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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 21 : May 21st.
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Gorgeous chapter image by azureseas@ TDA(:

Pre~author's note: I am sincerely sorry for not having this up sooner. I've just been insanely busy, and I hope you can forgive me....(: Hope You Like It!(:


Chapter 21

            As the sun rose over the meadows and fields, a young bride sat at the window of her childhood room, watching it rise; an occasional tear running down the side of her cheek, quickly wiping it away. The sun was so bright, so cheerful, that her heart felt warm. A bird flew overhead, soaring gracefully through the clear skies. She couldn’t help to feel nothing but happy. It was just so beautiful.

            “Ginny…” Hermione said, sneaking into Ginny’s room. Ginny took a few seconds to turn around, and saw Hermione standing there, still in her linen pajamas.

            “Hey Hermione.” Ginny stood up, and sat on her bed. “What time is it?” She asked as Hermione sat on the bed along with her.

            “Around seven.” She answered. “The wedding starts in six hours.” Ginny just sat there, imagining Harry standing there at the end of the aisle, his hair still unruly, and perfect.

            “What time do we have to get ready?” She said, imagining her mum and Fleur downstairs waiting, desperately wanting Ginny to show up.

            “Around ten, nine if we want your mum to calm down.” Ginny just looked away, back outside the window. “Ginny? Is something wrong?”

            “No, I’m fine.” She said, looking at Hermione. “I just didn’t know what I had until it was gone.” She answered quietly.

            “What do you mean?” Hermione asked cautiously.

            “My family’s support. Seeing them every morning, being able to eat Mum’s food. Seeing you and Ron almost every day. And I actually miss the lack of privacy we used to have around here. The sneaking around, the switching of beds, the midnight talks you and I would have.” Ginny went on.

            “You’re not the only one that misses it Ginny.” Hermione said. “I’m pretty sure that sometime in someone’s life, this happens. People really just hide that they miss everything.” Hermione was quite smart when it came to things like this, and Ginny had no idea why.

            “I just can’t believe that I’ve rushed everything, and I didn’t stop to look at everything beautiful that I was leaving behind.” She said.

            “Such as?”

            “The birds in the morning. The sun rising over the mountains and forests. You can’t get this where we live. We hear bus brakes, the traffic, and the busyness of the city. We don’t see birds or the sun rising. I just miss it.” Ginny said.

            “I don’t mean to be a moment breaker here, but why are you noticing this now?” Hermione asked.

            “I just realized it now. Never really stopped to think about it.” Ginny said quietly. “Well, anyways, I’ve got a wedding to have.” She said, walking over to her closet.

            “You have everything?” Hermione asked. “Shoes?”




            “Hair pins?”


            “Good.” Hermione said, opening the door, while Ginny walked out of the door, and walked downstairs quietly; Hermione trailing behind her.


            “Harry?” Someone said, shaking Harry awake. Harry opened his eyes, to see a very blurry image of a red-head that he assumed to be Ron. He reached over to the coffee table, and put on his glasses. He sat up, and took a deep breath.

            “Today’s the day isn’t it?” He asked.

            “Today’s the day.” Ron repeated, assuring Harry. “Now, we’ve already had the big brother talk, now it’s time to have the best mate talk.” He said, sitting in the chair next to the couch.

            “Excuse me?” Harry asked.

            “The best mate talk. Give advice you know?” Ron said, and Harry could tell he didn’t want to do this. “For the sake of my sanity, you’re marrying Julie. So, you and Julie get married. Stay with her for every second, unless she tells you to leave her. Don’t drink too much, and don’t let her drink too much either, that won’t make good memories.” He said.

            “That’s it?” Harry asked.

            “No, there’s more, but I don’t think you want me to say anything about that.” Ron said awkwardly. “And I’m okay now, about you and Ginny.”

            “The fact that you said Julie instead of Ginny, shows me different.” Harry said.

            “Well, I’m better than I used to be you know? It’s different than it used to be. Now that I’m married, I’ve changed.” Ron said.

            “Hermione has changed you.” Harry corrected.

            “Well, yeah.” Ron said. “Anyways, we have to get ready and head to the house or Mum is going to kill us.” Ron threw Harry his robes, and they both put their own on in a matter of seconds.

            “What time is it?” Harry asked.

            “You have three hours left as a free man Harry.” Ron said. “Are you sure you don’t want to go get a drink?” Ron asked, pleading for something since Harry neglected to have a bachelor party.

            “I’ll take a drink.” Harry agreed. “But just one, for both of us.”

            “Good choice mate, now let’s go.” Ron said, opening the door to his and Hermione’s flat. “We only have a little bit of time left.”


            “Please don’t cry Mum.” Ginny said, while Fleur did her hair. Her makeup was done and everyone was ready, but for her. The bridesmaid, Luna, and the Maid of Honor, Hermione, were all dressed and ready. Neville would be walking with Luna, and Ron with Hermione; both pairings seemed fit for the occasion.

            “I’m not going to cry yet dear, the wedding hasn’t even started yet.” Mrs. Weasley said from behind, watching Fleur do Ginny’s hair.

            “Are you sure?”

            “I’m very sure dear.” Mrs. Weasley said, patting Ginny’s shoulder. “Now I must go help Arthur with the cake. I don’t trust his wand of his to carry that.” He said.

            “Done.” Fleur said, backing up and admiring her work of art. “You ‘ook bea’tiful Gin’y.”

            “Thank you Fleur.” Ginny said, getting up and hugging Fleur.

            “Ginny,” Hermione said, walking into the room. “Time to get in the dress.”

            “Is it that time already?” Ginny said, looking at the clock on her wall. It read twelve forty five, fifteen minutes until the wedding started. “I guess it is.”

            “Now come over here and…” Hermione said, as Ginny walked over and stepped into the dress. Hermione pulled it up, and zipped it. Ginny stood there, looking the mirror. She was actually getting married, and she was ready to do so. Her father walked in, and stopped to look at her.

            “You look beautiful.” He said, kissing her cheek.

            “Thanks Dad.” She said, hugging him.

            “Anytime sweetheart.” He said, and Hermione walked out of the room. She walked down the stairs, and out the back door, to find a grand tent, just as her wedding, standing there. There was a man at the tent entrance, guiding guests to their seats. She waved to him, and walked into the tent. At least one hundred people sat there, talking amongst each other, as for some, amongst themselves.

            “Ron!” Hermione said, trying to find her husband.

            “Over here ‘Mione.” She heard from behind the tent. She slipped behind it, to find the two playing a game of Wizard’s Chess.

            “You’re going to lose Harry.” Hermione said. “He’s got you cornered.” She said, pointing at the king who was surrounded by Ron’s pieces.

            “I didn’t get the best game of chess played at Hogwarts for nothing.” Ron said, crushing Harry’s last piece.

            “And just for the record, may I ask you why you two are playing this, right before a wedding?” Hermione asked.

            “For old times.” Ron said.

            “Really?” Hermione asked.

            “Precisely.” Harry answered, running his hand through his hair. He could do nothing with it, everything he tried, it stood up straight. So he decided to just let it be.

            “Okay, just as a warning, the wedding starts in ten minutes.” She said. “And Ron, can I talk to you for a little bit?” She said, walking out of the tent, and behind some trees, where nobody could see or hear them. She watched as Ron submerged from the tent walking towards her.

            “What’s up ‘Mione?” Ron asked.

            “Please don’t tell me you got him drunk before the wedding, or hung over.” She said, hands on her hips.

            “We just went out for one drink two hours ago. Nothing to worry about.” He assured her. “And anyways, he only had butter beer, which doesn’t make you drunk easily.”

            “What’d you have?” She asked.

            “Same as Harry did.” He said.

            “I trust you Ron.” She said. “Only because you’re the stupid bloke I married.” She said, kissing his cheek, and beginning to walk away.

            “Hermione.” Ron said, walking up to her after she had stopped. She turned around. “You look beautiful.” He said, kissing her tenderly, then walking back to get Harry. She stood there, blushing, and then went into the tent. Most of the guests had shown up, except for those special few. Hermione looked around for Aunt Muriel, but she didn’t see her.

            “Good choice Ginny.” Hermione muttered, and walked down the aisle and out the entrance. “Luna!” She said, seeing Luna talking to Neville out to the side.

            “Oh Hello Hermione.” Luna answered. “Neville was just telling me that you and Ron got married. I am so sorry I couldn’t be there.” She said.

            “Oh no, it’s quite alright.” Hermione answered. “Nobody else is going to go and find those Crumple Horned Snorkacks” She said sarcastically, carefully hidden so that way Luna did not understand. Neville, being the kind gentleman he was, was trying so hard not to laugh, and holding it together.

            “I knew you would understand Hermione. Now, I must go find those gnomes and chase them around freely until one of them bites me.” Frolicking, Luna pranced away towards the garden, singing a lovely tune written by the Weird Sisters three years back.

            “The wedding’s about to start, I better go sit down.” Neville said, hands in his coat pocket, and then walking off towards his seat. Mostly everyone was seated, with the exceptions of the ones that were parts of the wedding, which included Hermione and Luna.

            “Luna!” Hermione called, looking for her throughout the garden for her. “Luna!” She called out once more.

            “Yes?” Luna said, stepping out the burrow. Hermione turned around, and let out a long sigh.

            “Only five more hours of this to go…” She whispered, making her way towards the house where she would soon meet the bride in the waiting room. She turned the corner, to see Ginny standing there.

            “Oh my god Hermione.” She said, running up to her. “We had thought you had run off.”

            “I was right outside.” Hermione said, pointing towards the door. “You could see me perfectly.”

            “Give me some slack on my wedding day.” She said, smiling. “Now, it’s time. Let’s go get married.” She smiled some more. Hermione could’ve sworn that she’d seen Ginny smile more times with Harry, than she had with just her.

            “You and Harry can go get married; I wouldn’t like to marry my sister.” George said, coming down the stairs. “Angie and I are ready now.” He said.

            “Good.” She said. “Hermione, where’s Ron?” Ginny asked.

            “He’s coming, trust me.” Hermione said. “Well, then again, I think I’m going to go and check on him.” Hermione said, walking out.

            “I can’t believe I’m getting married today.” Ginny said.

            “I remember when you used to pretend that you would marry Harry Potter, now you actually did.” George said, piping in once more.

            “I told you that I was going to marry him, and you were the one that doubted me.” She said, pointing her bouquet of lilies at him.

            “Not my fault Gins.” He said, putting his hands up as if her was surrendering.

            “It’s time.” Mr. Weasley said, walking into the room. “Hermione is standing with Ron by the entrance; you all have to follow them now.” Everyone else left the room, leaving Ginny and her father there.

            “I’ll always be here for you angel, always remember that.” He said, kissing her head.

            “I love you Daddy.” She said, hugging him. “I’ll always be your little girl no matter what.” She said.

            “Love you too sweetheart.” He said. “Are you ready?” He said, taking a step forward. Ginny took a deep breath and took a step forward.


Author’s Note: So, this chapter was originally going to be the ENTIRE wedding, but I got so sucked up into the pre~wedding details, that I realized that if I went on, it’d be a really long chapter. So I figured I wouldn’t make you guys wait three months to get the chapter, so here it is(: Or was, you’ve already read it ^_^ And I can imagine some of you practically cursing at me for not carrying on with it, but hey, you’ve got something to think about now(: aha. So, the next chapter is FOR SURE going to be the wedding(: And I promise I will have it up as quick as I can, I’m just was busier than I was last year. Sorry. (And also, I’m writing three other stories, and I’m thinking about posting one of them…..Ron Hermione after the war story? Tell me what you think ^_^)



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