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Scarlett by LadySarahMalfoy
Chapter 1 : Prolouge: The Orphage
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A cloaked figure trudged through the rain towards an orphanage, as the figure ducked under the balcony above the door. Dark eyes under the shelter of jet black hair looked out and then a white hand knocked on the door. The door creaked open to reveal a small old woman.
“Name?” She croaked



“Severus Snape” The man replied


“Who are you here to see?” She opened the door wider

“The Evans girl” Snape stepped in the door. The old woman gestured for him up the stairs, grabbing a candle in the process and picking up her skirt, “I find it strange Mr Snape”

“Professor, if you please” He cut her off sharply

“Yes of course, I find it strange that the young Miss Evans hasn’t ever had a visitor for all the time that she’s been here. I remember when she came here a man with dark hair and glasses left her on the front step, you wouldn’t happen to know anything about her past would you” Snape shook his head “I only know who her parents are” the old woman eyed him suspiciously

“Also, I’d have you know that there are some things” The old lady shifted a bit “strange about her. She frightens the other children, I haven’t seen anything myself except….. She sometimes blanks out just staring into space, but sometimes she starts screaming as if she’s in pain, yet no one is touching her. Also her hair color can drastically change in a manner of seconds”

The woman stopped in front of a door and opened it, and Snape stepped into the room and looked straight forward at a child no more than 6 or 7. Her face lit up and her hair went from black to a fiery red as Snape stepped into her view and the old woman closed the door. The young girl had striking green eyes that reminded Snape of Lily Evans.

The girl positioned herself so that she was facing Snape an she took a deep breath “I know why you’re here” She smiled “I know that you’ve come to take me away because I’m different from the other children, because I’m magical like many others but also because I do have a father” She looked out the window briefly and looked back to Snape “you are my father” Snape held in his shock and asked the question that had been itching inside him since the old woman told him

“How do you know this?” She giggled, stood up and walked over to Snape and tapped her head

“I saw them, although it can be quite painful at times but” She shrugged “That’s the price you have to pay for being special!” She giggled again and her hair turned a bubblegum pink and the girl gasped and giggled again.

Snape smiled for the smallest amount of time and told her to pack all of her things, before he turned to leave he tapped her head “You better change that color, the old woman might go mental” She shook her head and raven black hair overtook the pink. Snape turned and left the room to sign the papers for taking charge of her. Just as Snape finished doing so the child, with a small bag in her hand hopped down the last stair. The old woman handed him the sheet of paper. She waved and smiled at the old woman and Snape took her hand and led her out into her future, whispering in his daughter’s ear “Welcome to life, Scarlett”














A/N Yep and here we go the beginning of a long road, sorry for the shortness. PLEASE READ AND REVIEW I REALLY APPRECIATE IT :)



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