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Welcoming back an old friend by American Ginny
Chapter 4 : Death's final Cry...
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 Neville knelt down at the side of Ron’s body. They had never really been the best of friends or friends really at all, but Neville could’ve never wished this end upon anyone he knew. True Ron was never the nicest person to him, nor did Ron ever actually expect for him to achieve anything. He was one of the few people that would stand up for Neville when he really needed the help though.

Neville let out a sigh and walked towards the entrance of the Great Hall. He had never achieved much in his life truthfully. His greatest accomplishments were what most witches and wizards would call basic spells. It wasn’t that he couldn’t figure the spell or task out. It was always that he never had much confidence to accomplish it.

His parents were never there to teach him and encourage him. Sure, he had gran, but she wasn’t always the best for someone with low self-esteem issues. Then there was malfoy. Oh how Neville had come to despise Malfoy. He had never been good at very much, but then Malfoy always had to make everything five times worse. Everything about Neville was always a joke to Malfoy. Even when Neville accomplished something Malfoy would somehow twist it into a joke.

Neville turned around and looked at the people behind him. Mr. Weasley sat with his family mourning over his sons. Most people would tell you that Mr. Weasley had never accomplished much within his life, but Neville knew that wasn’t true. Mr. Weasley had accomplished much within his life time, but no one would know that by his position in the ministry. That didn’t say anything though because Mr. Weasley could have easily moved up the ladder in the ministry if he would just not be such a muggle-loving man. He didn’t have to stop loving muggles, just not be so obsessed with them.

Ginny stood up from beside her father and began to help remove the dead from the middle of the room to help prepare for the second battle. Now that girl had accomplished a lot even in her six years at Hogwarts. She had managed to date about four or five different guys, but then finally she landed on the guy of her dreams- the Harry Potter. She was known for her bat-boogey hex. She was one of the gang leaders for the rebellion at Hogwarts this year. She accomplished terrorizing death eaters whom most people would have written off as impossible to terrorize. She had accomplished a lot, but she had also lost a lot for a girl so young. Two brothers killed within one night, one scarred by a werewolf, another hurt while in battle. All happening within six years of her short lifetime.

Neville let his head drop between his shoulders. He would always be a good for nothing loser. He had never accomplished anything worth wild. “I’ll always be hopeless.” He whispered to himself.

“No, you won’t.” a voice behind him said placing her hand on his shoulder.

Neville turned around to see Luna standing behind him. It was strange what the effect of war had on people. Luna still had a sense of dreaminess around her, but it was less prominent than normal. She seemed almost normal in this world.

Neville smiled at her and said, “Thanks, but I will. I know I will be. I haven’t accomplished anything in my lifetime, and I most likely never will.”

“That isn’t true, Neville, and you know it. You were the head of the rebellion at Hogwarts this year. You’ve done lots of things. You’ve accomplished making a full body patronus. Most adults can’t even do that.” Luna smiled and continued, “And you never know a gnome could bite you, and you accomplish something extremely great. Their saliva is lucky you know. I got bit by one earlier this year, and I found my radish earrings after it. It was amazing.”

Luna skipped off to help move the dead and prepare for the next battle. There was the Luna he knew. There was the Luna most people were uninterested in. There was the Luna he loved. The Luna that had always believed in him even when he failed to believe in himself.

 "Defender's of Hogwarts come out and see how your valiant hero’s body lays empty at my feet." Voldemort’s voice echoed in the hall.

Neville froze. Harry was dead? How could this be? Harry had told him that he wasn’t going to die. He had said that…that he was going to finish a job Dumbledore had left for him.

Realization flooded over Neville. Harry had every intention of going to his death. He knew Neville would have tried to stop him so he had lied. Lied to accomplish something, but what was he accomplishing by getting himself killed. He had just made it easier for Voldemort to take over. Wow, we are so lost now. There is no way we can win this one. All hope is lost!!! Neville thought hopelessly.

Neville ran to the grand double doors that had always held a sense of majesty in his mind. He stood froze as he saw the shape of a body lay motionless at Voldemort’s feet. What were they going to do now?! Their hero really was dead at the hand of their enemy.

Neville felt a sudden gush of wind blow past him knocking him from his paralyzing state. He saw a flash of fire red hair fly over the steps. Ginny, he quickly thought.

Without thinking or considering, Neville jumped the stairs to the entrance hall and ran with everything he had to catch her. He blindly reached out his hand and closed it tightly around her arm. Neville pulled Ginny closed to him as her screams began to pierce the night.

“Harry! HARRY! Harry! NO!” Ginny screamed with all her might as if they would somehow bring him back to life.

Ginny fought Neville’s hold. She clawed at his hands. She put all her power into ridding herself of his hold, but nothing worked. Neville finally let her go as she collapsed to the ground still whispering Harry with each breath.

The air was pierced a second time with a new scream. “Harry!” Hermione said rushing out from the entrance hall. “HARRY!!! NO! Harry!” Each scream becoming louder as she sank to the ground beside Ginny. The girls held onto each other trying to find comfort in what seemed to be a hopeless time.

They looked so sad and helpless to Neville. He wish he could have comforted them or helped them in any sort of way, but Neville had never been good at comforting people- especially girls. He also doubt that the presence of a boy would be much comfort when you had just lost your best guy friend and your lover.

Neville wished he had had a father that could’ve taught him what to do in a situation like this. He clenched his fist tight together. This was ridiculous. This man that stood in front of him laughing and making some grand speech destroyed lives. Lives that would have been different if he had not been around and destroyed them. The world would have been different. There would be lives that were different. Harry’s life would have been different. HIS life would have been different.

The anger was rising in Neville. He would have had a father and mother at home to care for him. He would not have had to go to the hospital every so often to even see his parents. His mom would hand him presents and treats instead of empty gum wrappers that were worthless. He would have had someone there to guide and support him when everything seemed hopeless. He would have had parents that would know who he was and would be able to say I love you instead of parents that didn’t know who he was and could not even say I love you because of some mental death eaters that destroyed all sense of sanity that his parents once had.

Neville let out a scream and broke the crowd. He began to charge at Voldemort. The anger had built up inside of him until he had enough. This was going to be the end of Voldemort. Whether Neville killed him or not, this was Neville’s chance to create his greatest accomplishment. Neville was going to stand up even in the face of death…



A/N: hahaha yes two chapters in a month or two! This is an accomplishment for me! YES!!! Woohoo! Well I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I could have kept going with this chapter and Neville, but when I wrote the last two lines, it just seemed like a perfect ending to me. Please excuse me if it seems extremely disconnected from the previous chapters. Ir has been a year or so since I last actually was connected to this story. I tried to reconnect myself to the story. I really did try. I just couldn’t make it quite the same as it once was. So sorry…Anywho…There is one chapter left, and it may get a little confusing. It depends on whether or not a flip between Hermione and Harry’s point of view or just stick to the focus of one of them. I am probably going to go with one point of view so it will be easier for the reader. Like I said I hope you enjoyed this. One more chapter to post with this story, and then it will be finished. *cries a bit* After this is finished I do plan to go back and finish through her eyes. So those of you who have read or are reading that, do get ready for a new chapter in the near future (hopefully). Thanks for reading this and remember Leave a Review!! =) Happy times!


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