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Lonely Lily by life_writtendown
Chapter 12 : Maribelle Freaking Wankler
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 When we would enter the main hall, I had envisioned that everyone would turn and gape in awe and wonder as to whom this new beautiful woman must be. However, things happened quite differently. First of all, we arrived two hours after curfew, so the main hall was empty spare a few wandering ghosts. Second of all, I realized that I had forgotten to tell Sara about my trip, so when I reached the common room, she attacked me.


“Where in the bloody world have you been?” Sara screamed, inches away from my face.


I opened my mouth to respond but she held up her hand and shushed me.


“Oh and I suppose it took you six fucking hours to get a haircut?” Sarah yelled. “It may look fucking fantastic on you, but we thought you were bloody dead!”



“Thank you?” I murmured and cowered into the corner.


“Spare me those stupid doe eyes Lil, you of all people should have had the sense to tell your only bloody friend where you disappeared off to!” Her face at this point was turning dangerously red, and her shoulders were shaking rather violently.



I decided to let her cool down a moment.  I looked around the common room, praying to Merlin that everyone else was in bed, but no, Levi Wood was sitting on the steps to the boy’s dormitory, with his elbows casually bent behind him, enjoying the entertainment.



“Hello Levi.” I waved shyly, the blood immediately rushing to my cheeks.


“Gorgeous new look Lily my darling, no wonder you have been gone for ages.” Levi said playfully, his eyes filled with amusement.


“Oh shut it you toss pot.” Sarah scathed, obviously not appreciating Levi’s humor.


“Sara, my doll, you must calm down or your face won’t ever go back to its original color.” He laughed and stood. “I must bid you both goodnight, I need my beauty rest.”


“Goodnight.” We both said simultaneously, me softly and Sara the opposite.


“Oh and Lily, next time, tell someone, will you?” Levi said softly before retreating up the stairs.


“I will.” I whispered, my cheeks permanently stained red.


“Oh so you listen to him, you star crossed twat!” Sarah spat and stomped up the girl’s stairway.


I sighed and relaxed into the plump couch, and soaked up the warmth from the massive fire place.  I started to run my fingers through my new hair, the strands felt soft and foreign, nothing like my frizzy knots. My fingertips left my hair to feel my new silk skirt and ruffled blouse, nothing warm or comforting, only expensive and cold. Everything I was wearing felt like a fake shell.  However, I was starting to think that this new fake shell may not be such a bad idea.


The next morning Sarah ignored me, but everyone else didn’t. When I woke up I prepared myself as I usually do, running a hand through my wavy hair, slipping on my uniform and done, but when I looked in the mirror I noticed a strange glow about me. Confidence? Or maybe that weird powder they poofed on my face yesterday hadn’t worn off.  I like to think that it’s confidence. I could feel their eyes burn into my silky hair and polished legs. My cheeks burned red and I ducked my head so my hair would shade my face. So it's definitely not confidence.  The whole Great Hall was awkwardly silent; I could hear the clicking of my new black heels on the stone floor. But then a low wolf whistle from the Slytherin table broke the silence and the hall erupted back into the usual morning chaos.  I slipped into my seat as quickly as possible, thanking Merlin that my seat wasn’t taken.


Sarah, all the while adamantly ignoring me, was shoving her face with French toast in the seat directly across from me.


I sighed and prepared my plate with a little food.  I’m back at the start, eating breakfast alone with no friends. Or at least I have friends, even if they hate my guts.


Levi sauntered down the aisle and slid into his seat beside me just like always. I rotated in my seat to give a smile, but this time when he sat down he wrapped his arm around the girl to his right. Maribelle Wankler, really that’s the poor girl’s name. She is rather famous for her late night escapades and sweet, bubbly, yet extremely annoying giggle. And just to make the situation even better, he placed a sweet kiss on her cheek. Maribelle giggled and turned in her seat to give him a full on kiss on the lips. I heard him chuckle and return the gesture enthusiastically. Something inside me snapped, and I felt the fork in my hand start to shake. Sarah looked up from her feast of French toast and gave me a knowing smirk. I scoffed and turned my body so I couldn’t see Levi at all.­


As if things couldn’t get any worse. 



So, when did I decide to take a huge break from HPFF? When Nanofreakingwrimo decided to ruin my life. I finished in a month, but now I just can't stop writing! Well, here is another chapter. It's a filler, but whatever.

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Lonely Lily: Maribelle Freaking Wankler


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