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Age 17 Becoming a Snape by qtbaby88
Chapter 3 : *Chapter 2*
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I own nothing from J.K Rowling


Hermione’s POV

          “What is going on here?” Remus shouted as he and Sirius grabbed Harry and I jumped and ran to Tonks and she rapped a blanket around me “We were just” I tried to explain before I got cut off “Hermione what is going on?” Harry said with a panic look on his face that’s when he looked down at my stomach leg “did I do that? OMG Babe I don’t remember doing that” Remus and Sirius looked at him “Harry I think it is best if we aren’t together” I said with my head down looking at my leg trying to wipe up the blood with another blanket. Remus and Sirius looked at my leg and they both pulled him into the kitchen without any notice. That’s when I started to collapse and Tonks caught me and sat me on the arm of the chair and said “Its ok Starr, do you have some shorts to change into so we can take care of that bit and scratch?” I nodded “Remus come here” Tonks rapped another blanket around me when Remus came in. “Can you carry Starr up to her room?” Tonks questioned he nodded and picked me up bridal style. After he sat me down, I winced but I thanked him and he said he would wait in the hall to help me back down the stairs. Tonks helped me into my shorts pjs set (my navy blue Hollister track shorts and my teal and black rebel spirit rock and roll t-shirt) which I rolled up to show most of my cut.

          I stood up and Tonks helped me walk to the door when we opened it Remus came to the left of me and they both helped me down the stairs. When we got down there Professor Snape and 2 boys stood in the living room looking curious. “Uh Professor what are you doing here?” I questioned “You didn’t know that I was coming to get you?” Snape answered with a question. I looked at Remus and Tonks and then it hit me square in the face. I ran to the coffee table and reread the letter


I am leaving and I am not coming back until these last 3 weeks are gone when I know you are to be with the Weasley’s and that Potter boy you call a boyfriend. You disgust me! I hate that you killed the only mother you have ever known. You are not my daughter you are…… Damn I cannot even write it, this stupid unbreakable vow I was put under. Well you are not who you think you are you were never my daughter I only pretended to love you. I could not, would not love you as my own. You were adopted on your 5th birthday. Your real father will come for you either tonight around 11pm or tomorrow morning around noon.

That was his choice; I don’t ever want to hear from you again. So I am going to stay away until I know for sure you are to be gone from my house. When you leave make sure you take everything that we bought for you even your photo albums your mother. No my wife left for you. I don’t know how she ever loved you that way. I don’t even know why I am even writing you this letter but I want everything off of my chest so I can finally grieve my wife’s death and finally live in peace knowing I don’t have to watch you grow up any more. You disgust me the way you think that this witch thing the best thing in the world. I was always glad I never had to see you every day when you came home from school. I was glad knowing you got that letter telling you; you would be going to Hogwarts and not returning until holidays.

Have a nice life and never contact me again. Oh and Tell you real father this was the worst thing his wife could have brought to us. If I knew he was one of you I would never have been his friend in grade school. Good riddance you spoiled little witch bitch.

Andrew Granger

          P.S I do not want you using my name. The only way you can use my name if is I am found and promised I will never see you again but you will never find me.

With reading the letter again I realized that my last 12 years of my life I never had a father. Right then and there I started to cry I dropped the letter when my knees started to get weak. Before I fell I felt 2 sets of hands hold me up and sit with me on the couch. I leaded to the left and cried on the persons shoulder while he kept making circles on my hand; with someone else making circles on my back. After what felt like days of crying I looked at who was sitting with me and it was the 2 boys that came with professor Snape.

          “So are you my father?” I questioned quietly without looking up. When I looked up Snape was kneeling in front of me,

“Yes, I am and these are your brothers, this is Blade” he pointed to the boy on the left “and this is Aisan” he pointed to the boy on the right. “You also have an older sister Pippa Rose, but she is in Greece visiting some of her friends.”  “your name is actually Aurora Starr Snape” “You have a choice to make Aurora; you can either come with us now, or give you a few days to let everything sink in”. I was looking for Harry

“He left with Sirius back to headquarters” Remus answered my question. I tried to stand but fell down at once then my leg and stomach started to throb and that’s when I remembered my cut and winced.

“Aurora what happened to your leg, stomach and your arm?” I turned to Blade and Asian, “It was Harry we were going to um… but just before his eyes went white than blood red and pulled out a knife and cut my stomach down my left leg and scratched my right arm” I said with tears forming in my eyes.

Blade and Asian both looked at me and hugged me that when I heard whispering in my head

*Asian do you think it was on purpose*

*no I don’t think so Blade, look at the tears in Auras eyes, I think it was something else or someone else*

*hello I’m right here* I screamed in my head

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” my brothers started screaming holding their head “What’s going on?” Snape asked “They were whispering about me in their heads and I screamed at them” I said sounding like nothing was wrong. I started to laugh so hard that made me have to use the bathroom “Remus can you help me up please, I really have to pee” I asked and he nodded. Remus helped me up slowly and my cuts started to bleed again so I winced again “Starr sweetie, we have to take care of your cuts” Remus said with concern “We will but please I really need to pee then you can check them and clean them” I replied while wiggling.

          When I was done my brothers were waiting for me and I was confused “Dad wanted to talk to him so he asked us to help you sit down” Blade said. I was in the living room when Snape came in and started at my cuts. While they were tending to my cuts I took a good look at my brothers. Blade and Asian both looked like Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench the hair and everything, Blade with the blue hair and his eyes were the same colour and a tattoo on his neck the shape of a panther with flames and Asian had blue hair but his eyes were green with a tattoo on his neck the shape of a wolf (Like tribal tattoos) with flames behind it. I was staring at their hair wondering if it was dyed or what cause why would they both want the same colour?

*the colour is all natural it is not dyed* Asian said

*what do you mean?* I question him

*yah we tried to dye it before but it doesn’t go away* Blade answered

*yours is the same but purple* the both said at once

*what do you mean I don’t look anything like you or … Dad?*

*no but you do look like mom and plus your under a glamour charm, mom had to hide you and she never came back after she took you away.* Asian said with hurt

*what were we like growing up?*

* we were inseparable growing up, even with Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, and Astoria Greengrass* Blade said

*OMG you’re joking I couldn’t be close to Draco Malfoy growing up* I freaked

*why what’s wrong with Draco* they didn’t understand what was wrong with Draco

*He’s a menace we can’t stand each other, he is one person who I cannot stand I even punched him in 3rd year* I said proudly

*hahaha that was you, that’s too funny.* Asian was killing himself laughing

*what do you mean* I was completely confused

*you and Draco were inseperable when we were younger you always pulled pranks on everyone* Blade said with a smirk

*what knid of tattoo do i have??*

*you have a butterfly with a trial of stars and vines

“All finished, but Starr you have to be careful there is something in it and your… father and I have to get the research before we can clear it away” Remus said pulling my and my brothers out of our silent conversation “Remus why have you been smiling since you walked back into the living room?” I questioned curiously “well just like Ava asked me, your father Severus asked me and Tonks to be your Godparents, because he doesn’t want you to be upset not having me in your life somehow.” He said while catching me from jumping off the couch into his arms. He laughed and kissed my head saying that nothing will ever get in his way of seeing me whenever I wanted or he wanted. Then I launched at my dad “thank you so much daddy” “I always had this void like I was never complete but now I’m pretty much there. When do I get to me Pippa and mom?” I said with the biggest smile on my face but when I looked at him my smile faded “What are you not telling me?


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