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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 18 : Chapter 17: Bellatrix Lestrange
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A bleary eyed Harry woke at the soft cry of one of his children, he groggily sat up and reached for his glasses, he then looked at the clock, 6:30 it read in neon blue lighting. He had only another half hours sleep before his alarm went off, he looked at his beautiful wife still fast asleep and decided to leave her for the extra half hour. He quietly got up and tiptoed out of the room. He walked over to James room, and quietly opened the door. James was still fast asleep, lying on his belly with a dummy in his mouth, Harry smiled at how cute his oldest son looked, and gently shut the door.

He then went to Riley and Celeste’s Room, he peered into the room and found Riley sleeping and Celeste awake, he walked over to his only daughter’s cot and gently lifted her out. She was making grizzly crying sounds, her face was quite pale and her forehead was quite hot.

“Is my baby girl not well?” Harry whispered to himself.

He lifted her blanket and took her down to the kitchen, he went to the pantry and got out the medicine that she needed, he then set Celeste in her high chair and read the label.

Baby Flu

Give one small cap full to children 0-2yrs.

For babies and toddlers, with high temperatures, runny noses and sore throats.

If symptoms get worse, seek professional help.

“Right sweetheart let’s see if this helps you and we better hope it’s not the baby wizarding flu, because that’s the last thing you need.” Harry said to Celeste. He measured the dosage in the cap and then put it in a syringe; he opened Celeste’s mouth and squirted the medicine in. Celeste gave out a low weak cry that made Harry’s heart break, he hated seeing any of his children ill.

He lifted Celeste out of her high chair and got her a bottle of milk, which he gently heated with his wand and took her into the living room; he took off her sleep suit, so that all she was wearing was her baby vest and wrapped a light blanket around her.

He sat cradling her for what must have been forty minutes before he heard the first signs of life coming from upstairs, he sighed knowing that the time was coming closer for him to have to face Bellatrix and he was dreading it.

“Hey, how long have you been up for?” Hermione said startling him out of his reverie. She was carrying Riley with her left arm and holding a groggy looking James’ hand with her right hand.

“A while, Celeste isn’t well, she has a temperature and her nose is a bit runny, I’ve gave her some medicine it it has yet to take effect.” Harry explained. He stood up and gave his wife a kiss and then he gave Riley a kiss and then James.

“OK well I’ll go and speak to James and Lily and let them know that we need extra help today since you’ll be away most of the day, can you give James his breakfast?” Harry nodded and grabbed his sons hand and led him into the kitchen, he lifted him onto a booster seat with his free arm, then magically poured him some Wizard O’s , with milk and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

“Thank you Daddy.” James said in response

“Your very welcome James, would you like a slice of toast?”

“Yes please.” he replied nodding his wee head. Harry smiled and made him the toast and then magically cut it into four small triangles. He was so proud of his son at that moment, he couldn’t believe how polite his child was, it was a nice change from his temper tantrums.

“Hey kid, Hermione says you needed some help, is everything OK? James asked walking into the kitchen.

“Yeah, Celeste has picked up a bad cold and is very grumpy, and I have to be ready in twenty minutes, so can you take her, and watch James for me?”

“Yeah sure, are you going to be OK today?”

“I’m just going to have to be aren’t I?” Harry said and walked out.

Ten minutes later Harry had just finished getting dressed, when he heard Sirius flu into his house, he took a deep breath and looked into the mirror to make sure he was presentable, everything looked tidy except from his uncontrollable hair. He slowly walked down the stairs so as to pre-long the moment of the trial as much as he could. Sirius was looking very tidy himself and looked just as nervous as Harry did.

“Are you ready kid?” He asked when he saw his godson.

“Yes, lets go.” Was Harry's short reply. They bid goodbye to everyone and left for Azkaban, Bella was such a high risk prisoner that the minister refused to move her from Azkaban to the Ministry, so they had to hold the trial in Azkaban. Harry didn't know what he was least looking forward too, seeing Bellatrix or being in the presence of the Dementors.

Soon, too soon for Harry they had arrived and were making their way inside, after being searched, they put up patronus' and made their way to the room of which the trial was being held. They sat down and tried to make themselves comfortable, they had been in silence the whole time, neither knew what to say to the other.

They sat for ten minutes before the trial started, they listened to the details of the trial and then gave evidence, they had to state why they launched an attack and Harry had to go through a year and a half's work and re count every detail. They had been there for an hour when their questioning stopped. They sat for another five minutes until a door creaked open and in glided two Dementors and Bellatrix dragging behind them. Harry's blood boiled as she smugly walked into the room, she quickly spotted Harry and gave him a smug smile, before being thrust into the chair in the centre of the room, she was force feed the viritserum and soon became glassy eyed.

“Name?” The minister asked

Bellatrix Lestrange.”



“Active Death Eater?”


“What happened on the 1st of July 2003?”

I made a vow, before he died I made a vow that if anything ever went wrong, that I would continue, continue his legacy... make his name stay alive forever.”

You mean Tom Riddle?” Harry asked boldly.

The Dark Lord made me promise him, I was the only one he could trust, we had a bond, an understanding.”

You think he loved you?”

I don't need to think, I know.” she replied but was met by laughter.

Tom Riddle was not capable of love, that's why he killed so many people, he had no consceince, no remorse, he could not love and that's why he died.”

NO! IT'S LIES!” Bella yelled.

It's not lies Bella, he died because he was stupid enough to believe that he didn't need love to survive and he ended up dying.”


Why did you kill Isobella?”

Why did you kill The Dark Lord?”

I didn't our spells collided and he was too weak to put up a fight, now why did you kill my sister.” Harry growled, anger clearly showing in his voice.

Just for the heck of it, I saw her running towards me, hurt in her eyes after she seen that building collapse on you and just for fun I thought I'd make you feel a shred of what I felt when The Dark Lord died, so I killed her, and you know what it felt pretty damn good.”

Harry's eyes flashed with anger and he jumped over the seats in front of him and charged at her. She jumped up and ran backwards, Harry was quickly stopped by Sirius and the Minister.

“She is not worth it Harry.” Sirius said.

Harry saw that the potion was wearing off and she was starting too look more like herself, the Minister beckoned the Dementors and they started to lead Bellatrix away when she grabbed the ministers wand and pointed it at Harry.

“Avada Kedavra!” She yelled

“Expelliarmus!” Harry yelled back and one more the same two spells collided, Harry felt a sense of deja vu, he struggled for a bit but then over powered her and won, he once again watched the lifeless form of an enemy fall to the ground. Harry looked around in complete shock, he acted on impulse and now he had killed her.

“Harry it's not your fault, she wanted that to happen, she lived and breathed Voldemort, she wanted to die like him.” Sirius reassured him.

He put an arm around his Godson and led him home, they once again travelled in silence. He got into his home and was met by his Son charging at him, followed by a frazzled looking Hermione, who was carrying Celeste, whom was crying loudly. Harry Picked up his son and cuddled him close.

“Harry are you OK?” Hermione asked him as he walked into the living room, where is parents were sat.

“She's dead.” He whispered.

“What?”They said together. “How?” asked Hermione.

“The same way as Voldemort.” Harry replied.

“Well who done it?” James asked.

“Me” Harry replied. “It was the exact same way as Voldemort, she was in love with him and I goaded that he wasn't capable of love and she told me why she killed Izzy, then she took the Ministers wand and tried to kill me, I acted on impulse and I ended up killing her.”

“Why did she kill Izzy?” Lily asked.

“No, don't make me tell you mum.”

“Please Harry...”

“Lily trust Harry, you really would be better off not knowing” Sirius said, Lily nodded her head in defeat and sat back down.

The family sat quietly in their living room for a while before heading to bed, they were all looking forward to a goodnight sleep, all except for Harry.

A.N Sorry this chapter took so long, please review.


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Living a Lie.: Chapter 17: Bellatrix Lestrange


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