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How I lost my mind and found Myself by CheeringCharm
Chapter 1 : I did not lose my smile
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This one-shot was written for InspiredL’s First Line challenge. The line I got “All this happened, more or less.” Is taken from Kurt Vonnegut’s, Slaughterhouse. As always what you recognise is unfortunately not mine but J.K.Rowlings but the things that you dont recognise are mine :)

All this happened, more or less

6:30 I woke up.

6:45 Slowly dragged myself out of bed.

6:52 Accidentally hit my head on the bedside table.

6:54 Stopped cursing at the table when realising it had sprung into life by accident.

6:55 Quickly bound the table to my bed. 

6:58 Looked in the drawer to find my clothes, discovered that all socks were missing.

7:04 Went over to the door to ask the warden for breakfast, with a pair of stolen miss-matched socks in my dark shoes.

7:18 Got breakfast from the warden.

7:30 Finished my two slices of toast and a cup of tea.

7:38 Sat down at my desk.

7:44 Found my quill and wrote this list.

I know that it is weird to write down everything that happens during the day but I can not help myself. I have always done that and it is a way for me to relax and try to take control of situations. If you knew me better, knew what I have been through you would not, even for a second, blame me for making sure that I remember everything.

You see I was one of the biggest and most important wizards in the whole world. I was famous. Once upon a time I possessed the Order of Merlin, Third Class, was an Honorary Member of the Dark Force Defence League and a five-time winner of Witch Weekly's Most-Charming-Smile Award. You can not blame me for trying to remember when all I do is forget.

Every day the procedure is the same. I know because I have it all written down. 

I get up. I have breakfast. I sit down by my desk. I write autographs. I have lunch and the warden comments on my dressing-sense. I finish lunch and sit down to reply to more fan-mail. I have dinner and then I go to bed.

The warden thinks that I don’t know that there is nothing more repetitive than my life. The warden thinks my brain is more fried than a pair of eggs left in the pan for hours…

But I know that is not the case. I also know that there are more people that know. 

If only they would answer me.

I have tried shouting out to them in the middle of the night

I have tried whispering silently to the shadows in the dark.

I have tried.


But I know there won’t be any reply because they are all fallen.

All fallen from their previous stardom. All fallen. All seen as insane. Just as I am. 

You just have to look at the place where I am locked up all days and nights. All of us were once stars. 

There is Alice and Frank, I have figured out that they were a married couple and have a son. Frank lies in his bed and does not react to anything, he is clearly trying to think and see all that was and is to come. Alice displays a pure act of insanity, which had me convinced at first… but I think that there is more to her than it seems. They were once aurors. A famous witch and wizard standing up to he-who-must-not-be-named. Now they are barking mad. They can not even remember themselves.

Then there is Mister Boyle… he only came here about a month ago and people say that he is making progress. He can almost talk now they say. Pffft I have always been able to talk and yet they ignore me. I don’t get any compliments for my ability to put words and sentences together. And yet I am quite sure I was an author, they told me once, I wrote it down. I know more than they think I do. 

All this happened, more or less

I was a famous author and an award winning wizard. I applied for the job at Hogwarts as the professor in Defense against the dark arts. I got the job (proving my capability and awesomeness in defensive arts). I taught the students. The chamber of secrets was opened and I, I figured out the secret. I was somehow struck by an Obliviate from a broken wand, clearly in a situation where I was overpowered by many. I lost my mind. 

I lost my mind, my memory but not my self. I am still the award winning wizard.

I do still have my smile…

… and I know how it will take me out of here.

You see I have started writing again. I once was a famous author of biographies and self-help books. People once loved me.

Some of them still do...


I will write a new book and it will be called:


How I lost my mind and found myself.

 Thank you for reading, I hope that you liked it.


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