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Flawed by Mrs_Sirius_Black_4eva
Chapter 17 : Birthday Blizzard
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A/N: I apologize for the late update.  And I apologize, for this is a filler chapter.  But in the next chapter, you shall see why this story is rated the way it is...enjoy the chapter!





It had been a little over a week since he walked out of my life. A little more than a week since he shattered my heart. But honestly, my name is Dominique Weasley, and Dominique Weasley will not mope too much over a boy. But Merlin, how I missed him…


However, I didn’t have time to think about that. James was visiting the Ministry of Magic to interview with the Auror Department, and many of us were quickly throwing festive decorations all over the dining room. Today was James’s 19th birthday, and we were throwing him a surprise party. Grandma Weasley had made a large cake that was resting on the table, and just thinking about it made my mouth water. I couldn’t wait to taste the rich, creamy, goodness….


No! Don’t think about cake! It’ll just make you hungrier.


But I couldn’t think about the cake much longer because Aunt Ginny wanted me to help set the table. Therefore, my mind would be distracted by that task instead of dwelling on cake or Nate or even Teddy…


For the last week, once I had stopped crying myself into a dreamless sleep, I kept dreaming about that night when Teddy confessed that he was in love with me. It was like a nightmare. A pleasant, wonderful, yet devastating nightmare. It felt so weird to have such a happy occasion such as a birthday party when I was still fighting depression. And it didn’t help that I was fat…


I looked out the window, and saw my dad appear in the front yard. He had recently moved out of this house and into Grandma and Grandpa Weasley’s house. He waved to me and sent me a huge smile. Even though it had been awhile since he entered my life again, it still brought me a huge sense of relief whenever I saw him. But I knew he missed my mother, and to be honest, I missed her too.


I continued to look outside, and I noticed how dark and gloomy it looked. I knew that there was a possibility of snow today, but I sincerely hoped that there wouldn’t be any. I wanted rain again, but it’s too cold now to have any rain.


I felt the weight of someone sit down next to me. I knew by the flowery scent who it was without even looking at her. “Hello, Rose.”


“Hi, Dom. You looked deep in thought, so I wanted to make sure that you were okay.” She informed me. There seemed to be a special glow around Rose today, but I had no idea why. Maybe it’s because she just got a letter from Scorpius…


“Well, I’m as okay as I can be in my current situation.” I assured her, giving her a genuine smile. It felt uncomfortable to smile because I hadn’t used those face muscles in awhile. “So, what’s new with you since we talked a couple of hours ago?”


She grinned. “Scorpius and I decided on the baby names.”


My perked up now because I was interested. I wanted to know what my Goddaughter and Godson were going to be named. “Yeah, what are they?”


“Well, we’re naming the boy Cameron, and the girl Caitlin.”


I thought about it for a moment. “Well, I think those are good names, so I officially give you my approval. Have you told your parents?”


“Yeah, and they like the names too, so I’m pretty sure that the names are official.” Rose looked at me. “Does it bother you to not know the gender of your baby?”


I looked down at my large belly and rubbed it. “Sometimes it does. It can really drive me up the wall if I dwell on it. But I think it’ll be a nice surprise for when my baby comes out of…there.”


Rose chuckled, and nodded. My eyes returned to watching the front yard, and my baby’s father appeared. I saw him give me a quick glance, but then Victoire appeared, so he didn’t do anything else directed at me.


“So,” I heard Uncle Ron shouting over the increasing noise. “When’s the birthday boy going to be here?”


“He should be home soon.” Harry replied, using his wand to hang up another banner.


“He better be.” I muttered darkly to Rose. “I don’t know about your babies, but my baby wants some food.”


Rose chuckled and nodded in agreement. She gently placed her hand on mine. “I’m here for you, you know that. Things will get better.”


“I know. I just wish they were better now.”







The lights were all out, and we were all hiding in various places. James had just Floo called and informed us that he was on his way home with some good news. But to be honest, I wasn’t hiding anymore. I couldn’t handle carrying this weight with some swollen ankles. My ankles were bigger than my sister’s ass, and that was saying something. It never used to be so big. The only reason I’m thinking of it is because she’s crouched in front of me, hiding behind a chair. So it wasn’t exactly hard to miss.


She told me not long ago that she had put on a little weight. I guess I know where.


From the chair I was occupying, I had a clear view of the front yard through the window. I was surprised to see so much snow so early in the year. I could already see the snow piling up, so it wasn’t hard to miss the head of black hair that suddenly appeared amidst it. Excitement started bubbling up inside of me. The door opened…




The lights were on now, everyone was on their feet, and confetti was falling from the ceiling. James looked stunned. “Wow, thank you everyone. You didn’t need to go through this trouble.”


Harry and Ginny were hugging him tightly and grinning away. Just looking at them made me grin. “Now James,” Harry said, an arm around James’s shoulders still. “What’s the big news you wanted to tell us?”


James looked incredibly proud right before he revealed, “I was at the Ministry of Magic. I’ve been accepted into the Auror Training Program!”


There was a huge mass of chaos. Everyone in the room was trying to shove their way to James to hug the sheer breath out of his lungs. I chose to hang back. I didn’t feel like standing up. I didn’t even get up when he first walked in the door. I knew he would get to me eventually. I glanced over there and saw Percy and his family clapping James on the back.


It was times like this that I was happy to have such a large, loving family. For the most part, we all supported each other and each other’s endeavors. Excluding my mother, of course.


I saw one of my favorite cousins avoiding the mass mob of people surrounding one of my best friends. I beckoned her over. “Hey, Roxie. Avoiding the mob, too?”


She sighed and nodded. “I like having the ability to breathe, thank you very much.” She sat down by me, gazing longingly at the cake. I longed for it too. “Plus, I can give him a better hug when there aren’t a bunch of people trying to get to him.”


“A full-body hug?” I remarked slyly. She snorted at me. “What? You still like him, don’t you? And you aren’t cousins…”


“Yeah, I do still like him. But it’s weird right now. I’m still waiting for a bit before I try to make anything happen.”


“I guess that’s the smart thing to do.”


I saw the crowd start to disperse, and Rose was dragging James over here by the arm. Roxie stood up and hugged him first. Then it was my turn. “I’m so happy for you, James. You’re going to be a great Auror.”


“I hope so.” He smiled. “They said if I’m anything like my dad or my granddad, I’ll be a spectacular addition.”


I hugged him one more time before I was distracted by the front door opening again. My jaw dropped to the floor. It was my mother, dusting the deposits of snow off of her jacket.


I wasn’t aware of the fact that I was shaking now, just at the sight of her. How dare she show up? But I guess she is still James’s aunt…


I now had Roxie, James, and Rose looking at me worriedly. James quietly apologized and excused himself to greet the guest. “Sweetie, are you okay?” Roxie whispered. I shook my head. “Come on, we’ll get you out of here.”


I felt them grab my arms, support my weight (an accomplishment in itself), and haul me to my bedroom. Rose brushed the hair out of my face. “Do you want anything? Do you want us to stay with you?”


“No,” I told them. “Go enjoy the party. Just bring me some food when it’s served.”


Roxie nodded, and followed Rose out of my room. I laid back on my bed, not sure what to think of what happened.







I apparently had dozed off. The next thing I was aware of was Rose shaking me lightly. “Dom, come on. Let’s go for a little walk. I know there’s a lot of snow, but the fresh air will do you some good.”


Once I was fully conscious, I agreed. “So how did, um, my parents react?” I questioned as I hobbled down the steps.


“They stayed on separate sides of the room. It was the same way with George and Angelina.” There was a moment of silence. “It’s sad that part of our family is falling apart.”


“I know.” I agreed while I put my winter outerwear on. 


When I entered the pure white outside world, the cold rush of air surprised me. But Rose was right, the fresh air was nice. It was clearing my head. But I didn’t have much time to finish clearing my head. It got hit by a giant snowball.  Somehow, I knew who it was.


I bent down, created a snowball, did a quick turn and the snowball it James right in the face. He wiped the snow off of his face just in time to have Rose shove some snow down the back of his coat.


“Time for some paybacks.” He whispered.


I just hoped that my baby wouldn’t object.


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Flawed: Birthday Blizzard


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