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The Fire Inside by FiendFyre
Chapter 2 : Ch. 2
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Gwen awoke on Christmas morning in her own bed at Grimmauld Place, but she was not alone. Sirius’ arm lay draped across her stomach, and his breath tickled her ear as he slept. She saw their coats lying in a heap on the floor near the door, and she found herself in the same clothes she was wearing yesterday. The desire to be alone had vanished upon entering her room, and she refused to let Sirius leave even to change clothes. Sirius evidently was born with the innate ability to fall asleep whenever his body went horizontal, so he was asleep within minutes. Gwen, for obvious reasons, lay awake much longer. The steady rhythm of Sirius’ breathing and the warmth of his embrace eventually led her into an uneasy sleep. She had woken quite a few times during the night, heart pounding, but Sirius’ comforting presence lulled her back into a doze.

Fortunately, she couldn’t remember any dreams she might have had. They couldn’t have been pleasant when her mind was so preoccupied with not so nice things, so she was grateful her memory was not up to its usual standards.

She lay there, watching the morning light shining through a crack in the curtains, glinting off bits of dust as they floated in the air. She could hear muted voices coming from across the hallway, and Harry’s laugh was muffled but audible through the walls. She heard the unmistakable sound of gift wrap being ripped from packages and smiled. Oh, to be young again. Not that 26 was old by any standards, but still. She had enjoyed her school years in America immensely. Kids nowadays, especially the ones down the hall, would always remember their years at Hogwarts under a small shadow of darkness.

Her thoughts led her back to things Dumbledore confided in the Order recently. To think that Voldemort might be possessing Harry was a horrible thought, but Dumbledore had assured them it was quite possible. There was some kind of link between Harry and Voldemort, and Gwen got the impression that Dumbledore knew more about it than he told the Order. But he probably had his reasons. He always did. Arthur’s attack had shaken up everyone, and they were meant to double up on guard duty at the ministry. And now they had something else to worry about protecting. Gwen sighed. Alas, her thoughts had returned to her plight.

She turned as gently as possible to look over at Sirius. He was still in a deep sleep, a look of contentment on his handsome face. A small smile tugged at Gwen’s lips as she looked at him. She wanted so badly to stay there in his arms and hide from the world. But she knew how unrealistic that was. Slowly, she slid out from under Sirius’ arm and tiptoed to the bathroom.

She turned on the shower, giving the water a chance to warm up, and stripped off her clothes. She unclasped her Christmas present from around her neck and laid it carefully on the counter by the sink. She stepped into the now steaming shower, feeling relief as the hot water hit her body. Because she was a Fire Elemental, her body temperature was naturally hotter than everyone else’s. It would make sense that she would consequently be drawn to colder conditions, but the opposite was true. She loved the heat, and the hot water from the shower was the epitome of satisfaction. It was only when she used her powers too often or took on something too strong that she welcomed the cold.

She tried to let her mind go blank as she worked shampoo through her long hair, but the more she tried not to think, the more she did. If only her worries could wash away down the drain.

She reluctantly turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. The cold, wood floor was a shock to her feet, and she quickly stepped onto the rug in front of the sink. She quickly dried with a towel and wrapped it around her body. She lovingly picked up her necklace and put it around her neck. She wiped the condensation off the mirror and admired the glittering drop in the reflection, turning this way and that to see the light catch the diamonds. The pendant wasn’t nearly as cold as it had been last night, and she was grateful, for the heat of the fiendfyre and finally left her bloodstream. She was back to normal once again.

Her eyes eventually travelled up to her face. She tilted her head, studying her reflection. Same old Gwen. Her world might have completely changed in one day, but she still looked the same. Her pretty dark eyes remained, framed by even darker eyebrows and high cheekbones showing her Native American descent. She always thought it was odd her parents had decided to name her Guinevere. The name literally meant “light” or “fair one”. There was nothing remotely light about her features. She was a walking paradox.

She tore her eyes away from the mirror, frowning a bit as she slowly opened the door. She peeked her head out and saw Sirius still lying in the same position, although she swore she had seen his eyes snap shut as she opened the door. His breathing as well was a little too steady, as if he were concentrating on it. Still suspicious, she walked quietly over to the wardrobe, towel wrapped securely around her. She grabbed some clothes, heaped them into her arms and turned around to head back into the bathroom. Unfortunately, she ran into a barrier as she turned. That barrier’s name was Sirius. And she had literally run smack into him. A few articles of her clothing fell out of her arms upon impact and she nearly jumped out of her skin at his sudden appearance.

“I was wondering when I was going to get my Christmas present,” Sirius said, smiling as his eyes raked over her scantily clad body. “You’ve done a rubbish job at the wrapping, though. I love it.”

Gwen blushed, unable to help herself. She bent down quickly to grab what had fallen and stepped around him, making a beeline for the bathroom door. She barely escaped his hands trying to prevent her reaching her destination, but she shut the door just in time.

She heard him chuckling from the other side, and couldn’t help but smile as well. She dressed quickly and left her hair down to dry. She exited the bathroom and Sirius was there to greet her with a hug and a kiss.

“I liked the other outfit better,” he pouted.

Gwen merely laughed and brought his lips to hers for another kiss. A tingle went up her spine as his hands slid under her shirt and rested on her bare hips. His kiss became more insistent as he slowly started to pull her over to the bed.

“Sirius—“she tried to say, but his lips refused to leave hers. He sat down on the bed and gently pulled her down so she lay on top of him, never breaking their kiss. He felt so good that she willingly played along and tangled her fingers in his dark hair. Suddenly, he rolled over, switching their positions. His tongue slipped into her mouth, and she met it with hers. His hands ranged over her thighs and torso as Gwen’s mind became totally absorbed by the feel of him. His lips left hers as he trailed kisses down her cheek, and he planted a well-placed kiss on the nape of her neck. Gwen sucked in a breath as goose bumps rose on her arms and legs.

She was putty in his hands. Heat was coursing through her veins, begging for release, and she had not one coherent thought in her head. His lips found hers again and she pulled him closer to her, feeling his weight crash down on her. She wanted him so badly. Why did she want to wait again? Her reasons were lost as his tongue met hers.
She rolled him over, straddling his hips as he ran a hand through her damp hair. His hands pushed her shirt up and his fingertips traced her spine. Her temperature was rising, the fire inside blazing as she pulled his shirt over his head. But she held it in check. It would not do to set fire to the man she loved. Her fingers traced his shoulders, and a soft moan escaped Sirius’ mouth as she kissed his chest.

Suddenly, a loud clattering came from downstairs made them both raise up and look over at the door in alarm. The noise was followed by screams from Sirius’ dear mother.
“Damn that Tonks,” Sirius said, laying back down and running a hand through his hair.

Gwen was not happy with the interruption and scowled at the door. Loud voices carried up the stairs as Mrs. Black continued her rant against blood traitors and scum of the earth.

“No chance we can pick up where we left off?” Sirius looked at her hopefully.

Gwen sighed and lay down against Sirius’ bare chest. She wished they could. But the commotion had brought reality back to life, and reality included putting on a good face and socializing with people on Christmas. Sirius brought his arms around her and hugged her to him, knowing that by not answering the question, she was answering it. He sighed resignedly.

“Alright love, time to face it.”

He planted a kiss on the top of her head and gently rolled her onto her side, his hand lingering on her hip. He slowly got up and headed for the bathroom for a shower.
“Don't worry, I left some cold water for you,” she called with a grin on her face.

“I’m gonna need it,” Sirius called back through the closed door.

Gwen turned over onto her back, staring up at the ceiling while trying to get a handle on the heat still running through her from Sirius’ touch. He could ignite her at the drop of a hat.

Someone downstairs finally managed to shut Mrs. Black up and all was quiet once again. Everyone had probably congregated in the kitchen for a late breakfast. Gwen got up and went over to the mirror hanging by the wardrobe to make sure she wasn’t too disheveled. She was putting on makeup when Sirius got out of the shower. He waltzed out wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Gwen pretended not to notice, but was avidly watching his reflection in the mirror. He was just too tasty for his own good.
She poked herself in the eye with her eyeliner.
Focus Gwen, focus. He came up behind her and kissed her on the sweet spot on her neck before opening the door and walking down the hall to his room to get dressed. Her legs threatened to buckle beneath her. How could he kiss her like that and just leave? What a cruel, cruel man. She wobbled on jello legs as she looked around for her shoes and had to sit down to put them on.


As suspected, everyone was in the kitchen when she arrived. Tonks and Remus gave her warm smiles as she entered.

“Sorry about the ruckus this morning, Gee,” Tonks said as Gwen was handed a full plate of eggs, bacon, and toast by Mrs. Weasley. “That damned troll leg has it in for me.”

She winked at Gwen and went back to reading the Daily Prophet she was sharing with Remus.  Gwen sat down at the table between Mr. Weasley and Harry.

“Merry Christmas,” Gwen said to Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny, smiling as she took her seat.

“Happy Christmas, Professor,” they chimed together.

Happy, merry, same difference. Gwen turned to Mr. Weasley, asking how he was getting along when Sirius came sauntering down the stairs. Sirius clapped Harry on the shoulder as he went to sit by Lupin.

“Well, I’m off. Happy Christmas to everyone!” Tonks stood up and gave Mrs. Weasley a hug after promising she would stop by for dinner later, and with a final wave, left.

Sirius and Remus were at the end of the table laughing about God knows what as Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny stood up to go back upstairs. Harry paused with one foot on the stairs and looked back at Sirius.

“Um, Sirius, could we, er, talk for a bit?”

Sirius stood up in response, walking over to Harry and patting him on the back as they went upstairs. Gwen smiled into her orange juice. She knew how much Harry meant to him.

“Well, I guess I better be going as well,” Remus said, getting up and folding his newspaper under his arm. “Molly, thank you so much for breakfast. And yes, I will be back for dinner,” he said, smiling as Mrs. Weasley opened her mouth to speak.

Gwen rose to give him a hug and exchange “Merry Christmases.” Or “Happy Christmases.” Whatever. These British people were difficult.

“Here Molly, let me help you clean up,” Gwen said as Remus left.

“Oh no really dear, I can manage,” Mrs. Weasley answered with a smile.

She waved her wand and all the dirty dishes on the table flew across the room into a sink filled with soapy water. She moved towards Gwen and laid a gentle hand on her arm.

“How are you doing, dear?” she asked.

Gwen’s smile faltered a little. She promised her that she was fine. Mrs. Weasley nodded sadly, but at Gwen’s assurance did not press the subject. She went to go work on the soaking dishes in the sink and Gwen made her way to the stairs. She passed Kreacher, muttering to himself as usual, with what looked like a dead rat hanging from his little fist. Gwen made a face but otherwise ignored him. The lack of good sleep last night was evident as Gwen yawned, walking down the hallway toward the living room.

Hermione sat on the couch, reading of course, and Ron was inspecting his new broom compass on the floor by the fire. Gwen kept moving along the narrow hallway until she reached the sitting room at the front of the house.

She plopped down on the couch by the window, absentmindedly playing with her necklace as she watched a few lazy snowflakes swirl in the outside air. She was so absorbed in her own thoughts she didn’t hear Sirius come into the room.

“You know, you can just tell me if you forgot to get me something for Christmas.”

His voice made her jump.

He laughed and sat down beside her, snaking his arm around her and pulling her close to him.

“You’re the only thing I need any day of the year,” he whispered, nuzzling her neck.
His breath on her neck sent shivers down her spine and she found it difficult to breathe.
“Wait here,” she said breathily.

She took deep breaths to calm herself as she slowed to walk going up the stairs to her room. She was still flustered as she groped in the wardrobe for the little animal skin pouch at the back of her underwear drawer. An involuntary smile spread over her face as she felt the outline of the ring inside pouch. She went back downstairs and found Sirius lounging on the couch.

She smiled even wider as she knelt down beside the couch and handed him the little bag. He sat up and smiled back down at her. No matter how old he got, he still acted like a 5 year old when it came to presents. He eagerly opened the drawstrings and turned the pouch upside down. A wooden ring fell onto his open palm and he looked at it curiously.

“It was my father’s,” Gwen said quietly, watching his reaction anxiously.

Sirius held the ring up to the light to examine it closer. The wooden ring had a slight sheen to it, and it was perfectly round and smooth except for a small inscription.

“The inscription says ‘karahkwa’. It means ‘sun’ in Mohawk.” Gwen told him, still watching his face. “Our tribe was known as the Sun Tribe, Because our people had the ability to harness the power of the sun, or fire. My mother gave this to my father the day they were married. She made it herself. He never took it off until the day he died. He gave it to me, to give to someone worthy of it”

Sirius looked down at her, a small smile on his lips. Without a word he slipped it onto his right ring finger. It fit perfectly.

“What do you think?” Gwen asked nervously.

“I think nothing has ever meant more to me than you do right now.”

He cupped her face in his hands and brought his lips down to hers. Gwen felt relief wash over her. She hadn’t known if he would truly understand how much it meant to her that she was giving him her father’s ring.

“I’ll cherish it forever,” he said, looking her straight in the eyes.




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