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Witches & Wizards Protection Program by makesmewonder
Chapter 3 : +Chapter Three
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Chapter Three! Please enjoy & review (;





A boy with auburn hair was leaning against the doorframe. His green eyes turned on Matt. "What, not happy to see me?"


"What are you doing here, Beaujolais {boh-jzsho-lay}?" Harlow joined her brother at the door.


"Just dropping by," the boy answered, winking at Harlow.


"Can't you see we're busy, Rory?" Matt growled at the 'Beaujolais' boy.


"What, showing your Help your new tasting room?" Rory shot a fake sympathetic look at Draco and Hermione.


"We're not 'the help'," Draco defended himself, crossing his arms. "Someone explain to me who the helll this prick is."


"Monsieur Rory Beaujolais, the third." Rory said and crossed the room to face Draco. "Descendant of the founder of Beaujolais winery, the oldest and finest winery in all of the United States of America."


"Oh shut up Rory!" Harlow groaned. "Your family's winery is only one year older than my family's."


"One year can make plenty difference, Lafayette." Rory replied, rolling his eyes to the ceiling. He trained his apple green eyes back on Draco. "Who are you?"


"Draco Malfoy." The Slytherin responded coolly.


Then Rory turned to Hermione, a wicked grin on his strawberry lips. "And you, mademoiselle?" To Draco's horror he watched as Rory kissed Hermione's hand. How bloody dreadful.


Hermione blushed. "Hermione Granger."


"Enchanté {ehn-shahn-tay}," Rory murmured. "I noticed your accent. London?"


"Enough of this," Matt stomped over and took a hold of Rory's ear. He yelped at the force of being dragged backwards. Matt pushed him out the door. "Get out of here Beaujolais!" Rory opened his mouth to speak just as Matt slammed the door in his face.


A few moments passed as Matt and Harlow exchanged frustrated glances. "I'm gonna need a better explanation," Draco quirked an eyebrow.


"Rory Beaujolais' family owns the neighboring winery here in Napa Valley," Matt told him. "Their family has been in business only one more year than us because our ancestors were friends; Pierre Beaujolais and Hobart Lafayette. They were going to go into the wine making business together, but Pierre turned on Hobart. It took him a year to recover and start the Lafayette Winery. For as long as Napa Valley can remember it's always been Beaujolais versus Lafayette."


"And we've been enemies ever since," Harlow finished, shutting the window where she watched Rory disappear. "I can't stand him."


Hermione held back her comment. She finally said: "so what do we do now?"


"I suppose you two can help out in the cellar first, the materials for this project haven't been delivered yet." Matt told them, opening the doors and walking back towards the main house.


"Matt hates Rory," Harlow whispered to Draco.


"I can understand why," Draco agreed, watching Matt leave.






"All you two have to do is organize the wines by year," Harlow explained in the cellar. She pointed to one of the shelves. "Start with this one. All the bottles of white wine are mixed up. I'll see you later!" Harlow waved and walked up the stairs into the kitchen.


"I hate it here," Draco protested moodily.


"Oh shut it Malfoy," Hermione glared at him. "You won't feel any better if you complain."


"Maybe I will, I'm starting to feel a bit more cheery already!" Draco's sarcastic reply irked Hermione. She decided not to say anything else.


Hermione pulled one bottle of wine from the shelf, then another. It took a few minutes of silence for her and Draco to empty the shelf. They lined up the bottles on the floor, label facing up. The white wine gleamed back from inside the bottles like a liquid gold carpet.


"Bloody helll," Draco breathed. He got on his knees to inspect a bottle. The year '1985' was inscribed in delicate cursive. "I wish I could take a tiny sip…"


"Just because it's a few years old you think it's worth it to open a perfect bottle of Lafayette wine that's clearly not ours?" Hermione said an edge in her voice.


"Will you just let up a little, Granger?" Draco moved into a sitting position.


Hermione began to sort the bottles. "I don't need to follow your advice."


"It could do you well you know." Draco rolled a bottle across the stone floor past an older bottle. "You know you're infamous for your uptight-ness."


"Do you think I care what people think?" Hermione ordered a pair of bottles; slightly impressed one was almost double her age.


"I know you give a rat's asss about what Weasley thinks of you." Draco said and pushed another bottle towards Hermione.


She bristled; wondering what was Ron was doing right now. "Just a question, is Millicent as bad as she seems?"


Draco narrowed his eyes. "Why? If I was you I wouldn't be worried about Bullstrode stealing Weasley." He scoffed. "It's not your fault you can't do better."


Hermione slammed her palms on the floor. "Will you just bloody shut up? I only asked you a simple question! Stop slipping in insults to my best friends."


"I think you're a little closer than friends," Draco smirked. "But hey, I'd be embarrassed to say that, too."


"Draco Malfoy, shut up right now." Hermione was standing now. She swiftly pulled her wand from her pocket.


Draco's eyebrows rose to his hairline. "Are you—?" he gestured at her wand, letting silence fill the end of his thought.


"Don't test me," Hermione growled. "I held back before; don't make me chose the other option now."


Draco laughed. "Merlin's beard, Granger, you're pathetic." He took his wand from his pocket and held it out, just as she was to him. "What if I make the first move?"


Hermione felt her throat go dry. "You won't. I'm a girl."


"You're a mudblood." Draco's eyes narrowed.


"Malfoy." Hermione's voice wavered and she clenched her jaw. Her arm was outstretched perfectly straight, stiff with determination. The tip of her wand skimmed Draco's and a small jolt of electricity passed through her body.


"PROTEGO!" Hermione and Draco were forced back, flying in opposite directions. Both wands rolled away from their hands. Hermione groaned and struggled into a sitting position. Draco got to his feet and saw a silvery shield separating him from Hermione.


"What the helll is going on?" Harlow was at the cellar stairs, her wand pointing back and forth from Draco to Hermione. "I leave for fifteen minutes and you two are about to fight a duel or something?"


Neither Hermione nor Draco spoke. Hermione blinked back tears, candidly embarrassed of her immature behavior. Draco was glaring at Harlow.


"You two need to get along!" Harlow put her left hand on her hip, keeping her wand directed at the shield in her right. "Not only is there glass and valuable wine from my family here, but also you are representing Hogwarts! Professor McGonagall gave us instructions that at any sign of aggression or agitation we should report you for new locations." Harlow's mauve eyes flashed. "Y'all don't wanna leave so soon do you?"


Hermione sighed. "I'm sorry." Her voice was as small as her confidence.


Harlow nodded and turned to Draco. He kept his eyes on hers. "Sorry."


"See, not too bad right?" Harlow glanced at the pair before flicking her wrist. The shield came down silently. Draco saw Hermione sitting on the floor, wiping her eyes.


"I'm going to leave now, but I'll be back." Harlow warned, walking slowly up the stairs. "Don't try anything funny, don't kill each other, and don't break anything when I'm gone."


Draco watched Harlow leave and leaned against the far wall. Hermione was still on the other side of the cellar by the wine bottles. He quietly crossed the room and got back to work.

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