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A Death Eater's Regrets by RonMioneOnly
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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A/N: This is a Prologue chapter before the actual story. Also, this story is rated M for strong violence and language. Later on there will be sexual situations, but right now it will be dark for a few chapters. Proceed.

(Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter) Also, cool chapter image from hayley jade.


            It was a fine sunny day at Hogwarts and from the Hogwarts castle; anyone could see a lone flyer flying around the Quidditch Pitch. The lone flyer turned out to be Ron Weasley. He was in deep thought as he slowly flew around the pitch.

            Ron had gotten so much freedom this school year that he could break any rules and not get detention or worse at all. The reason for that was because Severus Snape had been appointed the Headmaster of Hogwarts at the beginning of the term, just a few months after the death of Albus Dumbledore. That is why Ron was flying outside alone since only Slytherins could do anything they wanted to.

            He was also on his broom because he could think better. He was thinking about what he was going to do. What did he want to do after the war? Ron knew the final battle was going to happen sometime soon, but was terrified of what would happen. He was a Slytherin for God’s sake! He and Draco had reigned over all Slytherins and pretty much every other student in Hogwarts, except for those bloody Dumbledore’s Army members. Many people expected him to go with Draco and become a Death Eater. Ron was just hoping it wouldn’t come to that.

            This year, the Carrows who were a pair of Death Eaters, had taken over the school as a Muggle Studies professor and a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor as well. In the DADA classes, he felt bad every time he cast the crucio on several students that had gotten detention. He knew it was the inevitable if the Carrows were to teach at Hogwarts, but he had to do it as not to rouse suspicions. His family who were pureblood fanatics had encouraged Ron into helping the Carrows. He hated it and his sister Ginny Weasley as well as his twin brothers tried talking him out of it. It didn’t work because Draco was his best friend and Ron knew he couldn’t turn his back on him. He would do anything for Draco; it’s just how close they really were. Draco was like family to him.

            Before he could think anymore, a voice broke into his thoughts. “Ron! Ron!” the voice of Draco Malfoy yelled from the ground of the Quidditch Pitch. Ron saw him and flew down to the ground.

            He got off the broom and, “What? What’s wrong?” Ron questioned.

            “It’s time.” That was all Draco had to say. Ron knew exactly what it meant. It meant that the final battle would be happening soon. It was here and the Dark Lord was coming to Hogwarts.

            “What did he say?” Ron asked as he mounted his broom and hurriedly followed Draco into the Hogwarts castle.

            “I found out that the Undesirable is here at Hogwarts and the Dark Lord is coming here to settle this for once and all. I think they may be in the Room of Hidden Things.” Draco said.

            “It’s called the Room of Requirements.” Ron corrected Draco. Draco rolled his eyes as if he could care any less, so he continued, “So, what’s the plan?”




            “We got to watch for any sign of the bloody Golden Trio. I already got Crabbe and Goyle to watch for them. They’ll let us know, but we should get ready anyways. The Dark Lord will finally kill Harry Potter! I wish I had the chance to kill him.” Draco pouted. Ron knew what he was talking about since Draco had returned from the Malfoy Manor one day with a different wand. Draco had embarrassedly admitted everything that happened there and that Harry Potter took his wand before escaping.


            Hours later, there was no sign of the Golden Trio just yet. Right now, Ron was at the Slytherin table sitting with Draco on one side of him and Pansy on the other.

            All of a sudden, Draco punched him in the arm. “What the bloody hell you punch me for?” Ron snapped. Draco said nothing but pointed at something. Ron turned in the direction of his finger and saw the Golden Trio at the Gryffindor table. ‘Oh no’ Ron thought. This was it, they really were here.

            Then once again, all of a sudden, the voice of the Dark Lord magnified from outside of Hogwarts. He was announcing his presence and demanding them to hand over Harry Potter. After he finished, Pansy jumped up from her seat and screamed that Harry was there. Of course that wouldn’t work as Ron knew it wouldn’t since all three other houses stood up in front of Harry Potter. Professor McGonnagal demanded Slughorn to take all of us Slytherins away from the castle.

            Draco and Ron stayed behind as they noticed the Golden Trio walking away and out of the Great Hall. They also get Crabbe and Goyle along the way as they followed the Golden Trio into the Room of Requirements. After a few minutes, it got out of control. Crabbe and Goyle weren’t listening to us as we corned Harry Potter. It seemed that they would only listen to the Dark Lord and not us anymore as they had been doing for the last 6 years. Then all of a sudden one of them, Ron didn’t notice, casted fiendfyre which was one of the worst spells ever. They were in trouble until the Golden Trio saved them, except for Crabbe. Draco was upset at the sight of seeing his friend dead whom he had known for nearly all of his life, even way before coming to Hogwarts.

            Moments later, Ron took his eyes off Draco hunching over Crabbe as he heard the voice of his brothers Percy and Fred. Ron got up from the floor, but froze on the spot as he watched his brother, Fred, get killed by one of the Death Eaters. Ron couldn’t believe it, but he knew that the twins and Ginny was on the good side and helping out. Sure, all of the Weasleys were neutral, not helping either side, but they did share almost the same beliefs of the Dark Lord. He wanted revenge, but Draco pulled him away and dragged him all the way down the corridor and out of the castle. They were doing what Slytherins did best: flee and save their selves. The next thing he remembered was Draco trying to get past the battle lines into the Death Eater’s side was when he suddenly got knocked out and the world went black.

            Later, Draco was waking him up and the battle was still going on. Draco helped him up and they fled. It was only a few hours later when they learned of the results of the battle. It was unbelievable. The Dark Lord had been killed. The worst thing was that Draco had discovered that his father, Lucius Malfoy, had been crushed to death as a piece of the castle fell on top of him. Draco blamed it all on Harry Potter. It was his fault that they came to Hogwarts, but Ron knew it would have happened or not one way or other.

            Draco then asked Ron the biggest question of Ron’s life. “Ron, will you help me get revenge on the Golden Trio? I can’t do it on my own. Harry Potter needs to pay for what he did. There’s no one else good enough to lead the Death Eaters. With my smarts and your talents in strategy, we could lead the Death Eaters and be a success. Please, I need you to be my right hand man.” There, Draco had finally asked him.

            Ron froze and didn’t know what to do. He was determined to say no because being a Death Eater and torturing or killing people wasn’t his thing. The only problem was that Ron was also a very loyal person. What he said next shocked himself, “Sure, Draco, I’m with you all the way. Let’s do it.”

            That was it. No more having a good life. They were going to go on the run. They had to find a place to hide since aurors kept watch on the Malfoy Manor. Draco had gathered up all the remaining Death Eaters and convinced nearly half of them to follow Draco in the path of revenge against Harry Potter. What happened after that went by like a blur. It was some of Ron’s worst nightmares coming true. He was forced to torture people and as well muggles. Draco killed several muggles for fun because that was all they could do at the moment. Draco and Ron had to be as quiet as possible and they didn’t want anyone to notice that Death Eaters were planning on a comeback, although, that wouldn’t be for quite a while. At the same time, Ron could only think why he had not followed his head to not become a Death Eater. He never wanted to be a Death Eater. What could he do? It would be a long nightmare for Ron.

A/N: Thanks for reading. This was just a set up to introduce Ron and how he really feels before the main story. I won’t reveal anymore, so just keep reading. Please review as well. Thanks.


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A Death Eater's Regrets: Prologue


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