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The Vampire Hunters by nitenel
Chapter 1 : The Vampire Hunters
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Author’s Note: Another Anti-Twilight story…

The time period is when Cedric is a child. Twilight era is a bit after the books are over. The weird daughter thing is about 6-9 yrs old.

The Diggorys had lived in Forks Washington for a while. The other people in the village thought they knew exactly who they were. I can guarantee that they didn’t. They had a secret.

The Diggorys were wizards. In fact they were renowned vampire hunters across the world. In Forks, Washington there had been rumors about vampires living there.

The Diggorys, Amos and Peggy, had a son Cedric. He was ten and already very handsome. His name was down for Hogwarts in the fall and the family would be moving there shortly.

Our story picks up pace when Amos and Peggy were in the woods searching for clues. They came across a wolf sleeping.

Cautiously they approached it. Amos shot an immobilizing charm on it and muttered, “Rennervate.”

The wolf’s eyes opened and its jaw snapped open but the rest of it couldn’t move. Amos said, “Have you seen any Vampires lately?”

The wolf looked confused and closed its eyes. Suddenly, a man without a shirt replaced the wolf on.

“Oh, so you’re an animagus?” asked Peggy.

“An animagus? What’s that? I’m a werewolf,” he said, smirking.

Amos chortled good-naturedly. “My dear boy! If you’re a werewolf why don’t you transform at the full moon?”

“Beats me,” he said, shrugging, “I was born this way. My name’s Jacob. Who are you?” He extended his hand out.

“My name is Amos Diggory and this is my wife Peggy,” Amos said warmly, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Mine as well. What brings you here?” Jacob asked.

“We’re vampire hunters. We had a tip-off and we came to Forks to investigate. We’ve been here years and we still haven’t had any luck…” Peggy answered.

“Ah yes,” Jacob said, “The Vampires are very close-knit and secretive.”

“Wait, you know where they are?” Amos said excitedly.

A shadow crossed his face. “Yes, I do.”

“Can you take us there?” Amos questioned.

“Yes. Promise me one thing, though. Let me have the woman. Kill the father and daughter. Just let me have the woman,” Jacob growled.

“Alright. So where are you taking us?” Peggy asked.

“54 Stultus Street. The leader of an affluent Vampire family lives there. The Cullens,” Jacob said.

“Lead on,” commanded Amos.

Jacob led them back into the village and up a winding hill to a medium sized house. “Wait here and take cover. I’ll open the door and you can take whomever it is out. Knock out the woman.”

Amos and Peggy nodded grimly and put Disillusionment Charms on themselves. Jacob walked up the path and rung the doorbell. He waited patiently for the door to open.

A young girl opened the door. “Uncle Jacob! I haven’t seen you in ages!”

Amos silently sent a hex at the child that knocked her out. A man’s voice came out from the door. “Honey? Who’s at the door?”

Jacob hissed and dove into the bushes. A man, Cullen, stepped onto the patio and noticed the girl’s still form. He cursed and picked up the girl’s still form. He ran into the house, leaving the door open. Amos and Peggy lifted the charm as they walked up the path. “Wait out here,” said Peggy.

They entered the house and headed to where a woman’s anguished cries came from. “Who was it?” she screamed.

“Bella, it’s okay. Our daughter is okay. Maybe she just fainted.” Cullen reassured her.

Bella snorted and continued crying. Amos and Peggy stood right outside the door. Then, Amos nodded and they stepped into the room with their wands out.

Bella gasped and hid behind Cullen. “Who are you?” Cullen asked grimly.

“We’re vampire-hunters. You can either submit quietly or the house goes up in flames, so to speak.” Peggy said with authority.

“What gives you the right to attack our daughter?” demanded Bella.

“She’s a Vampire. It’s nothing personal,” said Amos.

Cullen straightened up. Quickly, Amos pointed his wand at him. “Let’s not do anything rash. You can come with us to the Ministry of Magic and be tested and experimented on or you die.”

Cullen growled and bared his teeth. He pounced at Amos and was easily thrown hard against the wall by a lazy flick of Peggy’s wand. He lay against the wall, a trickle of blood going down his forehead.

Bella cried out and was frozen by Amos’s immobilizing charm. “Unfortunately, Bella, we can’t dispose of you. Someone wants you. Your daughter on the other hand… She’ll make a fine specimen,” taunted Amos.

Jacob entered the room. When his eyes fell upon Bella they softened. “Release her,” he ordered.

Amos nodded and lifted the charm. “Make them stop, Jacob. Thank G-d you’re here, to save me!” she moaned.

Peggy snickered but stopped as Jacob turned into a wolf and pounced on her. She shrieked, but managed to shoot a killing curse at the wolf’s stomach. The dead wolf’s body landed on her, knocking the breath out of her. Amos sneered and shot a killing curse at Bella, mid scream. She fell to the ground, motionless.

Amos lifted the wolf’s body off of Peggy. She stood up and fell into his arms. She let out a sigh and said, “I think we need to find a new career.”

Amos chortled and admitted, “The British Ministry has offered me a job – something to do with magical creatures or something.”

Peggy nodded. “It’s about time we settled down. Maybe we could even see Harry Potter.”

Amos laughed. “And maybe someday Cedric and him could play Quidditch someday!”


A/N: Meh. I don’t like this as much as my other Anti Twilight fic… But I still like it!

The ending was kinda bad in my opinion.

Hehe Stultus Street again. I crack myself up.*

To clear everything up:
Bella is dead.
Edward is dead.
Jacob is dead.
The child** is “kidnapped” and taken back to England and given to the Department of Mysteries. I couldn’t fit that in well.

*For you new readers: Stultus is Latin for Stupid.
**I had no desire to go to the Twilight Wikipedia page and find out the brat’s name. Understandable right? If you would like to tell me the name, go ahead.

Thanks for reading!

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