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A Bump In The Night by prettywishes
Chapter 5 : Pointing Fingers and Taking Flight
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A/N: So chapter five! Things are still a bit slow I know, but the action of the story it going to start picking up soon. I'm working on rewriting the next chapter, so it shouldn't take long for it to get up!

And I don't own anything you see besides the plot!  


It seemed like years later that Scorpius Malfoy found himself waking on the couch of the Slytherin common room. For a moment he was filled with relief, realizing that the horrors of the night hadn’t been true, only some sort of twisted nightmare. But when he peeled his eyes open the dread built back up in his stomach, Albus Potter really had died.

The common room seemed to have completely transformed since the boy had been sedated, and the room was now swarming with what he supposed must have been Aurors. Sitting up, he looked over to where the body had been the last he could remember, but he was startled to see that it was now an empty space. He had expected him to be covered with a sheet or something else for respect, not for him to have vanished completely.

“Where is he?” Scorpius demanded. A few glances were thrown his way but no one seemed too concerned with the fact that his best friend’s body was nowhere to be seen. Glancing around the room he noted that the investigators were speaking with the prefect who had found him with the body earlier, as well as the other sixth year boys.

It was an odd sight for the blonde, having the one haven for those stuck in Slytherin transformed into hell. Several students seemed to be crying, and every so often a prefect would dart in and out of the portrait hole. There was no other movement in and out, so Scorp figured that they must have moved the students out of the dungeons.

But none of it mattered much to him; all that he wanted to know was where Albus’s body had gone. There was something about the vacant look that had been in his best friends eyes that made him want to protect his friend. Albus may have been gone, but something made Scorpius awfully worried about what had happened to the boy’s body.

“Where’s Albus?” He pleaded, hoping that someone would be able to answer his question. A few more answerless glances were thrown his way, and the boy wondered if they were just going to leave him there and ignore his shouts. One of the men turned his way though, and he was relieved when he started to make his way over towards him.

“Are you Scorpius Malfoy?” A man questioned, his badges showing that he was one of the Aurors working the case. He seemed rather gruff looking, and if it hadn’t been for the fact that he was still clad in slippers he would have been very intimidating.

“Yes.” He replied, not knowing what else to say.  He wanted to repeat his question, to make sure that it was understood, but something about the man’s expression made him decide to hold his tongue. For a moment he feared that he’d go on about how it’d been stolen or something equally as scandalous, but his words shocked the boy even more.

“Well Mister Malfoy, we are under the impression that you murdered Albus Potter tonight.”


Having never been much of a crier, Lily felt strange at the way that she didn’t break into heartbreaking sobs like her mother had. Tears had fallen of course, but she didn’t see the point in wasting all that energy in being upset when there were so many more important things to be concerned about. Rubbing her sleeve across her face she tried to pull herself together, wiping away the few tears and snot that had fixed itself to her face. 

“Where’s James.” Lily managed, once her tears had finally subsided to a point she could deal with.

Her question caused all the adults in the room to glance at each other, fear evident in their eyes, as they realized that the third Potter wasn’t in the room. The looks on their faces only made things worse for Lily and she feared that they would open their mouths and mention that he’d been killed as well. Before another burst of tears came streaming over her face though a prefect came bursting into the room.

“Where’s Mr. Potter?” McGonagall questioned, hoping that he wouldn’t say that he’d found that boy dead in his common room as well. The boy didn’t appear to be traumatized though, and she doubted that he’d just spotted a dead body.

“He, he found out and he said that he wanted to go to the pitch.” The boy explained, the gasps in his breath making it clear that he’d run the entire way to the office. “I know I shouldn’t have let him go...but I couldn’t exactly stop him.” He added on, hoping that this wasn’t going to be worthy of having his prefect badge taken away. Despite his worries, badge snatching was the last thing on the Professors mind, as there were much more pressing issues to be dealt with.

“Very well, I will send someone else to fetch him.” She explained, making it clear that the boy was dismissed. If he’d simply let him go the first time he took off, she knew that he’d fail at trying to get him cooperate in leaving the pitch. The boy nodded, his face rather pale, and he left leaving the door to slam shut behind him.

Harry stood at this point, knowing that he’d need to go down and fetch his eldest son. James had ended up an awful lot like himself, and he knew that the last place he wanted to be was cooped up after hearing such devastating news. Flying about wasn’t going to hurt anyone either, and he knew that he could put up with sitting out in the cold for the good of his son. He hadn’t been there when Albus had needed him, and he wasn’t about to leave James in that same boat.           

“I’ll be back in a bit.” He muttered, knowing that the rest of them would know where he was heading. Taking a deep breath in an attempt to calm himself he took off after the prefect, leaving the women in his life behind


James’ mind was completely empty as he made his way back up to the common room. It was almost as though the news was too much to process and he just couldn’t handle it, or maybe he just couldn’t believe it. After all, how would some stupid Slytherin prefect know that his little brother was dead? Sure they were in the same house but that didn’t mean that he would be informed on every little thing that went on.

But the boy doubted some prefect would trek all the way to the Gryffindor dorms in the middle of the night unless there was something serious. Albus had to be dead; it wasn’t very easy to fabricate issues such as that so easily. Running his hands through his hair James wondered if there was anything that he could have done to help him, but besides getting him sorted to Gryffindor in the first place not much came to mind.

“Ice mice.” James muttered, realizing just how stupid the password was as he made his way past the fat lady into the common room. It was empty, and James bounded up the stairs to his dormitory, surprised to see that the rest of his roommates seemed to be chatting. Pausing to listen for a moment, he wasn’t very shocked by the things that they were saying.

“What do you think happened?” One voice asked, James couldn’t tell who but he couldn’t help but to note that they sounded like a lot of girls sitting around gossiping. Swinging the door open, he noted that he wasn’t the only one with a lit wand, as most of the boys seemed to be somewhat awake.

“My brother died, that’s what.” He muttered before snatching up his broom and heading out the door. James knew that their faces must have said a lot, but he couldn’t bear to look. He didn’t want pity; he didn’t want to be told that they were sorry because that wasn’t going to help the fact that he no longer had a little brother.

Ignoring a few shouts as he made his way down the stairs James tried to move as quickly as possible. He was itching to get outside and do nothing. Flying had always given James the ability to think of nothing but the task at hand, catching the snitch.

Suddenly the thought of flying made James sick, because there would be no seeker to play against in the match tomorrow. Even though they didn’t always get along, James was looking forwards to hunting after the snitch, trying to get into his possession before Albus could.

James paused in the halls, taking a few deep breaths. His hands shook as he tried to figure out what to do. He knew what he should do, and that was go up to the Headmistress’s office to be with his parents, with his baby sister. But there was something about that situation that didn’t feel right, and he knew that it wouldn’t help anything. So he leaned against the wall before sliding down it and taking a seat on the hard stone floor. 

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