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Green Eyed Twin by rianca
Chapter 3 : Potter Twin a Slytherin?
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The sky was grey, full of sadness, full of sorrow, but that’s not all it held, it held a secret, the clouds hid it, it wouldn’t let it go, it would be stuck inside the clouds and the gray sky forever. Suddenly, the sun came out, and I was lying on a field of pure green grass, happiness sprung, no secrets, no worries.

I woke up really confused with what I had saw, it had been a very strange dream, and I had never had one like it, but then again I had never had a twin brother either. I still had a headache and it wouldn’t go away, it wasn’t as bad as yesterday but it was really annoying, and then I realized, that it was september 1st, suddenly my head ache went away, I turned to look at the time, and swore in my head.


I arrived at the station nine and three quarters at 10:55 nervously getting in the giant train looking around for a compartment, but all of them were full. I saw a nice-looking redheaded girl coming out of a compartment and decided to go into that one. With my luck, the compartment I entered had a redheaded boy, a girl with brown curly hair, and Harry, Harry Potter that is,

“Can I sit here?” I asked quite shyly,

“Sure,” The redhead boy said smiling, Harry looked at me, and I suddenly knew the redhead’s name was Ron, and the familiar headache from yesterday sprung again as Harry’s green eyes pierced onto me,

“I’m Hermione Granger,” the girl with the bushy brown hair said putting out her hand, I shook it firmly,

“Jane Walker,” I said and sitting next to her, I decided to lie, because it would be kind of weird for me to blurt out that I was Victoria Potter, Harry Potter’s twin sister, don’t you think?

“Ron Weasley,” Ron said,

“Harry Potter” Harry said nodding at me slowly.


For the next hour Hermione was quizzing me about my O.W.L scores, and was surprised to hear of my good results. Ron asked me why I hadn’t come the past years, and I made up I had moved from another country. Harry didn’t say much but just stared at me, making my head stain like a knife had been slashed through my forehead,

“I’m going to go change,” Harry said leaving the compartment, calming my head ache, but only a bit.

Five minutes later, I decided to go change as well so I could tell Harry that I was his twin sister, he had to know sooner or later, I changed into my robes which were plain colored (I didn’t  know which house I would be sorted into) and headed out to find Harry.


I bumped into somebody (what was up with me bumping into everyone these days) and it was Malfoy, my head ache disappeared immediately, his fierce grey eyes were staring right at me but this time he didn't scold me like he had the day before,

“So we meet again,” he said in a cocky voice, I just kept walking not interested at all, but felt a strong, warm grip on my hand,

“Where do you think you are going?” he whispered in my ear, making a shiver run down my back,

“Nowhere,” I said barely audible,

“Well then, why don’t you join my friends and I?” 

“Sure,” I said smiling very fakely. Ugh, Malfoy was totally wasting my time, I should be talking to Harry by now.

“By the way my name is Draco Malfoy,” he said while opening the compartment door,

“Jane Walker,” I said and everyone in the compartment turned to look at me, but for some reason I got the horrible headache all over again and I knew Harry was in the room, somehow.

“This is Jane, that is Blaise, and that’s Pansy” I could see that Pansy was not enjoying my presence but Blaise smiled in very flirtatiously which made me want to barf.

I sat down next to Malfoy while they talked about the Potions professor who they all seemed to like a lot. I just sat there quietly not even muttering a word.


The train finally reached its destination and Malfoy told us to go ahead which made me very suspicious since my pounding head ache continued. But still, I left the train.

I saw Hermione outside and automatically started heading to her but before I could get there a tallish man with long greasy black hair stopped me,

“Miss Potter I suppose?” he said in a monotone voice,

“Y-yes,” I answered,

“Come with me,” we headed directly into a great hall and sat me in the front of the room in front of everyone (who were staring at me) and automatically left back outside. 

I scanned the room full of people and saw neither Harry or Malfoy.

Behind me was a table full of teachers but there was one empty seat, a tall wizened man stood up, he had a long white beard, and half moon glasses, I recognized him as Professor Dumbledore (from The History of Hogwarts) 

“This here, is Miss Victoria Potter” he said simply and in an instant everyone turned quiet to stare at me, I didn’t know he was going to be so direct!

“She is Harry Potter’s twin sister and hasn’t known since a month ago.” and he drifted on about how it was because of Voldemort that my family got separated and that we should all unite against him. After his speech he put the sorting hat on me which first performed a speech, and when he was done,

Please please gryffindor I begged the hat so you can be with you brother? it asked, yes! off course! I screamed (if that’s possible to do in your head). You’re a stubborn child, brave but still, it would be a little adventure for you to be in Slytherin. It said evily. What! NO! Please do-

“SLYTHERIN!” It shouted, many were surprised, a Potter a Slytherin.

I stepped up walking over to the table were all the Slytherins were, they all reluctantly let me sit. Still no sign of Harry or Malfoy.


After the sorting and the grand feast, which by the way included the best food ever, we all headed to our common rooms, the Slytherin common room was all in green with the picture of a Snake in the middle of the room, I liked green and all but this was taking it a little to far.


My room was with Pansy Parkinson and she wasn’t that bad when there was no boys around, she just talked, a lot. She wanted to know where I had gotten all my clothes since apparently they were so in. She also was a little pissed of at first since I hadn’t told them my real name but she said she understood since it must be horrible to discover you are Harry Potter’s twin sister, I looked at her meanly but said I agreed (Slytherin’s seem to hate Harry). She also kept saying how pretty I was, I knew the girl rule, I disagreed and said she was pretty, she smiled satisfied. When she finally stopped I went to bed, I looked at my watch which said 11:35 P.M and my problem: Tiredness. Well it was right there so I lay my head on the soft pillow and drifted off to sleep instantly.



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