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One Last Sunrise by sk8trmafia08
Chapter 1 : One Last Sunrise
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Running.  Searching.  Hope fleeting.


I could barely breathe.  I had to keep running, no matter what.  I found a tree that was big enough to hide me.  I peeked around the tree.  Nothing.  I breathed a sigh of relief.


“Looking for someone?” I heard a voice ask behind me.  I turned around and screamed.  A centaur was right behind me.  I didn’t mean to scream, but I was so scared that I had no control over myself.


“Death eaters.  They’re coming for me.  I’ve done nothing wrong.  I can’t find a way of escaping.”


Twigs snapped.  The centaur drew his bow in that direction and fired.  A shriek sounded, and a flash of green light hit the centaur.  He fell to the ground, dead.


The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end.  “Come out, come out wherever you are…” I heard Bellatrix Lestrange sing, followed by her cackling laughter.


I started running again.  Breathe, just remember to breathe.  You will live to see the sun rise.  Red flashes hit the trees around me.  Wind stung my eyes and blurred my vision.  I didn’t see the tree root until it was too late.


The cold, frozen earth felt like solid rock.  It knocked the air out of me.  I untangled myself and got up, running.  I could see the edge of the trees.


Burning.  My insides were burning and felt like they were on fire, and oh Merlin make it stop!  I heard screaming, but didn’t realize until after a few seconds that I was the screamer.


A light came on in Hagrid’s hut.  The door opened, and I could see his silhouette.


White hot pain surged through me.  I’d always heard about the pain of the Cruciatus curse, but the descriptions were nothing like the pain.  I collapsed onto the hard earth again.  It smelled dark and rich, but dead.  I dug my fingers into the dirt.  I hoped I’d be able to claw myself out away from her.  Worms slithered on my hands.  I felt the bile rise up in my throat.  White flashes flew before my eyes.


“Hagrid!  Hagrid, help!”


“Oh no, darling.  Hagrid isn’t going to be helping you.  I’m going to kill you.”


I’m going to die.  I’m going to die and never Mum or Dad or any of those harebrained brothers of mine.


An arrow whizzed by.  Bellatrix screamed and the pain stopped.  I was finally able to breathe again.  Bellatrix had been grazed by the arrow and was whimpering.


“Hello?  You alrigh’ there?”  Hagrid.  Oh thank Merlin he’s here.  Thank Merlin he has that crossbow.   I’m safe.


Sectumsempra!” I heard Bellatrix yell before I lost consciousness.


I woke up in the hospital wing.  Even the smallest graze of my skin shot waves of pain all over my body.  I couldn’t open my eyes; it hurt too much.


“…what she was doing out there.  We obviously have a security breach.  They know how to get in through the forest, Severus.  No student is safe anymore.”


“Yes, Minerva, I understand.  However, she must face the consequences of her actions, however heroic they may have been.”


I moaned.  Snape was going to give me detention.  Maybe I should’ve let Bellatrix kill me.


I heard many rustlings, and I could feel people standing over me.


“Miss Weasley, can you hear me?  Give us some sign.”


“No…detention…would rather…Bellatrix kill me.”


I could finally open my eyes.  Professors Snape and McGonagall were by my side, and Mum and Dad ran in as soon as they heard me talking.


In the window facing my bed, I saw the sun beginning to rise.


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