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Hufflepuffs and Hippogriffs by indianB
Chapter 1 : Her name is Austin, not Aussie
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At what seemed like an ungodly hour to arise from one’s slumber was the exact time Austin Weasel-bee made her way through the drafty corridors of the currently deserted Hogwarts hallways to the Slytherin common room entrance. Clutching her robes tightly around her as the air began to splice her skin a condition commonly associated with the damp yet frigid conditions of the Slytherin common room’s positioning, conveniently under the Black Lake. Due to the fact that all she was given were directions to the common room’s entrance, Austin found herself inwardly cursing her stupidity at not also finding out the password.

As the students began to trickle out of the common room, Austin finally was able to gain entrance and made her way towards the seventh year boy’s dorm. If she had arrived any later and the Slytherin’s were in less of a zombie state, she would have had to face a variety of criticism for her Hufflepuff self being in the common room. Once within the dorm and amidst the drowsy, half dressed seventh year boys Austin began to assess her options at awaking the slumbering dragon. Following her gut, she promptly stood beside his bed and with a formal push; Albus Potter was lying sprawled besides his bed muttering about quidditch. With her victim more easily accessible, Austin then proceeded to pinch his ear and drag the disgruntled and squealing Albus to the shower only to turn on the shower to its coldest and have him promptly curse and throw a pair of boxers at her head.

Sitting on his bed, watching apprehensively as the whole scene unfolded, sat a chuckling Scorpius Malfoy. The emptiness caused by the usual attraction of breakfast related edibles to the teenage male mind.

“What’s with the personal wake up call, Austin?”

“Al’s mum owled me last night with a plea to remind him,’ ever so kindly’ to start his year by attending his classes as well as waking for them,” while throwing the boxers into a nearby hamper. With that said Al entered the room freshly showered: hair sopping wet and exposed skin glistening while wearing a green and silver Slytherin themed pair of plaid boxers. “Oi!” Austin exclaimed while shielding her eyes and threw Al a towel. “Cover up, I need you out of the dorm soon or you’ll miss breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day,” Austin said while singing the last part.

“Relax Aussie,” Al responded as he buttoned up his uniform shirt and proceeded to belt his trousers,” You can look now, I’m fully clothed.”

“Then get your shoes and bag and do something with your hair.” Aussie responded with an air of disapproval.

“Sure mum,” Al replied a tone of bitter sarcasm and an eye roll as he pretended to preen his uncontrollable, at the time, hair.

Within the next couple minutes various textbooks, rolls of parchment, quills, and a bottle of ink were shoved into a rucksack and the three made their way to the Great Hall. The corridors were empty except for the occasional straggling, sprinting student which caused both Al and Scorpius to laugh as a first year, they presumed, face planted only to arise and walk away quickly  their face ablaze with embarrassment while Austin looked at both of them with contempt.

“Really, you two?” She began, “he looked so defeated especially with you two practically falling over with your bloody mirth.”

“Calm down Aussie, as adorable as that was the wee, ickle firstie wasn’t injured in any way.” Al responded with an evident grin. “Now onto the more pertinent question, what were you doing in our dorm? As gorgeous as I may be, you being in my space and rudely awakening me from my beauty slumber is far from excusable.”

While Scorpius chuckled at the mention of Al’s need for ‘beauty slumber,’ Austin headed over to the Hufflepuff table to get her timetable directly from her head of house.

Austin then sat down across from Scorpius and next to Albus as she began to peruse her schedule for the upcoming year while thinking about the fastest routes between classes and consequently wondering how she wasn’t made a Ravenclaw.

 As quickly as she arrived, Austin disappeared from the Slytherin table with her destination unknown to Al and Scorpius.

“Mate,” Al began, “Remind me to ask Aussie what her schedule is so we can plan how to avoid her.”

Author's note: This is my first story so any criticism would be helpful. I'm sort of a diction nutter so any feedback if the lingo is believable would be wonderful. Is the characterization of Austin weird? Anything at all would be very much appreciated. Also thanks for reading.

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Hufflepuffs and Hippogriffs: Her name is Austin, not Aussie


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