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Harry Potter and the Ransomed Hero by massieblockrox
Chapter 1 : Ronald's Impersonator
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“So, we're redoing our last year!” said Harry Potter as he walked along the familiar corridors and surroundings of the Hogwarts Express.

The girl next to him, Hermione Granger, smiled at him excitedly. “Ooh, yes, thank goodness. I'm so glad. We'll be able to get our full 7-year education, and I'll be able to get into the new Ministry.” she said, then added, “If they'll take me,”

Harry laughed. “They'd be mad not to!”

“Have you seen Ron yet?” Hermione asked him, and her cheeks turned slightly red.

“No,” replied Harry. “But I have seen Ginny,” Now it was Harry's tun to blush. Ginny and Harry were officially a couple, and as George Weasley put it, they were “Garry”.

Thinking of this, and not where he was walking, Harry slammed into something.

Something named Draco Malfoy.

“Think you're really something, Potter, to have the authority to go crashing around wherever?” Malfoy sneered when he'd stood up again. To answer his and Hermione's shocked looks, he said, “Yeah, I'm back to. Just my luck, hmm?”

Then he looked at Hermione. “Oh, and you, Mudblood – ”

“Don't call Hermione a Mudblood!” Harry snapped, clenching his fists.

Whatever Malfoy was going to say, he didn't, because Malfoy turned around and left.

Harry took a deep breath. “Stupid git,” he muttered to himself.

“What do you think Malfoy was going to say?” Hermione asked Harry as they set off down the corridor again.

“Something insulting, no doubt,” Harry snarled, his good mood in shambles for the moment.

Harry watched Hermione as they walked. He remembered how much she'd gone through for him, and their mission. The scars from Bellatrix Lestrange's knife. She was also missing a finger – sometime during the Battle of Hogwarts, a Death Eater had cursed it off.

“Oh, look – there's Ron!” Hermione pointed to a compartment a few feet away.

Harry and Hermione ran to the compartment where, sure enough, a head of bright red hair was sitting on the cushioned seat.

Ron didn't look up when they entered, and merely sat there.

“Ron!” Harry exclaimed joyfully, smiling at his best friend, Ron finally looked up.

“Hey. I knew you'd find me, sooner or later,” he said flatly.

Hermione and Harry exchanged looks. Perhaps Ron was mad that they boarded the train together.

Harry squirmed uncomfortably. “Are you okay?” he asked the silent boy.

Ron whipped out his wand, and fast as lightning, he had Hermione and Harry bound in chains on the the floor.

Harry tried to scream, but “Ron” was very thorough – they were also gagged.

He panicked – this clearly wasn't Ron. Whoever he was, he was dangerous.

The man sneered at them, and it looked so odd – the smile was eviler than Ron could've ever produced.

He pulled Harry from the floor. “I'm taking you,” said the man, shaking Harry. “Where they'll never, ever save you,”

Harry struggled, but it was useless. The chains held fast.

The man laughed, and then with a flash, both Harry and the man were gone.

Hermione was now alone, and unable to move. She remembered how Harry had once been attacked by Malfoy in their sixth year on the train, and he couldn't move also. Hermione tried to remember: How did he get out?

Tonks rescued him, she thought, her heart plummeting. Ten minutes passed, and then the door creaked open. To Hermione's intense relief, there was Ginny.

“Oh my gosh!” exclaimed Ginny. She ran over to Hermione, and began to untie her. When Hermione was free again, Ginny asked shakily, “What happened? Where's Harry? And Ron?”

“Ginny,” said Hermione, her voice quivering. “Harry – Harry got kidnapped. By.....a Ron impersonator,”

“What?” Ginny asked, aghast. “So we don't know where Ron OR Harry is?”

Hermione nodded. Then Ginny glared at her. “This is all you're fault,” she snapped.

“What?” Hermione gasped.

Ginny turned around and left, sort of like Malfoy had.

Luna stepped in, who'd obviously been eavesdropping.

“Don't worry about Ginny,” offered Luna. “She'll come around, sure as checker surprise banannabangers...”

Hermione stared at her, knowing not to question Quibbler Jr.

But what about Harry? She thought worriedly, looking out the train window.

Harry didn't know what was going on – he couldn't even tell which way was up and which way was down. His captor just dragged him along, his red hair turning steadily brown, his face changing. The man pulled Harry into a cave, where there was a crowd of about 20 people.

Harry screamed, which was muffled by his gag. Everyone around him chuckled. Harry's captor ripped off his gag and shoved him on the ground.

“You defeated the Dark Lord,” drawled a man in the back. It was Lucius Malfoy, and he sneered. "You didn't defeat us. Crucio!"



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