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Fate by Charliechuckles
Chapter 2 : On to Hogwarts
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I know this seems odd...but somehow I was stood on an entirely different platform. There was a huge, glistening, scarlet train pulled up at the station, where a thousand kids were scrambling about with their luggage and saying farewell to their parents. The sign that hung said Platform 9 3/4 and I realized this was where I needed to be.

I suddenly spotted the four boys scrambling through the crowd and ran after them. They stopped at the doors of the train and handed their tickets to the conductor. I could see the "ticket boy" scrambling to find his ticket, but just hid behind his friends hiding from the conductors glare. "Oh come on Gary! You know who I am..." He pleaded with him. "Oh... go ahead! But this is your last warning." "Don't worry, it wont happen again!" The boy joked. The conductor let him through and turned to me for my ticket. I was so transfixed with the boy, that I just handed the conductor my (his) ticket and jumped aboard after them. A whistle blew to signal the train was leaving and everyone scrambled up behind me. All I could hear was "Bye mum" "I’ll miss you”, and "Remember to write soon!"......

           The train slowly started to move and all of the kids jumped aboard, pushing past and hurrying to find a compartment. Feeling claustrophobic and out- of- place, I headed down the long cramped hallway along with the rest of the crowd. I spotted the four boys I had followed, up ahead and headed after them through the other children. They were all of different ages; I would say 11-17 and all very different, each kid was carrying their own bag, chatting and catching up with their friends. I assumed this must have been a school, a posh boarding school type. But the odd thing was, she saw poorer looking people with holes in their jumpers and tatty old luggage bags... How could these people afford a boarding school that you take a train too??

       The crowd was thinning out and i could see the group more clearly now as they took a turn into an empty compartment, probably the only one left. She stopped just outside it and paused for a minute and thought. "What am I going to say to them? Hey! I've just been following you all the way from piccadily square. I saw you drop this and decided to follow you to some far away boarding school just to give it back to you" "No, ill just go in there and act normal until they ask...or until we stop and ill say theres a mistake and I've got on the wrong train. Theres no way they'll believe me...I mean, how could I mistake getting on the wrong train with that wall/non-wall barrier thing. How does that even work? Was it a hologram? Anyway..I've been stood here too long, ill just walk in there with my head high and somehow figure out what is going on here!

I took a deep breath and slid open the compartment door. There sat the four boys I had folowed, looking much more relaxed lounging on the comfy-looking seats. They all looked up at once and stared, bewildered at me. All I could do was stare back at them wondering what to say to break the silence......"Hi..." I eventually squeeked.


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