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Sugar Free Sweets by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 1 : Type One
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Disclaimer; Thank you to the wonderful J.K Rowling who created everything written her except Melissa, Lauren and fragments of the plot which were created by yours truly.


I'd like to dedicate this to a number of people;
To my mum, dad and eight siblings,
For loving me no matter what.
To my doctor Cathy,
who I know will never read this.
To my incredibly supportive friend Laura,
who has been there for me through everything.
To Lizzie, Sevvy and Cally,
for being the most awesome people I've ever meet on a forum.
And lastly to Lauren,
the person who inspired me to write this and has been nothing but supportive while I’ve been re-writing this.


chapter image by !Mercy of TDA.

Melissa Sanchez looked down on the potion she was halfway through brewing and inwardly groaned; usually she enjoyed Potions to some extent but today she was feeling so unbelievably ill that even her favourite subject, which was Charms, could make her feel better.


Melissa crossed her arms on the table and buried her head, hoping that she could fit in a few minutes rest before Slughorn came around to check their potions. Her wish was short lived when she was nudged softly in the side.


“Melissa, do you want to go to the Hospital Wing?” Came Lauren Williams’s soft voice.


 She and Melissa had been best friends since their first night at Hogwarts when they met in the Hufflepuff Common Room. Lauren was a muggle-born and therefore knew nothing what-so-ever about Hogwarts, as Melissa came from a half-blood family she was more than happy to tell Lauren everything she knew.


Lauren was a rather quiet girl until you got to know her and then it was hard to shut her up but it no way was she rude or arrogant in fact she cared a lot for Melissa and treated her like a little sister even though she was only a month older.


“No” Melissa whispered back, staring up at her best friend who had grudgingly gone back to her potion. Lauren’s long mousy brown hair was tied back neatly in a ponytail and her robes fitted her slim figure perfectly. Noticing that Melissa hadn’t gone back to her work, she stopped cutting her roots and stared over at her.


“What’s wrong?” Melissa whispered a quick nothing and started to dice up a few of her ingredients; Lauren sighed and turned back to her own potion. 


A few minutes passed and nothing was said, until Melissa began to feel ill again. She took a deep breath and sat back down on her chair, she pressed a hand to her aching stomach. The pain was so intense that when she tried to call for Lauren who had gone off to talk to Professor Slughorn, she could not find her voice.


She slid out of her seat, pushing some of her bleached blonde hair out of her face and stood, leaning against her table for a minute before walking towards Lauren and Slughorn.


Around her, she could hear the loud chatting of her classmates and the bubbling of their potions. Just as she stumbled up to the front desk, where Severus Snape was sitting, her vision started to go blurry. She could barely make out the odd look Snape was giving her, and continued to stumble forward her eyes barely setting on Slughorn’s round figure.


Lauren seemed to notice her, sent her an odd look before noticing just how much her best friend was clumsily walking.


“Are you alright Miss. Sanchez?” Slughorn asked, as Lauren threw her arms around her to keep her standing upright. Melissa could hear as the room went silent, which meant only one thing; everyone in the room was staring at her. She felt herself blush and tried to find her voice in order to describe her blurred vision. Her voice was still not cooperating with her and she could hear the whispers spreading around the room. “Miss. Sanchez?” Slughorn asked again, this time Melissa didn’t even have time to think about answering as she felt her legs give way and her vision go black.


Great” She thought to herself.



When Melissa finally came around, she was grateful that she was no longer on the cold Dungeon floors of the Potions classroom but wasn’t overly thrilled with the fact she was in the hospital wing either.


“Welcome back” An unfamiliar voice said from beside her bed, it was obviously not Lauren or Madam Pomfrey. With an odd desire to know who had graced her with their presence she sat up slowly in her bed and turned to face a smirking, Remus Lupin.


Remus Lupin was one of the four Marauders, a group of four insanely popular Gryffindor boys called the ‘Marauders’ whom were in Melissa’s year and most of her classes. Remus was the nicest of the four boys and among the smartest in their year; it surprised her that he was not a Ravenclaw instead.


As well as being smart, he wasn’t too hard on the eyes either as Lauren would say. He was rather tall, about 6” or so. His hair was light brown, almost blonde that fell perfectly in front of his amber eyes which over the years Melissa, had heard her share of giggling about.


It was common knowledge that the Marauders had their own fan girl base,  although Sirius Black had the most (and he was definitely not afraid to flaunt this), Remus had a steady amount as well but unlike his friends he didn’t spend every single waking moment in a broom closet with one of them. What really surprised Melissa was the fact he was sitting right across from her, they had never even talked and here he was sitting with her in a hospital wing like they were best friends.


“Hi” She whispered back, his eyes glistened brightly at her before turning away as the curtains where pulled open by Lauren who instantly noticed Melissa was awake and called for Madam Pomfrey.


“How are you feeling?” Lauren asked, sitting on the edge of Melissa’s bed and smiling over at her. She desperately wanted to ask as to why Remus Lupin was sitting in the same room as them but she thought better of it considering said person was smiling between the pair.


“Ah, Miss Sanchez. I’d like to ask you a few questions before I give you a potion” Madam Pomfrey said as she came bustling into the room, breaking the awkward silence. “Now when did you start feeling sick?”


Ah, great. Question time!” Melissa thought to herself before explaining to the school healer that she had begun feeling sick during Potions class. She was then asked what she had eaten for breakfast, her reply being that she had missed breakfast that morning because she was running late.


“Did you get hit with any odd spells?” Was the final question Madam Pomfrey asked, Melissa shook her head and Madam Pomfrey sighed. “I’m afraid there is no potion to make you feel better, you have a muggle condition. At the moment there is no cure, not even for us but research is underway in the Muggle World” Melissa swallowed her sob that was caught in her throat and nodded for the healer to continue. “It’s easily manageable though” She added quickly before continuing. “Miss. Sanchez, you have a sickness called Type One Diabetes”


Authors Note; Well there you go guys, For those of you who read the original I’m sorry about this I just thought this was a refreshing change and that this was much more interesting.


I hope you all agree and I hope to see you in the next chapter, which I will hopefully update next month, I’m going to be away for the rest of January so I look forward to seeing you all in February. Thanks for reading and please review!

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