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The Drastic Change of Hermione Granger by jrchalut
Chapter 7 : Surprises and Secrets ~ Part One
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Jane and Scott Granger settled themselves into bed that night after they had tucked their daughter into bed like she was 5 years old again. They were both very happy to have her back, but couldn't shake the fact that they felt something was wrong with her.


"Jane, I think we should take her into see someone. She's not acting like herself." Scott said to his wife.


"I think you're right Scott, but who do we take her to? It has to be someone magical because her issues aren't just non-magical. Maybe one of her professors from her school can help. I'll write them in the morning and see what advice they have to give us." Jane said with a sigh, knowing that she couldn't fix it this time for her daughter.


"I think that's a good idea, dear. We'll see what they have to say and we'll get her some help. Hopefully it'll help her get over what has happened to her this summer." Scott replied. He reached over and turned off his bedside light. "Goodnight Love, we'll get this settled in the morning." Within moments, he was asleep and he was sending off slight snores.


Jane sat there for a few more minutes, lost deep within her thoughts. Unlike her husband, she knew that there would be no quick fix for their daughter. After the little bit she was able to get out of Hermione, she knew her daughter needed help, the sooner the better. She didn't want to wait until morning to write the letter. She quietly slipped out of bed and softly walked across the room and out the door. As she reached her office, she silently closed the door and settled into her chair in front of her desk. She pulled out a piece of paper and a pen from the drawer and wrote a quick note to Professor Dumbledore about Hermione's behavior and her concerns about taking her to a muggle psychologist. She finished and sent the letter off with her owl. She quietly made her way back to her room, stopping for a moment to check on Hermione and settled back into bed with her husband and slowly succumbed to sleep.



Hermione woke up bright and early the next morning to the sun streaming though her windows and glistening off the crystal she had hanging between her curtains. She sat up and stretched, happily looking around her room. The light lavender walls still held the many trophies and awards she had received throughout her years at school, both muggle and magical. Her favorite stuff animals still hung in her animal hammock she set up in the corner when she was ten and decided she was to old for such toys and her bookcase was overfilled with all her favorite books. It was good to be home, and even better to be away from the Order and all their rules and regulations. She walked around her room, trailing her hand across her belongings, things she honestly believed she would never see again. Everything was exactly how she left it and how it should be. Smiling, she left the room. She grabbed her fluffy lavender robe from the back of her door as she passed it and slipped her arms into it as she skipped down the stairs. The house was still very quiet, but that was okay. Hermione liked it best like that. Entering the kitchen, she noticed last night's dinner dishes were still in the sink. She got busy washing them so there wouldn't be a mess for her mum when she woke up. With her hands in the soapy water she let her mind drift off to the last time she was alone with Draco. Her hands stilled as she got lost in the memory and was startled back to the present by a hand on her shoulder.


"Eeee!" Hermione exclaimed as she froze at the touch.


"Hermione, it's just me. Don't be scared." Arms wrapped around her and pulled her closer. "You never have to be scared again. I told you I'd protect you."


Hermione slowly turned around and placed her arms around Draco's neck and leaned closer for his kiss. At the touch of his lips, everything seemed to melt away and leave just the two of them in their own little world. She broke the kiss smiling and stepped back a little, but not enough to go out of his arms.


"How is the world did you get here? How are you going to get back?" Hermione said, the shock and happiness to have him the evident in her voice. "You can't get caught here, if you do, my father will kill you!"


"Well my love, I'm not going to get caught. I just had to see you. I missed you last night." Draco replied, ignoring her other questions.


"But Dra--"


"No buts, my dear, I'm here now so why are we wasting our time together talking. I now of a much better way to spend it. Now, which way to the bedroom?" Draco interrupted, smiling down at her and wiggling his eyebrows.


"Oh Draco, you are so predictable...this way and keep quiet! We don't want to awaken my parents." Hermione giggled and grabbed his hand, racing for the stairs. Once upstairs, she locked her door and pulled Draco towards her.


"Now this is what I call a good morning." With those words she pulled him towards the bed, undressing each other and falling into each other's arms.



Jane woke up to a tapping at the window and quietly got up to let her owl, Jasmine, inside. She quickly retrieved her letter and sat down to read it.


Dear Mrs. Granger,


I understand your concern over Miss Granger's resent abduction and her current state of mind. The fact that you are thinking about getting her some professional help is commendable, but at this time I do not believe you should. Miss Granger knows to many of our secrets and I must implore that you do not seek out professional help. If the secrets she knows were to get out, we could lose this war against Lord Voldemort and that is something I can not risk. I hope you can understand that the sanity of one girl is not nearly important as the entire wizarding world. Once she is back in school, we can have a trusted member of the Order come and talk with her or even the school nurse could help. But until then, please keep her inside and away from anyone or anything magical. We do not know the extent of what was done to her during her confinement and would want to keep her safe. I am very sorry if this seems cold-hearted to you, but it must be done for the greater good.



Albus Dumbledore

Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Jane let the letter fall out of her fingers and onto the ground. They were refusing to help her little girl. That just wasn't right. Hermione never hurt anyone and now they were told to keep her confined to the house and not let her talk to of see anyone from the world that she belongs. The thought disgusted her. She sat down hard on the bed, not caring if she woke her husband up or not, and was lost in her thoughts.


"Jane dear, what is it? It's to early to be sad." Scott said sleepily, scooting up against her back and wrapping his arms around her waist. He gave a little sigh as he rested his head on her back, enjoying the feeling of her breathing and her heartbeat in his ear.


"I wrote to Dumbledore last night after you fell asleep and I got my response this morning."Jane said, her voice sounding dead. "Here, you read it, I can't stomach it again. I'll be downstairs." She slowly pulled away from her husband, put on her robe and left the room.


Scott looked down on the floor and picked up the bit of parchment there. As he read the letter, his eyes turned cold and his facial expression turned hard. How dare that ancient old man tell him what to do with his own daughter? He has trusted him when Hermione disappeared and forgave him for not telling them that she was safe once she returned, but to say she wasn't important and imply that she wasn't trustworthy? No one talked about his family like that. He didn't care if they could wield magic or not, that was his little girl and he would get her the help she needs and damn the rest of them! With a fury that would shock his wife and daughter, Scott stormed out of the room and into his study to write a not so nice reply to the headmaster's letter.



Hermione and Draco were startled by the sound of a door slamming and looked at each other with wide eyes. Not knowing what was going on, Hermione pushed Draco out of bed and started to throw his clothes at him.


"Oh my Merlin, Draco! You have to go! They are up and we don't want to be caught like this!" panicked Hermione as she started to pull her nightgown over her head. As her head popped out of the to, Draco grabbed her and pulled her close.


"No worries my love. We'll be fine. But I should go if everyone's waking up. I love you." Draco said as he pulled what looked like a bracelet out of his pocket. "I want you to wear this at all times. It's connected to mine and with a thought, it can send a message to me and vise versa. It's also a way to transport too. Just whisper 'I love you Draco Malfoy' and you will be instantly transported to my side. That's how I got here today. To go back, just whisper' There's no place like home' and you instantly be back where you were. I just need to do one thing to make it work for you." Draco said as he drew out a thin needle from his pocket. With a quick poke, Hermione's finger glistened with blood and he squeezed it onto the bracelet. It glowed for a moment before turning back to silver.


"I'll never take it off. I love you Draco. Be safe." Hermione replied as she slipped the bracelet onto her wrist.


"I love you too, Hermione. I'll see you soon!" Draco answered back sweetly before whispering to his bracelet and with a silver shimmer, he was gone.


Hermione looked at where her lover was standing before remembering the half done dishes downstairs. She quickly pulled her hair back into a ponytail and grabbed her robe before rushing off downstairs to finish the chore she started before she was so sweetly interrupted.



As Hermione placed the last strip of bacon she was cooking onto the platter that held eggs, french toast and ham on it for breakfast her parents both entered the kitchen from different doors. Her mother came in from outside, dressed in her bathrobe and slippers and soaking wet. Her father entered from the hallway, his face set in a scowl and dressed only in his boxers and a tshirt. She instantly knew something was wrong, but for the life of her couldn't guess what it was. She placed the food down on the table, her smile leaving her lips. She looked back and forth between her parents, shocked by their abnormal behavior.


"Hermione, we need to talk." Jane said tiredly as she took her place at the table across from her daughter.


"Yes my daughter, we definitely need to talk." Scott echoed as he also sat down at his place at the table.


Thoughts started to run through Hermione's head. How did they know Draco had been here? There was no other reason for them to want to talk to her. She looked back and forth between her parents, her worry apparent on her face.


"Hermione, we think you should go see someone to talk about what happened this summer." Jane blurted out.


Hermione's head snapped over towards her mother, feeling an instant relief. This was about seeing some shrink not about Draco at all! Her relief was short lived though as what her mum had said sank in. There was no way she could tell anyone what happened this summer! Her eyes got a panicky look in them as she looked back and forth between her parents.


"What do you mean, talk to someone. It happened. It's over. There is no reason to dwell on it. It won't change anything. I..I..I can't talk about it! I just can't!" Hermione said softly. Her parents sat there just looking at her, expecting an outburst. Well, she wasn't going to disappoint them.


"Her--" Scott started before he was interrupted.


"NO!!! I WILL NOT TALK ABOUT IT!! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY DID TO ME!! NO ONE KNOWS! I DON'T WANT THEM TOO!!" Hermione screamed, her temper exploding. All around her glass was shattering and the pictures fell from the walls. She looked at her parents and they were surprised by the anger and pain in her eyes. "I will not do it!" She whispered before she collapsed on the ground with her head in her hands, sobbing like her heart was breaking.


Without thinking, Jane made a motion with her hand and the broken glass was repaired and the pictures were replaced on the walls and she kneeled down, taking her daughter into her arms. She whispered things only Hermione could hear as she tried to calm her daughter down.


Scott stood above them looking down at them. He didn't know exactly what his wife did, but it was obviously magic. He didn't understand what was going on in his house anymore. With one last look at the women in his life, he turned and left the room. He entered his study and quietly shut the door. He went to his liquor cabinet and opened a secret compartment in it and pulled out a bottle of fire whiskey. He poured himself a large drink and sat down on the leather sofa in front of the fireplace. He took a long pull of his drink and instantly felt the burn all the way to his stomach. There were way to many secrets in the Granger household and today they were all going to come out.



A/N: Welcome back readers! Christmas was great and new years too! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Lots of things happening in this chapter. What do you think? I know not everyone is a big fan of the way Hermione and Draco got together (thanks to a really nasty review I got) but more things about their relationship will start to come out in the next chapter. I was going to write this chapter as one, but it's way to long that way so I had to split it...good news is the second half is done now so I'll have it posted ASAP!! If you have any questions/comments/complaints please leave a review!! Until next time...Happy Reading! :-D ~Jess

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