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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 23 : Keeping The Faith
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      “Why?” Dom walked into the room and shut the door behind her. She didn’t necessarily look mad, just curious and maybe a little disappointed. I couldn’t meet her eyes. “Keri, why?” 

      “I-I just couldn’t do it.” My voice came out much softer than I expected it to. “Even if I could have—well he wouldn’t have.”

      “I should have known,” Dom sighed sitting next to me on the bed. “You aren’t like me, you can’t just do things like that.”

      “I guess not.”

      “So does this mean Felicitas is a fail?” 

      “I think so.” 

      We both sat in silence unsure of what to do now. We had been preparing Felicitas for about two weeks. We never wagered in how to act if it was to fail. We never do, it’s our greatest weakness. 

      “Did you get any dirt from Drew?” I finally spoke.

      “No, none at all. But I think that Fred knows that something’s up with Alexia. He was talking to Drewy about how she wouldn’t kiss him.” 

      We both looked at each other and started to laugh. Once I started I really couldn’t stop either. Looking back on what we had done earlier this day seemed really childish now. How did we actually expect it to all work out? “So—what now?” I finally asked looking to our window and then back to Dom. 

      “Do we really have a choice?” 

      “I don’t think so..”

      She nodded and got off my bed running to her clothes. I followed a bit slower, going to my own clothes and pulling out black sweatpants to go over my PJ shorts and a coat to go over my tank top. I didn’t know where we were going exactly, but I knew it would be outside. “Alright—so I think we should—” 

      “See Halley? I told you that Kik would be okay. It was just Dommy overreacting and James being an arse.” Caitlin opened the door and walked in, Halley was following her. I gulped in, leaning against the chest not wanting to look suspicious. Dom did the same, looking at me carefully for a moment. “What are you two doing?” Caitlin had turned to Dom and I and was now eyeing us suspiciously. 

      “Talking something out.” Dom said looking at them directly. I’ve always admired her ability to flat out lie. I guess it’s not the best quality to possess, but it proves to help out a lot when we get ourselves into these sticky situations that we always seem to get ourselves into. “It’s kind of important too.”

      “Does that mean that we can’t be here then? In our own room? Or did you forget Dominique, we all share this living space.” Halley sounded rather agitated. She was already mad for us lying about the cig earlier. I don’t this was the best time for Dom to disclude her. 

      “Fine! C’mon Keri, we’ll talk in the bathroom then!” Dom grabbed my hand and her wand at the same time glaring at Halley who glared right back. I really do hate when the two of them fight. 

      “Sorry.” I muttered to Caitlin as Dom drug me by. She gave me a small smile and shrugged her shoulders. Cait and I are much more alike than any of my other roommates. When Dom closed the door behind her she turned to me. 

      “What now? We’re locked in the bathroom! How are we supposed to get out?” 

      “Well, there is a window…”

      I tried not to sound sarcastic as I said it, but it was pretty hard. “Er—right—I knew that.” 

      “Aha, so I’ll go get my broom then?”

      She nodded as I walked out of the bathroom and back into the dorm. Halley looked up from a book she was reading and then back down to it when she saw that it was me. “Back already? Did Dom forget her cigarettes or something?” 

      “Halley,” I went under my bed and got my broom. “Cut her a little slack, would you?” 

      “I’m trying to be a good friend, Kiersten.” 

      “Yes, and if you know her at all you know that she’ll slip up soon and Drew will find out. He won’t tolerate it and she’ll quit. It’s a cycle.”

      “Yes, I understand that, but it doesn’t mean that she should get special treatment because she’s—well—special. And why do you have your broom when you’re going back into the bathroom?” 

      “Oh,” I stalled for a moment trying to think of a good excuse. Both Halley and Caitlin were staring at me. “I wanted to clip off the messed up twigs at the end. I read in-er-witch weekly that using tweezers is the new greatest way.” 

      “Why would Witch Weekly talk about brooms? Aren't they notorious for listing the wizarding world’s top men?” Caitlin asked. 

      “Well, it was a special addition. Strictly sexist…” I closed the bathroom door breathing in. Dom was sitting down on the floor looking at me with a raised eyebrow. 

      “Now that, that was worse than my bat excuse.”

      “Oh shut it and get on!” I hovered my broom right above the ground as Dom opened the window. She got on behind me and right after locked the door to the bathroom before we started to fly out. 

      “Just in case they try to come in!” She shouted to me through the ice cold night air. I rolled my eyes, we were supposed to be quiet right now. Not knowing where to go, I landed on the roof of one of the greenhouses and Dom got off. 

      “So now we just wait?”

      “On the top of an effing greenhouse?” She started to shake from the cold. “No thanks, I’d prefer to be on level and warmer ground.”

      I rolled my eyes as she got back on again. I didn’t really want to go to the ground. Number one, it would be much easier for Potter to spot us. Number two, if there was something dangerous out here tonight, I think we’d have more time to get away if we weren’t on the ground. But I knew better then to argue with Dom while she was cold. If I’d kept her up on the roof chances are she would have jumped off. Not surprisingly it was just as cold on the ground. “Wait a second…” The thought had just struck me. “We aren’t going to be able to see them Dom. They’ll have the cloak.” 

      “I thought of that too, but three completely grown men cannot fit under an invisibility cloak meant for one. So we’ll see two most likely.”

      “Hopefully before they see us.” 

      “Well, yes, that would be nice.” 

      We had walked to the lake, and sit down under the ancient tree. I don’t know when it had, but the lake was frozen. “I wonder what the squid does when it’s winter?” I thought out loud.

      “You’re so weird.”

      “What? You’ve never thought about that?” 

      “No, it’s never crossed my mind. It’s not a normal thing to think about Keri.” 

      “Never mind,” I tried not to feel annoyed scanning the grounds for any disturbance, but it was silent except for the wind. “We shouldn’t be out here.”

      “Nope, we really shouldn’t.”

      “But we have to be, don’t we?”

      “I would say that, yes.” 

      “But what would a sane person say?” 

      “Who? Like Rose? Probably that we’re psychosomatic, disturbed, and nosy people. But we’re not Gryffindor’s for nothing darling.”


      “I always think I couldn’t have been in any other house. It’s weird, you would be such a good Ravenclaw. I don’t know why you’re a Gryffie.”

      “Thanks,” I shook my head sarcastically. “Thanks so much.”

        “It’s not like it’s a bad thing. Ravenclaw’s the second best house.” 

      “True, but I’m happy being a Gryffindor.”

      “Same,” She paused for a moment as if she was unsure of something.



      “Do you ever think about—growing up?”

      I snorted before realizing that she was being serious. “I guess.”

      “Do you want to?”

     “I kind of think I already have.”

      “I guess.”


      “I dunno, I’ve just been thinking about it a lot lately. I feel different. Like when we made Felicitas it wasn’t fun. It was all business. I think that’s why it failed. We used to have fun when me made our pitiful plans to ruin someone’s life.” 

      “We did.” I smiled at her. “But I don’t think that’s why Felicitas failed Dom. I think it was because we got ahead of ourselves in thinking that we were invincible.”

     “I don’t think that I want to grow up.”

      “Then don’t.” 

      “But I’ll have to sometime. No one can stay seventeen forever as much as they wish to. I think we should—”

      “Shh!” I cut her off. “Dom…listen.”  

      She shut up and we both listened to the eerie silence that had covered the grounds. There was no more wind, and the trees were all still from the forest. I grabbed her hand and looked to her knowing that something was not right. 

      “We have to go—I just put it together Kiersten. We have to go now.” I got scared as she got up and started to run back over to my broom. “Keri, call your broom! I can’t find it Kiersten!” 

      “What’s going on? What did you put together?” I felt my voice get louder as hers got more hysterical. I was shaking as I started to carelessly look for the broom. “Dominique!” 

      “It’s-it’s a full moon.” She was looking on the verge of tears now. “Kiersten—look at the moon.”

      I looked up feeling my heard pound with dread. “Oh God…”

      “Accio Kiersten’s broom!” 

      “It doesn’t work if you don’t know where it is!” 

      “We have to find it Kie—hey—look at that? What is it?” 

      I turned around sharply with my wand hand shaking. I saw what she was talking about after a brief moment. “It’s a fox.” I breathed to her. “It’s just a fox Dom. C’mon, let’s keep looking! I can’t believe we lost it! I’m so stupid! How could I be so stupid!” 

      “It’s staring at me.” She was breathing heavily now. “Kiersten it’s staring at me!” 

      “Be quiet! It’s a bloody fox!” 

      She just shook her head, mesmerized by the animal. I looked back to it once again, and it was still frozen in its place. After a few seconds I looked away shaking the thought of it being anything more then what it looked like off. “Don’t look at it Dom. It’s freaking me out.”

      “It’s freaking me out!” 

      “Well then let’s get out of here, please Dom!” 

      “Kiersten—I think I know it.” 

      “Would you just act seventeen for once in your goddamned life? Is it too much to ask of you?”


      She didn’t even seem to be hearing me. I shook my head following her gaze once more. Behind the fox was another animal, I don’t know what it was exactly, but I knew that it was some sort of a bird. When it started to caw I grabbed Dom’s arms fighting back tears. I was scared, I was cold, and I needed to get her away before she started to think that she was at a petting zoo or something irrational like that. “Dom, please!”


      “Dom! I found the broom! C’mon let’s get out of here!” 

      I turned around realizing that I had a tear running down my cheek. She was backing up now. “Kiersten!” I looked to where she was for the last time, a feeling of dread creep upon me. I heard the cry of agony before I saw it. In the moonlight it looked much more sinister then they portrayed them in the textbooks. It didn’t seem to have noticed us yet, the bird was flying over its head shrieking to get its attention. The fox was on the ground, looking as if it wasn’t moving. I moved in front of Dom as if to block her from seeing. “We’ve got to go.” 

      “We can’t just leave it! Do you see it Kiersten? It’s dying!” She was full out crying now. “We can’t just leave!” With that she ran around me and towards the Werewolf. 

      Looking back I think that this was one of the biggest decisions that I’ve made so far in my life. I had a choice. I could get the hell out of there, or I could go after Dom. Now, a sane person would choose the first option, but they don’t call us Gryffindor’s for nothing now do they?

      “Hey!” She yelled as I started to sprint after her. “Hey over here! Leave the poor fox alone!” 

      Her loud words seemed to get the werewolf’s attention. It turned to us and snarled at Dom who had now stopped and was realizing the consequences for her actions. I pulled up next to her and she stared at me completely terrified. I saw the Werewolf coming nearer and nearer out of the corner of my eye, but I made myself look at Dommy instead. “I’m with you till the end.” 

      “I’m scared” 

      “Yes, I know,” She nodded to me after I said it. “Now you run to the left, I’ll run to the right on the count of two…one…two!”

      We both sprinted in opposite directions as fast as our legs would carry us. I headed over to the gates of the school as she headed over to the other side of the black lake. I looked back to see that the Werewolf was following me. I screamed a little out loud and pushed myself even faster. Unfortunately it could run a lot faster than me. I felt something hard collide with my side as I closed my eyes waiting to feel it’s teeth, but instead I was thrown into the air and falling to the ground. I opened my eyes to get up again, but the Werewolf was not interested in me anymore. Another animal had appeared. I slowly started to back up until I was almost at the gates, watching the wolf and the Werewolf fight. I yelped unintentionally as the wolf was smashed to the ground. It whimpered, and I wanted nothing more than to go over to it. 

      “What would James do?” I whispered to myself as the Werewolf was advancing on the wolf. Suddenly the thought occurred to me. I grabbed rock and put it against my skin, cutting myself open. I shuddered at the pain, but kept my attention fixed on the werewolf that was now sniffing the air and losing interest with the wolf. I kept my ground, seeing Dom trying to move over to me, but the bird—a falcon—kept her where she was. “James would run now.” As soon as my brain sent the message to my legs it was too late. The Werewolf was hovering over me. 

      “Keri!” Dom shrieked. I didn’t look over to her, keeping my eyes fixed on the Werewolf. “Keri, please don’t do this!”       

      “Accio br—”

      I had almost been able to call it when the Werewolf pounced. I moved out of the way soon enough so that it only scratched me, not able to bight. I let out a scream of agony as it’s claws collided with my right arm. It was unlike any pain I had experienced before. I started to run, brushing tears out of my eyes as I did so. When I hit the gate I knew that I was out of luck. There was nowhere else to go. 

      “Please.” I said to it trembling. “Please—I know that you’re a person t-too.” 

      Dom was still yelling, but I wasn’t hearing her. I was pleading with a Werewolf. I’ve officially lost my mind. It aimed for my head but hit the stone of the wall instead causing stone to fall hitting my other shoulder. I fell to the ground as everything started to spin. I fought to keep my eyes open as I held onto the frozen grass. It was hard, but I knew that I had to win. I wanted to be awake, I had to be awake. I heard the wolf howl and run over to me. When he got there he started to whimper. The falcon was circling the Werewolf again, biding me time. 

      “We did good,” I moved over a little so that I was facing the wolf in a crawling position. “You were amazing. All of you were amazing.” It nuzzled my hurt shoulder. “You should go now. That girl…get her away from here. She-she can’t handle these sorts of situations.” 

      “James!” I looked to where the voice was calling, feeling my stomach drop when I saw Fred and no more falcon. “Get her out of here!” I looked to the wolf again and then back to Fred. 


      “Kiersten you have to listen.” I screamed when I saw James in front of me where the wolf had just been seconds ago. He closed his eyes for a moment. “Run.” And then he was a wolf again. Both he and Freddy the falcon started to attack the Werewolf at the same time. I started to crawl (I couldn’t stand) as fast as I could away from it all. When I heard a whimper I couldn’t help but look back. One of them was hurt. 

      “Yes!” Dom screamed from her position on the other side of the lake with the fox. “Yes!” 

      “What?” I breathed looking to where the Werewolf was limping back inside the forest. The falcon followed it, clawing at its head, but the wolf changed back into James and started to limp-run over to me. 

      “McCabe!” I couldn’t help but feel happiness as he called to me even through all of the anger and sacredness in his voice. “What the HELL is going on?” Even though he was screaming at the level of thunder, I felt so much better. 

      “James! James I—I have no idea!” 

      “Why are you here! Why the fuck are you here?! Are you fucking crazy? Why would you do this to me! To yourself? WHY?” 

      “I’m in love.”

      I don’t know what caused me to say it. I honestly have no idea, but the words just came out of my mouth without me even thinking about what I was saying. For the first time in my life, I knew that I meant it too. I meant it! I actually meant it! 


      I realized that I was crying still, and I wiped a tear off of my cheek with my arm that was scarred. He was in front of me now, and it was just me and Potter. Potter and I, alone again in our little world. “What—did you just say?” 

      “I said that I love you, Potter.” 

      He got close to me now, but wouldn’t touch me. I think I shocked the hell out of him. God knows I shocked the hell out of myself. I felt the world get darker and darker as I leaned onto him for support with my head. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to fight it much longer. I had no idea what had happened tonight, but I knew that it started a catastrophe and ended a bliss. “I did this because I love you.” I whispered knowing that it was safe to let the darkness win now. He was holding my body close to his. I smiled briefly before giving into the darkness, knowing that no matter what, it would be alright. 




Woahhh! So just to clarify it SHE'S NOT DEAD! Nope, just exausted and injured. I promise that she will wake up in the next chappy. So, i've been typing this nonstop for about four hours now and have finally finished it! I hope that you like it! I think it's a tad bit clishe with the whole "i love you" gaga but honestly, I dont know a better time for her to say it! I couldnt help myself :D

So I guess you could finish this with two different perspectives.One, what the hay did I just read? Or two, awsome! And i guess three...eww. But lets focus on the first one for now. So, basically this left a lot of new questions. For all of you who guessed that they were animagus good job! But now there's another question for you which I won't answer. Who's the werewolf?

Gracia's for reading and please leave me a review!



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