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Messes of Men by Roonyskatoony
Chapter 21 : Sirius' POV
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I watched the door slam shut behind Iris, breathing hard...she slapped me!

"...Paddie..." Remus started. 

"DON'T!" I snapped. 

They both shut up. 


"Padfoot," Remus started again. 

"Don't you fucking defend her Moony! She betrayed us!" I snapped. 

"Don't you think that's a bit...drastic?” He said. 

"NO!" I cried vehemently moving to my bed. 

"She's a spiteful, mean, conniving, two faced, unfaithful...PERSON!" I cried when no matter adjectives came to mind. 

Remus just sighed as I began to pace. 

"You forgot scary," Wormtail added. 

"Pete don't know how many times we have to tell you; she doesn't bite," Moony sighed. 

"No but she does the eyes Moony! The eyes! She glares! Plus that bloody cat did try and eat me last time I was in her room..." Pete said. 

"...why were you in the girls room?" Remus said. Pete looked at him, letting out a nervous chuckle. 

"Err...looking at...homework...?” He said. 

I let out a snarl, chucking my pillow at him. 

"OWWW! THAT'S THE HARD ONE!” He complained. 

"YOU FUCKING RAT! YOU'VE BEEN WATCHING THE SHOWERS AGAIN HAVEN'T YOU!" I yelled pulling him up by the collar. 

His eyes widened, darting towards the door. Probably figuring out his chances. 

You see we'd had many a conversation about this. Some time after we'd all learnt to be animagi Pete had found a rather convenient rat sized passage to the girls rooms. He was a pervy little git...and was the only bloke in the entire flipping castle that'd managed to get in there.


Anyway, on the point of Franny's honour (and on James' vehement claims that it was an invasion of his beloved Lily's privacy) we'd got that cat on the other side which meant he couldn't get in could also have led to a potential fatality but hey. 

"HAVEN'T YOU!" I cried shaking him. His eyes widened further before he began to shrink, his mousy features becoming more pronounced, his clothes crumpling and falling to the floor before the large rat darted out and across the floor towards one of his favourite hidey holes. 

"NO YOU BLOODY WELL DON'T!" I snapped transforming into the large black dog my words turning into a bark. 

"Paddie! Stop it! Don't bring it out on Pete!" Remus cried in aggravation. I looked at him, my lips pulling back into a snarl. He failed to look particularly impressed. 

"Growling at me isn't going to make any difference,” He said flatly. I sat, whining as I leant my large black shaggy head on my paws. 

"Look Padds why don't you just talk to her? Put the match behind you and just talk to her like civil...” He started but I let out another growl. 

"You can't spend forever using Mary,” He said pointedly. I moved my head back down against the floor. 

Bloody girls. 

I'm finally starting to see where Prongs was coming from, although, if you think about it, he had it easy. Lily didn't mess around all the time even if she did have one hell of a temper if you pushed her to boiling point. He was destined to be a one man bloke. That was what I wanted too really. 

I'd never admit it but I always looked to James. Growing up I'd never really had any decent role models...that was unless you count fascist radicalised relatives and psychotic cousins. He had everything I wanted, parents who loved him, a chance to be whatever he wanted to be...from the first time he'd seen Lily on the train he'd known that was what he wanted. None of us had really taken him seriously until last year. Dumbledore had made him prefect and he'd worked on it, just for her.

Not even Evans could remain cold to that forever. 

Iris on the other hand seemed able to remain cold to just about everything. 

I dunno what it was I liked about her to be honest. She was selfish and self absorbed, I honestly don't think she'd been years without checking herself out in every reflective surface she often as physically possible, she was argumentative and stubborn and probably too good looking for her own bloody good (knew it wasn't good for the rest of us at least), she was arrogant and haughty and a snob and even a little dictatorial at times, manipulative and rude and irritatingly sarcastic but...somehow I managed it. Somehow I managed to turn into some grinning idiot when she smiled and I knew I'd been the one to put it there, I loved the feeling she'd given me, the feeling of trust, things she'd told me she hadn't told others. 

She was beautiful, it was undeniable but that wasn't even half of it. In fact I'm pretty sure it'd do her a lot of good if she weren't. 
For all her flaws (and believe me I could go on for a very, very long time) she was good...well I guess it depends how you're looking at it because Eleanor swears blue blind she should be shoved off the astronomy tower...a bit drastic but I guess she had her reasons. 
I kind of missed her to be honest...Iris I mean. None of it had seemed to matter before. We'd have sat together into the early hours of the morning and yet it never got old. There was this sense you got off her sometimes, watching her, she had this...I dunno hollow...sad look in her eye, like the world was weighing down against her shoulders. I guess it's what drew me to her really, what drew so many of those blokes towards her. It made her beautiful somehow and yet returning that spark to her eye only heightened it, it spread through and it was almost as if she lit up. She used to do that when we were together, when we'd sit together and she'd practically glow but it was rare now. Last night had been the first time in a long time that I'd looked at her properly and seen that essence back. 

I wanted to be with her and I wanted her to feel the same but...she was so bloody confusing! 

She seemed to change every five bloody seconds, one minute she's the girl I know, the girl I loved, the next she's that bitter, shrewd bitch, the next she's the shallow, superficial, self absorbed girl and then it's back and the cycle begins all over again. The thing is I dunno what part it was that I liked, if it was even really HER that I liked. 

I'd...I dunno, there was something about her that drew you in and yet there were plenty of blokes who'd been sucked in and then spat right back out again. I didn't know or understand how she did it or even really why but I knew it wasn't what I wanted. I didn't know whether she just presented what I wanted to see or if that was really her. I couldn't be sure and that made me insecure. I felt my guard slip and I panicked, just like when she'd started dating that pollock Jason, I'd tried to look calm, unaffected, nonchalant but I wasn't. The rumours about Ace...I dunno whether they were true, I dunno whether it was wishful thinking or the truth, she'd said she hadn't and I'd just...believed her. And today? I couldn't excuse that. She knew quidditch was important to me, she must have known she meant something to me and yet she STILL said yes to that...that fucking bastard Daniel Kirl. She gave too many mixed signals, she seems delighted when I ask her to come live with me after school then she's snogging some git and THEN rubbing the fact that we'd lost in my face! 

I wanted to tell, and what’s more, convince myself that she did it just to make me jealous but I could never be sure. 
I admit taking Mary up to make her jealous, after all it made me happy to see her seethe when we were together even if Mary was a bit...overbearing...and bitchy...and pushy...and irritating at times...most if the time...on the plus side she did let me do considerably more than my other girlfriends which could only be a good thing. 

I got into bed in silence, returning to my human form. Moony didn't like our animagus forms on the bed much and regularly invested in flea spray...swear it wasn't normal to be that obsessed with cleanliness...he called it 'normal', James and I called it 'abnormal'. 
I quite liked the layers of junk on the floor, it made things homely. 

"LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDOURED THING!!" A sudden rather drunken sounding (and extremely out of tune) cry sounded out over the dorm as the door was kicked open. It was by now 1 or 2 in the morning. 

I let out a grunt, moving the duvet further up over my head. 

"PADFOOT! MOONY! WORMTAIL! WAKE UP! GUESS WHAT!!" James cried bouncing over to each of our beds. 

Remus eventually turned on his bedside light. 

"What?” He said tiredly despite us all knowing. 


"Well done mate," I said half heartedly. 

"I SAID I LOVED HER AND SHE KISSED ME!" James cried. I frowned and pushed back the covers. 

"You what?" We all said together. 

James sighed happily, sitting down on the floor in the middle of the room. 

"Her hair was all shiny, reflecting the light, down and spilling over her shoulders, you know how I like it. She came and sat with me...she's such a loving person you know, finds the good in...” He started. 

"Wait wait, Prongs, you told her you loved her?" I said sitting up like the other two now were. 

Prongs however was never to be rushed when describing these things. 

"And she looked at me you know, with those emerald green eyes, they were lighter than usual see and she smiled at me and she said 'you know James, you're as much as a prick as I thought you were' in those exact words, and her lips looked all soft as she I told her I loved her,” He grinned stupidly. 

"And?" I said moving out of bed and down in front of him. 

His grin widened if not further.

"So I started telling her about our wedding see...” He started. 

"Oh Prongs you didn't," Moony breathed. 

James beamed. 

"I did, I was just getting to the part where she entered the church and then...then she kissed me,” He grinned before unexpectedly keeling onto his back. 

"SHE KISSED ME!” He cried loudly before falling silent. 

We all looked at each other. 

"Err...Prongs?" Pete said giving him a poke. 

"I think the shock must have been too much for him," Remmie said. 

I nodded. 

"Too much excitement," I agreed. 

The bloke must have been having palpitations the entire time, he'd probably wet himself too. The day had finally come. On this most auspicious day, 25th of November 1979, James Potter had won Lily Evans heart. 

Lily had caved. 

We all got into bed, James now snoring loudly. 

"Rem turn him over, I'm pretty sure he'd choking," I said after a bit. 

"You do it,” He said sleepily. 

"Pete," I said. 

"But I always do it,” He moaned from where he was lying happily in his bed back to his normal form. 

"Well do it again," I snapped. 

He humphed as he got out of bed, shoving James over onto his side. 

And finally all was well, with James dreaming sweet Lily filled dreams. 

"Sirius," came a light seductive voice behind me. I turned in time to see Iris, smiling at me. 

I smiled back at her, moving to touch her hand but she simply laughed, flickering and disappearing leaving me in darkness before she came again, a little further away, this time in her underwear...hmm...had to say I quite liked where this was going. 

"Come,” She laughed beckoning me over. I did as she said but again just as I reached her she disappeared. 

I looked around, hoping to catch a glimpse of her when I heard her laugh. I turned, frowning when I saw her beside a tall, impossibly handsome bloke. She held eye contact with me as she leant in and kissed his cheek. The faceless man somehow managed to smirk at me, his hand dropping to her side. 

"Get off her!" I yelled, moving forward but they both simply began to laugh again before she disappeared, the laughter ringing behind them. Anger and frustration fired through me as I turned this way and that, looking to catch them again. 

There was another laugh before I saw her again. 

She was even more beautiful this time, alone now, in a long White dress, a wedding dress. I looked at her, watching as she gave a twirl, lost in a world or her own. I moved forward and she turned, her head cocking to one side before she sent me a smile. 

"Goodbye Sirius,” She whispered in my ear, suddenly right before me, leaning against me before taking a step back, her gaze sweeping over me before she disappeared again. I stayed there, fixed to the spot. 

"Iris?" I called quietly into the dark, the desperation and fear apparent in my voice. 

She came again, it seemed hardly a second had passed but this time she wasn't her anymore. She was even more beautiful than the last times although this time her stomach was swollen with the view of an expecting mother. 

I looked at her but she looked straight past me, that second figure reappearing, the man, laughing as he moved his arms around her...

"No!" I yelled. 

"Padds! Are you awake?" a voice hissed suddenly through the darkness. The images faded and I found myself back in my own bed, drenched in sweat, the sheet twisted around me. 

"Wh...what?" I said hoarsely blinking a few times to clear the images, calming myself down. It was a dream. Just a dream.

"Good," James grinned before clambering into bed next to me. 

" you mind?" I said irritably as he elbowed me a couple of times in the process. 

"I'm in love Padds,” He breathed. 

"I know mate," I said moving down and pulling the duvet back over my head. 

"She loves me too Paddie,” He grinned simply peeling back the covers. 

"Mmm," I said. 

"She's beautiful isn't she Padfoot?” He said stupidly. 

"Very," I yawned. 

He sighed. 

"I was starting to think it wasn't going to happen,” He said happily. 

Neither did we mate, neither did we. 

"D'you think I should go talk to her?” He asked. 

"She's probably asleep," I breathed. 

"Oh yeah...forgot 'bout that,” He said sounding slightly disappointed. 

I felt kind of bad actually. This was an occasion to throw a party, jump around and grin and congratulate him but I wasn't in the mood and I was bloody exhausted. Tomorrow, I decided, we'd do it properly. 

"But I'm sure you could catch her in the morning at breakfast?" I suggested. 

He nodded before looking at me with a smile. 

"Thanks Padfoot,” He said. 

"For what?" I said. 

"For helping me, for putting up with all the crap plots and the schemes, you're my best mate,” He said. 

Ah damn now I felt bad. 

"There's no one out there for me like Lily,” He smiled to himself. 

There's nothing out there for me like sleep...but I'd make allowances for my lovesick sop of a best mate. He stayed up all night talking about her while I struggled to keep awake. 

Needless to say by the time morning had well and truly reared its ugly head I felt like some brain dead...thing. 

"Oh oh, and did I tell you? She said she never actually hated me?" James said excitedly. 

"Yup," Remus chuckled. 

"Several times," I said pleasantly. 

"No no, I haven't told you the best bit!” He said. 

Really? 'cause I'm pretty sure I know the whole thing off by heart by now. 

"Christ. There she is!" James cried coming to a sudden halt as we walked into the hall causing me to slam right into him. I scowled. 

"Yeah. There she is," I said as my eyes grazed over Iris sitting across the table from her. 

"What do I say?" James said frantically. 

"Err...morning?" Remus suggested. 

"Oh yeah...yeah...good one Moony," James nodded. 

Anyone would think he was about to ask her to marry him. He walked forward, taking a deep breath before ploughing onwards, Wormtail hot on his trail. 

"So what d'you think? Party?" Remus said. I looked at him before I grinned. 

"Yeah. Guess if we get him drunk enough he won't keep me up all night...again," I said. He chuckled. 

"Knew she'd cave,” He grinned as we walked over to where James and Pete were now sitting. 

"You're angels!" James told Lily, seemingly more nervous than usual. She turned bright red. 

It wasn't a good day unless James didn't get her blushing at least once. 

"Where have you been?" a sudden voice hissed in my ear. I turned to see Mary. 

"Asleep?" I offered. 

She looked at me before sitting down. 

She was pissed at me you see. For not having the foresight to jump off my broom and into the stands to ask her to be my watcher. Bloody Daniel fucking Kirl, setting a bloody precedent like that for Merlin’s sake. Soon they'll change the sacred ritual of handing over the jumper, turning it from the simple 'you look cold' to something drastic and dramatic such as 'I have searched far and wide for someone like you' blah blah blah. Smug git. 

Mary scowled as she sat down until she noticed a certain pair of blue eyes on us. The change was instant. 

"Siri,” She simpered. 

Bloody hell that got annoying. 

Iris immediately looked away, settling back behind her newspaper. 

"Morning," said a cheerful voice before Pearl Levy appeared in that usual cloud of blissful ignorance. 

I liked Pearl. Pearl was simple. For all the nattering and the random exclamations she made sense. Why couldn't more girls be like Pearl?! 

"James looks like he's seen a D-U-K,” She said frowning at James. 

"What's a d-u-k?" Pete asked. 

Pearl looked round before leaning in. 

",” She said. 

"It's not D-U-K it's D-U-C-K," Iris said from behind her paper. 

Ah yes. The ducks.

"Oh...ok, well anyway they have tiny ones you see and they sit on your head and quack in high frequency and it messes up your brain waves,” She told us wisely. 

"That's ridiculous," Mary breathed. 

"No it's not," Pearl said defensively. 

"It's true,” She said. 

I'm pretty sure she'd be able to write a novel on the concept. 

"There's a type of duck that can shrink," a voice informed us before Hemera appeared. 

"See," Pearl said happily. 

Hemera smiled and sat down, ignoring the venomous looks Ali and the rest of the girls sent her, sitting as a sort of add on the other side of Mary and Iris. 

I don't even really get what they hated so much about her. She'd never been offensive as far as I knew...girls were odd creatures. Iris set down her newspaper, smiling when she noticed Hemera sitting besides her, immediately launching off into a conversation, her voice too low for anyone else to hear. You know sometimes I didn't think they were even speaking English. You caught snippets but when I'd asked she'd just given me a funny look and laughed.

I'm pretty sure there were plenty of people jealous of Hemera's position, both girls and boys. Hemera'd replaced Ali and the other girls (most probably only heightening the dislike) while the blokes simply for the fact that getting that close to Iris was a bloody minefield and very few managed it...very few.

It was stupid but I guess I was too. 

Do we really need to look at the ever growing list of people I was jealous of? 

The longer it went on the more I realised that that was how Iris worked, how she became what she was. She played people off against each other, both on purpose and in some cases unknowingly too. The desire to be in her favour drove you forward and soon you found yourself blaming others for whatever she did. You were so eager to convince yourself and everyone else that she did like you that anything that could be taken negatively was brushed over or heaped onto someone else. Simple. 

"Siri..." Mary started when suddenly Pearl just burst out laughing. 

We all stopped and turned to look at her. 


...bloody hell it was too. 

Mary looked horrified. 

And that was the last time Mary ever squealed 'Siri'. 

"Did you see Lily this morning?" James grinned as we walked down the corridor towards charms. 

"Yeah, we were sitting right opposite her," Remus yawned tiredly. 

It was nearly full moon and it was beginning to take its toll on him. James seemed to remember this, throwing an arm over his shoulders and giving him a pat. 

"Cheer up Moony, if you're good we'll take you down to the kitchens and get you a nice steak...and you too Sirius," James grinned. 

I grinned back ruffling Remus' hair. 

"This one’s going to be a good one," I beamed. 

The distraction would be good. We'd do something big, take my mind off things. In my animagus form things were simple, back to basics, it was easier to focus on other things...more specifically other things that didn't prance around in artfully short skirts and...probably shouldn't get to carried away...

Remus sighed. 

"I'll make sure no one’s around, right?" James said. 

I didn't reply. 

They refused to let me anymore. Last year Snivellus had come snooping round, hoping to 'expose' us, he'd been mad about Lily, she'd finally cut off pretty much all contact with him for using that curse on James. She'd made her decision as far as he saw it and I guess he didn't like it much. 
He'd been causing problems, trying his hardest to bring James down. He was my best mate. I'd done what I'd thought was the time. I'd led him to Moony in the shrieking shack. 

It'd been stupid, I knew that now but I hadn't then he could have been killed, Moony was guilt ridden enough, ripping someone to shreds looked unlikely to hive him much of a confidence boost. James had been furious. 

Dumbledore had made Snape swear not to tell and he'd had no choice but to do so. 

I regretted it more than I could ever care to admit, I tried to bury it but I remembered it, in the back of my mind it nagged at me. 

"It's ridiculous," I heard a familiar voice drawl. 

I turned slightly in time to see Iris flagged by Ali and June. 

She didn't even notice us.

"So are you going out with Daniel Kirl now, what he did was like AMAZING!" Ali said. 

Iris gave an airy laugh. 

"He's a good player,” She shrugged. 

"But no,” She said. 

"But you would make such an incredible couple!" June moaned. 

She sighed. 

"I'm off quidditch players,” She said. 


"What?!" Ali said. 

"I've been dating them since third year, I want a change,” She said. 

"What like Ace Aimes?" June said slyly. 

She laughed. 

"No, not like Ace Aimes just...different,” She said. 

"Well...unless they're really good,” She mused. 

"What like Josh Porter?" Ali said. 

Iris laughed. 

"No," I said. 

"He’s a professional now," June said. 

"And also an ex boyfriend,” She said. 

After a bit I just turned away, my jaw set. I hadn't noticed the other three looking at me. 

"I'm going for a walk," I said moodily.

"Pad..." James started but I'd already started off in the opposite direction already, moving back the way we'd come. Bloody Iris. 

"Mmm Ace wait," a heard what sounded like a moan. I paused before frowning and looking round. 

Leda Spencer from Ravenclaw. I honestly don't know how the idiot managed it, what the hell could girls find attractive in some idiotic bastard like him...well actually it would appear a lot because he had a hell of a lot of girls. 

"What?" Ace said gruffly. 

"I have class now,” She said. 

He looked at her before giving a laugh. 

"Well I'm sure it can wait,” He said kissing her neck. 

"But...” She started. He pulled away looking irritated now. 

"What is it with Ravenclaws and school?” He said in aggravation, leaning back in the small alcove and pulling out a packet of cigarettes from his pocket, lighting it with his wand while she watched him. 

"Sorry Ace,” She said quietly. 

He shrugged, exhaling slowly. 

"Don’t be, you're not that great love,” He said pleasantly. 


"Please don't be angry." She said quietly. 

"I'm not. You better run along now, wouldn't want to be caught out of class now,” He mocked with a pout. 

She looked down at her hands. 

"I can stay if you want me to,” She said. 

"Nah, I'm sure I can live without you,” He said, drawing in more of the smoke. 

"You are angry aren't you? You’re still mad. I didn't mean...I'm sorry,” She said. 

He looked at her before shrugging. 

"See you around,” He said before turning and walking off without a backward glance. She watched him go before turning away and starting off in the opposite direction, I ducked into another alcove but I doubt she would have noticed me anyway for the tears making their steady way down her cheeks. 

The thing I didn't get was why she didn't punch him and be done with it. 

I'd never really noticed her before; mostly she just sat in silence beside Mary or Ali, only speaking when she was asked a direct question. She didn't really seem like one of them though. 
There was no way I was EVER letting Iris get hurt by some pathetic excuse for a bloke, I'd bloody kill him first if I had to. 

My curiosity however got the best of me. I cast as quick disillusionment charm before moving after him. It was kind of tempting to just hex him right there. 

"Ace," Elliot Sanders grinned when Ace walked through into one of the rarely used courtyards in the school. 

They were all there, the whole 'gang' including Cane. 

Probably the largest concentration of gits in the vicinity. 

"Anything good?" Elliot grinned at him. 

Ace shook his head.

"Didn't want to miss class,” He said. 

"Bloody hell it'd be like fucking Evans," Elliot said. 

Ace laughed. 

It's a very good thing James wasn't here right now, he would have shot them down just for mentioning her name. 

"I'm pretty sure her knickers are fucking welded on," Ace said. 

"Do you two think of anything else?" Cane said. 

"Nope," Elliot grinned. 

"Just 'cause you have no imagination, doesn't mean the rest of us share that," Ace said tapping his cigarette, the embers falling away. 

"Nah in all fairness he did shag Iris Tear, that has to count for at least 5," another bloke said, Kaleb Toll. 

Ace snorted. 

"Fucking likely, she hates your guts,” He said. 

I just looked on in disgust. He'd told them? He'd told them he'd SLEPT with her?! 

"Ah and we're an expert on the girl now are we?" Cane smirked at him. 

"Shut up," Ace chuckled. 

Elliot just looked at Cane before turning looking away, something close to disgust on his face...he knew? 

"How is your 'tutoring' going Aceikins?" Elliot pouted. 

"Fuck you," Ace said giving him a shove. 

"Touchy subject?" Elliot grinned. 

"Look we have more important things to do," Cane said rolling his eyes. 

"Oi ain't that Pearl's aunt?" one bloke said. 

"Bloody hell they're bigger than Pearl's," Elliot grinned looking round. 

"Alright Professor Levy?” He yelled over at her. She looked round and gave them a smile and a little wave before walking off. 

"Forgot to set up one of those 'appointments' actually," Ace grinned. 

"Nah you only get to look at her, she just talks 'bout stuff," Elliot said. 

"You might as well go for Pearl Levy," one bloke said glumly. 

Elliot shook his head. 

"I've tried it, don't bother. She asks you 'what you're doing?' then starts on about getting her toe caught in the tap when she was in the bath or something like that,” He said shaking his head. 

Ace let out a bark of laughter. 

Funnily enough I'd heard that story too...

"And ducks," Bobby Nimes said. 

"Good for a laugh though I guess," Elliot said. 

Ace chuckled. 

"D'you hear? Potter's bagged Evans," Kaleb said. 

"You're kidding me," Elliot laughed. 

"Yeah,” He said. 

"Get!" a sudden cry sounded suddenly from my right. I turned to see a kid being lugged into the space, red faced and kicking, held by two blokes, one freckled and lanky the other shorter with light brown hair that almost looked blonde. 

"Oh look the entertainments arrived," Ace grinned snubbing his cigarette. 

"Ready for your 'initiation'?" Cane said looking at the other two. 

"Get off!" the kid yelled struggling harder. 

Ace smirked his gaze flicking up to the two boys. 

"Well whatever your names are, go ahead," Ace said with sarcastic civility. 

"It's Juice...and Tim," the shorter one said smoothly. 

"Yeah yeah, just get on with it," Ace said dismissively. 

I just watched in confusion from where I was crouched in the cloisters. 
Juice drew his wand hesitating slightly while the rest of them watched, varying degrees of amusement on their faces. 

"Take your time," Elliot said sarcastically handing out a few cigarettes before lighting one himself. 

"Tim, you do it first," Juice said hastily. 

Tim sent him a look. 

"Well go on four eyes," Elliot said. 

"I..." He started. 

"I can't,” He said. 

Ace's expression clouded before he got up, moving over to him before grabbing him by the collar. 

"You said you wanted in. You can't go back on it now,” He growled. 

"Unless you want to take the kids place," Cane grinned; his eyes seemingly alight with malice. 

"I...I...I just...I don't know how," Tim stammered. 

Ace looked at him before letting go, pulling out his wand. 

"Crucio,” He said easily, the light shooting from the tip of his wand and hitting the boy that seemed to be held in place by invisible bonds. The kid let out a scream, moving into a ball on the floor. 


"S'not difficult," Ace said letting it end after a moment while the kid lay sobbing, Tim now looking on pale faced. 

"Go on Tim," juice hissed giving him a shove. He obviously didn't want to do it either. 

"10...9...8..." Cane started. 

I should have done something, I know that but I was just...disgusted, I was so disgusted that I just couldn’t do anything. 

"Stop fucking crying," Ace growled at the kid, shoving him onto his back with his foot. 

"I d...I..I..I haven't d...done anything," the kid cried. 

And that's when I snapped. 

"STUPIFY!" I yelled, knocking down the one closest which just so happened to be Elliot. They all whipped around and I knew I was probably fully visible by now but I didn't care. 

They all turned to look at me but Cane was the first to come to, shooting a spell back at me. The kid took the chance the distraction gave him and promptly scarpered. 

"WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?!" a voice suddenly boomed. 

I stopped mid way through returning a hex to see Moody. 

Ah great. 

"...Professor," Cane said straightening up. 

Moody's gaze snapped over to him. 

"Well?” He said.

I continued to glare at Ace. 

No one said anything. 

"GET TO CLASS!” He roared. 

I'm pretty certain if it had been any other professor it wouldn't have mattered but Professor Moody was a force to be reckoned with. 

"And if you really have nothing better to do I can write me a nice long essay on capital punishment,” He growled. I stayed where I was as slowly they filed round and off somewhere else. 

"Aimes, I want those cigarettes, no smoking in school grounds," Moody snapped. 

Ace stopped, looking round at him.


Ace reluctantly fished them out of his pocket and handed them over without a word. 

"FASTER! GET TO CLASS! BLACK DON'T JUST STAND THERE! YOU TOO!” He yelled. I reluctantly started walking behind the rest of them, my wand still firmly in hand. 


Author's notes:

Explanation...thing. So hopefully I haven't given away too much or anything and I know not much happens in it....well unless your James :P I know that so far (after 21 chapters!) not much has happened but I can promise you that the plot line is stronger then 'boy and girl fancy each other. Boy and girl have issues. Boy and Girl sort out issues and live happily ever after.'. I do have a plot and the ball should be properly rolling in a few chapters time!

Oh and I'd like to say that Daniel really only asked Iris to be his watcher so that Slytherin could 'have the charm'. I think that's all questions answered...I did none too discreetly add the date in further up in the chapter :P

Oh and I've now set up a 'Meet the Author' page on the forums (under the same name) so if you have any idea/suggestions/questions then feel free to have a look! 

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Messes of Men : Sirius' POV


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