stared at her.

After months of dreary countryside and days where we would barely leave the tent, Ginny never was as beautiful as she was right then. I swallowed and my eyes dropped closed, but I snapped my head back up when I realized sleep was trying to take over. Shaking my head, I took another bite and looked at her again; I was just happy she was ok. She seemed to have some cuts and bruises, but nothing worse. The battle flashed in my mind and I remembered seeing the killing curse that nearly hit her. I shuddered, but refocused to what we were talking about.

She continued and said, “Anyway, as you said, none of them would want us so sad all the time especially not when they…” she paused and closed her eyes tightly. No tears fell, but her voice was strained in grief as she finished. “When they… died fighting for us to live a happier life.”

We were quiet for a few minutes, lost in our thoughts; I finally said what had been such a burden since I was eleven and found out my parents died for me.

Guilt, the ever growing guilt that haunted me whenever I closed my eyes. “Ginny, I’m sorry all this happened, I’ve never felt so terrible before, and I've felt pretty horrible." I cleared my throat, uncomfortably. I was never great at telling anyone how I felt unless I had to. But right then, I had to. "It’ll be hard, but I guess we’ll get through this together.”

For a few minutes we just ate together, silently. Not awkwardly. It felt like things could have been as they should. I had never felt that way before that’s for sure. I could tell she wanted to change the subject, but she just took a bite of a sandwich herself.

Finally, she said, “Hmm, this is pretty good. I wasn’t really sure what to expect with Kreacher, but he seemed glad to do it, strangely enough.” Ginny said with her mouth full, but covered with a napkin. “Hey, I was wondering,” she swallowed, “Where is Dobby? I tried summoning him but he didn’t come.”

I looked down. No, I couldn't talk about that yet, “Yeah, um, I'll tell you about that later...”

She gave me a look, but instead of pushing the subject like I half expected, she shrugged, stretched and yawned...

My mouth dried out and my pulse quickened. She looked like she’d just washed up and despite everything, she was glowing; or maybe it was my exhausted mind playing tricks on me. For once, I could look at her as much as I wanted and I didn’t have to imagine her while looking at the Marauder’s Map. Here she was, right in front of me and she didn’t seem to hate me either. I half expected her to hate me for leaving her behind, Fred’s death, and probably numerous other things. I could hardly focus on that though, she looked so beautiful and I’d missed her so much.

She waived a hand in front of my face, “Helloooo, Harry??”

I blinked, “Sorry, um, yeah. I had to stop and look at you for a minute.”

“Or five,” she said smirking.

I scratched the back of my head self-consciously, “Well, all I had was the Map for all these months. I've really missed you.”

The silence echoed in the room.

“Wait, you were able to see me on the map all that time?”

Confused, I said, “Well just your dot. It helped keep me going knowing you were ok… Ooomph!” Next thing I knew a pillow hit me in the face.

“I wish I knew the same about you, you prat!" I ducked again as she threw more pillows. 

It hit me anyway. No wonder I picked her as Chaser that year.

Even with my vision obscured by pillows I could still imagine her face as she yelled, "Can you even imagine what it was like not even knowing you were alive?! You could have been dead, hurt, lost!” Her voice cracked, and she chucked more pillows with every word.

I quickly moved the pillows far away from Ginny. Not discouraged in the least, she grabbed a sandwich and threw it hard. Lettuce and tomato flew everywhere, but all I really saw was the look on her face... She was angrier than I had ever seen her. The grief and frustration that was hidden below the surface emerged in a full-fledged Weasley temper. I had to stop it. 

Desperate, I launched out of the bed and held her before she grabbed the next sandwich to hurl in my direction. Surprised, she stilled in my arms.

“Ginny, if there was any other way to do it I would have.” I took a deep breath. I’d wanted to tell her for so long, but now that I could, I was nervous. “I love you, I love your family, and that's why I couldn't tell anyone. Anyone who knew where I was would put them in danger. I couldn’t let that happen to you. If anything happened to you I wouldn’t have been able to do what I needed to,” I held my breath and waited to see if I got hexed.

She looked up at me from under my chin, and whispered “You really love me?”

“If I didn't love you would I do this?” and I kissed the wonderfully shocked look off her face. I felt that if I didn't kiss her and make her understand, then I'd explode. It was more passionate then we had ever managed last year. She put her arms around my neck and ran her hands through my hair. Ginny pulled me closer, and kissed me harder. It felt unbelievable. My glasses were getting crooked and started to fall off. Impatiently, I took them off and heard a small shatter. I didn't care, her hair was so soft, and was much more interesting. I kissed her chin and down her neck and just held her. We both sighed softly. The flowery scent got stronger the closer to her hair I got; I returned to her lips again and kissed her. My legs hit the edge of the bed and we toppled over; I heard the nearly empty plate of sandwiches fall with a crash. The crash of the plate, regrettably, snapped me out of it and we pulled away slightly.

“I love you too Harry” she said breathlessly.

I grinned at her, and couldn’t help but kiss her again. I just looked into her lovely brown eyes; we were nose to nose. It was miraculous to think that with just five words she made all the past year feel worthwhile. She loved me. I gazed into her eyes, stroked her hair and held her close, savoring the moment. At the same time, seeing her all disheveled like that made me want to kiss her like mad again, but I thought I should probably wash up and maybe stop smelling charred. At least for her sake. I mean, she’d been kissing a guy who stank riper than those swamps Fred and George made in 5th year.

I pulled away a little, “Well, you were right about eating and then having more energy,” I said grinning. “I’m going to take a quick shower. Don’t go anywhere,” I gave her a kiss on the head.

She blushed which made me smile. She rarely ever blushed.

I grabbed the clothes Kreacher had set out, and went to the shower.

I couldn’t get over how sweet she had been, besides throwing some pillows and sandwiches at me, things could’ve been a lot worse. Worst case scenario, she probably wouldn’t have spoken to me again. I was not expecting her to kiss me so hard I fell over.

As I stepped under the shower spray, most of the tension from the battle washed off with the dirt and grime that had accumulated over the last year. There were some injuries might need to be looked at by Madam Pomfrey, but I felt too tired to register the pain.

Any other pain went numb after that kiss.

After just a few minutes in the shower I actually felt clean, for the first time in months. We used spells all that time when we couldn’t find soap and they just didn’t cut it. Feeling more relaxed than I had in ages I yawned, and turned off the shower.

I walked back into the room saw that Ginny had made herself comfortable in my bed and had fallen asleep. Well I couldn't very well let her have all the fun, so I quietly got in next to her. She shifted, blearily looked up at me, smiled, and laid her head on my chest.

She yawned and snuggled closer, "You know, we never told each other ‘I love you’ before. I was worried you broke up with me last year not just because you wanted to protect me, but because maybe you didn't like me anymore. I'll go to sleep a little better now that I know for sure." She propped herself on her elbow, held my face, and gave me a soft kiss.

I blushed, still not used to saying stuff like that, but I kissed her forehead and told her, "I really do love you Ginny. I was scared I wouldn’t get to tell you."

"I was too. I wanted to tell you more than anything,” she said softly. She stiffened and narrowed her eyes, “I still think you’re a prat, but I love you anyway.” She flicked my nose, and settled down on my chest again, calmer. Though she allowed me to slip my arm around her waist, I could still feel her frustration and how sad she was. No matter how hard she tried to hide it.

The guilt returned in the pit of my stomach, but despite everything, I felt more content than I’d ever been in my whole life. Ginny and I still had a million things to talk about, and even after that there might still be problems. I didn’t like that idea, but at least I knew that we both loved each other. I could only hope it would be enough for us to work through things together. There would always be memories of what happened today, of Voldemort and the grief he caused, that would float around my head. Even with those thoughts and memories, I felt very peaceful.

I stroked her hair, and hugged her close; next thing I knew I had fallen into a deep sleep to the sound of her soft snores.




A/N: Hello again, thank you for reading, I'd really appreciate to hear what you thought, but if not, thank you for reading.

A special thank you to Bardic Magic who helped me edit. 

Disclaimer: The quote: “Why is it he’s always covered in blood” –Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the movie.

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