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The Trials of being James Potter's Girlfriend by silverstarletworld89
Chapter 3 : Foot rests, Firewhiskey and Secret Crushes.
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Staring into the fire watching the bright red flames engulf the Common Room, I thanked Merlin that it was the weekend.

With Friday almost over and Quidditch practice not until Sunday evening (in which I would show my boyfriend and the rest of the school that Hufflepuff are a force to be reckoned with by introducing my new and may I say, truly genius Quidditch tactics), I started to begin to enjoy what my friends and I call the ‘wonderful two day of rest period’. Or in other words ‘two wonderful days of doing completely fuck all’.

Just time to kick back and relax with the thoughts of James, Quidditch and homework pushed right to the back of my mind.

I know, I know I’m a seventh year and I should prioritise my homework but I mean come on. Seriously, who does homework on the weekend anyway?

It’s all about leaving it until last minute Sunday night, having few hours sleep and then just wishing that you just had the sense to do it before.

It’s a standard routine. And one I don’t intend to break anytime soon.

In prime position beside the fire with the radiating warmth from the flames kissing my skin, I began to lay my head against the arm of the sofa. Allowing the tiredness from this week to overcome my senses.

“Oi, wake up! I am not a foot rest you know.”

“But Sam, you’re so comfortable,” I reasoned not bothering to open my eyes.

Instead I snuggled deeper into the sofa, hoping that one of my longest, dearest and sweetest friends would continue to allow me to use him as a foot rest.

Since my legs weren’t long enough to reach the table that was placed in the middle of the two sofas we were currently occupying, I had to find the next best alternative.

Wrong place, wrong time my friend.

“Just face facts Sammy boy,” said Imogen who’s voice came from the other side of my human foot rest. “When you are this comfortable, you cannot expect girls not to want to cuddle you.”

“There is a bit difference between cuddle. . . and being used as a piece of furniture,” clarified Sam.

I could imagine his adorable face trying to display annoyance with his charming golden eyes showing nothing but teasing.

"Dude, please! I cannot just sit back and watch this,” said a deep voice coming from the opposite couch. “How many times have I told you to stand your ground man; otherwise these girls will just walk all over you.”

“Hey, you shush Smith,” said Imogen, addressing our fellow burly seventh year Ben Smith. “If he wants to let us lean on him, we can lean on him.”

“Serious man points have been lost here. Just look at you; you’ve become a human couch.”

“He likes being a human couch, don’t you Sam?”

Shaking my head to myself I realised that the calming mood had just been chucked out the window. Sitting myself upright, I tried to shake myself awake to stop myself from falling asleep once again.

Having just gone half eleven our cosy Common Room was reasonably empty with the students probably opting to relaxing in their dorm rooms instead. With the last drips and drabs of people making their way to bed, while my friends and I continued to set up camp by the fire.

Imogen was still leaning on Sam, hurling some kind of abuse at Ben. Ruby was sitting in the corner of that same couch enchanting a paper plane to fly around the room and Livy was sitting in the in between Ruby and Ben reading what looked like a History of Magic book.

Just one of our normal Friday nights.

"Drew, your boyfriend is a massive prat!” exclaimed Lee storming though the Common Room door, heading straight towards our little group by the fire.

“Tell us something we don’t know,” chuckled Ben.

Yep, this is definitely a normal.

“What’s he done now?” I asked exasperatedly. James being a prat seemed to be a reoccurring theme this week.

“Why they decided to partner me up with him in Potions I have no idea,” complained Lee throwing his hands up in the air defeatedly. “Two weeks we have had to do this project and the guy has done bugger all. I always wondered how this guy got to seventh year but now I’m seriously starting to question it.”

Seeing the frustration on Lee’s face I could completely relate to the emotions that were going through him at this moment in time. It’s not that James isn’t clever he is actually very intelligent. Who would have thought right?

No, the problem is, is that he is so flipping lazy. He just doesn’t bother trying. I would say that during his time in Hogwarts ninety nine percent of the time he has always been partnered with girls and unintentionally or not, he throws on the Potter charm making girls putty in his hands so that they pick up his slack and do the work for him.

I mean no girl can resist James Potter’s charisma, dazzling smile and cheeky wink.

I should know. It’s how we got together after all. But that’s another story.

"That’s not even the worse part it’s the giggling girls surrounding him that I can’t take. I mean don’t get me wrong I love girls as much as the next person, but the constant giggles has got to drive anyone insane,” he complained sitting himself at the edge of the two sofas with his back to the fire. The colour from the fire highlighting his light features even more.

"I had to tell my sister to leave three times while we were working in the library!” he cried out, his face creasing with irritation.

Now I love Lee to bits but whenever he is having one of his rants and raves I cannot help but to laugh. The way he crumples his expressions and over dramatises everything you just can’t keep a straight face. This has caused many disagreements between us, since it is not quite appropriate to laugh in someone’s face when they are angry and being quite serious.

Oh yeah, like you’ve never done it?

I looked over to the other sofa at Ruby who was looking everywhere but at me and Livy who had completely covered her face with the History of Magic textbook. And I could tell that they, exactly like me were trying hard not to laugh. I couldn’t risk looking at Imogen either, I knew if I saw her face that I would crack.

I held my breath, making my cheeks bulge out from the air that was held within, hoping that it would help me stop the urge to laugh.

“Aww, not Sophie,” groaned Sam stretching his legs out since he was now relived of his foot rest duties.

“Yep, they have converted her.” said Lee placing his head in his hands, actually looking quite devastated.

“No,” said Ben shocked, sitting up closer as if the distance would enable him to get over this earth shattering news.

“She wouldn’t, she’s too clever for that,” Sam reassured him.

Lee shook his head slowly, “No she told me earlier. She is now one of them.” He sighed deeply, with a sense of disappointment.

“She is now . . . an official member of the James Potter Fan Club.”

With that I couldn’t hold it in any more and I just burst out laughing, with the rest of the girls letting rip soon after. I saw Ben give Lee a sympathetic pat on the back and it just made me laugh even harder. For fuck’s sake you would have though his sister had the serious case of spattergroit with the way these boys were acting.

Between laughter tear eyes, I saw Ben take his wand out of his pocket and seven glasses appearing on the table, with a bottle of Firewhiskey and Butterbeer joining it for company.

“I was going to bring these out at our next party, but desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Glasses filled to the brim and floating towards us, Lee turned towards me.

“Does it not bother you having all these girls following him around all the time?” he asked curiously taking a big sip of his Firewhiskey.

"No, not really,” I lied, looking upwards, as if doing so they won’t be able to see through my blatant lie.

“Bullshit!” Livy, Ruby and Imogen called out together.

I guess I didn’t look high enough.

In a way I guess I can understand where some of these girls are coming from. I mean who wouldn’t want to start or join a fan club of one of the most famous teen celebrities in the Wizarding World? Currently ranking at number three on the list of Witch’s Teens hottest celebrity males.

"Ok fine, they bother me a little but on the plus side, I always get some amazing food.” I chuckled, trying to think of a least some positives. “Some of those crazy stalker girls really can cook.”

“Pfft! Someone needs to buy those girls a clue.” Stated Ruby matter of factly, rolling her eyes.

“Hey, don’t you talk about Immy like that,” grinned Ben, leaning back into the sofa.

“Ha, ha, ha,” Imogen replied back sarcastically. “I just don’t get it though. No offence Drew, but everyone clearly knows that Louis is the sexiest member of that family. Don’t get me wrong James is hot, but Louis, Louis just has that extra va va voom.”

“That is true,” piped up Livy. “He is so intellectual. I didn’t realise that he could speak French too, we had such a great conversation.”

“I knew you fancied him!” I cried, as her face began to turn rose coloured.

She moved her dark blonde hair to try and cover her face and buried her head in her glass, gulping away at the contents until it was empty.

That was until it began refilling it’s self again. I think someone is clearly having too much to drink.

“Who wouldn’t? He is beautiful,” said Immy twirling her curly brown locks around her finger and looking whimsically up to the ceiling. “He is so sexy. One hundred percent he is the best looking one."

“I don’t think so,” said Sam placing his arms behind his head as he lent back against the sofa.

I could hear the fire crackling away, while we all waited for his answer.

“Well, it’s got to be Ginny,” he responded as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I was so shocked by what I just heard that I spat my drink back out.

The Firewhiskey went everywhere.

“Ugh! Drew!”

I stared at Sam flabbergasted, as he laughed his head off.

"Ginny? . . . As in Ginny Potter? . . . James mum?” I cried, not believing my ears.

“You can’t be serious?" grinned Ruby.

“Man points restored my friend,” called Ben, as both he and Lee got up to high five Sam.

"How much have you had to drink?” I asked curiously looking at his glass attempting to take it away from him. 

“Come on she is fit!” he shrugged at me.

“I wouldn’t say no,” said Ben wiggling his eyebrows at us.

“But she’s old,” laughed Imogen.

“Come on she is a definite WILF!” said Lee placing his glass on the table in front of him.

“What the hell is a WILF?” asked Livy curiously, once again downing the contents of her drink.

Ben smirked at the boys and then all nodded in agreement all knowing what he was going to say.

"A witch I’d like to-“

“OK! Ok. We get it,” I said raising my arms to silence the boys as they continued to laugh. “James’ mum? . . . You fucking kidding me?” I mumbled.

“A witch I’d like to what? To what?” asked Livy.

"Think about it,” said Ruby leaning back and scrapping her dark hair into a ponytail. “You know for such a smart girl, you sometimes lack in the common sense department.”

We were all fully laughing now, the effects of the Firewhiskey taking place.

“How she could give birth to such a messy haired idiot, I have no idea,” claimed Ben.

“Why do you always have to complain about his hair?” asked Ruby.

“He’s just jealous that Potter can wake up with the prefect bed hair look, while it takes him at least three hours every morning to perfect. Isn’t that right princess,” smirked Lee.

“Fuck off!”Said Ben as he pushed Lee playfully to the floor.

In fits of giggles we continued to discuss our secret crushes, embarrassing stories and generally talk basic shit into the early hours of the morning until the last bottles of Butterbeer and Firewhiskey had been drained.

I could hear the hangover calling me already.

Hi guys thank you so much taking the time to read my story :-), I am really not too sure about this chapter but I wanted you guys to get a little bit of what Drew and her friends are like. The next chapter is ready and much better I promise!!

I would love a review to know what you guys think anyway. So please review good or bad.


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