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Never Say Never by HartOfARebel
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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Hey everyone! So so sorry this update has taken so long =/ College was hectic and I was away for Christmas and yes I know it's just all excuses. This is just a short chapter to get something up! Hope you like it. I'm not really happy with it, but best I could do =/ Will hopefully get back to writing more soon. Review please! Good, bad or indifferent, whatever you wanna say I'd love to hear =] Oh! And I'd love to hear what you think of the chapter images =]
Chapter image = Josh Hartnett

Edited 27/02/12




“She's late.”

Lily was pacing around their small sitting room. She had finally become used to the fact that, what looked to be a small tent on the outside was in fact a small flat, complete with a sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and three bedrooms. On first arriving at the camp site and seeing that they were going to be staying in a tent, she had been slightly dismayed. Sure it was summer so the weather was going to be warm, but sleeping with only a tent between her and the ground for two months was not that appealing.

Although it was more appealing than staying with Petunia at her parents’ house.

Alex had laughed herself silly at the look on Lily's face when she first entered their tent. She just stood and stared, with that jaw-on-the-floor look. When she had eventually moved, Alex heard her mutter something like “I love magic.”

Right now Alex was thrown lazily on the couch watching Lily as she paced in front of her.
“Would you relax! She's only a half hour late, she probably left her packing 'til the last minute. You know what she's like Lils.”

Lily sighed, frustrated, but silently agreed with her. Jessi was always late, but it didn't make Lily any less concerned at the moment.

Suddenly from the doorway came a call. “Helloooooooo! Did my girls miss me?”

Lily stormed in front of Jessi, glaring at her so hard her smile slipped slightly at the sight. “Lily what's wrong? Is everything OK?”

What time do you call this?!” Lily was fuming. How could she just waltz in here all chipper, half an hour late. “Do you have any idea what's been going through my mind?”

Alex stood up and put her hands on Lily's shoulders. “Calm down Lils, she's OK.” Lily shrugged her off and started pacing again. Alex sighed and smiled at Jessi. “Nice of you to join us.”

“Eh, what have I missed? So I'm a little late! Surely you expected that.”

Alex pulled her into a tight hug before going to sit back down on the couch. “Ya we did but you know our Lily, she worries over nothing.”

“Over nothing!? Nothing!!” Lily rounded on the two girls, her emerald eyes flaring up with anger. Jessi was looking alarmed at this stage, while Alex was just waiting for the rant that was bound to come. “You do realise a war is starting, that people are disappearing left, right and centre!” Lily stopped pacing and looking directly at Jessi, “What was I meant to think when you didn't arrive at the time you were supposed to?”

“So where were you?” Alex knew it would make Lily feel better to know why Jessi was late.
“Em, right, don't freak OK? But you know the apparation spot that's in the woods? Well they have like, stewards there to make sure everything is going alright, and well, when I got there, the steward that came to help me was like, really hot! And I could've sworn he was flirting with me when he was asking all my details. He was talking to me for aaaaaaaaages! But then he found out I was only 16 and he didn't seem impressed. And then, if you please, he just turned around and left 'cause this older looking girl had apparated next to us! Cheeky bastard!”

Lily and Alex exchanged looks before both smiling at Jessi. “Trust you to be late because of a guy” Lily muttered.

“Am I forgiven?”

“I suppose so” Lily grumbled.
“Good! Now give me a hug woman, I've missed you.”

The girls hugged before both joining Alex on the couch. Now that all of them were together, they were much more relaxed. As much as Alex was laid-back and Jessi care-free and they claimed Lily was the worry-wart, they still felt better being together and knowing all of them were safe.

“So! Tell me all the gossip! What have I missed? Has Lily killed James yet?” Jessi and Alex giggled while Lily's glare returned.
“No, she hasn't killed him yet. Although it was a close thing a few days after we arrived here” Alex informed her.

“Alex, shut up!”

“No! Tell me!!”

Alex smirked. “Well, as you know, James and Sirius are both on the Quidditch team, so during the summer they like to keep up there fitness and whatnot. So they do laps around the lake in the morning. Well Sirius does when James can drag him out of bed.”
All the girls smiled at this. Sirius was known for liking his lie-ins.

“So anyway, as you know Lily isn't the earliest of risers but my parents being the psycho's that they are, have decided that we must get up and do things! So we've been up by half 9 most mornings. Just in time to see the boys run past...”

“Aaaaaand that's the end of the story!” Lily quickly interrupted.

“Oooo! I really want to know what happens now!” Jessi exclaimed. Lily's face was steadily turning as red as her hair. “What doesn't Lily want me to know Alex??”

“Haha, I don't know why she's so embarrassed about this” Alex said looking very smug.
“I'm not embarrassed! I just don't see the reason you need to say it!” Lily mumbled, resigned to the fact that Alex was going to say it whether she wanted her to or not.

“Then why have you gone red??”

“Just get on with it” Lily grumbled.

“Anyway, so we were standing outside trying to decided what we could do to keep my parents off our backs about wasting our summer when along jog the boys. As you know the weather has been very hot so far”
“They didn't!”
“Of course they did! They jogged right past us in shorts and no tops. As soon as James saw Lily of course he puffed out his chest and flexed his arms. I just laughed and turned around to wind Lily up, expecting of course to see her throwing daggers at him. But Ms “I-hate-Potter's-guts” was just standing there. Staring. At James. Who was topless.”

“I was not staring at him!” exclaimed Lily suddenly, looking from one girl to the other, both of which were smirking at her. “OK so maybe I stared a little, but so would anyone if a topless guy ran past her. As soon as I realised it was Potter I stopped staring.”

“Alex didn't stare at him though, did she?” Jessi stated confidently. “Ya but that's only because of who ran up behind Potter and Sirius. Didn't think I had spotted that did you Al?” Lily added. Now it was Alex's turn to go red and Lily's to smirk.

“Who came up behind them??” Jessi was practically bouncing out of her seat with excitement. Nothing got her going more than some juicy gossip.

“None other than our resident hunk.” Lily winked at Alex who blushed crimson and buried her head in her hands.

“Sirius?” Jessi questioned, thoroughly confused. “But I thought she still had a major crush on...”

“She does” smiled Lily.

“No way! No fucking way!! Lupin has a hot body?? Like seriously??” Jessi was in shock. He just didn't look the type. “Where the hell did that come from?”

“Who cares!? Alex is gonna bag herself a hotty!” Lily cheered.

“Alex isn't bagging any hotty so shut up Lily!” Alex looked mortified. “I'm sorry my friend, but payback's a bitch” Lily laughed as Alex stuck out her tongue at her.

“So back to the original story!” Alex stated, trying to get the spot light of herself. “Don't you want to know what happened next Jessi?”
“Oooo, do go on!”

“I think I'm going to go get something to eat” Lily mumbled, trying to rise to her feet, but the other two girls had different plans and stopped her. “Oh no you don't missy, you will stay 'til the end of the story!” Alex laughed, “I will sit on you if I have to!”

Lily sighed and slouched into the couch. Jessi rubbed her hands together waiting for Alex to continue. If Lily didn't want her to know what had happened this badly, it must have been bad, i.e. hilarious!

“So once Lily had put her eyes back in her head, and picked her jaw off the floor...”
“I wasn't the bad!!!”
“As I was saying! Anyway, the boys decided to stop and say hi to us. So Lily is starting to go red as James walks up, as she can't seem to stop looking at his chest.”
“I wasn't the only one having trouble looking up you know” Lily shot at Alex.

“You admit that you had trouble though??”

“Damn it I walked into that one” muttered Lily.

“So James is all 'how are you Lily' and gushing at her and practically drooling at her feet and she's just staring at his face to stop from staring elsewhere! So Lily says hi back, a bit formally mind you, but sure it was better than nothing. And then the rest of us just kinda start to edge away, and they don't even notice!!”
“I did notice I just didn't think there was any point in acknowledging what you were doing” Lily tried to state, but it came out a bit weak.
Jessi was just looking from one girl to the other, a huge smile on her face.

“So we leave them to it, while trying to sneak glances at them subtly. Actually after a while we just stare openly at them because they don't even notice us. And it seems to be going well, James was smiling and Lily wasn't hexing or screaming at him. I even think I saw her smile at one point!”

“You smiled at James!? Awwwww, that's so cute!” exclaimed Jessi.
Lily just rolled her eyes.

“So it's all going well and there's peace in the world...and the suddenly it all changes. Lily blasts James onto his back and storms off into the tent!”

“What!?! What happened!?”

“I've no idea” stated Alex now looking at Lily. “She won’t tell me. And Sirius said James hadn't told them but I know he did because Sirius is a useless liar.”

Both girls were now staring at Lily, who was looking determinedly at the floor. Alex had tried for days to get out of her what had happened to turn, what had looked like a civil conversation, into the usual Evans-Potter show. Any time Alex had asked, Lily just got really quiet and refused to answer.

“And I think James is avoiding us because I haven't seen any of the boys since then” Alex said.

“Lily, what aren't you telling us?” questioned Jessi, all excitement gone out of her to be replaced by concern for her friend.


“Liar” Alex stated softly.
“Come on Lils, you can tell us” Jessi urged.

“Alright! Alright, fine” Lily said burying herself more into the couch. She took a deep breath, gathering her courage and mumbled something.

“Eh what was that?” Jessi asked, not being able to make out what Lily had said. Alex on the other hand gasped and said “He didn't!” She looked down at Lily, who just nodded her head. Alex shook hers disbelievingly, “And you hexed him for that?”

“Well what else was I meant to do? Say ya thanks for that, see you around? He doesn't mean it Al.”

“But you don't know he doesn't.”

“Yes I do!” exclaimed Lily, standing up from the couch. “This is all just a game to him, he's only in it for the chase!”
“What if it's...”
“It's just a GAME!!” shouted Lily and stormed off to her room.


When Lily got to her room, she sat on her bed with her knees pulled up to her chest. She wrapped her arms around her knees and tried to stop her hands from shaking. What is wrong with me? She just freaked out in front of the girls for no reason. She rested her chin on top of her knees and tried to figure out what she was feeling and why.

What James had said had freaked her out, but why? She knew it wasn't true.

What if it is?

Don't be crazy, of course it's not true! This is James Potter we're talking about. He's just saying that to try and get me to go out with him.

With that thought she felt a sinking feeling in her stomach.
Eh, what's that about??
Why did she feel disappointed? Did she want James to mean it?

Wait a minute, why would she maybe want that? Why would she want him to mean anything he says to her?

It would mean he wasn't just in for the chase.
But we know he is!
How can we be so sure?
It's James freaking Potter!!

Lily just sighed and rolled onto her side. She took out her iPod, which she had charmed to be able to work around magic (with some help from Professor Flitwick that is), and put on the playlist with her favourite songs, determined not to think about it or Potter anymore.


There was silence in the front room. Alex just sat there, looking after Lily, with a sad look on her face, while Jessi was looking from Alex's face to where Lily had been standing only moments before.

“What the hell just happened?”

“She's freaking out” Alex said simply.

“Oh really, I never would have guessed that” Jessi said sarcastically. “But what the hell did James say? You and Lily just had a complete conversation and I have no idea what's going on other than she's flipped her lid at something.”

“She's just scared”

“Of what??” Jessi was getting frustrated now. “What did James say!?!

“He said he loves her.”

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