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The Truth by Phelia Fraz
Chapter 4 : Being his puppet
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As I walked back to my dorm with the ex-auror we said nothing. The silence for me seemed defending, but Moody seemed to need it. Though he was an ex-auror, and had seen much death in his time, he had never been left alone with a grieving child before. He seemed to believe that I was about to break, and it could happen at any minute. He didn't know at that moment how close to the truth he really was.

I had not yet cried over the death of my parents. Though the shock did put me out for a bit the pain had not yet arrived. I had let others see me weak in Albus' office they would not see me cry as well. Oh how I needed to see Ginny at that moment, but Albus informed me before I left that I would be leaving the school without being able to see my friends. He said this was for me. He didn't want them to cause me anymore pain then what I was going through, but the truth was he didn't want me to break and say something to Harry. Even in what should have been my time to mourn for the loss of my loved ones Albus only cared about him.

Of course back then I didn't see this as a problem. At fist I was confused and just angry with my parents deaths. It wasn't that I didn't trust him, I was just distraught. I needed to get alone and away from him Snape and Moody. I was one of Dumbledore's puppets back then. I may have been one of the worst ones, because I had a brain. Everyone told me that I was the smartest witch of my age and yet I let that man play me for years. I guess that I can blame it on my youth and my need to fit in with the wizarding world as a mudblood. But my reasons for trusting him are not needed at this point in the story. Where was I? Oh yeah.

I excused myself from Moody the moment that we made it to the Gryffindor common room I wasn't really surprised to find that no one at all was in the room. Of course all of the teachers were keeping the students in their classrooms. They might not all even know why they were doing it except that Albus told them to. I ran up to my dorm not evening falling down once but the moment that the door shut I lost it. I silenced the room and let it out. I cursed my parents for leaving cursed myself for staying. Hell I even cursed Moody for walking me to my room. But the one person that I didn't curse was Harry. I still believed that he had too much to worry about and that if I hadn't have come back here he would have been totally lost.

I destroyed my room that day I even through my roommates stuff everywhere, thankfully once I came to my senses not long after I waved my wand and cleaned up the mess then with another wave I packed up my stuff and rejoined Moody in the common room. We walked back to the Headmaster's office and spoke not a word again. Though I could have talked to him this time I don't believe that he trusted me enough to not break down. Though he must have thought that I had for as long as I was in the dorm. When we finally reached the office I thanked him for helping me carry my things.

Inside the office was once again Professor's Snape and McGonagall and Albus. They were quietly talking to each other, but when she walked into the room they stopped. Albus looked at both professors for an affirmation nod before he spoke up so that I could hear him. "Ms Granger I understand that you wish to leave and make the arrangements for your parents. We would like to send a member of staff with you since you are not old enough in either of your worlds to do this alone. I am sure that you would prefer Minerva to accompany you but I am afraid that she can't get away at the moment. We need her here as the Gryffindor head of house for your friends."

"You mean Harry right? I am sorry Headmaster but I really would wish you to be blunt with me right now. I trust your judgment but right now I don't want to deal with your riddles when you could easily just tell me the truth."

"Well yes Ms. Granger of course. And well I can't come with you because I also need to be here to run the school, and make sure Harry doesn't do something to get himself killed. We can't send you with just any teacher because they need to be able to protect you in case of an attack so they also need to be in the order. This leaves Snape. So you will need to leave as soon as possible. We will allow your friends to come to the funeral if both you and Professor Snape feel that it would be okay." He stopped talking now and looked to Snape waiting for him to speak. Snape though was not paying any attention to anyone in the room instead he was just looking out the window. "Severus did you hear me?"

"Would it matter if I hadn't? I already know the plan Albus hell I knew your plan before you did. Anything to save Harry any grief right?"

"Hey that isn't fair Professor Snape. Harry is having a hard time getting though his Godfather's death and now that he feels completely alone the last thing that he need is for his head of house to leave him as well. I need someone here with him that can give him attention while I am gone." My outburst seemed to surprise everyone in the room. Albus soon gave me a small smile I had done exactly what he had wanted me to do. I stood up for Harry even though I was grieving for my family.

"Fine Ms. Granger but I would wish you to remember your sentiments about this for later in the near and not so near future. I will now endeavor to hold Mr. Potter's well being above you own."

"Now Severus you know that isn't what she meant"

"I am sorry Minerva but there is no time to discuss this as we need to get Ms. Granger out of here before we let the students go to their next classes." Hermione and Snape began to walk out of the office when Albus decided to give another warning shot to Snape before they left. "Oh yes and Severus, if you happen to have a... meeting while you are gone be sure to leave Ms. Granger in safe hands."

I'm sure that whatever hands that I leave her in she will be safer than yours Albus.

Is what Albus read in Snape's mind but what the rest of us heard him say out loud was "Of course Headmaster, and besides she can look after herself."



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