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Then I Defy You, Stars by katti4493
Chapter 3 : The Third Visitation
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Work had not been the same since Rose ran out of the Leaky Cauldron. Jack was being a bit sharp with her, and the jokes that usually enhanced her day were gone. It had been a month and Rose was utterly miserable. Jack made her so happy, and it was almost as bad as if he had told he was being transferred to be part of the ambassador’s entourage in Uruguay and he’d been gone for a whole month. Uther was being too clingy, always begging her to come home early and always wanting to know where she was at every hour of the day.


Rose felt a bit sick as Carla came in to give Jack his donuts. Jack did not offer to share any with Rose. She wanted nothing more than to cry, but she tried to be friendly. “What are you doing this weekend?” she asked, looking up at him over her pile of notes. Jack did not give her eye contact, but instead kept writing hurriedly while saying, “nothing interesting.” Rose realised he was not going to say any more, and he turned back to Carla.


He stood up and said, “hey Carla, you look so sexy today.” He gave her one of his sexiest smiles as she fluttered her eyelashes, “so do you babe. But you always look sexy.” Rose had had enough; the word sexy had been used too many times in that conversation and she jumped up and mumbled something about going to the toilet before bursting out of the room. She was glad she’d used all her self restraint to stop herself punching Carla.


Clattering down the corridor, she wanted to cry and the tears welled in her eyes. She blinked to get rid of them, but when she opened her eyes she realised it had happened again. She was no longer in the Ministry, but in a broom cupboard. One of her shoes was in a bucket and there was a mop leaning on her shoulder, but she didn’t care. She could see herself.


Young Rose was standing in the broom cupboard with her arms crossed and a sour expression on her face. Rose suddenly recalled when this was, she had fallen out with Scorpius, and they had decided to meet to patch things up. It had been about something stupid and Rose had been torn between wanting to punch him and kiss him. Just as expected, the door opened and Scorpius arrived. He did not look particularly happy.


“Rose, I’ve come here to get your apology.” Rose knew this led to a blazing row, and the two of them were soon shouting at each other. Rose noticed how red she had gone in her anger, just like her father did. But then it changed, she had been overcome with passion and soon she was kissing Scorpius. Those feelings had only happened once since Scorpius’ death, and that was her one night with Jack. Suddenly she was so regretful for running out on him like that and not forcing him to talk about it.


Then as expected, things began to blur again. Rose found the broom cupboard and her younger self merge into one, but Scorpius stayed as bright as ever. He turned to her and gave her a smile that hid things, before disappearing into the palette of mixed colours as well.


When she arrived back at the Ministry, she was prepared to act. She instantly spotted Scorpius at the end of the deserted corridor, and she began to run as fast as she could to catch up with him. He was not running this time, but standing resolutely still. When she reached him, she stopped. Only this close did she realise he did not look as wonderfully alive as she had seen him in limbo. He looked tired and drawn. To her surprise, Rose did not throw her arms around his neck and kiss him, but she just gazed at him before saying, “what are you doing Scorpius?”


He gave her a little smile before saying, “Rose, I am trying to change your life. I am trying to show you something.” And with those words, he faded away, his half-hearted smile still on his pale face. Rose stood where she was for a moment; she did not like the sound of that.




Miss Galore’s Speed Dating had been entirely Cecelia’s idea. Cecelia had accused of Julia of still being hung up over Barry – something Julia knew she most definitely wasn’t – but she had agreed to Cecelia’s stupid plan to stop her going on about it. That was the only way you ever shut Cecelia up. Julia usually did not like going along with Cecelia’s plans. The image of Felix Johns being serenaded by a gnome had haunted her nightmares for years after the event, and Julia couldn’t help but think it would happen again.


Miss Galore had hired out a dilapidated town hall and put a number of ramshackle cubicles into it. Julia was sat in one, her elbows on the table, with Miss Galore explaining the process to her. Galore was a typical glamour girl, with a cloud of blonde hair and her wand kept down the front of her top. “Look Julie,” she said in her nasal voice, “each of our super hot guys will come in and you have five minutes with each. There are twelve guys for you to choose from, you get to pick one, if you have a match, you go on a date!” she said in her awful faux American accent.


“Okay,” said Julia nervously. It was at this point that Galore gave her a totally inappropriate kiss on the cheek and strutted out in her six inch heels. Julia concluded she hated woman like that; they always made mere mortal women look like ogres. Seriously considering hexing Galore as she left, her thoughts were disturbed by the click of the cubicle door as it opened.


Julia suddenly wished the ground would swallow her up to save her from her embarrassment. Standing in front of her, was Felix Johns. He was still handsome with dark hair and “green eyes like peas” but he had grown a little rugged beard, and his nose had the redness of a man who liked to drink. Julia had heard he had injured himself in a drinking contest, and his career as a Quidditch player had been ruined forever. He hadn’t taken it well.


He looked at her and began to laugh. “Julia,” he said, “I can’t believe it’s you! Still not got a boyfriend?” Julia took the insult – she was used to guys insulting her – but she bit back. “At least I didn’t peak in seventh year.” Julia could instantly tell that she wouldn’t be going on a date with Felix ever. Not even in a million years.




It was the slowest fifty five minutes of her entire life. Felix had not been the worst one of the drabs of Wizarding society. One man had admitted he walked his cat on its lead to the local pub, another admitted he’d been locked up in Azkaban for two years for turning his neighbour into a cow because she insulted his flower display. One incredibly creepy man had said he was technically immortal as he had been drinking unicorn blood for six months, and would suspect his date to drink it too so they could live together for eternity.


Julia was in despair. No man would ever take her mind off Uther. All other men were pathetic, cat loving, cow cursing or immortal blood suckers. She looked at her watch; only one more man to see and she couldn’t wait for him to come and go so she could go home and have her dinner, before doing a crossword in front of the fire and possibly having a cup of...


The door had opened to reveal the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. He was tall with sandy blonde hair and green eyes, similar to Felix’s. On seeing her he let out a dazzlingly cheeky smile as he sat on the chair opposite her.


“Hi,” he said cheerily, “have you met as many weirdoes as I have today?” Julia let out a laugh before saying, “yeh, I’ve met a man who claims he can converse with giraffes.” The man nodded, “a bet he is going to be going out with the girl who used to be married to her guinea pig.” Julia knew she was charmed by this guy and almost wanted to pick up her quill and book him as her date right that second.


“My name’s Julia,” she said happily, “what’s your name?” Letting out another stunning smile he said, “my name’s Jack, Jack Spencer.”Hi





Uther sat in his office, scribbling on one long sheet of paper. The search for Danielle Williams-Cutler, a notorious jewel thief, was getting more and more tense. The Auror Department now believed her to be hiding out in the rainforests of Madagascar and Uther wanted to be the one to catch her; he would be up for a promotion then.


However, Uther looked at his watch and realised it was an hour late to get home, and it was raining heavily so he had been putting it off. Packing up all his work into his briefcase; he got out his briefcase and made his way to the lift that would lead him to the Atrium. What surprised him however was that Julia was there.


“Hey Julia!” he said on spotting her, “what are you doing here?” She worked in Gringotts, and Uther thought that it maybe had something to do with that. “Oh just leaving. I had to talk about the goblins” she smiled. He suddenly noticed something about Julia; she was looking very pretty. Her hair was neatly styled and she was wearing make-up, something she only did for very special occasions.


“You look nice,” he said cautiously, “going anywhere nice tonight?” She nodded enthusiastically, “yeh,” she said, “I’m going on a date to a nice Muggle restaurant in London.” Uther was taken aback by this. Julia wasn’t really the dating type. She was the dependable one who always made him smile when Rose broke his heart.


“This is my floor,” she said conversationally, “see you later.” With that, she stepped out of the lift and sashayed down the corridor, and all Uther could think about was how cute she looked in that dress.


I'm sorry this has taken sooooo long...I'll try and be quicker next time. I keep changing the direction of this story, but I've got it now, so here you go...Next Time...Jack and Julia go on their date, and Uther and Rose decide to double date with Albus and Cecelia...

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Then I Defy You, Stars: The Third Visitation


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