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The Dursley Freak by rey
Chapter 8 : Parties Suck
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A/N: So, this chapter has some pretty emotional and dramatic scenes. At least for Dora. I hope you enjoy what I wrote. :D Tell me what you think!


Disclaimer: Do not own Harry Potter. Nor his fictional mates.

Oh, and the few lines of 'Blue Eyes' is just something I thought up for the story. So it is mine. Yeah, it's suckish but what can you do. :) 


Parties Suck





October strolled in carelessly, carrying all of it's colors. I always loved October. That's the only good side of global warming. October in England is no longer rainy and boring, but the most beautiful month of the year. I just have to be careful to never mention an up side of global warming to Charis Wood. I don't think I would walk alive from that conversation.

It is one of those days when you forget how much you hate hanging out and embrace your inner nature freak. And what am I doing on a day like that? Well, listening to Lee and Charlie bicker again, of course! I have to give them credit this time, though. It's actually over something valid.

"So, I was thinking... When you and Owen get together..."

"I'm sorry?" Roxy mumbles in spite of her mouth being full of food.

Lee titles her head to the side slightly, as if wondering what she said or did wrong.

She probably is wondering.


Oh, well, why not? It is Charlie.

"You're not joking, are you?" Roxy stares at her in disbelief.

"Why would I be?" Charlie frowns, confused.

Roxy turns to me, the most horrified expression on her face.

I chuckle.

"We won't get together, Lee." Roxy eyes her darkly.

"Why not?"

Charlie has this weird innocence to her. I know, I know. Charlie? But it's true. No matter how dirty her mind is sometimes, she is still a big believer. In almost everything you would never imagine is even real. But that's Lee for you. And that's why she doesn't see a problem with Roxy and Owen getting together. Even though he has girls-who-are-into-me phobia and Roxy... Well. I don't know. It's actually still a bit surprising she's not into girls. I'd support her either way. Come on, people, it's the year 2022! Loosen up!

"Have you been living under a rock or something?"

Charlie doesn't get the opportunity to provide us with an answer (Which I'm sure would be an... interesting one.), because a certain someone jumps in first.

"Well, hello, my juicy lady." Yes, he did just say juicy.

Roxy sighs and rolls her eyes. She twirls so to face Oscar who just strolled to our seats.

He is looking even bigger than usual. It's scary, I have to admit. I'm not the type that likes big guys. I like tall, slender guys, with just a fine amount of muscles. Like...

I glance at Louis who happens to be sitting alone today. The light crawling in through the glass, makes wondrous movements on his face. In his deep eyes.

But then it hits me. Where's Dawn? They're like glued to each other most of the time. Needless to say, I don't enjoy the fact.

"Bugger off. I'm busy." Roxy continues eating her highly unhealthy meal and interrupts yet another one of my daydreams.

"Ah, what a spunk! I love it!" Oscar goes for her cheek, but Roxy successfully avoids his palm.

"Look, McLaggen, we can chat like this for hours. But I'm still going to say no!"

"You don't even know what I was about to ask you."

"I-don't-care!" Roxy hisses through greeted teeth.

"It doesn't matter. I still think you'll say yes."


"Will you go to Hogsmead with me?" He beams at her, full of hope.

I turn to Roxy, a pitiful look on my face. She glares at me.

I guess that's definitively a no.

"The Hogsmead trips don't even start until December! That's two months from now!"

"I just want to make sure no one else gets to you first." He sends her a knowing look.

But it's apparently lost on her. "What?"

"Well... You and Wood. Everyone's talking about it." Oscar's voice drops.

Even though he's a stalker through and through, I kind of feel for him.

"Listen to me, McLaggen." Roxy walks to him and pokes him in the chest.

I wonder if it hurts. Since his chest looks like a hard stone.

"There is nothing between me and Owen! Nothing!" Her last words echo throughout the Hall.

More than just a few heads turn to her. Roxy breaths heavily for a moment than picks up her books and storms off.

I stand up to follow her but Lee stops me. Just when I'm about to ask why, I get my answer.Owen stands up and runs after her.

I look at Charlie in amazement and she smiles.

But then I glance at Oscar. His eyes are darker and his lower lip is shaking a bit.

"I guess that's a firm no then."

I suddenly feel a great urge to console him. Until...

"Hey, Potter!" He yells across the room at my little cousin.

Lily stops talking to Alice for a second and stares at him, confused.

"Fancy going to Hogsmead with me?!"


I guess jerks will always be jerks.




* * *




"So?" I ask Charlie as she walks into our room.

She shakes her head.

I moan disappointed and sit on my bed. "What happened?"

"Nothing. That's the problem. He's still Owen and she's still Roxy." She shrugs.

"But I though..."

"He wasn't running after her. He was running away."


"Man, you're brother's a muff." I exclaim.

"Look who's talking." She fires back.


"But on another note..."

Lee pulls out a letter from her pocket.

Wait... Since when do our robes have pockets? That's right... they don't. Charlie sometimes outpasses even herself. Which is really hard to do.

"Another one?" I take the letter, examining it.

"We're having a meeting tonight. Ayesha and Lucy apparently made the list."

I sigh. "How much?"

"About forty." Charlie sighs too.

But in a happy, optimistic way. How come she's always so positive?

I sometimes think that it's just too weird that the two of us are so good friends. It's like the Grinch and Santa decided to become butterbear buddies. Yeah, I know they're muggles. But, honestly, they are not even real in the first place. So why even bother correcting me.


And... guess who the Grinch is.





* * *




"Number 27. Rose likes lilies. Yeah, I already knew that. Remember, Al? I said it was somehow ironic that Rose likes lilies and Lily doesn't. She's just so amazing, isn't she?"




Mind you, this has been going on for one hour already. And I'm sick of it. I love Scorpius. But I think I appreciate the 'hiding his feelings for Rose' Scorpius more than this one. The romantic, love-struck, daydreaming Scorpius just freaks me out.

I know, I'm horrible.

So, Lucy and Ayesha have composed a list with all these little facts about Rose. Actually, everyone pitched in. I didn't do much. Rose and I aren't exactly the best of friends. But we know each other. And I like her. Now even more with all the things I've found out about her.

I'm pretty proud of Scorpius' taste. Rose's not that typical blond bimbo type all the boys seem to have hots for these days. I am blond (Thanks to my dad's genes.). But I'm a Ravenclaw, too. So I don't fall into that category. Plus, I'm freakishly tall. Or so Faldo says.

Argh, enough with Faldo, brain!

Back to Rose.

Right. So, where was I? Yeah. Rose is quite petite, just like her mother, with Hugo being tall and slender, on the contrary. Her hair is frizzy and fiery red, usually tied in a wild ponytail. Her pointed nose is covered in specks. At first, you'd think, nothing special. But Rose Weasley simply has that something that makes her pretty and lovable. From the few talks we had, I myself fell under her charm. So I completely understand Scorp. But what I don't understand is this situation. And writing down a list which will supposedly help him win Rose over. I expected more of Scorp.

And Al! I know he's all considerate and supportive. But seriously, mate!

It's like no one understands me. Except for Faldo. And this is what scares me the most. We shouldn't be agreeing so much. It's just not... healthy!




"Number 29. Rose likes children." Scorpius sighs. "I always knew we're meant to be. Seriously! We have everything in common!"

"Scorp, you yelled at that little girl back at Diagon Alley." I remind him, my eyebrow raised.

"She was wearing a clown mask!" Scorpius shrieks. "They freak me out!"

"Clowns are supposed to make you laugh." Faldo informs.

"I will never understand your muggle ways!" Scorpius twirls around to the board, ignoring both me and Faldo.

I snicker. Faldo tries to cover up a laugh, too.  I glance at him for a second. Then I remember something concerning him that I rarely think about.

Faldo's mum is a muggle. She, according to Al, from whom I've heard the story, is a professor at University of East London. She is one very smart woman. You're probably wondering how she met Faldo's dad, the ultimate Quidditch star? Well, I am, too. Faldo's not very talkative about his family. What I know is that his mother was some kind of a wunderkind. And I guess preppy. From whom else could he get that? Maybe that's why he thinks he's some kind of a god? Ok, I went too far there. But really, he should grow a pair of legs instead of those wings he has been flying to the clouds with.





I turn to the sound of the alarmed scream only to see Scorpius staring at the number 30 from the list.

"She likes boys who play musical instruments?!" Scorpius yelps. "I didn't know that about her!"

"Well... Now you know." Lucy shrugs, not seeing what the big deal is.

"She's really into Saimon Reese, too." Ayesha explains further, gesticulating with her hands wildly which I find endearing on her. "Dorian used to sing his songs to her, since he didn't play either. But she always said that if a guy played her 'Blue Eyes', she'd kiss him no matter who he was. And probably fall madly in love with him on the spot."

"Rose just keeps amazing me." Roxy snorts.

"Roxanne." Lee warns her, glaring with her sometimes scary chocolate eyes.

Roxy smirks, not showing any regret.

"How am I supposed to learn to do that?!" Scorpius, on the contrary, starts maniacally pacing around the Room. "I don't even know the names of the notes!"

A small but clearly intentional cough interrupts Scorpius' freak moment. We all turn to look at Faldo who is apparently the owner of the silent 'ahem'.

"Yes, Drake?" Al raises his eyebrows and crosses his arms, curious as to what his other best friends has to report.





Wow, I always forget that's his name. And it's kind of cool, too. I never noticed that before.


Nah. He's always going to be Faldo to me.




He clears his throat. "I... I play the piano a little."

"You do?" I naturally let out a strong laugh.

"Seriously..." I shake my head. "No."

"Why not?" He gloats at me.

"Because... You're... Faldo."


"And... What, that's not self-explanatory?" I raise an eyebrow.

"No." He looks at me with a blank expression on his face.

Pff! Like I'm not used to those.

"You're kidding, right?" I laugh again. "You can't be playing."




At that Faldo lifts himself up and goes to the center of the Room. Glaring at me, he looks like he's concentrating on something else, too. Soon enough, a beautiful black piano appears in the middle of the room. Faldo sits down and takes one deep breath. Then, he closes his eyes.

As his fingers run over the keys lightly, a familiar sound echoes throughout the room. And he sings. His body is swaying in the rhythm of the sound. But it's a slow, romantic song. Secretly, one of my favourites. Every world, magical or not, has it's own sensational cute-boy pop star. And Saimon Reese happens to be ours. He's a guilty pleasure. One even the best of us are not able to resist. Just look at Roxy. Humming the song with her eyes closed. That little hypocrite.

I gaze at Faldo mastering the piano, while letting myself float with the words I know by heart...



And you can't Accio love

Can't Imperio him to see

How magical you'll always be...


The moment Faldo stops, I feel like something is stolen from me. I look up at him. Faldo looks back. He doesn't seem angry, though. He just turns away too quickly.

"Chill, mate..." Scorpius walks up to him. "I don't know what to say... I'm impressed!"

"It's nothing, really." Faldo shrugs. " Mum used to go to music school when she was younger so I wanted to learn, too."

"You're good. No, actually, you're..."

"If you say magnificent, I don't respond for myself."

I let out a small chuckle which goes unnoticed by the rest of the gang.

"I only know a few songs. Nothing big." He continues steadily. "My cousin Layla's a big Reese fan. She made me learn it. She's rather annoying about him."

Well, there you go. Something actually annoys him. I guess I can no more speculate that he's a human robot.

He then smiles running a hand over the keys, absent-minded.

And what was that?

"Mate, you're brilliant. Honestly. Will you teach me?" Scorpius pleads, pouting his mouth.

Why does he remind me of Lee so much right now?

Scorp's really girly sometimes. But that's just a part of his charm, I guess. He doesn't forcefully try to be manly all day long. Did I mention that I adore that boy? I wish every guy is like him. Except for the whole, you know, plan-making part. And the over-enthusiasm. It kind of becomes too much after a while.

Faldo smirks. "I guess I don't have other options."

"No, you don't." Scorpius nods his head sternly.

"Then I'm in."

They do that half-hug-half-handshake thing that boys seem to enjoy so much.




Faldo then stands up and goes back to sit beside me. But he doesn't smirk at me. Actually, he doesn't even look at me. And all I can do is that. Well, that and remembering his voice and the words that so many girls wish Saimon would sing just for them.

I gaze at the floor, my body weightless. My head filled with a big nothing. But my heart, only my heart, is constraining. I place my palm over it, wondering why.

I glance at Faldo again. And for a brief moment, our eyes meet. Blue on blue. Like always.

And yet somehow...


Like never before.





* * *




I tried. I really did. But that's the whole point. 'Cause when I do Transfiguration, I don't need to try. It just comes naturally. 

I amaze myself, and not in a good way, when my toad turns into this weird mutated toad-pad thingy.

"Oh, cool. A toad-cushion." Lee beams at it with love.

I glance at her, feeling a little sick. Of course, it has to be partly because of my nonexistent breakfast this morning. But I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Charlie's fondness for all things twisted and wrong, too.

Professor Aeldra walks to our desk, a startled look on her face.

"Miss Dursley, what is this?" She points her wand at my... hm, invention.

"I'm sorry, Professor. My concentration is not at it's best." I lower my head so I don't have to meet her disappointed gaze.

Professor Aeldra is a great teacher. Even though everybody says that our Headmistress is unbeatable in the area of Transfiguration. I'm disappointed never had the opportunity to be her student. But, like I said, our professor is all right, too. And she always praises me for my ability to pull off even the most advanced transifurations. Well, I was able to. Now, it seems, everything is falling apart.

"I'm sending you to the Transfiguration Convention this year, Dora. And now you do this?"

Oh, the disappointed look. How I detest thee.

The Transfiguration Convention is kind of my dream. I never knew I'd be into school stuff this much. I always pictured myself living in the woods with animals and exploring the wild life.


Ok, so that was my dream when I was nine. Hm, maybe it's time I have a new one.

"Please concentrate, Miss Dursley. Or I'll be forced to take points from Ravenclaw."

"I will." I nod.

The always stern looking Professor Aeldra walks away, the sound of her small heels echoing through the silent classroom.

"Are you ok, Dora?" Ophelia Norton smiles when I turn to her.

"Um, yeah. I think so."

She smiles at me with even more warmth. "Don't listen to her. Everyone has a bad day. It was bound to happen."

"Thanks, Ophelia."

"Any time."

I turn back to Lee who is trying and failing at making her toad resemble a flowery pad.

I lean on the table, huffing. I never felt so off.


What is wrong with me?




* * *




As my gaze wonders to Louis at lunch, I notice that he is sitting all alone. Again. I frown and try to think of a reason why. But something else decides to dominate my mind instead. It's... Louis and those mesmerizing eyes of his. Why is he so... ? I don't know... Easy to adore.

I sigh. At that point he picks up his head and our glances clash in a unreadable way. I manage to smile at him. He does the same.

That's when Roxy walks to us, complete in her gear and with her Silver Storm in her right hand. Her hair is messy to the max and her face covered in dirt. She is closely followed by a couple of other Gryffindors, including Owen, who apparently didn't have the strength to even change before the meal. Lucky us.

"I'm starving!" Roxy takes a plate and Accios a rather big (even for her) piece of fried chicken.

"Rough training?" I ask with sympathy.

"Always." She muffles, a smile creeping to her lips.

What a masochist.

I stare at my food with no appetite what so ever.

"Rough day?" Roxy returns.

I shrug.

"Is it because of Faldo?"

"WHAT?! NO! Where did you get that idea from?!"

Roxy blinks, startled. Lee just gazes at me, not making a sound.

"Wow, Dee. Take it easy." Roxy eyes me intensely.

"I'm... calm."

"Sure." Roxy chuckles. "Anyway, you've been acting weird all week. And if I remember correctly, it started at the Soulmate Meeting."

What the heck? That no good for anything gathering has a name? And what the heck second? I'm not acting weird. Am I? When you think about it, I already am weird. So it's normal for me to act weird. What is Roxy babbling on about? I'm totally chilled.

Just when I'm about to reply, Fred Weasley enters the Hall with many of his Gryffindor mates, carrying a bunch of papers.

"Everyone! Party at ten tomorrow! In the RoR! Free butterbeer and more!" He winks at the crowd.

A few giggles are heard. Roxy rolls her dark eyes in annoyance.

"Deprimo!" Her brother then yells while pointing his wand at the pile of papers and a strong wind scatters them around the Hall.

"Show off." Roxy snorts but still Accios one of the parchaments.

She clears her throat and reads it out loud.

"Get your arse to our party or we'll Mobilicorpus you there! Looking forward to your attendance,

                                                                  Fred Weasley & James Potter."

"Why am I not surprised?" Roxy shakes her head.

"Oh, come on, Roxy. It'll be fun." Charlie beams.

"Your idea of fun is more off than Dee is this week." Roxy smirks at me.

I frown. "I'm not off."

"So, we're going to the party then!?" Lee hugs me esthetically. "Wicked!"


"No buts! You promised!"

I open my mouth, but she shuts me up with her embrace again. I still see Roxy sniggering from behind her, though.

I can smell it from afar of. The smell of my own doom.

Sweet Havens, this won't end up good.




* * *




Fuck. Fuck. And fuck again. Why did I agree to this?

Yes, I know I said I don't want to miss this, as in-being there for my friends. But it's just another party. Seriously. I already know what's going to happen. And I don't need Alice for that. The music is going to get louder and louder as the evening progresses, the people will get drunker-therefore, more idiotic (Like they weren't enough already.) and it will all end up in a fight. Yes, there's always a fight. It's a scheme not one party has failed to follow.


Have I mentioned that I hate parties?




"Aren't you going to start dressing up?" Lee glances at me, confused, her eyes barely visible from all the mascara.

"I am dressed." I correct her.

"Really?" She examines me, unconvinced.

I frown at her.

"'Cause... that tracksuit looks great on you!" Charlie smiles with her thumbs up.

I roll my eyes.

"If I agreed to go, it doesn't mean I agreed to go for it. If you know what I mean."

Charlie twirls. "I actually rarely do."

I laugh. Charlie just shrugs.

At nine forty five we exit the dorm and meet up with Roxy in the Hall.

I eye her.

"Did you put make up on?"

"What?" She stutters. "Um, no, no. You're just seeing things."

"I bet." I smirk to myself, suppressing a chuckle.

As we near the RoR, I'm surprised that there is no noise coming from it. Usually, Fred's parties always start two hours earlier.

"Something's off." I examine the spot where the door should be.

"You mean, besides you?" Roxy snickers.


"Ok, sorry." She bites her lips so she doesn't slip another laugh.

I walk in front of the Room and after three times pacing up and down, the door finally appears.

"Well, worst night of my life round three, here we go."

I take the lock and slowly open the door, Lee and Roxy giggling (?!) from behind me.





I'm suddenly strangled with dozens of embraces. Some are from people I know and others from people I have never seen in my life.

But when a certain blond haired boy runs to me, it hits me. Hard.

"Happy sixteenth birthday, Dora!"

Crap, crap, crap. Major crap.


Every time Scorpius is involved in my birthday celebration, it turns into something bad. Not like parties don't suck to begin with. You think I'm overreacting? Just wait.

"How... Why..."

"Isn't it great?! It was my idea, of course, but the others helped too, I guess." He shrugs.

Oh, Havens.

I take Scorpius by his arm and tear him from the crowd into a slightly less crowded space. After casting a Muffliato, I hiss at him. "What is this?"

"Um... Your birthday party?" He offers.

"Scorpius, what were you thinking?! You know I hate parties!"

"Oh, come on. That was so last year." He rolls his bright eyes at me.

"NO! It's every year! I hate parties. The end!"

"Just like you hate Quidditch, no?" Scorpius smiles at me.

Bugger. I should have known he would use that against me someday.


"Come on, Dee. Live a little. Enjoy yourself. No one's going to eat you. Not after what James did for you, anyway. Besides, you're the birthday girl. Maybe I can grant you a wish, too." He winks at me.


"You'll see." He pats my shoulder and disappears into the crowd.

Great. Just... perfect.




After around half an hour, I find myself sitting in the only deserted corner of the Room. I sigh while watching the all too familiar party scenario unravel. Why are teenagers so fascinated with parties?

I'll never get it.

Suddenly Al settles down next to me, his face flushed. "Wicked party!"

"Sure." I nod my head.

He gazes at me and laughs. "You're some birthday girl, Dora."

"My pleasure." I force a lame smile.

Then, suddenly realizing that Al and Scorpius are all alone, a thought occurs to me. "Hey, so where's Faldo? I don't think I saw him with you."

"Oh." Al's smile melts. "He said he has to study."



"Well, you always say he annoys you. Aren't you relieved that he's not here?" Al raises an eyebrow at me.

"Of course... I am. It was just a question, anyway." I shrug.

"Hey, Al!" Lucy yells at him from the bar. "Firewhisky, Weasley style! You in?"

"Always!" He screams and then turns to me. "I..."

"Argh, just go." I wave my hand and in a second, he's already gone.

I spot Lee dancing with Sam and his girlfriend Ida grimly watching them from the side. And Roxy is no where to be seen.

Maybe this is another reason why I hate parties. I somehow always end up alone.




After a while (A very long while from where I'm standing. Or rather, sitting.) I decide I need my time out. Birthday girl or not, it's not like anyone's going to miss me.

I exit the Room, finally breathing normally. It's just with all the people dancing and fooling around, shoving each other, I feel like I'm trapped there. I really need a walk.

My feet take me to the Ravenclaw common room. It's probably deserted. I never saw so many people on a Hogwarts party before. Don't imagine things. It's all because of Fred and James. Even though Scorp's plans always end in a disaster, they usually begin spectacularly.

I'm pretty sure everyone's there. After I mutter the password and enter, though, I remember. Everyone except Faldo.

"Blue?" He shuts a book that he has been looking at (Of course.) and frowns at me. "What are you doing here?"

Suddenly, my always burning desire to return inventively is replaces by something else. And it slightly freaks me out. But weird enough, I let it roll.

"I hate parties." I say quietly.

He gazes at me blankly.

"I hate surprises." I add.

Faldo doesn't say a thing at first, like he wants to let it all sink in. But after a second or so he does answer. "They are your friends, Blue. Do it for them."

"Then why are you here?" I glance at him daringly.

It comes out before I even think about it for real.

"What do you mean?"

But then again, I feel as if it's all been leading to this. Faldo helping me against my will, but still helping me, and me realizing that we aren't so dramatically different as I thought. Like I said, I don't believe in the lining of stars. But something about this feels strangely close to that.

"I mean, shouldn't a friend be there for another friend? Isn't that what you are trying to teach me anyway?"

He blinks at me, startled. I understand him. I've startled myself. But it's time.

Faldo stands up slowly and takes a few steps toward me. "What did you just say?"

I meet his eyes, those annoying icy eyes. And all of a sudden, they don't seem so cold to me.

"Please don't make me say it again." I huff.

His lips turn into a small smile and then he lets out a laugh. A warm, sincere laugh. But he doesn't say anything. He just gazes at me.

I feel for a second as if I've been transported into an alternate reality. 'Cause, seriously, after all... What the heck am I doing?

But my mouth (Or my heart?) doesn't listen to my brain, as I mutter: "So, are you coming to the party or what?"

He smiles again and nods his head. "Just a sec."

Faldo rushes to his book. And in a split of a second, I swear, I think I read 'My Album' on it. I blink.

But Faldo's already running up the stairs to his dorm.

I don't even have time to proceed what I just experienced, when Faldo comes back. Wearing a... tracksuit.

I raise an eyebrow at him.

"I hate parties, too." He explains and I hide one huge smile as we walk through the Ravenclaw entrance.





Curious as it is, walking with Faldo in silence, just the two of us, it doesn't feel awkward at all. Nor annoying. Actually, especially not annoying. Which is a little scary. But hey, I wanted this. So I should just swim with the flow, right? So what if I still don't know how to handle this particular water? I'll figure it out eventually.


I hope.

As I feel Faldo's look burning me slightly, I stare at the floor.

Ok. This is still a little weird. Come on. It's Faldo, Dora! What have you gotten yourself into?!

But his smell suits me, calming me down. He smells like a frisky winter day. I never noticed that before. And I love winter. Even though October will forever be my favourite month of the year.

As my head is rilling from the recent events, an idea hits me. I have no clue if it's a good one. But I just have a great urge to pursue it.

I stop in my tracks and Faldo mirrors me.

"Hey, since we both hate parties, why don't we just balk?" I suggest.

"What do you have in mind?"

I smirk.




 * * *




"So this is your hide out spot?" Faldo looks around he Owlery, like it's for the first time, taking it all in.

He then finally takes his seat across from me and glances at the night sky. I gaze at him, noticing the cold in his eyes melting and taking a darker shade of blue.

Faldo slowly turns to me and sighs.

"I need to tell you something."

I frown, curious, then nod.

Faldo looks away yet again and I can feel his hesitation. But it's quickly replaced with a sharp determination. So Faldo-like.

I stare at him, expectation rising in my stomach. And then, something changes. The way his look dives into the depth of mine, the way the light breeze is playing with his dark locks, the way his lips seem like they want to share a big truth with me, just me. The warmth going up and down my spine, the trembling in my hart and the flutter in my stomach. I look up at him again. That feeling from the Room returning. But bigger, harder, warmer.

"I'm sorry." He finally utters.

I blink. "What?"

"I'm sorry I yelled back at you, Blue. If I didn't, this annoyance between us would've never existed."

I frown, not comprehending his words and what he's trying to tell me.

"You... you don't remember?" He hesitates again.


"First year, second semester, the Great Hall. Ring any bells?" He tries again, his will back.

I scan his face, confused. What is he on?

But then it flashes in front of my eyes, like it was always there but I suppressed it.

Deep. It's one of those things you bury beneath layers of memories, just to not stumble upon it. 'Cause it's not a pretty one. No, it's one of those memories that shows you just how enormously imperfect you are. And no one likes to be reminded of that. I don't care what you say. It's true.

And it all worked. It never surfaced back. Until now.




The twenty second of January, 2019


"So how was seeing your parents after so much time apart?" Al asked me, while writing a letter to his parents.

It was getting annoying. He was so immature. Seriously. He just had to write every week. Not that I was jealous that I didn't have that opportunity. Al was just... a crybaby. Is all.

But still, Albus was my only real friend. His cousin Roxy insisted that we hang. And even though I thought it would be cool to have her as a mate, I still wasn't feeling it. And my classmates... Ok, there was this girl... Wood. She was kind of silly in a refreshingly likeable way. But that was it.

"Yeah, it was fine. I mean, I love them. But they can be a real pain in the arse sometimes."

Drake, who was silently eating an astonishing healthy meal (Seriously, I envied him. I wished I could eat so many vitamins willingly.), suddenly glanced at me.

"What?" I asked, confused.

He shook his head. "Nothing."

I shrugged.

And then, of course, James had to ruin my life again.

He strolled to us, fire burning in his brown eyes.

"Look at little Dursley here!" He smirked and said loud enough for everyone to hear. "Back from Hell and your Devil father?"

Yes, he was very original. But it still hurt. And that day, more so than usually.

"Stop it James!" Al stood up and shoved his brother.

"My own brother! Turning against me because of her?!"

"At least Al has the guts to fight! Unlike you!" I screamed, completely loosing it.

It happened with James. A lot.

It was a split of a second. A flash.

Next thing I knew, I was laying on the ground and Drake was next to me, his lip bleeding.

I got up furiously and yelled whatever spell was on my mind at James.

Unfortunately, it was just Wingardium Leviosa.The only spell that struck me at that moment.

James laughed and walked away unscathed.

I was breathing heavily. It hurt so bad. And it was like a little piece of me wanted to kill him. But since he walked away, I senselessly turned to Drake.

"Who do you think you are?!" I yelled.

He was just getting up and cleaning the blood with his hand.

"What are you talking about, Dora?"

"Why did you jump in front of me?!" I could feel tears running down my cheeks. "I needed to fight him!"

Drake just stared at me.

All the anger I felt blew up inside of me at that one moment. Unfortunately, Drake was on the receiving end. To me, it didn't matter who it was. I just needed to insult back. Even if it was intended for James and he wasn't there.

"You can't control me! You think you're so much better because you're dad's famous?! Well, guess what!? You aren't! You're nothing but a little looser who will always live in his dad's shadow! And unlike Albus you don't have the talent to live up to it! You're nobody!"

I couldn't stop. I didn't really mean all those things. Even though Drake was a little stuck up. It just poured out.

And all I wanted to do is run away and scream until I go numb. That's when I felt his grip on my arm. It was a bit too tight. I gasped slightly.

Al stood up to his feet but I shook my head as a sign for him to stay out of it.

"And you?! You think nobody here likes you because of your bully dad? Well, guess what, Dora!? It's not true. It's because you're an ungrateful, cynical, whiny girl with no appeal what so ever. Maybe I'm spoiled, but I, unlike you, at least have real friends who are NOT my cousins. So guess who's going to end up alone from the two of us!?"

He stared at me for a second more and then released me roughly. I stumbled a few steps back. Drake took off and didn't look back. I wished I could do the same. I wished I could prove him that I wasn't whiny. I wished he wasn't telling the truth. Even though, from the ache in my heart, I knew very well that he was. So I did the only thing I could in that moment.

I ran. And ran. And hid so no one could see me cry. Ever again.




I wasn't aware that my insult would hurt him as bad as James' insults hurt me. I wasn't aware that this would turn Faldo into an annoying robot. I wasn't aware that it was all my fault. And Faldo just answered back. Like I wish I could have to James.

Oh, crap.




I meet Faldo's gaze, feeling dumb struck.

Who am I kidding? I'm just as bad as James was. Just as bad as my dad was, too. And funny how it was everything I wanted to run away from this whole time. I guess you can't do that with your genes.




Faldo's looking at me again. But I can't unriddle it. 'Cause everything I can think of right now is how I need to get out from here.

"It's getting really cold. We should... I should..."

I suddenly run out, not having the strength to finish my sentence. I hear Faldo's footsteps following mine perfectly. Why is he doing this? But I know why. I need to say it.

That's when I see him. My savior.

"There you are, Dora!" Scorpius appears out of no where and grabs me by my hand.

He pulls me to the party again.


He looks around the crowd and then spots his target. I do too.

"Is that...?"

"You'll thank me latter, sis." Scorpius winks at me and waves to Louis.

He then disappears before I have time to ask for an explanation.

My heart speeds up.

Louis, on the contrary, walks slowly to me.

"I was told you have a special wish." He smiles.

I think I might faint. Seriously, I see all kind of spots in front of me. Purple, blue, yellow... That can't be normal, right?

Louis takes my hand and I shiver. Suddenly, 'Blue eyes' comes on and all the happy couples start to dance. I stare at Louis, completely lost. My legs are shaking. I can't breath.

"Happy birthday, birthday girl." He whispers into my ear.

And we start to twirl around slowly.




I think I'm dreaming. It must be a dream. The things that happened today are just too surreal.

And then we turn around and I'm facing the door. My heart drops when I see Faldo watching us. No expression what so ever. I want to scream. But I can't. Or maybe it's just that I don't have the nerve.

Louis puts his hands on my waist and my body is trembling. But I can't think about him. Because, there's Faldo, haunting me with his blue eyes. With that hard look that's piercing through me.

And then... He leaves.

And I'm left with my dream guy.

But suddenly...


It doesn't feel like a dream at all.





A/N: Sooo, my longest chapter to date. I hope I didn't bore you to death. I don't know how to revive people.


Ok, seriously, what do you think? Like? Hate? Favourite quotes? Love those! :D

I hope it was somewhat enjoyable. :)






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